Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1891 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1891
Page 9
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KID GLOVE SPECIAL! S a t ur day. >*'_"."". • ' Genuine Foster Lacing Goods, $1 Quality, only 84 cents. Francesco, Button Gloves, best Grade, worth $1.50, special price" f> 1.15. \ S^a^t\n• : fc%a y. SCHMITT & HEFFLEY GOLDEN RULE. : - TRAVELING MEN, Please Take Notice! I have Secured a Choice Line of Qray Mixtures for Business Suits Just the Thina for the Road. Call and Examine Them. Respectfully, JACOB HERZ. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit: Harry GK Tucker, ^ £ ^ THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. You "will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring S^les. ' Yours Truly, •••—••••;•- "PucK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. U» Ui«worl_.br lh« tmt- -1 Ur.kkll-wki, m-l, ... TOl not., re* r.i.1, oily , , , _uUr-* Hck. mat, pUtl-fi, fowitr m»rki, f«cl»l Com-lUllon Free, .1 efflce «r by ., . - , '*Kcr. 12B-p«go Book on «11 Skin >nd Se«]p AI«c- Uooi and Ihelr Treatment lent (lealed) for IOC. JOHN H. -WOODBTKY, •Muu.Ktf.1, IW5 W.4»u8t.,N. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin »nd S«Ip. Prep»ted br «DennitoloKirt wit JSO ye«r«' experience. Highly indorsed by themedi- e»l profession; unequal sd as » remedy far i^v^.rl «il« oWn. nimolna. Clean , ana » •»'» _"«"• _ie "ton and «oalp: At Druggists or by mail. Price BOo. For the Next Four Weeks - -Iwill sell you 1 anelegant suit for .00 CASH. -;.-•-, i ! - .' I do this ibo make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city p. j. HOOLEY, Pearl Street. Daily Journal. SATUKDAYMOKNING, APRIL 18. ====== Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w Patronize Tailors 1 Union label. 4n}l Easter Lilies, at Kidd & Sons, t Fishing tackle, at the Bazaar. Monticello flour, §2.40 per hundred, at Foley's. John Baker will sell you clear river ice. No amonia. apr!6dtf I think I have enough chickens for all.—A. Hubler. Boys, we are headquarters on base balls. _Tbe Bazaar. The Golden Rule has got the nicest dress goods in the city. See the new neckwear, collars, ties, etc., at the Trade Palace. Boys' Safety Bicycles at the Bazaar at their usual low prices. Buy yourself a nice spring jacket to-day at the GoWeu Rule. Give us your vegetable order, we can take care of it.—Foley. I dress all my own poultry and know that it is fresh.—A. Eubler. Get your jackets and capes, etc., all at the Trade Palace sale to-day. Remember the queensware" depart* men t-at the Bazaar, Fourth street. Dollar shirts, fit you, fit anybody, at Dewenter's. the Hatter and Furnisher. Go to. Kidd & Sons for floral designs and get the best work done in the city. apr!7d2t Grand masquerade ball at McCaffrey's Hall Friday evening, [April 17th. aprl6|2t The bsst selection of ladies \.and children's hats, at Miss Jessie Cummings'. apr!7d2t Fifty dozen children's fast black hose, three pairs for 25 cents, at the Golden Rule. All day to-day Harry Frank will sell a $2 black stiff fur hat for 98 cents- Don't ask why. A desirable property, corner of 17th and High streets for rent. Inquire at Pacific Express office. aprlSdSt Carpets now in all the new designs and new colorings, and no fancy prices asked.—Trade Palace. Prties wanting nice fresh, dressed chickens, leave- orders with A. Hubler early, for they are scarce. Men's boys' and children's straw hats, just received sixteen cases.—Dewenter, the Hatter and Furnisher. Rev. S. W. Brown and family will depart for their new home in Crawfordsville about the middle of next week. To men who wear shirts—this means you—for a dollar you get a shirt'worth a dollar, at Dewenter'a, the Hatter and Furnisher. Hon. Stanton J. Peele, of-Indianapolis, has been appointed by the President to a position on the Board oJ .Inspectors to visit West Point. Get your carpets, mattings, curtains, shades, linoleum, floor oil cloths and sash goods, at the Trade Palace. No fancy prices asked and always 20 per cent, lower. The remains of Lewis Bassinger who died at the residence of Mrs. Myers on Market street Wednesday night, wa3 shipped to his late.homa at Ad*,, 0., Thursday at 11 o'clock for interment. The Trade Palace is having 1 quite a rush on silk.. Think of it, a fine, plain, China silk, 35 cents; black and colors printed Pongeei 37J cents; Mer- ries, 25 cents per yard. Those who did not get served yesterday come again soon or you will be too late. The various I. 0. 0. F. lodges of this city have decided to celebrate the anniversary of the order the 26th of April by inarching to the Broadway M. E. church "where a specia services will be< prepared for them, Rev. Mr. Ncrris will deliver the sermon. WHAT WILL IT BE? Much Speculation, an to Wltmt tlic Jury's Verdict In the Klein Murder Cane Will be. TUe Argument Cloned at 5:15 ; Evenliis and the Cnfte Goon t* tlie Jury. At two o'clock this morning- from all external appearances, the jury in the-' Slein murder case was just aa deeply engaged in figuring- on the law and evidence in the case as when the jurors began their deliberations . at 6 o'clock last evening. What the verdict will be is a matter of much speculation. Persons who were close attendants during the trial predict a life sentence; others equally attentive say that 21 years will be the limit, while others declare that the defendant will get off with two years. Acquittal is thought of by no one. The defense worked hard to create a 'reasonable doubt" but old court room habitues think that the lawyers despite their strenuous efforts, failed in achieving their purpose. The anxiously awaited verdict will tell. The jury has received £0od words on all sides. Composed as it is of solid farmers, representative