The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1931
Page 6
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: six _BI.VT1TKV1I,I,E. (ARK.) COUIUrOR NflWij MONDAY, JU.-vK |r, m. ittttFUTIIIf Reid Strikes Otil 16 As Red So\ WalloD Visitors From Missouri. BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufei . -The Hlvlheville Red Pox easily! defeated the Sruath, Mo. indc- ] 'ndent ehib al Haley Field Sunday -afternoon. The score was' S to 2. The Host presented a ve-vamp- ed line-up with a numlier of their first 'String men miffing. Rmuors said? that . r ,?vcral hi:d been loaned to-other teams In this section over the week-end. . Spot Reid Inirlcrl fine hal! for the Blylheville club. lurniitK back Sjnalh willi six hits and striking out 1G men. Held Ij'sal Sfnatli last week while hurling for Manila and the Mlssonrians were no ninre for- tunnte In solving Ills first ball delivery yesterday.- The Hose got of ft) an early lead scoring n run In the (fret Inning and two in the second. The Sen- lith club scored its pair of inns in the fourth 'stanza and was blanked the rast of the v:ny. WarrSniton lilts Kail Warrlnston with n home run, triple and single, and Whllworlh with four singles lend the Blyihe- ville attack. Miles of the visitors •got three hits. The scoring spree of the game came in the fifth Intng when ihe Hose sent five runs scampering across the plate. Two doubles, n single, a base on balls and mi error contributed to Die total. Box Scnrc Blythcville Ab R II E Hires cf Blbjc 2b Wliilworth Ib 'Jenkins ss Clnfk rf . Warringfon 31) Abernalhy H Pitman c. Reid p ' '• Tolals 40 1C fl - Sehath • Dempsey ss Davidson 3b CraiK cf C. Davidson '3b Miles Ib-p Wilson c Holltnger rf •Ford If ' Karnes p . Hullard rf Totals. By Innings . Senath Blythevillc •. Ab R II E 4 0 1 4 1 n IEFEJT IE1 IN ELK Hevschcl • Caldwcll Scores Lone 'Run of Game On Successful Double Steal. OKCKOLA, Ark.—The Osccola Indian;:, local independent baseball (rain, defeated the .Jonest'ji'O Cats yesterday in a vci-y excltniK ijniiis with a score of 1 to 0. A double steal by Dooly Gik'lnbl and Herschel Culdwell, llu laller scoring on the play, v.'on ihe gam 0 lor Osccola. it was n hard fought baub from beginning to end wllh Ijulli teams threatening In almost every other Inning. Both pitchers were in excellent form. The Osce- o!a Iwys secured only two hits while the visitors garnered three safeties. Hcrsliel Caldwell. Indian ML fielder, crashed a double against thi: lijjht field fence for the only extra base bit of the game. The Indians gave Crt-'son spectacular support, turning, in two fast double ploys when • Die Jonesboro boys looked sure to score. Only two baits were lilt to the outfield dur- ng tile entire game, ea ^h team 'ontribnllng one. Both trams played well behind heir pitchers, the Osceola boys outclassed the visitors in base running incl he.idwork in the pinches. II was a battle between two good pitcher. 1 ; and a darn good ball same. DO YOU KNOW THAT— That was supposed to have been a grudge fight l«lv,'«?n Matoney and Sdiaaf . . . the Schaaf boy being In Sharkey'* stable . . . but Jim, going out In the first round, probably wasn't really very mad .... When Godfrey and Stan /bysv.-. ko put on their act In Clcv:- litji the other night. Parson Tom McGlnty achieved undying fame when the griinter.s were struggling at the edge of tils ring, Parson reached over and tickles old Stanley's bare fool . . . and my, my! you should i M ve seen old Stan nig- gle! ... by the way, Stanley has been teaching George a few holds . . . the way hi dived for George -was a caution . . . a jwrson almost would lliink it was phoney. Persistent Nafs Cling Jump Over Cubs Again. The Senators ran. ihclr string of consecutive wins to nine games HOW THEY STAND Lamenlallon 0 0 New balls in golf and ' baseball 0 "should be made tho subject of 1 ° popular blues dltly. The old-lino 0 0 BEflT PEBBLES MICE After Fight Here KfldieTeny Will."'