Pittston Gazette from Pittston, Pennsylvania on May 26, 1911 · Page 12
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Pittston Gazette from Pittston, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittston, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1911
Page 12
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tug jpkTisroN oazupto MAY 2ti. 1911. For Pretty Footwear COMMUNION BAY. We are showing" an unusually large stock of exceptionally pretty and stylish' footwear that 'is Just the thing to complete the costume for special occasions. , - . r - White Canvas and Patent Leather Shoes and Oxfords for Young People. SPECIAL PRICES. WHITE CAXVAS. While canvas high cut .shies with white buttons, white oxfords, and sandals, with laces or bands to match; all styles; every pair 25 per cent, cheaper than vou can buy elsewhere. 49c to $2 BABY'S SAKDALS Special offer for a short time. Baby's barefoot sandals that always sell at 50c; our special price PATENT LEATHER. Patent leather shoes, oxfords, and sandals for young people, very dressy, all styles and sizes; every pair 25 per cent, cheaper than you can buy elsewhere. 75c to S2.S0 BOSTON SHOE STORE, 31 North Main St., L. Schiffnian, Prop. WHITE HOSIERY. Here's the biggest hosiery bargain you ever heard of; it cannot be beaten in any city; sizes 5 to 9 ',4 at only lO Cents The bargain tables this week are loaded down with great values in men's, women's, and children's shoes and oxfords. coin ITEMS. Wilkesbarre Couple Married. John Rowlands and Miss Ellen Jones, both of South Wilkesbarre, w - re married Wednesday evening, at the Miner's Mills Congregational parsonage, by the pastor, Rev. Theophil - us Davies. Death of James Ixivc. James Love, one of the best known residents of Plymouth, died yesterday after a brief illness of debility. Mr. Love was 55 years of age and had spent his entire life In Plymouth. He .was a painter by occupation. He survived by one sister, Mrs. Margaret oeorge, or Plymouth, and by one brother. Alexander Love, of T.r - ranceton. The funeral was held this afternoon. THE HEW WAY TO SHAVE You can do away with the mug, save lots of time and trouble, and make your shaving a luxury of clean - j liness and simplicity, by adopting the up - to - date method and using SHAVING POWDER This powder is made of the finest and purest ingredients. Sprinkle it on a moist brush and it makes a thick, creamy, fragrant lather that lasts. With it vou get a better shave, a quicker shave and an easier shave than by the old way. Try it and .see the difference. Get it at any A.D.S. Drug Store. Look for the sign. Prisoner Itcfiised to Dress. May Jevons, a Wilkesbarre woman. was arrested by the city police and taken to the city hall in her night gown. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct, her neighbors alleging that she had made the night miserable for them with her continuous noise. The woman refused to dress, so the police forced her to enter the patrol wagon in her night dress. On reaching the 'city hall and being placed in a cell she soon decided to dress herself. Later she was committed to the county prison for 30 days. lr,HMMyr - C For sale by II. W. Roberts, 87 North Main St. John H. Farrer, 30 Luzerne Ave. S. M. Evans. 408 Luzerne Ave. f a vard 144 S. Maim. K.I. U. Loughrau fe Co.. 15 Main St., James F. Kane, 20 South Main. Chas. A. Stroh, 3 S Main. Thoi. J. Yates, 23 N. Main. I, PfCk X Wfltor trow. Illegal Fishing. v i . u . . . .3 iiaiiiuci nun aim xviuuij i;ower were arraigned berore Squire, Bobbins, of Nanticoke, charged with; illegal fishing. The men caught a! bushel of lish one day and a peck on; the second day. They sold the lish ! to a Berwick man for two Quarts of whiskey. Each man was fined $14. - 1 75, and in default was committed to' jail for 14 days. CDyfiog and (pirtf rimmed Oaf s at (Greatly Reduced Poa3ce Just when every body is keen after the smart new tailored hats for vacation and outing wear, here conic the bargains of this quick clearance sale! And the smartest styles too don't miss seeing these. Tailored, ready - to - wear hats of all kinds are included styles suitable for women misses' children. Also a fine lot of untrimmed hats. Children's Hats 50c, 98c, and $1.98. Table No. 1. Hats worth $1 and $1.25 Onlv 25c. Table No. 2. Hats worth up to $2150, Onlv 98c. Table No. 3. Hats worth up to $4.00 Only $1.98. New Sailor Hats 49c and 98c. Summer Dress Hats Marked Down Both trimmed and untrimmed kinds are included. An especially fine lot of white chips and milan hats trimmed with lace bows, aigrettes, and marabou these are the latest fashion. I5e here early. Women's Gauze Vests, 10 cents Complete assortmentsof summer underwear; cool, dainty, inexpensive. Gauze Vests ..... . . . 