The Times from San Mateo, California on April 24, 1963 · Page 26
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 26

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1963
Page 26
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26 Thi Tlm'svSan Mateo', Calil. WednKdav, April .24; 1963 TV SCREENINGS Bob Foster Pay - TV for Giants? Although both the Giants and Dodgers, deny it, re ports from Los Angeles persist that the games ot me Dodgers, the full schedule, will be telecast on a pay - TV basis, no later than next year. According to the Los Angeles rumors, the negotiations with Kaiser Broadcasting are pretty far along. Its just a matter of Kaiser deciding on what kind of a system to use, and how much of the take the Giants will acquire. Of course these reports will be denied, but its surprising to discover where they originated. '". FIVE YEARS AGO when the Giants had established themselves locally, there were accurate reports that the Giants had made a deal with a large pay - television outfit. This all might have been realized except, for the fact' that the cost of installing a - closed circuit system in the Bay Area was just too darn much. : However, now that it is possible to operate a setup using Ultra High Frequency, pay - television may be closer. It looks right now that this will be ; the way Sacramento gets its first pay - television. The UHF system adopted in Sacramento will broadcast a picture, but in order to get the sound, subscribers will have to deposit some money in a slot. This system might be fine for motion pictures or ' entertainment type shows, but for pay - TV baseball one . need - only tune the station, and then tune KSFO for the play - by - play description. It is rather obvious that some other system will have to be worked out. IN CASE YOU haven't discovered it yet, Northern California has a powerful new educational station on - its FM bands. : KXKX, owned and operated by the San Francisco Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) began broadcasting recently. Currently the station will broadcasting from Monday through' - Friday hitting the air at 10 a.m. and signing off at 10 p.m. On Sunday the station, will be heard from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The station has it's 110,000 watt transmitter on Mount San Bruno and broadcasts on 88.5 megacycles. Among the programs to be heard on the station will be shows on fine arts, organ, symphonic, jazz and choral music, in addition to complete operas. From 7 to 8 p.m. each weekday, night the program will be devoted to such adult things as childhood, ' youth, adulthood, marriage and parenthood. Each week a different subject will be discussed concerning our interests in our own country with civics, history, and patriotism getting the treatment. "We will not use this station to sell our rcligous beliefs or any other, but we will try to bring programs which will increase our appreciation of religions thought, political thought and cultural development. This sounds like it is the answer to modern' day radio. We wish this new station a lot of luck, and as . itgrows its impact will be felt in the Bay Area. - J:1J P.M. ' 7 RON COCHRAN AND THE HEW ' 7:30 P.M. : ' 3 THRILLER ' j' mMy. juccni an? hiiV forced - to. pawn el his painting. ' 4 VIROINIAN (COLOR.) The VirtfManls hlrtd to rmwa j,fjtt 1o a distant bank. A group flf.anrjry fa. - mars try to rat - Hwt .Ihelr lost lit 7 WAGON TRAIN" IIYEOF THE - ARTIST ' : ' 11 WAOON TRAIN . . - f . ; 8:00 P.M. - J KPIX KEPOBTS ' . Dr. RaHtrly reviews . tils effort . (iste to hrlna California's schools ' li , 1M.TZ CASUAL II GDI NO MY WAT 8:30 P.M. I CHECKMATE ' Giant Baseball GOLDEN WEST RADIO NETWORK, KSFO - 560KC ( Also on KTVU - TV Television) I Denotes Doubleheader) Game . Day Opponent 24 Wed St. Louis 25 Thurs St, Louis 26 Fri Milwaukee Warmup Broadcast 12:40 PM 12:55 12:40 PM 12:55 PM 7:55 PM 8:10 PM BAY AREA FM RADIO STATIONS KS'O 923 KJAZ 92.7 KYA 93.3 KPFA 94.1 KSFR 94.9 TfiKIII 95.7 KBON 96,! KLAR 97.3 KPGM 7 KAFE 98.; KCBS Jfi - 9 ...HK SS.. KPEN 101 - 3 ;dfl '2 1 KRl 02.9 .iGt 103 - 7 KBAV 10' Kri'D IM.!' KBCO 105.3 SFRC 10. KMFX i06.9 KCBS - :30 - WelodlK of A KPEN - PHixatlon (S) KMPX Ted Taylor Again KMBB - Dlnlno KPEN - Cadlllac KMPX - Plrrrf; KPON - Gamul KCBSFred WMtoi : KDFC - Concerl KRON Record Soeclel TOMORROW . a:W .m. KSFR - TrM WoHganfl KKHI Festival of Music ;kSjO ,Murllole Cancer' .KJAI - The Openar KMPX - Alarm ri CIud. - Kirv - rV KJAl - Steono Chorus : kPFA - Coromemirv KAKi - Music 10:00 a ntKHI - .leKHnuMCflUll , KCil - fhi - ' t - rftatr ' KNUR - John Bcwles - ri . Concen . LEGAL NOTICE San MaleO. Eilate Of MARY K. MAJORS. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to lilt creditors of tiie above named decedent thai all persons Having claims against the sail! decedent arc required to file Ultra, with the ncccssarj vouchers, in the office ol the . desk ' of the above entitled couci, or to present theni. with the neccssaYv" vouchers, to the' undersigned Executor. WELLS FAHCO BANK, at its Trust Department. 461 California Street,. San Francisco 20. ' California, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated : APRIL 9. 19S3. WELLS FARGO BANK, Executor 0( the Last Will and Testa - m - ni ihe aoo F: i . Canntsy. Tri BOEKEL, MORAN MOBHIS & POWER. . Bank of - Building 4 West Fourth Avenue. San Mateo, CalJtornin. Telephone: 3 - 6ai5. Attorneys for - Executor. First DUtheatior. :n SAN MATEO TIMES AND DAILY KEWS LEADER at San Mateo. California, Wednesday, AprJ 10. 1353. . Pub. April 10, iff, 24, May 1, 1D63 KTVU (J) KRON - TV (4) KPIX (5V TV LOG KOtMV (7) KQED (9) - kntv iii): TONIGHT 5:30 P.M. 1 MICKEY MOUSE CLUE 4 MfHIRLYIIRO! . HOP,". 1KI. AND" DANCE II RICORD HOP 6:00 rM. ; i nrr'i collii 4 six O'clock Hint 7 ADVIHTURS IH PAftADlli ivlvl Ashtrofi hires, eui.i:. Tra comoanlwi for atwenwi'i a WHAT't "yiIr'M ' i 4 MUHTLET.ilclHKL'lT. IIMIT I - ABC Him i 6:30 P.M. ' 1 HUCKLIKWHf HOUNB . 4 PORTHAIT . . - pjirr li. of a sludv ef th. lite typical San Franc sea PAR LO Hit RAN C A 15 7:00 P.M. Tha history of fplK. music, Kid 'modern selling rd li 7 OOIHO MY 'WAY QtOO p.m. PERRY COMO SMoiff - (COLOR) Ktn Murray, IHe Kllr Tlni, and Paogy Marah taenflo lnot?S rana NEWS MATURES 0:30 P.M. DRAGNET A hidden. microphone picked up seme LaL - a'J plannlrq a surpr celebrate Rob'i blrfhrJay buf I rr no surprise In Rob - OUR MAN H IOO INS Pro football' 111' Frank Gl corning 1o sea Duncen, DISSENT .OUR MAN. H ICO INS 10:OO P.M. NEWS AND 'WHATHER ELEVtKTH HOUR o - 0 P.M. PAUL COATES 1VOO P.M. . EARLY LATE SHOW "Flat Too" starring sterling Harden. tidw - e Carlson and Kfl'h Larson. ELEVEN O'CLOCK NEWS ELEVENTH HOUR HEWS ABC NEWS CHANNEL 11 NEWS !1;1S P - M - TONIGHT SHOW 'COLOR I STEVE i - ALLEH SHOW BEST OF THC MOVIES Charles BronsOft, Robert Kutton and John Carradlne. 11:30 A.M. TONIGHT'S MOVIE ON 11 13:45 A.M . THE LATE SHOW "frenchman's Creek" starring Ariuro Cordova, Basil Rsthbonn 'and Nloel Bruce, : 1:00 A.M. . NEWS WS ,.MAiMi 1 MAHALIA JACKSON SINGS 5:00 A.M. 6:00 A M. 4 CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM PUVSlCS. COLLEGE OF THE AIR ' 6:30 A M CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM COLUMBIA LECTURES 1: A.M. MAHALIA JACKSON SINGS 7:00 AIM AL COLLINS ! EDITORIAL - UNUttia.L LOVE storv 'DAVID AND LISA ' if i n f ariv;:: "SUNDAYS AND CYfL! 7:30 A.M. 8:00 A.M. ) CAPTAIN KANGAROO 9:00 A.M. 7 FEATURE MOVIE t:3J A.M. 4 NEC NEWS . :. 