The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on January 28, 1964 · 14
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 14

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1964
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-THE CAFITAL TIMES, Tuesday. Jan. 23, 1961 2.7 Visits Average To Dentist CHICAGO The average den- 2 7 toes year. An average den tal patient does better than see-itist has 1,164 patients, the study ing his dentist twice a year, a showed. study indicates. The average patient gets to the dentist's office mm A BELL FELEPHONE HOUR Tonight 9:00 In Color NBC-TV Channel 15 "The Music of Cole Porter" ETHEL HERMAN, Hostess and starring JOHN RAITT MARTHA WRIGHT PETER NERO ERETCHEN WYLER JILLANA with DONALD VOORHEES and the Bell Telephone Orchestra t rutotui by tlx BiO TtlwhoM System WISCONSIN TELEPHONE COMPANY Serving you SYES, Frank's is QUALITY kraut, delicious hot or cold. 7 fi i CSS Li ZEMTI1 TELEVISION STEREO RADIOS RECORDS HEAR clearly with nothing in either ear! NO WIRES NO TUBES NO EAR BUTTONS NO MOLDS Utilizing the mastoid process, bypassing the defective outer ear, YOU HEAR with your IN. NER EAR. fm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mam lOTARION HEARING CENTER I 12 W. Gorftam St. I I Madison 1. Wisconsin I Pleas send me return toMer Name Address I City State J I. J ADVERTISEMENT Hemorrhoids? Advanced new formula gives faster, longer-lasting relief-works 5 ways in recent clinical tests of new M.P.O. an advanced treatment for hemorrhoids doctors reported "results were good to excellent" for 5 out of every 6 patients! New M.P.O. works fit $ ways to give you faster, longer-lasting relief. Here's how: 1. Starts easing pain faster. You get more medically accepted pain-relieving ingredients, including Benzocaine, than in the prep-aration you may now be using. 2. Shrinks hemorrhoids sooner. M.P.O. quickly releases the vaso ' constrictor, Ephedrine Sulfate. You can almost feel it start to work. 3. Speeds relief of embarrass Ing itch. M-P.O.'s medication it homogenized for faster absorption, faster relief. 4. Gives longer-lasting relief. Soothing medication is concentrated against inflamed tissues for more prolonged comfort. 5. Fights danger of Infection. Proven germ-killer Hexachloro-phene combats bacteria. M.P.O. is a discovery of Mentho-latum Laboratories. Available in stainless ointment or suppositories at all drug counters. Money-back guarantes. Get MJ0. today I A Water Softener? $50 NOW witn IB New Fox Lease Purchase p Un yon eu own a New Fox Water S I t a er tor nJy Peonies Day. full Price Only $79.95 For Complete Details Without Obligation -CALL Al 74474 or 244-9240 IFOX COMPAIYV ' L mm tJ t ' - a j I I Jt p IOKN FOX CH 4-9240 At s-4474 AL 5-6606 Tbo Lfffle Homia FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE JOURNEY OF NO RETURN - Part 1 The color's too dark, BRIDGE By ALFRED SHEIXWOLD This seemed easy enough. South the nine, so dummy led a club to dummy s ace ana, trick. iNow you can returned the queen of hearts fromi dummy. That's just how nine out: of ten bridge players would tack le the trumps and all nine ot (U. S. Masters Team Champion) Certain plays are hard to work j them would be wrong. out at the table. Learn them from To begin with. East is too smart your favorite bridge column andlto cover the queen of hearts with you can execute them nimbly at 'the king. If South plays a low the table witnout pain or loss of