citizens, every man of them having deep at heart the cause of justice -and public morality the public has rested in the belief that it would be. well served by these twelve good men and true. No more humble appearing man ever sat in the dock than was •Barney" Klein yesterday daring the progress of the argument. Swayed alternately by hope and fear his feelings found vivid expressions in his face and attitude, and as he sat, apparently oblivious to the crowd in the courtroom, hanging breathlessly on every word of the argument, either on the part of the State or of the defense, Klein's abject appearance created a feeling akin to sympathy in the breasts of many. It is a faarful thing to be on trial for your life or liberty and the proceedings yesterday were impressively solemn. Rarely in the history of the Cass circuit court has a case been more vigorously prosecuted or more courageously defended and the, lawyers in the case unquestionably worked hard, excelling all previous efforts. From tie brilliant opening speech of Mr. Jenkines to the conclusive i argument of Mr. McGreevy, TW the efforts before the jury were masterly and each displayed a careful study and analysis of the case. Mr/ Fansler concluded his argument, begun the evening before, yesterday. . morning and was followed by S. 1. McConnell who spoke till noon. After dinner \D. D. Dykemaa concluded the defense making one of the longest and best speeches of his life. He was followed by Prosecutor McGreevy who logically summed up the testimony for the State, closing at 5:15. ' To all this the jury was most closely attentive and rarely indeed did- one of the juror's eyes drift from the face or his attention become distracted from the argument of the pleaders. At the close of the argument the court took a brief breathing spell after which Judge Cox delivered an ex haustive and comprehensive charge to the jury, turning ' them over to the custody of Bailiff JSiserlo at 5:35 in whose charge they remain at 2 o'clock. DAVID MIDDLETON DEAD. A I/ong and. JBu»y Iilfe Ended— David IHlddleton Die* at Midnight. Last night just at mid-night David Middleton sr. one of Logansport's pioneer and best known citizens, died at his home at 1417George street. The old gentleman has been ill a long time and his death .was not unexpected. Aa extended notice of the deceased will appear in the Journal to-morrow. Judge Walker of the Miami circuit, where the case was taken on change of venue, has ruled in favor of vVillian R. Stewart, administrator of |th« Bo wen estate of Carroll county, hpld- ing that the late A. H. Bowen did 'not convey his personal property to Nathaniel and A. T. Bowen, as claimed by them, bocau.e no property rights could have been transferred, The body Of William Imes, ^ of.Co- runna, who died and was buried two years ago, upon being exhumed thU week for transportation to another cemetery, was found to be petrified, with every feature .perfectly, preserved. At the time of death ;Mr Imes weighed' 180 pounds, but; his petrified body" now turns the .scale at 495. _ • : " M. Michaels & Son laid in a large quantity of imported Portland cement before the extra tariff was put on* |Parties in need of walks, etc., can have the benefit of last year's prices if orders are placed with us at once. to!9 The Battle of The Ballots Next month will decide who shall, be Logansport's, Ruler—but that Harry Frank is the Ruler of all the Clothing Trade is so well known that it needs no introduction. WE ANNOUNCE The Inauguration of the greatest Suit Sale ever made by any one store. • -This Cut Represents One of our Leading Styles of suits in Sack, three button Cut-away Frocks or Prince Albert make. We have in all the Leading Makes From $5.0O Upwards And a saving of from 15 to 25 pet- cent, is assured. One of our Leading child suits. Our lines for children and boys,-are ;.. • • f ! Positively Great, j Comparatively Grand and Super[. latively Stunning. We have them RIP. ..- SUITS, An all Wool Men's pants lor $1.00. A good Boy's pants 4 to 13 years lor 2S cents. Our Laundred and Unlaundred shirts (3 for $1.00)'and up,' are the greatest value ever offered and warranted absolutely fast colors. Come and visit the greatest Establishment for fine Clothing, Hjjte 'ana Furnishings and we'll sell you a good flannel shirts for 29c-, worth 50cJ -J_ i Clothingly Yours, HARRY FRANK, One Price Clothing Leader for JjOgan^port and Delphi. Sure -ir Death! To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, andBedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. at Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. Have You Found It? You every day need-coSee. ' 'There are a dozen, places to obtain it, but if the kind is right,"perhaps'the price is wrong. There is a place where every kind is kept and every price is right Have You Found It? r : Almost everyone drinks tea, and tea is costly. There is a .place where every tea is carefully selected and purchased direct from tlie importers; when the 75 cent tea of elsewhere is sold at 50 cents.. Have Vou louid{ Soap is an. every day necessity. There is a ' place' where" aeyen ,20oz. bars'are given for &, quarter. Where eleven kinds of fish are kept, and twelve kinds of canned fruits and sixteen kinds of .dried. Have You Found |t? " Flour mafces tie staple of life, and everybody uses it.-" Tliere isS- every kind of flour though, and the same brand is not uniform. There is a brand of-the-: whitest flour in I^gansppr,*, W 4 ,'^ best — and ^ **" . Always the whitest and Always the best—Yet it costs but $2.45 per - hundred.. That brandas,. but up in pink sacjre'and is called McCaffrey's "Snow Ball." , •": , ' ; y; -... . . • .-"•-•:.'-:; Have You Found It? M. McCafferyi& Co«

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