The Californian from Salinas, California on May 17, 1965 · 10
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The Californian from Salinas, California · 10

Salinas, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1965
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io salinac California: TV Tonight 5:00 LLOYD THAXTON 7 MOVIE 0 m "Misled Conqueroi, Alberto lupo. WHAT'S NEW ") LEAVE TO BEAVER fjl 5:30 BACH. FATHER (4 J SUPERMAN () KINDERGARTEN 9, RIFLEMAN fij S:5S EDITORIAL (5) 4:00 PETER POTAMUS ( 2 j NEWS (4i 5 () 11 WHAT'S NEW 19; 4.30 YOGI BEAR (2: NEWS (4 1 II LEAVE TO BEAVER (71 PORTRAIT IN MUSIC 19, UNTOUCHABLES (D 4:55 SPORTS fPI 7:00 FLICKERS f2) ASSIGNMENT 4 1 4 I "Affluent Teeneqef PALADIN (5) NEWS 171 WALT DISNEY 11 ANTIQUES ?j Dolls. 7:15 NEWS (7i 7:30 MOVIE f2) "A Life of Her O-m. SPECIAL 0 Chenginq Feces of Englend. TELL THE TRUTH (51 SEA VOYAGE (7) O) JAZZ CASUAL (9 i Modern Jerx Querfet 8:00 U.N.C L.E. I'VE GOT SECRET (5) O ENCOUNTERS (9J Porno Indiens. 8:30 ANDY GRIFFITH (D O SERGEANTS (7J Cl KALEIDOSCOPE (?) 8:00 ANDY WILLIAMS 0 Eddie Fisher end Welly Cor LUCY CD O with Arthur Godfrey WENDY & ME (I) CD AMERICA'S CRISES (9j "Semester ol Discontent." 9:30 DANNY THOMAS fsl BING CROSBY (71 (D MOVIE (1 "Where the Sidewell Ends." 9:40 DOCTORS NEWS (21 "How to Vecetion in Heelth." 10:00 NEWS (21 HITCHCOCK HOUR 14 1 CBS REPORTS (S! "Aborti on end the Lew." BEN CASEY (7J (D RADENZEL REPORTS 9) 10:15 PROFILE (?) Embercedero Freeway. 10:30 GROUCHO OF 11:00 MOVIE (2) "Up fhe Creel." NEWS GO GD (71 Cl 11:15 SPORTS (i NIGHT LIFE (7j Dale Robertson is host 11:20 MERV GRIFFIN (3) 11:30 TONIGHT 0 0 MOVIE Cl "Highway 301 12:50 MOVIE (51 "Burninq Up " 1:00 MOVIE (41 "Aslinq for Trouble " 2:00 NEWS (4 1 IT Manners Make Friends (rood wav to Mart a taml ly row: Itrad another's personal mail. Storybook Tots ACROSS 1 in Wonderland" 8 Tinv " 9 "Little " 12 Moslem 5? Wrrstlmf cushion 08 Hating ras now 1 Wool or the warp 2 I, ion 1 u?n natives 4 Canlboaid design 5 lxad troops on roach 8 Prverac 7 Skin irritation onstruU fl Moths 0 Fare 1 1 tca! plea 16 Not to windward on wArov ;m Monkrv 2Kiver iSp J3 Radioactive element fnneess .etter of 13 Creek alphabet 14 Pearing surface 15 "Tom. the 37 Girl Sennts' croup tab) 18 Rake 19 By reason of 21 Exeiter to action J4 Impel 25 English statesman (1759 18H81 78 Dump 28Ellie tributary 29 Goddess n( the dawn 30 Angular unit t me th I 32 Masculine appellation 33 Beetle 38 "Little bey 39Mator tmusic) 40 Feminine appellation 41 Eternities 42 Hebrew smpturc notes ivar t 44 Crescent-shaped 47 Moslem Filipino 48 Yellow bugle plant 49 Mountain In Yosemite Park 12 wordsi 53 Son of Gad iBib ) 54 Ibsen character 55 Yellow pigment (var ) 58 Eastern state (abj . May 17, 1965; PROGRAMS TheM progromi ore published by Ihe Solinai Californian os a public servico ond ore compiled from the logs furnished by the individual TV stations. 0 In color. Tomorrow 5 51 fAPM 5.52 NtWS (5J (U (4J (5J (4 (U 131 14J (7) (51 o (5J C7J 5-55 FARM SUMMER SEMESTER 4 00 SEMINAR IV LEARNING 4 25 POVERTY 4:30 UNIVERSITY GOSPEL SINGING 4 55 EDITORIAL 7 00 TODAY CARTOONS 0 MARSHAL 'J' 0 g 00 CAPT. KANGAROO (5) ON THE SCENE (71 CLASSROOM CD 8.30 GYPSY ROSE LEE (7) GOSPEL SINGING G) 9 00 TRUTH OR 0 (4) O NEWS GIRL TALK HOCUS POCUS 7:30 SONGS 0 I LOVE LUCY MOVIE "The Divorcee. Sheerer. BUCKAROO S00 9:45 HOCUS POCUS 9:50 RELIGION 9:5S NEWS 10 00 NEWS (5) (7J (D O (5) 00 Norma 01 (D S) a no CONCENTRATION (4) O ANDY OF MAYBERRY (5) PARADISE (D 10:30 JACK LA LANNE (?) JEOPARDY 0 (4)0 THE McCOYS 11:00 ROMPER ROOM (?) CALL MY BLUFF 0 (4) LOVE OF LIFE REBUS GAME 11:20 NEWS 11:25 NEWS 11:30 I'LL BET 0 TOMORROW PRICE IS RIGHT CO O CD (7J ffi o O (si GO ID 11:45 GUIDING LIGHT (11 (41 O 00 o (51 (71 D O 11:55 NEWS 12:00 JACK BENNY LET'S DEAL 0 NEWS DONNA REED 12:25 