heart on dummy's queen, he will have to win the next trump in his own hand. There will be no way to get back to dummy for a third trump finesse, so East will get a trick with the king of hearts. South cannot afford to unblock by dropping the ten of hearts under dummy's queen. When declarer next leads the nine of hearts from dummy, East covers with the king. South can take the ace and jack of hearts, but East will make a trump trick with the eight. Memorize the right way to play such a trump suit so that you can zip right through it the next time you encounter this common holding in actual play. Begin the trumps by leading dummy's nine instead of the queen. East cannot afford to cover time. South dealer East-West vulnerable NORTH A K 7 3 V Q 9 5 O 10 7 4 A 6 4 3 WEST EAST A J 10 9 6 A A Q 8 4 S? 2 V K 8 7 6 OQ982 0 1 6 13 J 10 8 7 A 9 SOUTH A 5 2 V A J 10 4 3 OAK K Q 5 2 South West North Fast 1 Pass 2 9 Pass 4 ? All Pass Opening lead A J West opened the jack of spades and continued the suit until South ruffed the third round. Declarer then had to hold the loss in clubs and trumps to one trick. holds the afford to covers, you draw trumps with the ace, jack and ten. If East plays low, you stay in dummy and lead a third trump through East. Dr. Bradfs Column (By WILLIAM BRADY. M.D.) A reader sends a clipping, obviously from my column: For Red Rough Hands Apply a few drops of the following home made skin lotion two or three times a day, after washing and before the skin is quite dry: Put three teaspoonfuls boric acid, a neaping t e a s p o onf ul of glycerin in a pint of water and boil. stirring con- y "COME IN and COMPARE DAYS" MORE PEOPLE OWN rgaVictor TELEVISION THAN ANY OTHER KIND... BLACK AND WHITE OR COLOR Series 94-A-M4 If" Tube (evsrall Dial.) 171 sq. In. picture rca victor Afewtfstaw Super-powerful "New Vista" Tuner Big, Bright Full-Picture Tube $ j Q95 Up-front "Golden Throat" Sound I T U TV CLIMHC "Service is the Heart of our Business" 6310 Monona Drive Phone 222-5551 eftflt until v A 1 1 5 ? TV get a turn, citart jeiiy. ijaoei n sum. lotion. The lady proper ly complains that Brady she puts the ingredients together exactly as directed, and boiled and boiled, till the cows came, home, but never got a thin clear jelly. Ami Questions? Signed letters, not more than one page or 100 words long pertaining to personal health and hygiene, not to disease, diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brady, if a stamped, self-addressed envelope Is enclosed, In care of The Capital Tunes, Madison, Wis. I wonder how she went about the trick of taking up a heaping spoonful of glycerin. On page 13 of the booklet, "Save Your Skin" (35 cents and stamped envelope bearing your address), you will see that the skin lotion recipe calls for 1 teaspoonfuls of tragacanth shavings. I suppose the printers were in a hurry to get to the ball-game and omitted the tragacanth from the newspaper verison of the recipe. i This error reminds me of one that occurred in Kentucky years ago. Throwing caution to the winds I tried to give in my col umn the recipe and directions for use of my Fool Proof Home Made Cough Medicine for Man or for Man or Child. Soon afterward I received a let ter from a Kentucky colonel who had tried to whip up a batch of the medicine as directed and now wanted to know what in the mythi cal region I meant by . . . The recipe calls for flaxseeds, sodium citrate, glycerin, lemon juice, peppermint