Woodland Daily Democrat from Woodland, California on November 22, 1929 · Page 1
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Woodland Daily Democrat from Woodland, California · Page 1

Woodland, California
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Friday, November 22, 1929
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Today's Best SmtU Frosh: Could you tell m wfc Study Hall is? Athlete: Sorry, I'm a itruiffer hM myself! Life. Good Will Vital The "Democrat" trios to hit the bulls - eye of reader - confidence unerringly. Consistent inaccuracy would bring distrust. The good will enjoyed by this newspaper is its big emocrat gest ISSUED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 92J. ESTABLISHED 1877 I - - - - ' rSi lfl. Li ,1 aC;WH4W R CJ M 53 $37,500 Minor Issue Ruled Bemmerly Estate DEFENDANTS SAY WOMAN SANE WHEN WILL MADE Holding that Mrs. Emile Bemmerly was sound mentally when ; he made her last v. ill, the respondent in the S42.O00 estate contest had their innings in Superior Court Friday. Although the case of - Mrs. Bem - mcrly's two grandchiloren. who seek to have her will set aside, was concluded late Thursday, there was some indication that the hearing would not go to the jury today. The respondents - the heirs other than the g' - andehildren won a slight skirmhh at the close of Thursday's court session when they were granted a non - suit on the lesser of two issues Attorney C. C. McDonald mover for a non - suit on both 01 the counts it had not been signed in the presence of witnesses. Judge V". A. Anderson "ranted tht motion in respect to the signing, bu; denied it in the matter of the incompetency. This leaves but one question as basi' for the jury's decision. Since, however, Arthur C in" " n - randchi'dren. had relied almost solely upon the incompetency aspect his i the . t's ruling Marshall C. Cheaney, liffe, J. D. Hailing. Harry and Amelia Abele Williams FOUR NEW FOREST FIRES REPORTED IN NORTH STATE (Ry Vailpy News AlPare) forest fires re; orted on state lands' in Yuba and Nevpda counties the slate forestei's office Friday sent, out warnings to guard against further outbreaks during the present dry: Two of the fires were in Nevada 1 county. A c - ew of 75 men was fight - , ing a blaze in Pleasant valley. The : house W?"S ,ieaV Tlte PlVer ' In Yuba county a tire was report - ! ed out of contro'l in the section be - j ,.r, nnhhins and V owsville An - ! other fire about which 'little was;...'; ,... ' .. Known was ournmg norenwose oe iNt. - vada City. A new outbreak of the, valley i rsutte county was? i reported under control. NOBLE SUFFERS RELAPSE Jack Noble, shot in an attempted pool hall burglary at Dunnigan, suffered a relanse Thursday night, but again was again reported improved j Friday by Woodland clinic physicians. I W. C. T. U. Asks Xmas Boxes to By MRS. C. The regular meeting of the Wood land W. C. T. U. was held in the Christian church Thursday. The opening feature was a basket lunch at noon preceded by prayer by the president. There were many discussions around the table of affairs concerning the Union. At the end of the meal there was a brief business session, and then a discussion of ways and means to make a success of the annual giving of Christmas boxes to the disabled soldiers and sailors in Federal hospitals. Last year there' were contrib utcd 250 well - filled boxes from the Yolo county Unions. The attitude was expressed that much more might be done if the people of the county wore informed of what the organization is trying tr do. Medium shied apples, oranyes fruit cflkc, cookies, hard candies, dried fruits such ns taisins, figs, oi prunes and nuts of any kind can be Women's 'Y' Plans to Be Laid at Meeting Plans fo' - the organization of a .women's Y. M. C. A. council will he discussed at a meeting to be held next Wednerday at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. S. A. Larsson, G6G Finn street. Thisi will be an auxiliary to the Y. M. C. A. and will function simi'arly to tlie "Y" board of direc tors w:th a slightly different rel; n, - f."lniiv nf t - epnino - in dner touch with the a'clh ties ol then boy ntjm - .1 V Howell will he nresem. at the meeti.e and explain the plan. P,nc,vfc.T r r ivr,.TW!.l,l Vi - .i! r - nll ' cd a meeting of the board of direc - tors of the Y. M. C. A. to be held next .Monday at noon at Hotel Wood - land. This 'will be the first meeting I under the new administration, with J .Secretarv ll.nvci! in attendance, i All ho who are planning to pa' - competitive meets at whien prizes w ill tic pate in competitive athletics will be awarded. The boys were enthus - be requiicd to Dass a physical exam - ! iastic over the work Thursday night. - T IMPROVEMENT PLANS ARRANGE! With five clubs in Woodland an three in Esparto, plans are rapidl soirg ahead by (he Y. M. C. A. for a jU!sv seaFOn under J. W. Howell, to have the Howell is i) '"Y" hall remodeled. A stage cur'ain v.ill !e installed in the building, the front of the structure will be repainted and signs directing visitors to the "Y" will be erected. I is planned by Howell to put in an adult physi.al education class provided there are enough interested to enter. Following are the Woodland clubs, the places where they meet and the hour instruction is called for: Hi - Y, Monday at 6:30 p. m. at the Y hail. ".nu"l J "esi - a.. - i i p. m. vnt Y hall. Ijindebergh Pioneers, Friday at G:30 ;t ;( - ,r church " - at 4:30 at the Y hail. Pawnee Friendly Indians, Friday at 4 at the y hail - The countJ' "Y" nominalitiff com - mittee held a meeting at Esparto Wednesday at the home of Rev. J. L. t - - c - x - j - The board will be selected this ,veek. i i nose wno attended tne meeting ere B. A. Nordyke, chairman; C. G. Epperson, Frank Morris, A. G. Pioc - ; and J. W. Howell. turfman, Davis. Aid in Giving War Disabled II. WATSON ised. Into each box a small cift. a nandkerchicf, tooth brush, tooth - f Sftri,?6??11' - .pen' postnl cards and nf pn"stas card with a mes - - age of good cheer, with or without mes name and address, are placed Any contribution will be thanfS I - received and faithfully accounted for yBriLWnCn w,h P" the boxes ling or send boxes to the C H Vatson store on First street, or o VIrs. J. D. Harlimr's rosirln,, . r S lege and Cross streets, where the boxes will be filled December 10. The report of the Superintendent of '.Mower Mission and Kcnet, Mrs. S. 3. Gallup, covered two months ami s as follows: Garments given out to needy peo - de, visits and flowers to sick nd fihut - ins, K) visits to county hos - ital, four; people for whom work as secured, 1:2; food to 12 people inu ia(uuu pages ox literature given. FOR L Council Wednesday ination, according to announcement made by the new secretary. This is being done with the idea of safeguarding '.he health of the youths for the future. Years of experience as a physical instructor have enabled the secretary to know that many boys are entraeul in forms of exercise that are too strenuous for their physical ' condition. These box, will be weeded and will be permitted to engage only 1 in mi'. lev fotins of exercise. Examin - iTi i - c cmd 1 he phyti i enl director or lamilv physician and , will be free. On Thm - .nm - evening Secretarv ! Howell began a course of physical instruction in pyram d v. oik with a class of 1G boys from the Kit Carson Pioneer group. He proposes, to con - duct similar instruction among all trie groups - . t::e .oraay and to note! ; KELLY'S FUNERAL TO BE AT WILLOWS Aftei liing nearly two weeks will j fiactural skull and a broken neck ister B. Kelly, 3o,' succumbed in thr ' Woodland el :30 o'clock Fri - j day morning iv moi nine;. Physicians said Kclh , uld not live as soon as they diair 1 ,l0riefl h - s case following the Dunni ! gan ?uton:ob:!e e - aaa: wnx - n cos., .wis. Florence Miller her life. Kelly was returning from Willows : November '.I when the car he was op i ; era ting collided with another in whicr : four people were riding. Miss Millei ! was so badly injured she died