NEWS 12:30 HOUR OF STARS (51 MOMENT OF TRUTH (4) WORLD TURNS (5) O FATHER KNOWS (7) ID 1.00 THE DOCTORS (4l PASSWORD (5) O THE REBUS GAME (71 BINGO ID 1:301 WANT TO KNOW (2) ANOTHER WORLD (4) HOUSE PARTY (J) O OH, Mf WORD (7) AFTERNOON fl) 2.00 MOVIE (?) "Her Twel e Men," Greer Garson. YOU DON'T SAY 0 fl TEll THE TRUTH fl FLAME IN WIND 7' Cl 2.25 NEWS (S'! O 2:30 MATCH GAME 0 (4) EDGE OF NIGHT (51 O DAY IN COURT 2:S5 NEWS 3.00 MOVIE "Three Breve Men Milland SECRET STORM GEN. HOSPITAL 3:25 NEWS 3:30 CAPT. SATELLITE (5) MIKE DOUGLAS (5) YOUNG MARRIED (7) G) MOVIE O "Wild Heart, " Jennifer Jones. 4 00 TRAILM ASTER (7) 01 4-30 MICKEY MOUSE (21 MAYOR ART (4) MOVIE (5) "My Gun Is Quid." Robert Brav WORLD OF MUSIC 9' Arscwer tn Previou Puzxl, 'vi ii (yn 1 c. aJnI so art aTkIn) j-.-taJj3cir eaTm1 tjv ! e , ah eJojE1 mii oo JLel auIs N OVA Hut. A.nTS fjEtfclT E,S? lotlS nIaItTE 27Thn-v- dimensional show cM iKiOpt 31 SonC one 3 H d topped bill 33 V irard of 02 ' Cir! 34 Mouths 35 roller rhm'r 36 Slandered 37 1'aris art nui urn 38 Remove naila from 40 Hard shell 13 Stupor 4 hport aGCTrC'Hnfl 46 W cnnan heroine J0 W hale icomb. fnrm) M FxiM 0 J Mavulin mrknime TV Shows To Watch Tonight Fractured Flickers 7.00 on 2 Old flicks featuring Douglas Fairbanks and an interview with Paula Prentiss. Assignment Four 7.00 on 4 The Affluent Teen-ager documents the buying power of today's teen-agers. Special 7:30 on 4, color The (.'hanging Faces of England. Live from London and narrated by Sander Vanocur, this program will show the rapid changes taking place in England in terms of architecture, fashions, drama and social life. This is the first live transatlantic color program and will utilize the Early Bird satellite. Jazz Casual 7:30 on 9 The Modern Jazz Quartet. One of the best -know n improvi-sational groups in jazz, the MJQ, led by pianist John Lewis rounds out with Milt Jackson, vlbraphonist, Percy Heath, bass, and Connie Kay on drums. Americas Crisis 9:00 on 9 Semester of Discontent. In the third NET program on the state of American education, the wave of unrest threatening universities is seen in full tide at California and Princeton. Issues underlying the general student malaise are examined solutions suggested. Doctors News Conference 9:40 on 2 How to Vacation in Health. Medical guests include Dr. James Malcolm, Alameda county health officer. Alfred Hitchcock 10:00 on 4 See the Monkey Dance. Efrem Zimbalist Jr., portrays a plotter who brings a surprising halt to a romance between a wayward wife (Patricia Medina) and her lover (Roddy McDowell). Repeat. CBS Reports 10.00 on 5 Abortion and the Law. An examination of abortion, legal and illegal, focusing on the legal, psychiatric, moral and medical aspects of the problems and attitudes in England, France, Sweden, Poland, Chile, Mexico and Japan. Ben Casey 10:00 on 7 and 11 Eartha Kitt guests as a disturbed wife of a skilled surgeon who suspects she is the victim of misdirected psychiatry in A Horse Named Stravinsky" Film Fare Tonight Life of Her Own" Lana Turner, Ray Milland 7:30 on 2. Until she meets and falls in love with a married man, a beautiful woman is motivated only by her desire lo become a famous model. Where the Sidewalk Ends" Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney 9.30 on 8. I'p the Creek Peter Sellers. David Tomlinson 11:00 on 2. Antics of an ingenious lieutenant in the British navy. Highway 301 Steve Coch ran, Virginia Grey 11:30 on 11. Burning Fp" Richard Arlen, Mary Brian 12.50 on 5. A daredevil driver and a smalltown girl find romance at a race track. Asking for Trouble Max Miller, Carol Lynne 1:00 on 4. Comedy about a father who has to straighten out his sons love life. Television Bv RKK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (LTD - The practice of layman involvement 111 a dramatic production was employed Sunday evening on NBC-TVs Children's Theatre w hen non-professionals acted out a story of two youngsters and their horse. The tale, which told of a brother and sister who worked to earn $75 to buy the horse and then had to learn to adjust to its eccentricities, used as actors residents of New Yorks Taconic Valley, where the hour program was shot. The only professional performer in the production was the narrator, i d Begley There were probably some v lewrrs who felt that the broadcast time of the program. 