.' ear at Meinpliis Southern I • Birmingham Chattanooga Atlanta Memphis New Orleans Little Rock Mobile Nashville W. 41 . 35 . 30 29 . -a . 27 . 27 . 23 Sror» Osceola AB. R. II. O. Taylor 3b 2 0 0 2 H. Caldwell If 2 1 1 0 Gilcluisl. 2b 4 0 0 4 C. Caldwcll r( 4 0 0 0 McCab; Ib 3 n n r StotUs ss 2 0 0 2 Ilowerton cf 2 0 0 1 Tnrver c 3 0 0 1 Crcson p 2 0 1 0 Totals 24 1 2 27 American League W. L. Philadelphia 38 13 Washington 30 tl New York 21 21 Cleveland 28 20 Boston 19 30 Ihicago 19 30 Detroit 20 35 Jonesboro i Eddie Terry, the St. Louis light- c . n ' lvc| i: ht - apparently expects casy : ,. .. ,1 bf.ems to Be saillns In his match witli Don Bur-' fj" l ' rr 2000 33 2 0 4 000 200 000-2 120 050 lOx-9 '.Summary—Two base hits, Bible, Abernathy, Reid, Crane. Three base hils, Aborna(hy, WarrHiglon. Miles. Home run, Warrinslnn. Bases on . balls, off Karhcs two, off Relrt two. struck oiit'by Karnes two, by Miles two, by Reid 1G. Umpire, Moore. Scor- . er, Fowter. Chntlnnooin Clomp Places Instead of The Travelers. •Dorris rf 3 ' Million.If, 4 C. S|»encer ss 3 Traw 3b 3 Sanderson 2b 3 Hart Ib ..' 2 Hughes cf 3 c ; 3 AB. R. H. O. here night singers, especially in (lie National League, arc chanting nn hnpromi)- I The Uirminpnam Barons beat lit (Urge, in which ll'ls year's horse- I the Pelicans ycsterdav and moved Me Is rcterrcd to with moans nn:l Islesdil groans. And il seems the now Rolf jehnmulmishiii ball has dcvelop?d the quaint habit 'I CKiltanooya, As evidence of the light regard in which the Missouri boy holds Burlon is his agreement, announced yesterday, to meet Ervin Berlbr. tin- Orleans ace, in the headlin; B. Spencer p 2 0 .JO 1 0 of sliclm; into the rmiqh. Iroiiiicln™ out of the cup and cither vlcirms customs. T'rc new'bnsebnll in Ihe Nnllon- al' Lengne is a little bll hard to understand. A day or two a^o Chuck No-Run Game Hiiiled by Holbcrt Pitcher 13 loward a Southern fcolll of t ,, c Thursdny Tli? I.cokmits nf although si 111 far Tolals 27 0 3 24 Joncsboro ... 000 000 000—0 3 1 Osceola 000 001 Oflx—1 2 'i Summary: Errors, Gilchrisl. Hart Stotts; two base hits. H. Caldwell; double plays, GilchrlsL to Ivtccabe ti Klein was wecpiiu; Into' his bnrd .j,- Irhintl the Barons, served notice of n strenuous effort to overhaul the Barons by hiinrkiug off Ihi'j Travelers in a double header. ' The Birmingham troupe won close pitchers' bailie at New •c n~ii>M""flni',t' <louWc " la> ' s ' GHclirlst to Ivtccabe to 1 nl8ht - nsllt Siotts; Tnrver to Stotts; Sandersoi • lo Spencer to Hart; struck out, bj ""'•'•• in MP vi I •. , ^ TOTrnb5 , kn °™ Oi-eson 7, by Spencer 10. Bases 01 m Ihe vicinity of St. Louis, tackbs balls, off Creson 3. off Spencer 6 : one of the lushest ratine; feht-• wild pitch, Spencer; umpires. Jack in Dixie in Berlier. The £mli Bi.lier and Bragg; time. 1:55. : fight, coming only Uvo nights after .GOT .574 .500 .483 .475 .458 .443 .330 Pet. .745 .070 .583 .500 .388 .388 .364 Should the club be erippcU tightly or loosfly?" * > • I It has already been stated In nre- .. ^ lo 'vioiLs articles liiat the function of Macks Heels; Giants I lbf h:iml!i is to control u« S»'"M. However, a golfer may be familiar with Ills function, yd spoil many shots by gripping Ihe club ion lightly or too loosely. When the grip is too loose, the ycstVrJaV and' continued'"to"dose' clllh llt tllc l °P of tllc 'wckswiiv/ in on the Athletics, who now lead (he Amcrlccn loop by but tiiree iames. In Hie National circuit the St. I.ouis Cardinals won a twin bill from the Phillies and were wsll ahead of the pack while the