The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1950
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBB15R M, W/H'HET!LLE (ARK.V COtTRTKR NEWS TAW Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOW MUCH, MOM6Y HAVE M3O GOT TH' W1MT A CRUOg MAN-- EGAO,TYJ|GGS.' AS frtfe FIRST _ , MA3OR/ WHICH HOW MUCH owe HAS »-J TIK. BANK.' ,„,* tAAS VouR - SAO-eS DePART- gg\ A^e^T LA&SOED AK>Y' f?oDY^-~i'o Feeu Moce rlAMGlMG OUT SOMfc IF Y0O WP\D A CUSTOM GRS. y UrAvJElUri6 OP UtUe COKVTfMhieR, EH ? VJlLL A pivitORe 0*1*1 eMeRV & *• T=COt^T PORCH I hi „ „, THE SAME DIFFERENCE FOR SALE R.ADAMS Concrete culrerlt, 12 Inch lo 48 inch, plain or reinforced. Also Concrete Buildlns Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses loo! sheds. W'e. deliver. Oil •« for (ret estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 631 WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 TUB STOKVt Tw«Mi *»H«t** m,cn xit.l H mrdlcMl *rHcer, "H >*(ir cnminnleii, Bn^ (hrmMcI »'*• I" \\'titl*»t«j KO. where all but -«* h»<l llvcil hcfnrr [hey w«re klllird. Unlr Jlukc, SrrKCHnl Kddle** **B. rnp. «rr IhcM. Ilukc •«»<- • *''" Mnr K lc l.«« *<"«• *r<"*«l«*. •*»* Ih* crcilll >« Uk*» hy Xti l^i»K*l. WHEN " l>ior\ FARM LOANS Cates Wiggs C«. REALTORS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 XII Max and Carl had sealed themselves in unapparcnt companionship on Hie seat of the convertible coupe the owner did not immediately start his motor. Instead he took a smafl note book from his pocket and opened it to a page full of telephone numbers and addresses, He ran a stubby forefinger down the list until he came lo the initials K. P. followed by a street and number. MAX closed the book with a chuckle. "One lone guy," he »aid (or did he just think it?) "has to F be quite n man lo keep all the women in line while their boy friends are awaj." He drove six or seven blocks land came to a stop in front of the •little white house where Carl had 'found Ktrsten. The small boys were still noisily engaged in their three-handed ball game. A policeman stood on the sidewalk watching them, rie was older than policemen usually are nowadays, kept on no doub by the drafting, of younger offl- "ccrs, : and his (eel probably hurt Apparently the boys regarded him as a friend because they paid DO attention lo him whatever. Max went to the front door erf the house and rang the bell. When no one answered he knocked he.iv ily cm the panel. Alter he hai repeated lhat several times Ma: shrugged his shoulders and re turned to his car. Carl didn't follow him. Instead for some reason which he could not have explained,''Carl went into the house. As soon as he was inside he knew right away what it was that had impelled him to look once more upon the scene of his un- bappiiR'SS. The rugs rolled »p in front o 1 the doors, the blocked fireplace th« closed windows sand Kirsten herself, dressed in her best clothes silting at the table in front of the big window where she could take advantage of the failing light of day. writing, all told the story. He did not need to hear or smell the escaping gas. The thing that puzzled him was Kirsten was very much engrossed in what she was doing, he ball game going on outside Shirley Hipp 'YOUR FRIENDLY id not seem to distract tier in he least. Carl looked over her shoulder I what she was pulling down on taper. Perhaps that would ex>Lain everything. It did. * * • [/"IRSTEN'S people had come to *•*• America long before Kirsten was born but her mother hac never learned English so Kitten's baby language had been Norwegian. She still thought la the quainter ancestral tongue. "Ac flr« I think 1 «r]Bri 70* h«i« me. Now 1 do not wish ih I find 1 cannot jro *way if 1 better e row are fcngry At m*- W« love each olh&r loo much, "1 h»Te llm« 10 tell jam t1i« thing* - w hich >yo« cannoi under • land Mnles* 1 explaio them. . /•Firat there la thli houae. th nn» we want. After T0« KO away I set me x ]oS in the boat work* ao t can buy Si to ha.Te readj when you come back. I earn very much—for a girl, or for anybody I puesi. Wf own itie house now It in something 1 wish to liar* tor R surpriac lor you. "Whoa I ro to work lha p«opl who n>n the boaiwork* say ever* body muai come to the job and g home in (nil auiomoblleB—ever seat taken—so not to wast* ga.