10c to 50c. Combination Uiulennuslins 98c to $1.25 Muslin Drawers, 19c, 25c, 50c, and 75c. .Muslin Corset Covers, ...... 19c, 25c, 50c, and 75c. Muslin Night Gowns, 50c to $1.50 Princess Slips 98c, $1.98, and $2.49 All are of fine quality muslin, dainty laces and rich embroideries to trim generous sizes. Garments well made, prettily finished and charming styles. Snow - White Dresses For Girl Graduates An excellent assortment impossible to write a description of the many styles, but we can tell you most emphatic - all' that you will find all that is attractive and exclusive in style, and enough styles to please every fancy and fill every need. $3.49. White Dress of sheer, lovely batiste the kimona waist trimmed with all - over eyelet embroidery V neck very good value. 49 North Main Street. $3.98." White batiste dress kimona waist of exquisite embroidery square neck, handsome Venise lace motif to trim. Exceptional value. $ 1 .25 Shirtwaists 98c And every waist from trustworthy manufacturers who are particular as to buttons, stitchings, materials and laces. Splendid variety including plain tailored waists in shirt styles and plaited effects. All - over lace or embroidery kimona waists waists of fine batiste lace and embroidery trimmed in cool Dutch neck and short sleeve models. Choice . Only 98c. .$ .00 Middy Waists, special '. 79c. 75c Middy Waists, special . . . 49c. Infants' Wearables - Complete Assortment - Splendid Values The beautiful little garments jure selected with the greatest care, which is why we are able to provide the newest and best of dainty dresses, eaps, coats, etc., for the little ones. Everything as dainty, as rich, as well - made and as charming in style as the fondest mother could wish for. An important feature is the fact that these ready - to - wear garments are marked at extremely low prices. Baby Bonnets and Caps, 10c, 25c, 50c, to $1.49. Infants Dresses, 50c to $1.30. Baby Short Dresses, 25c, 50c, 75c, and $1.25. Baby Saeques, (pink and blue trimmed), 25c ami 50c. Long .and Short rettieoats, to $1.50. Baby Slips, 50c and 98c. Cream Serge Coats and Capes, $1.4!) to SS.OO. Booties, 10c and 25c. Silk Stole Pay Envelope. Benjamin Becoskl, of Ashley, was held by S(juire Fenher to answer in court the charge of stealing a pay envelope containing $29,33 from a young man named John Callabot. The young man alleged that Becoski snatched the envelope out of his hand simply saying that it belonged to him. The defendant denied the charge, but the justice held him under $500 bail tor his appearance at court. Investigating Explosion. County Detective Mackin is investigating the explosion that took place at the home of A. Bykodwski, at Nanti - coke, which is said' to have been caused by kindling wood that haa been plugged with dynamite. Engagement Announced. Announcement was made of the engagement of Bruce Weir, who holds a responsible position with the Temple Iron Company, and Miss Lulu Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller, 'of Wilkesbarre. Miss Miller is head nurse in the Philadelphia General Hospital. The wedding will take place late in June. 49 North Main Street. eye. Lentz had been endeavoring to persuade Sandish, who had been drinking, to go to bed, when Sandish became angry and hurled an iron at his employer. liittomvoxl to Resume. The oillcials of the Bultonwood colliery, of the Parrish Coal Co., have gained control of the Hood of water in that mine, and it is expected that mining operations will be resumed in a few days. Assaulted Employer. Leon Lentz, a Nanticoke merchant tailor, was struck in the head last evening with a