and, everywhere except in Kentucky, water. In the newspaper v e r s i o n, the colonel had Mowed there was no water! For a while after each such ex perience I vow that I shall never again attempt to print a recipe or formula. But eventually, up to the present moment, I have gone soft after a period of time and tried to enliven the interest of Mr. Senior ad and Mrs. Sumsey in a dull didactic column by printing a formula or recipe, only to regret the impulse later. Many readers have found it dif ficult to purchase sodium citrate for the cough medicine and tragacanth shavings (now powder) for the skin lotion. For the sole pur pose (in my opinion) of discouraging folks from using home rem edies many druggists demand a rescription for sodium citrate. This is inexcusable. Sodium ci- With its prestige committed to Most of the difficulties O I fcj I V. THE GOAL OF A MANNED LANDING STEM FROM THE MEED TO A -"l I f-, f ON THE MOON BY 1970, THE U.&. PROVIDE UFE-SUPPORT J , fYi T liSs. 1 1 I ' FACES ENORMOUS PROBLEMS SYSTEMS FOR THRE( A, Cr. Vt r) S Vl r'rTT"A lj fill THAT HAVE VET TO BE SOLVED. MEN FOR A WEEK OR ' .1, ' . 1 IJ ;,. ASriil'f J' ; mm. - -w i more m space . . . V I fjgCsJ y j r WM&timv , II f I liV" 1 ? 1 "viCV3-2 TECHNICALLY COMPLEX, TKS In VIEW OF THIS, 50MEU.6. & CyZ Jl TV Vr XWxrt esiity r0 T m scientists have; suggested a I v Il-Nv Xies!Siik'!i Spr Rk TO t SAFELY, SY way of setting a man on the I f "A (A- U 5yj ACHIEVING) LUNAR TAKE OFF MOON INSIDE ONE YEAR FROM 1 V ff Z 1 VJtly SrSk. AND RENDEZVOUS WITH THE NOW BY SENDING KIM ONE VyK, C VTfireyhTV-1 PARENT SPACECRAFT. WAY ONLY. SPt y Jim Unwln 7 WS'VE GOT WtYE CAPTURtO 1 1 WE C-t-CANT J WE'LL HAVE TO Alj HAVE N 5EA.', BICWLV 8LH5E ) V HlrA yS I THE fcOtAAW.8 I SIT HERE FOREVER, TRj SOrAETrHNfr. ) YOUR FEET UNDER "THE Ti s -J V-6HOVKMAH t J V6ANW. j CHAIR THEN 'JX-r-f QjLfn I IV-ae. W m 1 I -n BB- ' K ' 1 J W II 111 111 II k. I I mi I i i BIGS Bt!V!MY . IF7T X B2S!TH1STU(ULP!) I DIDN'T SJ V THERE MUST YkfT" I ITvr. Ill -dOINTIS.. REALIZE I'DCUTX s KSOMfW W mg ' I J V FREtZIN COLDJ W"V TREE 77f7y rlyAW K-T'Lrbt UK-IK' J JSrS'. ' 'J N- " J " CttANUMA By Charles Knho I C H-M SEEMS ) I IYOU SEE KIDS ) " I ..WITH LITTLE 1 I H T ( ( EVERYWHERE WALKINCJ -J TRANSISTOR -k e . V I , J . YDU LOOK S AROUND-. ) RADIOS PRESSED ' V . v . S TOWBR ' DOTT1E By Bnford Tun IT ' v I POP, IP A WIFE T RaXlEWCE, I PON'T GET IT, POP)' f fME-AND THE HUSBAND Y yAl-VAX-. ) OFMINEVAKKEpI WU.8ERT-- ( WHICH TWO v OF THE WOMAM ON r-nU PAtlVl S THAT MUCH TO VmiS PHONE VJ- MEM 7 . THE OTHER ENP UH, ftrLLYf-- HAVE THE PHOME ALLOWS C ' ' J T OF THE LINE J T ALLEY OOP Us W. T. Hamlim I ..... VvWi. I I V- I i V ' 1 '. I i i Lil JU5T SIT " BE l I I SIKKY.-YKNJOW WHO ) I I TH' SIRL WHO WAS J I DUNNO "PaOa'lV OUT fiADOIM'N . I i ik.6 PBETTY SO0Hi rtifkVm WHERE 1 CAN ?y RESCUED BY THAT I WHERE SHE I AROUNP SOMEWHERE 1 1 J Iwr-E-i com mrid'iV nS , nNP ER? r)r( FEUA FROM -l s RiaHr Jv with her husbanp.' J h ,' rim M M! U VW 1 123.1 STEVE CAIVYOIM By Wilton fnnlft fV&0-nwX$ WELLTHE AIR. FORCEPS) f'MIS CANYoM f MIS BcVP.THIS rS ThW WHrVTHAT IS 1 POTEST IS A fINE GIRL .'I'M 41 HAS NOT ORDEEEP ME TODAY PENCD l EVEEiSEEEN WORLD NEWf R-IPICULOUS.' CERTAIN THE Aid f ORCE IS W BUTFOTEET, Y TO EESIfiM f ROM THE THE PERSISTENT SERVICE.' VO VCHI HflYE A 1 IT SOUNDS PROUD TO HAVE HER IN THE M THE RUVNOR & SNOrV BALL OMEEN RU.AAoR THAT JHE COMMENT ON TUB AIK JUKE A SILLY . CAAAPAIflN j , , , rf ilA 19 ALL OVER RACE PERIOj?.' A WOULD WfTH- P9HCB ALLEGEDLY I CAMPUS. p jWtU C rnrmavln ,,caA in Nllflflflr War LS TKlt tm flPPflnt-ll n 1 1 I mm uai. m-ivk; u - ---- - -r- wAn a OFin I iilrirm I IMI I able Instrument of national pol- " r- let I lBiBeaeMeBi" TT toa'sfeyk True Life Adventures iM- rw. i ffMWi;?;t ttv 1 ' fT-i llj-kM VIVE S IrJ'yWw TCMATZX? THE fi Jf iVV TL-OE SEEMS vmsmm, ei4 Wak Dtny Prodoclioiia . WgcUK(hnRn ''-1 iBuT THE TERN KM1TES ( THKOL1GH A NAKROW CKA.CK..H,' J. ...Astt? 2APTUr?ES A RSH HE HAS SEEM f Yhl THE f) WATEK ' f BELOW. ( Oil, IT" -&- . l V. V 1-23 Sattitabd arXk SruUau- trate was formerly used in the baby's feeding formula to prevent formation of large curds. The phrase "For Prescription Use" on the sodium citrate container merely shows that the manufacturer is glad to cooperate with the retailer to discourage the use of home remedies. Use The WANT-ADS for Results Nuclear war is not an acceptable instrument of national policy. John J. MeCIoy, U.S. disarm ament chief. e e e The war we have to wage to day has only one goal and that is to make the worlds safe for diversity. U. Thant, U.N. secretary gen eral. WISHING WELL 4 Registered U. S. Patent Office. 64 2 5 38 7 263S48 T' t. B Y O A TARO OI H "5 5 3 1 4 r""2 6 8 3 i S 5 5 EYDFOV1TAHBIEQ "2 4 ' 8 3 5 8 2 S 4 7 3 15 6 CWLERTON IPLOq 1 5 2 i 7 g 3 5 5 2 4 3" PWMTPDS I HPHOI 1 5 6"3 2 84 3 S S 7 2 J A V E N Ii H F A S G O I I. 2 E 3 " " 8 6 2 ' 7 i 5 3 2 S 5" MR S E I E W A A K N A O 6 8 '" 2 -l4 " 7 "3 B S 2 7 ""S"4 8" TVTIEBBESRDRN . T TRE la a pleasant little game that will give you a message Fl every day. It Is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out .your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is S or more, aublract 4. .If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result Is your key number.- Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. 1-28 C MM. by William i. ICllar. CUUitulaa; by Klsf ruluns Syndicate, Jncu Answer to Previous Puzzle USE ACROSS 1 Clifton or Jack S Carney or LinkJetter 8 Male deer 12 Indian ' 13 Brightest star in a constellation 14 African river 15 Bargain event H Scottish sheepfold 17 Seed appendage 18 African fly 20 Army's mental state 22 Paul 23 Nocturnal flyer S4 Doctrine 27Jolonand namesakes 2ft Cushion 31 Spanish "river" 32 Internal decay in fruit 33Trygve 84 Worthless table scrap 85 Nail 36 Feminine appellation 87 Mound for Snead S8 Wife of Aegir (mythj 39 Tardier 41 Lancelot's father 42 Bishop's seat 43 Kind of rifle 46 Father or raothet 50 Asseverate - 51 "Island" for Chevalier 53 Notion 64 Contour 65 Oriental coin 68 Presently 67 Sams up 68 Torrid 69 Shrunken DOWN 1 Position in bridge 2 Epochs S Cooler 4 Insect 5 Land measures e Sturgeon eggs 7 Shuddered 8 Begin 9 Ancient Irish capital 10 West Indian shrub 11 Storm 19 Oldest god of Egyptians 21 Hops' kiln 24 Horse's gait 25 "Emerald Isle" 26 Memorandum 27 Hale or Young 28 Small plot of ground 29 Military assistant 30 Term of endearment 32 Wave weapon menacingly 35 Son of Llyr 39 Pasture 40 Antenna 41Arawakan Indians 42 Exhausted 43 Festival 44 Greedy 45 Lacerate 47 Novelist Ferber 48 Gaseous element 49 Reservoir 62 Lion I 12 13 14 15 16 17 I 18 19 110 ill. ii ft Ti " 1 ii f7" i8"19 202T S" "" 27 728 S" 30 31 32 L S .36 3T" 37 " arpr - LaJ 'f " mmm. 14 MS 41 148 49 50" "" 5T 52 63 "" "" H"""" 5r" W """" " 'III 1 I T f I I n

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