«o Hn*. No ont of th« worker" live house- except ona young man, f. stranger In ihia i own, who drives a small au coin obi IP with scats in U only for i«-o. *l'h* suneiinteiitU-iu says 1 should ride M'jlh him. "I am put on the swing shift— and ili is man also—so ihut we come home [ate. "One time this young 1 man is drunk, lie drives us way oav in the dune country instead of home. Even then I am not afraid of him much. I can, I believe, walk to our house from anywhere, line a ca.1 wluch always comes back. Hut when I try to set oul of Oie car he strikes me with something nml chokes rue a little besides. I am almosi completely not there, Hut enough of Nne. la awake to know that what hnppcns makes me BO 1 ran never be your wife any more. * "I think—' Whatever more Kirsten intended to write was never put down. She sat holding the pen above the par (or a moment and then let it op from her hand. It made a rtaU spatter? blot. Her head nodded and when she ached for the pen her hand avered and then dropped at her de. She was loo tired. ^$h« slumped forward Carl caught her under the arms and fted her up. She turned with an narticulate cry of gtad relief and tit her arms around his neck. hey stood together facing each ther, tatt and straight and very nuns, just as they had always een. "Carl!" she said, "Oh, Carl!" 'here weren't any words anywhere which expressed the things R her heart and voice. He held her very close awl urned her back to Ihe table so hat she could not see that she was there also, lying face down across the letter she had jus* written. For a moment eternity swirled around them, Then here was a bump and « crash. Glass tinkled on. the noor and table. The entire window w»i gone except for a few jagged dog- gers that stuc^c to the frame lik« stalactites and stalagmite* from the roof and Boor o! a cave. The indoor baseball landed cm the table and rolled off. The warm south wind rushed in and flooded the malodorous house. Carl looked at his arms. They were empty. (T* B« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOMBB Big Busln«»« Sum—MTMEJ &UT warn MOW. K* A. OOUBLC MALT FOB. A, CAN GET GB.OUNO Floe*/ **Jf you keep raising the price of those cream pviffs, Mr. Anderson, I won't be able to buy 'em—and we'll both starveI" TWO BOCKS NEXT'WECK 1^ YOU'LL LEND ' MAGNOLIA DEALER Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 615 Chickasawba T'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . IT'S PATRIOTIC * , . lo keep jnur shoe* in good rep;ilr .... hecanse SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR I H-flLTCRS iQi flLITY SHOC SHOP Lliai w. MRIN ST. j T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. for dependable Repair Service ARGUS CAMERAS We've jnst been appointed jour rxctnske agency in Blylhcvtllc far ATRHS Camrrai Ste our complete iclrctlnn. tnctuclin^ trie famed Argu.s C.1 and Ar^oflrx. Come in "BARNEY'S DRUG Wcsl Main Phone 3647 SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway 1'hone 2651 FRIEND FARMER OwrMns »nd operating an automobile affords * lot of pleasure, but there h much danger on the rnad. The hazard is too great a risk—wflh vour life, estate, and savings al slake. Why run the risk when we can protect yon (or 55.000/10,000 Liability. $5,000 Property Damage (or only $23.38 per year. Just Call W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phone 3361 121 East Main Phont 2122 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) "Oh, yet, GfNHUL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION rollt out th* welcome carpel for every one to come in and talk about their money problems , . , and no obligation at off/" IJY AL VERMEER The Spice of Life I'RISCl.LA'S POP TOMORROW I'LL USE WHOLE WHEAT BREAD) GOSH, HAZEL! MASHED POTATO SANDWICHES FOR MY LUNCH AGAIN?? liY MK'HArci. O'MAU-KY and RALPH LANB A -n Too I,ale, l.onie -n-ey-KE THAT SWITCHEX KITE?; MOT TftV AivN FUMNV STUFF/ SOU Aft6, M«£ TEW JEP CHECK CEB *12S,000 »W NCWE CK.C'KENte HOSPITAL. i CANT uer FAsrmjc*e TOO*/ i SOTTA I1Y LESLIE TURNER CAPTAIN EASY <STUN«ED BV THE LOSS Of THE PAIMTIW6 & . T OM E»,SV STMLTS WOW.E MEVT TO SEE M'SIEUK McKEE! »13 CK.6 oti VOUR unit SL^ZES.WW'T NkcKEE THROW A HISS4-FIT.". MMBE I OUGHTA McXEE 15 IN COWFEREHce! *.HD TEH OTHERS III ARE WMHUG XStMte FIND ME M TI56T. The Next licsl Tlimi' HUGS BUNNY WELL, ^^J v ^v;^-^, THIS GIVES \=c US A CHANCE TO PRACTICE OUR FIRST •\ r-^^^v AIP/ HUSTLE IT UP/ I CAN'T HANS ON MUCH LONGER! GOOD DEED, MELVIN.' I3Y V. T. HAMLIN Where's Ooom'i FINE THING WHEN A FELLftH'S GIRL V/ON'T EVEN SHOW UP AT ft TIME LIKE CONTROL TO ROCKET TO \ROCKET..ALL CONTROL,. 1CLEARI FIR6 !N FIVE MINUTES.' VES.OSCAR.THE BIG >'- •< HEH! I &UESS MOMENT IS ABOUT / \3HE'SSTILL HERE...I'LL KEEP f WHERE'S) POUTING VOU ON THE VIEW- \ OOOLA / 'CAUSE VOU SCREEN AS L.ON& X ? yV/ON'T TAKE SET TO FIRE IN FIVE MINUTES. UY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER liUDDlKS

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