soo; : after. Miss Peggy Morse was so hor - :ribly burned when the car took fiic '. that she wail be in the hospital for j j seeral week". The crash rendered Kelly uncon - ' ! scious. He was taken to Arbuckle and i later brought to Woodland. - - . I regained consciousness for a time and 1 vas able to recognize R. M. Cameron ! his Santa Barbara business partner, j , pf , (leading citizens. He took an active j ; part in civic and fraternal functions j ; He was a member of a yacht club and 1 was secretary of the Rotary club. j The body was taken to the Wilson ! Funeral Home and was sent to Wil - ; i lows later m the day. the funeral. b,u, hc!.('in Glenn county city probably Saturday. It was in that city Kelly s wife was buried. lfmTTv i TfO f 1 117 MlJIfljA i J LAW MOTION SLATE j Following is the law and motion. calendar to be heard Judge W. A. Anderson Monday: Petition fo1' letters of administration in the estate of Mary W. New First annual account in the guard ianship of Inez Forseth, minor. Petition for partial distribution of the estate of If. J. Fitz. Demurrers O. M. Colburn vs. W U. Warders: (J. h. Dav.s vs. J. W Landquist. . Petition tor appointment of an - nraiser in the homestead of J. W.I Gallup. Borchers Brothers vs. Anlomo Cia - parro et al. presentation of trans eript. Automobile G as Overcomes Woman (I5y Valley News Alliance) T PORTE Mm. James Modglin Friday was recovering from the effects of monoxide gas poisoning suf fcrod when she started an automobile in her garage. The fumes overcame hero and she wan unconscious for Ill - hours. Out of NEW FLOOD r . .PREVENTION Lontestm T0PIC ARREST ONE OF MEETING iQF WILLOWS ROBBERS AT sacramento - - One of - be four iouslv beat and Mexicans, i wbbed a , - hr ear - old Willow. - man in his soft dr establishment Ihur dav night, has been caught memo and has confessed to his par of the crim The Mexican, Jose Garcia, was ar - rest ed in a Sacramento restaui ant a charge of drunkenness. hen taken to the city jail he had a bunch of keys, 'and on the i:r.g was t'.ie name ot John Reitz. the man who was beaten and ! robbed. l K ea! ivc raid atrcnay re - e - ivee! n; formation about the Willows robbery and when the key r'ng was found, ' Gaicia v. as grilled. He then broke down and confessed. 1 Reitz, who weiirhs about lCo pounds, was leading when three men, entered the place about 10 o'clock.1 One man placed his mind aver Kelt, mouth and then diaeigcd him to tfr ' of t Re! bottle, kicked several times lobbed of more than !? - "0. The fourth Mexican was outside at feurc Mexican was outside at The safe, which was unopened which contained several bundled lars, was not touched. CAPITAL CHAMBER'" TO CONSIDER DAM alley water project, oi ito's prospective souro ply, will be considered : the Sacramento chambi water committee to 1 i i meetm; held a week f committeemen This will be Tor considerat: N'evada irrisr; from next Monday, the ;n decided yesterday, be the second project up e first being th - district project, vhich was g:en a hearing last Mon - CITES CAUSES OF STOCK MART CRASH! (Hy United Press) WASHINGTON Congressional no tivitios wer only partially to blame for the recent tumble of stock market prices, Fred I. Kent, director of he Banker)' Trust company, told the Senate lobb Friday. Contribu' sligating committee ! ssuanee oi . w - ecurities, and tl ta! of brokers' loan : banker said. ipcctacular he all st Remove Baby Tooth ; From Girl's Lungs! 