6.30-7 .?n pm. EDT, was a little late in the day to present an offering with a tone so obviously auned primarily at youngsters. However, this is precisely the tunc of day when children's shows have lieen needed but have leen shamefully missing. rvepl for the hard-sell cartoon programs with local clowns pretending to have educational appeal. last evening's hour, Kristie. did not seem particularly exceptional in its execution. Although the silent film approach, with only Begley's voice heard in narration, undoubtedly avoided the acting defects bound to come m the voices of non-professional performers, it made for remoteness of character in the effect. Furthermore, while THERE OUGHTA WrIEM life CASK and rainy, ytm VISIBILITY STUlCTlV KB0.D0K BUCTOK THE BUS JOCKEY CALL THE STOPS? NOT ON TOUR. TRANSFER ! Little University JUST THINK TEN MINUTES A DAY Modern Etiquette Q. Does a divorcee mail out engraved invitations to her second wedding? A. Definitely not. This should be an informal wedding with only relatives and close friends in attendance, and the invitations should be either in the form of handwritten notes from the bride herself or her mother, or if the guest list is small, they may lie extended by telephone. Q. hen cheese is served with apple pie, is it proper to pick up the cheese with the fingers, or should it be eaten with the fork? A. Usually it is eaten with the fork. But there is nothing wrong with picking up dry cheese in the fingers, if you wish. Q. I know I should, as a woman, offer my hand first in greeting a man. But if the man offers his hand first, what should I do? A. Accept it by all means and without hesitation. Look and Learn 1. Which is the commonest element in the universe? 2. Where is the highest lake in the U.S. which is reached by an auto road? 3. Who was the most recent U.S. President under whom the national debt was less when he retired from office than when he entered? 4. In what year did unemployment in the United Stales enjoy its lowest point? 5. What animal has the longest tongue in proportion to size? Answers 1 Hydrogen, which has been calculated to comprise 90 per cent of all matter and more than 99 per cent of matter in interstellar space. 2. Summit Lake. 12.740 feet high, near the top of Mt. Evans, in Colorado. 3. Calvin Coobdge (1872-1933). 4. In 1953, when only about 2.9 per cent of the total labor force was unemployed. 5. The anteater. in Review the messages of hard work, adjustment and responsibility made their points, there simply j didn't seem to be much of a ! story for youngsters who presumably are more sophisticated nowadays; at least, for youngsters who are old enough lo stay up until 7:30. George Heincmann, a talented gentleman who was in charge of the production, described Kristie as a love story in the classic sense. This is probably so, but unfortunately the program did not deliver it in a classic production, which unfortunately is the reqiurement for a classic story if it is to register as one Still, the natural scenery was lovely to look at, and the attempt was honorable and can only be appreciated Fps and Downs like any late night entry, Merv Griffin's new syndicated show will have Us ups and downs, but it has the potential for consistent bite and pleasure in its conversation and entertainment. Griffin has a following and favonip guests, wilh whom he has a way. s expected, a great plus is his right-hand man. Arthur Treacher, the erstwhile movie butler On Fridav. for instance, Gnf- fin, Treacher. UP! W hue House correspondent Merriman Smith and Dan Dailey had a fine session which unfortunately was diluted later on by the appearance of some young comedian who simply wasnt equal to Better English 1. What is wrong with this sentence? This was one in stance where I stood and stuttered. 