9:30 A.M. r 10:00, A M. S"RK.,M'lciTYlHT " IT MODERN SCIENCE THEATRE .... ;A.M. 1 RELIGION TODAY . 10:30 A.M. NEWS AND INTERVIEWS . 1. l t.IF7 5 PaTK ANO GLADYS - ' 7i:EI'CRANC . IT JACK LA LANNf ' 11:00 A.M. 1 ROMPER ROOM YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION Colar I LOVE OF LIFE II EDGE OF NIGHT 11:30 A.M. 4 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES' I SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 7 SEVEN KEYS 12 Noon 1 LEAVE IT TO GIRLS 7 ERNIE FORD SHOW 12:30 P M. 1 PAUL COATES ,1:00 P,M ' GENERAL. HOSPITAL 1:30 P M. 1 tURNS AND ALLEN HOUSE PARTY ) GIRL TALK II tURNS AND ALLEN 2:00 P.M. 4 MATCH GAME I TO TELL THE TRUTH 7 DAY IH COURT ' ' lr P.M. - 4 NEWS WITH SAN DOR "J, NEWS . V ; 3:00 P.M. 1.CAPTa!N 'SATELLITE 4 DIVORCE COURT . 3:30 P.M. : CAPTAIN SATELLITE 5 EPGE OF NIGHT WHO Od YOU TRU5Tf II WHO DO YOU TRUSTT the plot. This mi U didn't RrIU is as handsomt in as good voice as ever. ThV's btcmise. he was never less tiiaa sreat As the carousel barker whose worth to - the carnival is sex al to the girls, not la mention the owner - (voluptuous Lonw Thayer!, Raitt builds up the story arid then dies without redeeming himself, leaving behind a wife who he abused, a daughter who is taunted by the community, a reputation as a thief and waster, and - a hint of. tenderness that - makes him foreiv ably bad and not damnably tost . 4:00 P M I AMERICAN IAHDSTAND : 4:30 PiM. artelfs gallery distinctive paintings and frames 20 W. 41st Aw., S.H. HOW ; RM1RUN . . . OPIH 6:45 SHOWH AT 9:4$ It could bo tho most terrifylna motion picture 1 have ovor mader - AtfREO huchcock TONIGHT'S - THE NlOHT TO CO OUT. TO A MOVIEI HtttS. OfEH MS VHMIllltllin' - 'OMi 4:30 40 US. 1MUBU" 0iwi:7:40 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! 1M( oil mm gregprypk II (WMW MMVISIDIl J he Marquee By BARBARA BLADEN Times Drama Critic i TTte . "Carousel" still spins mer rily along. No rust or carbon has collected on its pipes in the ten years since it - last played - I The melodious but sad story by jcrs and Hartunerstein, their second and favorite collaboration was revived. this week at the Cur ran Theater, an opener of the 26th annual Civic Light Opera season It's as polished and well tuned as a. - new church" organ and just as soul rending. . Ttie first act unhesitatingly re minds us that the story is senti mental and naive. The almost for gotten tunes such as:"If I Loved You,"' and "June' Is BustLn" Out AH Over," bring into sharp focus the time - when a good love story interspersed with songs and dane - was all the audience wanted of a" musical production. Evidently that's all it wants still, we revival, or re - reyival was given the same enthusiastic welcome .as .vas the premiere. 18 years ago, Part of this TeaetlvEled interest wm In the easting ol John Haiti, for whom the lead role Of BlBy Blgelow was first writ ten. It was Ms initial West Coast appearance In the part and in my miad, the only way ' The 'first act is a musical narrative that ends with the long Soliloquy by' Billy about - his unborn son, or daughter. In any event lie is justifiably proud but in plotting a robbery - murder with trouble maker Jigfier i a fine voiced Ger ald Price), - he grabs for a brass ring,and gets caught on the hook instead. - . After his death in imddle:of'the - .second act. the play takes - on .another dimension and builds - to a tear filling climax. . ; As .If .dear, sweet Jnlie, tenderly : portrayed by the - author's original image, Jan Clayton, .doesn't vocally and physically present' enough of a pathetic support on that score from - dancer Linda Howe, as the lonely daughter. Gnomish Don Bed - doe, perched atop a glittery ladder, polishing up the celestial stars Is another fey but delightful, aspect of the charming ' itory. Claramae Turner, her voice as beautifully enriched with tonal quality as her heartfelt concern over the lovers' plight, warms the stage with a grandiose understanding and superlative singing. Pat Stanley, perky and vibrant, pixie like and - comic, shines like a moth around a light. That brightness emanates from Frank Porretta, a man of simple wants and strict rules. Its been a - long enough time be - '.ween the arm stretching, thigh siapning trademark of Agnes de - Mille's choreography to find her interesting again. (I've always felt that the Carousel and Oklahoma ballet were the same one) But Linda Howe has a fragile beauty that sets the dream sequence within an enchanted spot lifiht: Producer Edwin Lester didn't have to do much to revive the old tune maker. He just wound up the'; mainspring and set It Into motion again. With songs his dutlet Inhri Raitt. torn between his life as barker and as a husband and father, tries to give up the dissolute life that the carousel owner, (Lorna Thayer, left) offer him and the devotion of a loving wle he finds in Julie, (Jan Clayton, right). He stabs himself In shame for his evil ways but is reprieved 15 years later to do one last good deed on earth. He brings peace of mind to his family and comforts : their broken hearti before giving himself up to 1iis friends "upstairs." "CaraMel" continues nightly except Sunday at the Curran Theatre. such as "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "What's the Use of Wond'rln" the show runs pretty well under Its own steam. With a season of circumspect and relative values, or rather of unquestionable sentiments, this nostalgic and touching reminder that sentimentality sells. PLEASE SEE IT FROM IHE BESINNIHff AT 7:f5or IT COfllLD IE THE HOST TEUnfYING MCTKM PICTURE I UMBER MUNET - ALFRED HrrCHCOCK TONITE ALFRED HETCHCOCKS I TT . 1 TECHNICOLOR I QUEEN FOft A NITE - V1R6IHU MEYER 1 1 iLfffPtSLV " I..WMIljUHfEEP7,I,'wr B. 0. OPENS MS ONE SHOW ONLY F 7:23 "IBDS" 9:11 ,aw 1 The Manager musl be oui of his mind showing "2" of my pictures on the same bill "The Wrong Man" iaaaaaPrfajTWflTW I II w 2 MYS iHBElHlfiVni THEATRES "7:06 STARTS 7:10 ONE COMPLETE SHOW ONLY WIMNER Of 4 ACADEMY AWARDS IA O 6REG0RVPECK CO - FEATURE AT BOTH THEATRES! SEE ANN BANCROFT IN , WALK THE PROUD LAND' ill No. 3 STARLITE DRIVE IN HIT HO. - .i f.A. DRIVE If UEEllLL'i ' TONY CURTIS .In' MARAUDER mi iisinin. STARTS FRIDAY AT BOTH THEATRES! mm IK3 CO - HIT "SIEGE OF HELL STREET "EWHBWT MB II" Divorce telian Style 3 Academy Award , Nominations!! Otff actw kit atorr cmat plor Mst allnctioa COMEDY sssfri fOSPHE.LV UJ UARCELLO W Mastroianni " AND AT W 10:45 "TWO FOR THE SEESAW" SHIRLEY MacUUNE ROBERT MITCHUM - ttTlLLBRAE LU1 should be a solid succesi at a MilfMil 6mhiI CtrpmllH NOW OPEN i:4S P.M, . HURRY! LAST 2 DAW 2 BK EXCITING HITS "10VES" it 710 - 10:35 P.H. PUIS AT 855 P.M. lHAYWAMFINCH STARTS RIDAT A ROMftNtfc ROUND - - rHE - M0;M tANAVllfl anOMETHOCOLO DiriivtiHiit - nighO'BrlM and "SEYEH SEAS TO CALAIS" KiIImiI Mawil tVpnflH DOORS 0EN :45 ' 2 ACAKMY AWARDS REST ACTRESS . . ' ANNE UNCKOfT . , supporting actress PATTT DURE "rUHCHURIAH (ANDIDATf ' Frank Siiwfra Uwronc Hmvrt STARTS FRIDAY UU. OX 7 - 4444 I Tzzz I aniiN 4:30 I Mimun PICTWe I "KOCUNCIIRP" WtER CttXfil! tlf VINCENT PRICE JHn. IHWOElMmMmtRI "ROBBIE WIS NEVER Sfl MUCH run nCHNICOtO J gjBf CO EXCinHO HIT At tati JiL v:SgJ!S " "TWBFw I - . . I THE JHUW" , , - ' : MRtBMEW CARLOS It 34011 L CAM1NO "'ag"'" I FOX EadwM4 EM 9 - 29 f . , J "I FLUS 1 tML " -

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