1 Following diagnosis at the Wood - 'and Clinic hospital, a baby tooth I 'odeed in the right lung of Shirley Sanderson, seren - yenr - ohl daughti n - r t e - .,,i0,.Cfin WillmM iintnmn. ; bilo dealer, was 'removed in Philadel - j nhia. Clinic physicians, upon , Sanderson for the '"best lung special - 1 , ist in the world", recommended Dr. Chevalier Jackson of Philadelphia. , Dr. R. S. Tillotson of the Clinic staff, I i who studied unrlcr Dr. Jackson, was j """""" j Father Hynes Moved to Reno I , , Hev. Michael G. Hynes, stationed for several years at Red Bluff, and .en Known in wooniana, nas ixen isferred to St. Thomas Aquinas trch at Reno. (By Valley News Alliance) SACRAMENTO, Nov. 22 Study of the new construction program of the Sacramento and San Joaquin flood control situation begun Friday in the State Reclamation board offices. Henry Gage of Hiico and Charle - Bloom of Richva.'e appeared before he flood control committee and asked that some action ho taken towa:d 'he (onstruelion of Chrokee dam iu he Suttcr - Rutte district. The dam was wam - d out in 1'dlo and since that; time debris impounded there has been washing in to the Cherokee canal. Thcv wore :CA that the matter is to be studied l.v the California Debri - - A permanent committee - of sevei was named Thursday at a meeting o the association bv A. T. Spencer preside uit. of Woodland u. study Hv Dick bill ami to give a report of find ings to t!;e boaid oi direct ois. Jo - ea f'rundstone of Grimes is on the com 1 . iiTi. mrn t OF MOTHER'S BE ATB T. A. Andersen. Main street tire' a aler, lophri Tvler. Minneso'a, eari - h'ridav ning that his mother, Mrs. II. A. .erxon, had died during the night, i rs. Andersen was 71 years tdd. , Although she had not been in the best of health, her condition was not be - 1 1 lieved serious ; Anderson isited her last summer. A family of seven children and the . widower survive. Andersen is the only child living in the West. He will be unable to attend the funeral. Trio Jailed for Pilfering Auto (By Valley News Alliance) OROYILLE Arrested in Marv vill for theft of an overcoat and lap rohe from the automobile of Herman Crimes h - re November 17. Floyd Smith, Elmer Gilcrease and Earl Gibueae pleaded guilty to petty theft Friday. Each was sentenced to ' s - Glutted Market Hard on Wheat WASHINGTON' Farmers, who marketed " tin ir wheat when the tei - minals were glutted, lost 10 cents on each bushel, the agricultural depart - . menl. announted Friday. Conges! ion : because "i a large carry over an - arly irket re down! ad October 1 tlv Wroman Driver Seeks Probation ANViU.E Mrs. S. A. Woodle,1 ' i barged with driving while drunk, up - , peared befo v Superior Judge H. I. I ihirrou.. 'hs, pleaded guilty and asked ' or prohatto a iter ra. c was rel erred i 'o A. K. Debonrt, county probation, I jfficcr. 55 PASSENGERS ll trmn" dermis bfSS"HE; ' pcrity, so al - o do industry, modes ol : living, go:'r:iment, education ar 1 (By Valley News Alliance) ' (.ven ,, r.L.aLlfin differ on the two sides YIN' A The Oregonian. fast Sou!h - lof tht. Atlatitic. he point, d out. :' - V - 7 m'VriS , 'so' ! P' through traiiic for the day. , estmg o.is :Wir:g iree.y as tne re - cje, dot - Nine cars were d - aibd, four - - suit of a recant cxten.ded ti ip in v. hich Man: , mainimr on the rails, but none of the ' he (d,ed d v lifc of thl Fiair a." naa - n; rs was injured. A brokeo , ,(V n, v v; "! ' ';i ' The Wo; 1 1 War and collateral na - r'Uc, Nsmuisvis nsleep in their bert !i 1 tiom.l animosities are still the mo - t '. akened whoa enrs lift the ra"! s. 1 p,..,fciund i;d luenci "n European life, y' nAlunsnuM - '' i' - 'f. Getul - hi. P.ecoitruclion . troops a - e Loin - witlidr.v.. - n from t! L&AKWS WATER Paul M. Goodwin Of Lcs Angeles Picnic Day Head Raul AI. Goodwin of Los Angeles has been chosen general chairman of Picnic Day at ' the Davis Farm next Aprii. John Sutton of Santa ( Hra is to be vice - chairman and Lawrence Curtis of Solomonsville. Arizona, N secretary. The various committee chairmen will be appointed by these officers within the next two or three weeks. In addition to the Picnic Day chairmanship, one of the highest positions of trust within the disposition of the student body, Goodwin has many other s'udent honors to his credit. He is a member of the I'hi Alpha Iota social fraternity and of Alpha Zeta and Swords honorary agricultural and nilhrry . - c - defies, is president ot i'ie ba - d - rtbai! team and on the !tb.!!l S - .ILad. CONTRASTS EUROPE WITH AMERICA IM MEMORIAL LECTURE Rhine, the less, and ( stand out. Dealing a Dr. Ira B. s - neaker. Rail Heads Fledge Continued Activity (By United Pre) CHICAGO '1 v. o hui.iivd and fifty raih - ; - ad . - xerut : ves filed ir.to - lie t a nese ball r of a Chicago hotel ; laid exa throttle plans for opening the nat ion's t ran - portation the lines projected by xceutnos would decide more during the next illion which they prom - peured into expansion rear than 'he 1, If the i'lda - ln Mexican Killed in Lodi Knife Battle (By I" idled Press) LODI Yidal Arandi, - 11. a Mexican, is dead, and Antonio Arellano, a fellow laborer, is held by police for murder Friday as the result of a knife due! in a stork car on the railroad tracks here Thursday niuht. Press Time Bulletins AFK R2B35 - 1 FOR CRASH FATALITY MARYSVILLE, Nov. 22. Mrs. Laura J. Yore, widow, and throe chi'dren of John Yore, 73. fatally miured October 9 when si ruck by an automobile driven ville filed suit Friday for damages totaling $26,354 as the result of Yore's death. Marks and his mother, Mrs. Eva Marks, are napped as defendants. UPHOLD SNOOK'S DEATH SENTENCE COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 22. The Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction of Dr. James Howard Snook, former Ohio State Qfl versify professor, who is condemned to die November 29 forjPP murder of Thcora Ilix, his co - ed inamorata. ' CLEMENCEAUS' CONDITION HELD HOPELESS i PARTS, Nov. 22. Physicians announced FridtT that th d i tiotl (if GcorffCS C emencoail Was hor.OleSS ."Death IS lion nf OA Vinnvo " tho rirvlnvy and there is no hope". 4TH FARMER SUIT FALL DAM i The fourth victory over the Mt. Shasta Power company for losses of irrigation water due to diversions from the Fail river to Pit. No. 1 power house was recorded in Redding Friday, according to a Valley News Ai!:a:i:e dispatch. Judgment for $37,500 was awarded P.odariek McArthur by a jury after de'ibrvating all day Thursday, Thursday night and part of Friday. Arthur C. Huston, Sr., of Woodland v,n attorney for jMc Arthur. Including the McArthur Case, and three previous ones, a total of $152, - (!t:o have he - en awarded to land owners who lo. - t irrigation water through I the diversion. Five cases remain. I Huston is counsel for the plaintiffs in ail nine. ! McArthur asked ."5141,000. Al - though, his 2S0 - aure tract is not adja - 1 cent eo Fall river, and the confluence of the Fall and Pit rivers is below , his ranch. McArthur claimed riparian i - i - hts because of water from the ; Fail ri' - er formerly backed up the , P;t to his place. ! yinc members of the jury support - i ed hir contention after the long de - Date, tin; trial lasted six weeks. SAYS CONNECTING LIE MOT NEEDED (By United Press") SAN FRANCISCO Unqualified :ai taa a railroad is needed from rails to Keddie was made Southern Pacific witnesses i'niication hearing here be - ir.ferstate commerce com - 1.. Midbn, logging engineer of oxoerhnce, told the hearing timer lands in the region could upped easily and with profit by Returns ASter Trip to Orient 1'idward Roardon of San Francisco, former Woodlander, arrived Thursday a. the home of his parents to spend a shr rt time before returning to his former position with the Dowd - Seid Elect tic company in San Francisco, tie recently returned, after an inter - e - ting extended trip to the Orient. He was a member of the orchestra on board the S. S. President Lincoln. The trip was a pleasant and interesting one. The orchestra was discharged at Seattle with a high rating and trip. a: n un for a vovage around an board the S. S. Presi - n. scheduled to leave San he hitter part of January. old Marysville Water Co. Shares Sold db Valley News Alliance) MARYSVILLE The Federal Water Ser ice corporation Friday acquired 75 per cent of the Marysville Water company's stock for $344,250. The new owners will transfer Marysville holdings to the California Water Service company which operates in Orov.lle, Chico, Willows and elsewhere. by Harry Marks. 17, of Marys ciH "H't ramlttitm t

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