Giants hurdled the Cubs and moved into second place again. j The Cleveland 'Indians worked their way to a C to 4 triumph over the Mackmen at Cleveland. The Macks led 4 to 3 until the eighth vhen the Indians scored ihree runs. Brawn, who limited the Athletics to eight hits was the winning pitcher and McDonald the loser. . • " The Senators easily beat the i St. Louis Browns 9 lo 3 at Washington- The Nats counted al opportune moments. falls ov.?r tlieh shoulder and tin own out -of line. When it 13 hits Burke started for Washington and was credited. with the win although relieved by Hadley. Blaeholder lost. The Detroit Tiger trimmed the Yankees with a two run rally in the ninth inning. Sorrell limited lie Yankees lo six hits while ttie Tigers got . to Gomez for 10 jingles. Ruth went hilless In four St. Louk 11 30 .3G2 National l.fjjrue W. St. Louis 33 N.ew York 30 Chicago 29 Boston 26 Brooklyn 24 Pittsburgh , 21 Philadelphia 20 Cincinnati 18 Pet .613 .612 .592 .520 .420 .400 .340 GAMES TODAY Southern LfagD* Off day, no games scheduled. Amfrican League Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Washington. Detroit at New York. Cleveland at Philadelphia. Irips to the plate. HOSTS Beat Hose The Chicago While Sox o\er the Boston Red Sox 7 held In a vise-like grip, all muscles used in making the shot arc tcnsrd, which is decidedly wrong. Says Hagen: "If tlu right hand grips the club too lightly, the tcucli will be last." Consequently, hold the club more firmly with the left hand. As it starts down in the swing, a firmer grip is taken with both hands, as the ball is hit, the grip should te us firm as passible without stiffening the wrists. bell. Frey went the route for Cin\von' cinnrui 4 j Franhotise and Haiti combined of wfiile cruri Sunday afternoon at Chicago and the Boston Braves won a 3 to 1 decision. Charley Hoot was the losing pitcher even though the Braves got but five bingles. Nino Bruins struck out during the fray. A neatly execuled squeeze play put Ihe Braves across safe- The Brooklyn Robins defeated. offerings moments ings bunched their hits to advantage- McPadeu was on the losing end. Berry of the Red Hose homered. Twice the Phillies fell before the attack of the National champs yesterday. The Cards won the first-game .7 to 3 and the second. i.Thc'score.'T'td's. > cosily error 13 to 4. Derringer was the win- by Groskloss, Pirates shortslop , the Pittsburgh Pirates at. Brooklyn. I National League Boston at Chicago. New York at Cincinnati. Philadelphia at St. Louis. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. ning pitcher of the first and Rhem the second game. Both went the route. Heavy hitting of the mates aided the Card hmlers. Klein and Whitney of the Phils garnered homers during Ihe entertainment. A double and two singles in the ninth inning gave the Giants of N«w York a 3 to 2 decision over Ihe Cincinnati Heds at Cincinnati. Monell was chalked up as. -the winner allhoush relieved by'Hub- aided the Dodgers. Joe Shante was the winning liurler and Larry Trench the loser. MOCCASIN' ROUTS FARMER ^ CORINTH, Miss., (UP)— When Charlie Kemp, farmer, was driving to town he felt something squeezing his ankle. H was a large highland moccasin. Kemp jumped put of the car, losing tile shake in mid-air. apple. Lefty O'Doul carried llr the lo 4. Hasty, Birmmqhnii pave up twelve hits to Birds, but was siint>v in the 'H the bout with Burton here indicates Or-| Hint Terry anticipated little if any ible with basin. Hack \Vil>cm has nnt in his nineties. /1'he • Hai on biiiRles ' off nppllcatlon lo join the choir. nni'Brnn were al opportune moments, here are fellows like Burc Arbtt | The Lookonls trhmned the Trnv- and Wnlly Rcottger pasting the elers Iwice nnd nil their con- ''" Hint m j llollb