Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 6, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1895
Page 8
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a Woman Can Do! She can buy all-wool Henriettas worth 50c for She can buy fine novelty dress goods worth 85c and 90c for She can buy Broadcloth for a spring cape at half price. She can save money on all kinds of Dry Goods at the Bankrupt Sale of the GOLDEN RULE. W. D, PRATT, Trustee. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Retail Dealers in JFURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROflDWflY. CaUfl-Prouiptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No 99. THE FINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. WaruoJ, Cb-'i\p Cottages ffor Sale. Wii<u.'»l i/iM und Acres For Sulo. Wunttv! snvill Farnn For Sale. w;\rr >'1 p.mitiesj Blocks For Sale. Want."! to Exchange Farms tot Cltj Property. Wnuti-U Merchandise to Tc»<leStor Fwms. DDitttM H. M- GORDON. SpCf Block Logannport, Indian*. KKOE'JER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Emftalmers, <t!3 Broadway. DR. F. M. BOZBR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over scate National iBank, Logansport, Ind. H. E. TRUAX, M. D. Special attention 'given to None, Lane, Liver wdCbronlc Dlseuei. OElix vvi Residence oret 9t*t« National Bank. 3oorsll'til2 . ra.,2to4p. m.. iwdT to 8 p.m. 411 rails promptly attended. AMU8EHDT8. DAILY JOURNAL SATTIRDAT MORNING, APRIR 6 i, N«i OPKKA H»CME. S. H. PATTKBSON, IUIUOIR. S PEERLESS CONCERT BAND. 50 Eminent Muticioms r AMKRICA'H Dhvi PHILIP SOUSA, Conductor. —ASSISTED BT- 2 CUAlt.'tIIXtt ABTI«T», ,-.». .„ M * MR Jl 4 HWfcMI^ Soprano. *I * » ** t * I , YAAlK DUKE. TloUobt S O USA'S UUL M ATCHLESS A&NETIC ARCHES. UM floor *l. a'^ en 5:-l<i S«lurdsi naming. Fresh oysters at Rothermol'a. Natural gas bills (or April now due and payable. Stick candy, 5 cents per pound. Isn't it cheap?—McCaffrey & Co. Have yon seen those new shoes and slippers at Murdoek's shoe store. Capes, Capes—Plenty for all and prides lowest—Trade Palace. >} Charles Edmund Chapman and Ollle Perkins wore yesterday licensed to wed. John L. Gates was yesterday Indicted by the gi and "jury on the charge of forgery. Strawberries, radishes, onions and lettuce, at Chldester & Green's. Telephone 162, Natural gas bills for April now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Fancy lettuce 15 cents a pound; plenty of radishes and onions—McCaffrey & Co. Twenty-five cents for girls, boys and men's caps, equal to others at 50 cents, at Harry Frank's. Men's ' shoes, women's shoes and children's shoes, at prices to suit any. one, atMurdook'e. The case of the State vs. Joseph Stumbaujrh, indicted with Lewis For. ter for alleged theft, has been set for hearing Wednesday, April 10. An original pension has been allowed the widow and children of the late Wm. Layoook. Mrs. Layoook will draw $8 a month and each of the children $2 a month. Catherine A. MoClaln, aged 40 years, wife of an Adams township resident, has baen declared Insane, and the papers were yesterday made out for her admission to the hospital at Long Cliff. Services are held each evening at the English Lutheran church, and will continue until Easter, when a special service will be held. The Rev. L. A. Gotwtld, of Springfield. Ohio, will conduct the special service*. Peru Chronicle: Manager Patterson, of the opera house, has had a consultation with the truiteei of the city schools relative to having the schools relative to having the schools closed next Tuesday afterooom when Sousa's band appears here. The The teachers are desirous of attending the concert, as are also quite a number of the older pupils, and it is but fair to give them an opportunity Secretary of State Owen has received letters from some of the superintendent! of penal institutions in other States In reference to the Sohneok law requiring dealers in prison-made goodi from other States to take out a license costing |500. They say that luoh a law in New York and Ohio was declared unconstitutional because it Interferes with interstate commerce. The Indiana statute is very much similar to the statutes of these Slates, which it followed very closely. HAS FURNISHED THREE BONDS. Worth W«« Jteleaned Again Limt WlKht— Ha» t*lvenSl,:iOOBond. August Worth, who was Saturday arrested for alleged theft of freight from the Pan Handle freight depot, succeeded in furnishing $500 bond