2. What is the correct pronunciation of eugenist? 3. Which one of these words is misspelled? Wellfare, comparable, reparable, parliamentary, vicissitudes. 4. What does the word evanescent mean? 5. What is a word beginning with pe that means stingy? Answers 1 Say. This was one in -stance i WHICH I stood and stuttered. 2. Pronounce yoo-ja-nist, accent first syllable. 3. Welfare. 4. Tending to vanish; fleeting. First impressions are sometimes evanescent. 5. Penurious. A Problem a Day A class of 36 students took an examination in history, with the passing grade bemg 70. However, the average grade of those students "ho passed the examination was 78, while the average of those who failed was 60. If the average grade of all the examinations was 71, how many students passed? , nsv'cr 22. Let . equal number who passed and (36 minus X) the number who failed. Form equation: 78X plus the product of 60 and (36 minus X). this entire sum over 36, and equal to 71. Solve for X How Can I? Q, Do you advocate the use of cleaning fluid for white felt hats? A. Not loo much, since this could turn the hats yellow in time. Instead, mix equal parts of cornmeal, salt, and flour, and rub this into the felt. Let stay overnight, then brush out thoroughly. Or, make a paste of plaster of paris and benzine, nib over the hat. and let dry-before brushing off. Q. Is there any way I can make my own fingernail polish remover? A. A couple of ounces of acetone from your drugstore, and you'll have a supply of polish remover that will last a long lime economical, too. Your Horoscope Bv Stella TCIMJAY. MAY 1 TAt'Rt'S (Apr. 21-May 21) BuvJ. hons concerns mav cause fnction be-twi'rn nou and your associates. Grin and bear it. t.lMIM (Mav 22-June 21) Avoid becoming so involved in the sorrows of others that vou Incapacitate our-self for vour own work. C AM FR (June 22-July 23) An excellent day for employing your talent tor persuasion. Gently talk others Into the way they should go. LFO (Julv 24-Aug 23) 7eatou applications to the job at hand should Ne it srn over Move on to your next planned project as soon as possible VIRejO I 6'ig 24- ?ept 23) Vot 8 div for wasting time In feeling sor-rv f'r veiir-elf Sek to plea. bul-pe$ asso lates with plans for a new l!PR($r 24 Oct ?3 Dn't rnd to5 much on anv previously plnnd S' hdu'e This Is a dav for adapting yourself to the. time available MOPPfO (Oct 24-Nov 22) Con-odr mcnv todav ontv in terms of th good n can do Chartv may begin at home but It should end -.tmicw here eKe SAt-lTT ARIL'S (Vnv 23-Pec. 22 Avoid being pcrNijaded Into anion merely bv the appertain e of thing'- be guided bv the true worth of people and events, i t APRI CRN (Her ?l!ap 2 pon t let m nl obligation interfere with vour profession il duties There s a ihdiur br advancement in the ol- fug AUjlAFm'b Man 21 Feb Hi Avoid being toi generous with mate-lOValjrMl posssions This is a dav lor giving of vourvejf spiritual!) PlCFS (feb jo. Mar 20) An opportunity to take the lead profession-ally snouid tome vour wav todav. Pe prepaicd to make a quick df-u ini -n ARH'fl (Mar 21 Apr 20) Outside f ones m.n ufll prnvr ton niuuh for vour inner fortitude stick to vour guns as long as you tan, then uapitu- , !1 ide gravfftilh their ease or maturity. If the show can stay more in the Griffin -T r c a c h e r