i P vvlth n , e B | ythcvlllc p,,,. tm ,, who incidentally is In the bcsl shape of his checkered and out of everything pitchers throw [hem. • • • The Old Runny i ?' «rr;illvo \vln streak to oi^ht gomes. j Tim scores Sunday \vovc 0 10 4 | nnd 4 to 1. FTulvcy nnd Tnusrhrr TJ the \viiiniug hurlors. Rcdfcrn brief career, mav prove n stumbling block In the path of Terry. Burton knows that, n good showing against] Terry would entitle him to considerable more prestige thnn he has enjoyed so far. Burton knocked out Davis, Holbcrt pitcher, was the outstanding stac of the Mississippi county loop ganus Sunday. The Holbert ace hurled n no-hit, no- run, game against Yarbro,. winning, 2 to 0. Lutes continued to show the way to the teams in the league with another win. Burdette was Ihe victim, 14 to 5. . Promise Land and Dell hooked " up ln«a slugfesl with Promise Land emerging In front. The score was 11 to 10. . Ekron forfeited to Hfrmonclal?, D to 0. Ekr^n's place in the loop will be taken, starting next Sunday by Armorel. . Several of the nlavcrs in Hi: Na- and nigelow hit homo runs. I !c' ± Anior - •"* N " hrtlle vols «« s ™""can t nf ° with h still Is the same C(i beneath a barrage ol hits and The world's largest salary 1= perhaps that paid by the American Tobacco Company last year to its president George Washington Hull. He received $2,283,000. Wins Riches bunny that cave so much mileage j rlms bv , hc Mtlb i, c Mn ,. illcs . in Ihe last few years. But a «reat | sco ,. c wns 14 to ,. Dllnls many low-nit games have b,»en I thf pitched in the American Lca°ue r Vols onlv Ilirec scaltrrcd hits this year, and while n couple ot the leaders are knocking at the dcor ol .400, it isn't like it used to be. From coasl to coast tlte divol- dtggcrs are screaming. The old tall, it seems, was perfect. II went down Ihe fairv.-ay ftrnighl. swiftly and far. Mashie shots carried to t>- brim of the cup or fell in with n ple.isinn thump. Putting was caw with thai old ball. A man had some kind of faint chance to roll it into the clip, but this new ball!—yo:: putt It smack Inlo tjie cup nnd il pops rijht out. Wasted Effort. You walk up on the first tc? and I slug this new bull niui' what Inn-1 pen*? Well, maybo It will cirry M yards if you hit it snuarely uith' all your power. The old one lued to sail and sail and th?n it would bounce and bounce nnd bounce. Hundreds ol yards! Remember how easy it us:d lo of lo break 100 with ihe good old ball in use in other yean? I don't believe there was a goif^r in thr- country last year who dWn't break 100 with that dear old spheroid. (Now 4hat? The score of 100 suddenly has become an imaltainabl? figure. It really' isn't innrti us- 1 trying to break "lOO Ihcst days. Golf certainly isn't what it i:s?d o be! Oh man, those good old ays! while his mates hit cvcrylliinp! (hal came across thc( plate. Erickson and McDanlels and Davis hit homers. The Memphis Chicks beat Ihe Atlanta Crackers nt Memphis. The scor," ',vns 1 to 5. The Crackers onthlt the Chicks but the Mcm- n here ,"d „„, ri i , ^ uy I R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today See vrr i i t WoolsCV iltlfl T» xvn 1 Bert Wheeler Lilboiirn, New Madrid And Steele In Wins Tracked Nuts' Adm.— Matinee — 10 and 30c v. COOTET), Mo. — Lllbourn defeated Holland. 