early this week. He had hardly a whiff of the glad free air until he was yanked back by the arm of the law on a charge preferred by a fellow workman, who claimed Worth had made off with his coat. $500 bond was eoon after put up by August, and he proceeded from the bastile to his home on QBroadway. A few hours afterward, this was yeeter- day, the 'talons of the insatiable grand jury were reaching for the person of August, and he was again placed where the sunlight falls in streaks. August was again equal to the emergency, however, and hie- attorneys, Klatler & Kistler, who have charge of his Bffnlra. put up the required $300 buoa lass i.J(.'b f , M. r| i Auffu**; Worth was agnii: tree 'rt M.et<;o<! in' I': "H- ('.;:. The policy followed by Sousa of giving a pleasing variety to his programmes, s) that all tastes shall be gratified, will be appreciated In this city. Sousa's programmes are almost invariably doubled by encores, and these encores are the of most lively and popular character. The great demand of the public to hear Souaals own matchless marches is gratifiei to the full. One of these will be found on every programme, and In his encores there will be introduced the "Washington Post," the "High School Cadets, "the ' 'Beau Ideal, " the • 'Liberty Bell," the "Manhattan Beach," etc., and these will be interspersed by plantation 'and other popular melodies and dances which are dear to ajl sections of the country. Dixie will keep company with Yankee Doodle, and while, of course, the advertised programmes will contain much/j music to charm severer tastes, as a whole the character of the concerts will be extremely popular and entertaining to the last degree. At the opera house Tuesday, April 9. KalghtH of the Maeeabiei. The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Neb.; as follows: "After trying other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough incur two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and at the end of two days the cough entirely left them. We will not be without It hereafter, as our experience proves that It cures where all other remedies fall."— Signed F. W. Stevens, State Com. Why not give this great medicine a trial, as it Is guaranteed; and, trial bottles are free atB.F. Keesling'a drug store. Regular size 50c and f 1. -Ted" gnlllvan ArreBtel. 1 'Teddy" Sullivan, for whom there was a warrant, charging him with trespass, was captured by patrolman Dickey last night after a short but warm chase. In company with Sullivan, James Roach and .two colored women, Minnie Williams and "Toot. ale" Peak, were looked up. A Problem. That we will solve for you; Where to get good butter? We keep creamery butter fresh every day, and when your butter has become BO strong as-to walk away, call on us. Telephone 162. CHIDESTER & GBEEN. The ItraNpkere of IiOT* Is a pure, sweet breath. This desideratum is one of the results of using ZOZODONT, which not only invigorates and -preserves the teeth, but ren. ders the mouth as fragrant as a rose. The ladies of the ChrUtian church held a social at the residence of Mrs. T. P. Swigirt, on Eighth street,:, last evening. Items oTm. J*er»on»l Character Coo. ceralnc £<osr*n»porter».*nd.Tlielr Friends. In the city yesterday: Jerome Herd and H F Loveland of Peru. E Klrcher of Wolcott. A R Woods of Kokomo. H Loutz of Lake Clcott P C Watson of Remington. J R Rupert of South Bend. F A Merrow of Montlcello. D M Carson of Montlcello. Lee Angleger of Huntington. Geo A Jones of Fort Wayne. Mrs Geo Sweet of Royal Center. Wilbur Winters Is visiting friends In Kokomo. M. J. Bllgh was at Peru yesterday on business. Miss Myrtle Sohaffer of Onward is visiting In the city. Mrs, A. B. Wiokler of Peru, was In the city yesterday. F. M. Wipperman was at Kokomo yesterday on business. Miss Meryl Nethercutt is at Royal Center visiting relatives. Prof. T. N. Barry raturned from South Bend last evening. Sam K. Frank came home last night from Milwaukee, Wiaconsln. Benj. F. Bird of Deer Creek township has gone to Indianapolis. Miss Allie Moore of Huntington Is visiting the family of W. T. Giffe. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boerger returned yesterday from a visit at Huntington. Etta Ayers and Lizzie Campbell have gone to Kokomo to spend a few days. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Patterson are entertaining Clarence Barr of Chi. oago. Joseph Patterson his returned from Frankfort where he has been on busi. ness. Miss Llllie Martin of Peru, will spend Sunday with her parents in Washington township. MM Gould of Liberty, who has been ruesi. of Mr. and Mrs. J. Immel, re> ii "i^d nr-in-s yest.erdnv. »ir. an" Mr*. H'>-"-i'-,i it' fihio'ie". WUO Lid:-, nem viMiM-i; <v.v,,ri, KM'•"'lie returned norno ^eiicr^,*, MIssTolnette Little reiurouo ><: = terday to Chicago to resume tier studies at the International Art studio. James Mount and wife of Connors- vllle, who have been visiting relatives in this city, returned to their home yesterday. Slate Kepplnger and Harry Bricker will leave for North Manchester Monday to work on the M. E. churoh at that place, Prof. Russell K. Bedgood, principal of the Lafayette high school, was in the city yesterday on his way to South Bend. Mrs. Elizabeth Aman returned yesterday from Warsaw where she has been visiting relatives for the past six months. W. H. Hollenback, who has the contract for delivered" crushed stone from the Kenneth quarries, made a business trip to Marlon yesterday. The Rev. Toney of Daer Creek township who has been preaching in Grant county, returned yesterday. He was accompanied by the Rev. Kennedy of that county. M. McCaffrey & Co. received a car of fancy seed potatoes today. ' EASTER SUNDAY. TheDaylFor New Frocks, New Bonnets and Especially New Shoes. How many times we have all heard these words—"I want a new frock, a new hat, and of all things I must have a nice new pair of stylish shoes for Easter. Of coarse it Is the one day of days, tkat every man, woman and child feels it their duty to wear the very nicest apparel, and do you know\ that no matter how nice the dress or new suit, unless the feet are dressed accordingly, the effort is spoiled. New frock and old shoes—draw the the picture for yourself, and now I will tell you where yoa can find just the kind of shoes you want. The place where you always find the latest styles and the prices are BO reasonable that you will smll« and wonder why you did not go there first instead of looking all over town. And do you know Lincoln Pilling has by far the nicest line of Men's and ladies'low shoes ever seen in this city and prices to suit all—7«c to $4. • He !s offering special inducements for your trade. Pilling sells Columbia Bicycles also; they are too well known to need much comment. Filling's Shoe Hoo.se, 413 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. It Will Pay You To see our new and nobby shapes in Stiff and Soft HfVTS. All the leading makes. Beantifal Effects! New Styles! Popular Prices! HARRY FRANK, TO BB SURE,. Temporarily Occupying Fashion Store. WE never misrepresent goods and the people know it. ALL THE LATESTISTYLES \ *" IN Summer Suitings AT S, 4i8 Market St. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. ItVlll pay you to be particular as to whoso seeds you buy. We are now in the market with a full line ot Landreth's seeds for the season o£ 1895, and I wish to say to the gardeners aud others using seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may bo a little higher price then-some others they are always fresh, clean and truo to name, and as we handle no other seeds except those grown by Laudreth & Sons of Philade phia our customers may rely on setting nothin- but the very best. I believe that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to the crop, arid when a person has the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very best. We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint: in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect inever particular, and as an evidence ot this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Logansport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a fnll line ° f S Rem*mber that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years in the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings. Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. «1O BJtOADWAY. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that ha* ; given wonderful result*. „ _. . T Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung Troubles Beta the remedies to the diseased spots and cures -whern everything else falls. Call ard investigate anyway. It costi yon^^ nothing for consultation. j^f Drs. C&ristopner & Longenecker, ArjheMedicaUandSurfllcaUInstttttte.: 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind.

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