Smilh-Dailey groove, it will bring many hours of pleasant relaxa- lion. JACOBY ON BRIDGE Jump Overcall Crowds Bidding NORTH 17 A 653 V Q 9 85 2 K7 KJ9 EAST A K4 V A 10 6 Q J 10 5 4 2 72 SOUTH (D) A7 9KJ7 A8 Q 10 3 6 43 North and South vulnerable South West North East 1 2 3 Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead A Q WEST A QJ 10 9 82 V43 963 A 5 By JACOBY & SON Edgar Kaplan of New York whose team finished second to ours in this year's Vanderbilt has been a top player, teacher and writer for many years. His newest hook, Competitive Bidding in Modern Bridge is a fine exposition of many of the current CXpCrt theories. j p js primarily for serious stu- dents of the game, because it deals entirely with a portion of bidding that is so complicated that other waters have barely touched on it. Edgar is a strong advocate of the weak jump overcall. The ( main purpose of this overcall is to crowd the bidding so that ' the opener and his partner will be unable to find their best contract. Todays hand shows this hid at its very best. North does not feel strong enough to show his hearts at the three level so he bids three clubs. South may pass, bid three no-trump or four dubs. In either of the latter cases North is almost sure to pass. Three clulis makes easily; three no-trump goes down three tricks; four clubs probably makes, although if West opens a heart and East ducks the first four clubs will go down. On the other hand, if West merely overcalls with one spade North might try two hearts but would probably bid two clubs. East would stick in a two diamond bid and South would rebid to three dubs or two no-trump. In either of those cases North would find a three heart bid and South would raise him to four. Four hearts makes easily to give North and South game and ruhlier. Almanac By United Press International Today is Monday, May 17, the 137th day of 1965 with 228 to follow. The moon is approaching i's last quarter. The morning star is Saturn. The evening star is Mars. Edward Jenner, the English physician who discovered the vaccination against smallpox, was bom on this day in 1749. j On this day in history: ; In 1875. the first Kentucky j Derby" horse race was held at j 'Churchill Downs, in Louisville I It was won by "Aristides." In 1954. in a unanimous deci-I sion, the Supreme Court ruled; that racial segregation m llie' nation's public schools was unconstitutional. In I960, summit talks collapsed as Nikita Khrushchev-demanded an apology from President Eisenhower for U2 spy plane flights over Russia. in 1961, Premier Castro of Cuba offered lo return Bay of Pig prisoners in exchange for 500 U.S. bulldzocrs. The government said no. YOUR MONEY'S WORTH by Sylvia Porter Finance Forum for Teen-Agers A couple of weeks ago I lunched with three officers of the Chase Manhattan Bank in the hanks executive quarters 60 stories above street level overlooking New Yorks downtown harbor. It was a working lunch at which we debated such somber questions as: Should interest rates he raised here to help keep dollars in the U.S. and thus to help narrow the deficit in our balance of payments? Our tentative agreement: probably not at this time. Also, we must guard against an interest rate rise so steep that it could brake our economic upturn and tilt us into a business recession. Are sharp increases m state and local taxes now partially nullifying cuts in federal taxes, and might the scheduled $5 billion jump in Social Security taxes next January jolt our economy in 1966? Our agreement: state and local tax hikes are offsetting federal tax cuts to an appreciable degree and the Social Security tax boost slated for 1966 could slow down our economys rise unless actions are taken to cushion its impact. Are we about to develop a new world monetary system? Our agreement: we will do