10 to 2 in n some- Coming Night— 15 and 40c. . what slow and uninteresting game before a Inrge crowd at Lilbmmi, New Madrid won ovsr Dentou 12 phians managed to make theirs i to 1. liaHeries for New Madrid, count. Kcllv was. the fourth Chick! Hiley and Ray; Dentcn, Reeves hurlcr used and ho stopped (lie Crackers cold. The Chicks counted four runs in tho seventh and eighth. Public Links Will Start Saturday LITTLE ROCK. June IS (UP) — Qualifying rounds in the annual amMom 1 public troll course championship will start here Sat- irdny willi match play beginning Jiilv -I. Tlie winner will rcprcsenl Arkansas in the national public course meet at St. P.n:l, Minn.. In August. ' , and Key. Stcclr trounced Cootor 4 lo 1 at Stcclc. Hcnson and Uip.lcr were batteries for Cooler and Lcdforcl i nnd Tolbert for Steele. All teams | arc members of the Southeast Missouri baseball Isague. What would you do with »13C,- it cama to you out ot a clear sky? Louis Tanner, J1, ot llopkhuvllle, Ky., Is trying to figure a way lo spend that amount .which he >ron as holder ot a iweopstake ticket on Cameronian, r »-lniw> of the English Derby. He lias, started .but by paying off All |ils debts 'and "forgiving" the jetilit of h!s creditors. He a .kit'.{Ml 11? pl« to,-tako I lone ~ rarmers to Join Fight On Gas Tax Exemption SANTA KE. N. XI.. (UP)-Cam palgns to raise funds to civjag attorneys in the defense of the gnfoline Uix er^mption law are bo Ing conducted amcng farmers of New Mexico. The slate highway department. Clivc Bvook in "LAWYERS SF.CRRT". Coming — Joan Cra>vfoni in "LAUGHING SINNERS". TIDES YOU TOUGW SPOTS Coloraclan Catches Queer Fish Alive PUEDLO. Colo. (UP)—Al Scver- son went fishing nnd caught for himself a neclurus, A neclurns Is a weird animal, a cross • between a water dog and catfish. It is a conns salamander—and Is one ot ihe largest members of the family. H is fouud. in the eastern and portion of this country, but so far as i? known Sevcriou's spcclm™ is Ih; first over caught In Colorado. The animal, about nine Inrhr: Inng.'ct Kray-crcen co'.or. with fkin like a calfish. has lour Ices, with .. . ^ i will attack the constitutionality of I lour toes ou the front fc ; -: and fiv? the law, which exempts fro mtnx-jon Ihe rear, and it has six external atlon gasoline used for purposes gills. other than in automobiles on It can live for some out of highways. The farmers contend water. that If the law is declared consti-j Severson. who captured the anl- tutlonal they will save many thou- i ma! alive, kepi it in a )ar tilled sands of dollars annually, cspecl-1 with water for riv? week's, hut It nlly (nrmcrn «))o ««(• Ir.ckif, j ho* rMnx-il nil Iwrt, HOME THEATRE Last Time Today See Grant Wither^ 'Swanee River' Adm.—Matinee and Niglit— 10-and 25c. ACATION You'll Never Forget! T IFE is BIG in the cool Jemez Moun- I -J tains. The mountains are big. The trout are big. Your chest expands to .the piny tang of the keen, rich, pure air—your soul enlarges to meet Nature's sweet, real, unartificial living. C OME on out to the restful Jemez for the vacation that will live in your memory forever! Put far behind you the hot city streets—the daily grind. S LIP into old clothes and gaudy high-heeled boots, toss your' leg across the "rockin" chair" saddle on the "li'l ol' cow-hoss" that's your own all the while you're here, and lope away for an easy canter through the Little Switzerland of America. A 'ID historic country! A few miles away are the pueblos of the first Americans. Picturesque in their daily life, and tribal rites, they are a never- ending source of lively interest. Nothing quite like it anywhere else in the wide, wide world! T HE colorful outdoor sports of the great southwest, the glamorous yarn-spinning of leather-faced old timers around the camp fire. H ERE'S every thrill and every metropolitan comfort you can wish for. Here's feasting for body and soul, ease of muscle and spirit—an oasis in the desert of ordinary "fashionable," actually tiring vacationing. Y OUR outing at Rancho Rea will be a joy you'll never forget! at Jemez Springs, New Mexico Wr#t ftr full MefrmfOtn US EAST SUPERIOR STREET / ' - .CHICAQ9, ILLINOIS _

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