pressing iron, by Frank Sandish, one of his employes. He received a severe gash over the Graduate; Entertained.. Prof, and Mrs. E. A. Evans, of Parsons, gave a reception at their home last evening in honor of the members of the graduating class of the parsons High School. The house was beautifully decorated with the class colors and luncheon was served. The class presented Mr. Evans With a leather traveling bag, the presentation speech having been made by William Edwards.' ' Gill Fell From Bridge. Stella Stanski, aged 'i years, of Port Bowkley, fell from the Lehigh Valley Railroad bridge, at that place. The girl was crossing the river on the bridge, walking on the 'ties, when she slipped and lost her balance, falling through the trestle and landing on the stones at the water's edge. She was taken to the Wilkesbarre Hospital. caught Frank Griges beneath it and his back was broken. He is in a critical condition. School Banquet. The annual banquet of the Plymouth High School Alumni association will be held in West's hall, on the evening of June 5, and is expected to be one of the finest social affairs ever held by the association. Died at Retreat. Daniel Curtis, aged 53 years, formerly of Plains, died yesterday of heart failure, at the almshouse at IJetreat. Foot Amputated. Joseph Mouski, aged 19 years, of Carey's Patch, near Wilkesbarre, attempted to board a moving freight train in the Ashley yards of the Jersey Central Railroad, and slipped and feil under the wheels. His right foot was so badly crushed that it was necessary to amputate the member. W4 A Half Century of Progress pvECORATION DAY this year marks the 50th year since the gallant soldier boys responded to their country's call. The years have told wonderful stories of development and progress in all lines. Think of every one, rich or poor, being able to clothe themselves and family, wearing the clothes while paying in smaii amounts as me money is earned. CREDIT IS FREE TO ALL DECORATION DAY SPECIALS MEN'S SUITS Serges and fancy English mixtures. Compare them widi others. $25 value. $1S MEX'S SUITS All desirable materials, eluding - blue serges, style and service would expect for $20 ials, in. A I As much I N I as you pil MUX'S HATS Soft and stiff, all shapes, cracker i jack value at. ! $150 HOYS' SUITS Made to stand the hardest wear $10 CHILDREN'S SUITS The kind that make the little fellows hui)n. Excellent value at $350 CIOTII PRESSES Price repre sents - cost of material, making costing; nothing. LADIES' SKIRTS Fine grade Sicilian, well made, durable, stylish. $38 LAWX WAISTS Beautifully made and trimmer, would be a big value at $1.00. . . 60c SILK DRESSES Beautiful qual ity, made in the latest style with kimona sleeve $1450 TUH DRESSES One piece dresses, good material, fast colors ..... $298 BOYS' KNEE PAXTS Yon h.ive light equal under 75c neve value 39c WEAR NOW PAY LATER Ladies' Suits 1 - 3 off Millinery 1 - 2 off Deduct the Amount Yourself Prom Our Plainly Marked Prices Many Good Ones Left Call Today and Save Money lieg Broken. Mrs. Mary Schwartz, of Wilkesbarre, suffered a broken leg yesterday, when she jumped from an Kast End trolley - car. The trolley jumped the wire and the noise frightened the passengers, many of them leaped to the ground. Mrs. Schwartz was the only one injured. Mine Workers Injured. Joseph Matthews, William Pavi?, and John Lewis, footmen employed at the No. 2 Red Ash shaft of the Woodward colliery, Kingston, were caught under a fall of roof at the foot of the shaft and all were slight ly injured. Ilcrse Drown In Cistern. Scranton, May 26. Drawing a wagon across an empty lot on North Main avenue, a team of horses belonging to Contractor W. A. Hagen broke through the rotten boards covering an old cis tern and one of the animals was. drowned and the other so severely in jured that it is not expected to recov cr. Scranton to Have Parks. Scranton, May 20. The committeo of councils to investigate a park system has recommended that bonds lie Issued to the amount of $125,000 for the establishment and improvement of suburban parks. Honors at Stroudsburg. Stroudsburg, May 26. At a meeting, of tha faculty of the East Stroudsburg! State Normal School