this within the next few years. The system probably will be based on dollars, other key currencies and gold but despite French President de Gaulle's efforts and mischief-making, gold will play a smaller, not larger, part in this system. We were just moving into a discussion of the economic aspects of any future disarmament pact when our watches indicated luncheon had lasted 1'4 hours and we broke up. Quite a range of subjects, I remarked as I thanked the Chase Manhattan vice president who had invited me. It's a good thing we didn't get into the tougher questions. He nodded, then said, As a contrast, let's spend five minutes in the first floor auditorium and listen to whats being asked at the Finance Forum were holding today for high school students. So we stopped by and instead of staying five minutes, I sat throughout the session listening in delighted silence to the teen-agers ask questions astoundingly parallel to those the four of us had been pondering 60 floors above. Here is a sampling-in the precise words of the high school students. Wouldnt an increase in interest rates in the long run help the balance of payments? The federal government is reducing taxes while states are increasing them. How will this affect the economy? If the economy keeps moving ahead and trade increases, what will be necessary to stop the gold drain we're suffering now in the U. S.? (The answer naturally led into comment about the development of a new world monetary system.) If we were to find an equitable total disarmament plan, wouldn't this destroy a good portion of our economy? This is fantastic, tion I said to The explanation is that these were 350 youngsters who had had some classroom work in economics and who had been selected by principals at 60 high schools to attend a one-day Finance Forum the bank conducted in cooperation with the New York City Board of Education. A forum along these lines, the Chase Manhattan believes, has not been tried in New York or elsewhere in our country. Rarely have I listened to such informed talk intelligent adults I know much less teen-agers. This forum represents economic education at its best. This level of economic literacy among youngsters represents a new record of achievement in our country. This forum easily could he copied by other banks in New York and throughout, the country with what could only be positive results. As the students left the hall. I heard one say. 1 didn't get a chance to ask some of my tougher questions." Parallel indeed! NOW YOU KNOW totals of the next five cities New York City has more po-, Chicago. Philadelphia, Los An-lice officers than the combined ! geles, Detroit and Baltimore. STRANGE AS IT SEEMS THE INIU? 60CSS HAS 1 1,000 MUSCLES 10,000 CONTROL ITS feathers (Adrfrti&mn) Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops ItchRelieves Pain N. T. (Apeelat) Fop the first time science has fnand a new healing substance with the ayton-iahinjr ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain without surgery. In ease after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrnlarM trwk place. airiiiirig of aii-reauiu were my host. What's the explana- By Elsie Hix I IPPOCRKTK-- iFtrf CENTURY B.C.; FATHER OP mmw MtDiaN&y WHOSE PRINCIPLES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE BASED ON FACTS WERE Not developed UNTIL THE LAST , 0 YfcARS WYBER PASS a Bermuda Street VAs CUT THROUGH com ROCK , EVHANt? SAW A Soft inths CENTER, IT WARDENS when ' EXPOSED so thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like Pilee have erased to be a problem!" The secret ts a p-w heaJinr suh-st-ance ( Bio-Dyne) discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in tnpptwtory or oxnimfnt for under the name Preparation , 1 At all drug counters.

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