the following1 members of the senior class: First! honor, to Winifred W. Menhennett,1 of Lake Como, Fa.: second, to Miss! Ruth Flory, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Flory, of East Stroudsburg. Ice House Burned. Stroudsburg, May 26. One of the largest of the ice houses of the Mountain Lake Ice Co., at Tobyhanna, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday night. The ice house was filled. The cause of the blaze Is unknown, but thought to be a spark from an engine. : 1 3 Found Dead in Mine. The dead body of John Martishis was found in a mine, at Hazleton. He failed to return home from work and when search was made, his dead body was found in his chamber. Heart failure was the cause of death. Freight Car Robbed. At Parsons, last night, a freight car was struck by a passing train and slightly damaged. Later the wrecked car was entered by thieves, who carried away considerable merchandise. STATE KB. Take Off Coats in Church. Berwick, May 26. Rev. C. S. Bots - ford, pastor of Hely Trinity Church, Berwick, commended men in his con gregation who removed their coats during the service. He added that he hoped the women would make themselves comfortable by removing their hats. Diphtheria Epidemic. Pottsville, May 26. Pottsville is in the throes of an epidemic of diphtheria. All the cases are in the proximity of the open sewer that flows through the Charles Baber Cemetery. This open sewer carries the sewage of York - ville beyond Sixteenth street and the north side of Market street. In tha sewer filth lies exposed to a depth f several inches. Hack to the Mines. Pottsville, May 26 Hon. E. W. Klin - german, of McAcJoo, a representative in the legislature from Schuylkill county, will return to work as fire boss in the No. 2 slope at York town .on June 1, Scranton Want Parks. Scranton, May 26. A committee has recommended to the Scranton . . city councils that bonds be issued in the sum of $125,000 for the establishment and improvement of suburban parks. Had R ick Broken. Scranton, May 20. - While working in the BrisWn mine, a tall of rock Two Drown at Philadelphia. Philadelphia, May 26. Joseph Gantz, aged 9, was drowned in the lake at League Island where he was bath - ! ing with a crowd of other boys. His; cousin, Joseph Gantz, made a brave; but ineffectual attempt to save his; life. j Samuel Eskeritz. aged 15 months,! fell into a tub of water at his home I in the southern section of the city and was drowned before his mother could rescue him. Erie Diocese Scat. Frankiin, Pa., May 26. The contest between Erie and Meadvilie for the sen t (if thf RriA .li.mpcia rif tha Knispn - ' pal Church, was terminated today when the convention adopted the report of the committee that Bishop Ro - gers Israel be permitted to reside where he choses. He is expected, to select Erie. The committee was instructed to go ahead with its plans to provide a $25, - 000 residence ror the Bishop. The various churches will be assessed a small amount each year until the home is paid for. It was also decided to engage a secretary for the bishop. Immediate Comfort to sufferers from neuralgia, headache and pain caused by unsettled condition of the nerves made possible by our REXALL HEADACHK TABLETS. It relieves instantly; perfectly harmless and pleasant to take. Tablets, 25c; Powders, 10c and 20c; Wafers, 10c. No reason to suffer any longer when you have this remedy near by. It U almost always effective. II. II. TINKER, THE REXALL DRUG STORE, X. Main Opn. William Street. Struck Mule With Hammer. j Scranton, May 26. John Belnar - j thnck, of Archbald. was arrested by aj P. & H. officer, charged with brutality' to animals. It is alleged that he struck ! a mine mule with a sledge hammer. He was held under bail. Flowers Tor Iecoration Day. Big stock of healthy potted plants. Order In advance. Brennan & Roberts. Refrigerators at Asti. Watch the man In the window. Subway 21 X. Main St. Watch the man In the window. Subway 54 S. Main St. Watch the man In the window. Subway 24 X. Main St. Some Excellent Values IN Long Cloths, Nainsooks and ill kinds of White Goods. Globe Warehouse Pittston

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