The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1950
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, WOVEMBBER M, 1m BLtTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ; • . —Courier New« Photo Ml YEARS BKFOKE THE MAST—Having sailed the inland waters of North America for'some 50 years, |A. B. Thomas of Blytheville air base lakes Justifiable pride in hU boat building ability. Here lie U admiring one of his recently-completed favorites. Weighing less than 150 pounds, the boat Is ot Hie clinker type and Is of lap-streak construction. It is equipped with spoon-type oars although It Is adaptable for use «s > motoi boat. i • Ex-Great Lakes Mariner Builds Small Boats for Half a Century By CLAUDE B. SPARKS (Courier News Staff Writer) Many pleasures of boating may :ome from sailing and fishing, but V B. Thomas of Blytheville air jase. who has been in the small 3oatdtasiness lor half a century, 'ays'iJSere Is nothing lo match the -.omblnaUon ot building »nd sailing | your own boats. '. Now 74 years old. the seasoned imriner lias put In the greater part ol his Hie on the Inland wa- 'erways of North America in the i 3reat Lakes Area. Mr. Thomas has •iv«d at the air base for the past ;wo years. "Sure, sure, I've done some sailing." Mr, Thomas says, "but I've I lone a heap oC building, too. "It was in 1900 that I built my I first boat—a sailboat at Oshawa, 1 autario—and she was • beauty." The most recent cralt built by | \tr. Thomas is a clinker-type boat *>f lap-streak construction; i.e., it is >f the same type construction as I U.S. and Canadian lifeboats and U auitt of panels running the length | )I the boat. Mr. Thomas won't make an estl- I male of how 'many boats he has I ouilt in his lifetime but he can re- that for more than 30 years I he turned out more than 100 small 1 boats per year plus > lew larger | vessels. "Jut Natural Thin, lo Do" Tbjrefore. It seems likely 'that ._ l'<u<1fit 5,000 boats built In 50 years vouldrn't be too far wrong. And speaking ot lifeboats, Mr. I rhomas once built 150 such craft I Tor the Canadian government. "How did I start building boats? I Well, It w« Just a natural thing to 1 do. I guess. Michigan, where I was I raised, is a great boat state and I I hist Rot interested in boats from ] ill the sailing that goes on there "They have no many small lakes lind inland waterway* there," Mr 1 rhomas continued, "that I'd sty I live out of 10 persons own at leas L small fishing boat or canoe." Mr. Thomas ha* sailed most j'he Great Lakes' waterways but his I'xperience was concentrated I Lake Simco at Barrle. Ont., which a just north of Toronto. There he operated the' | Boat Shop for 30 years. You'll find the most Beautiful In lland waterways in the world there,' |Mr. Thomas says. DreMes ihe P»rl Mr. Thomas may be found most ny day working on some small boat lor oar In • Thomas Construction • Company warehouse where he |work« with his son, Wes Thomas. He freiaes the part, too. Usually i<T T^Mbe found wearing a yacht- ling-type hut, heavy [Inger-tlp •Jacket and his rolling gaft distinctly Imarki him as a man who has spent |much time around water. On Lake Simco, Mr. Thomas not • only built boats, but operated * |:ourlst service where canoes could Ijf rented for as little as 20 cents tin hour. At one time he had a fleet |>r 100 small boats there. ,. And all the time he was^building |ind selling boats. "Our rates were most reasonable," ilr. Thomas said, "and people really l;o for boating up ttiere. You should Inave seen some of the young fcl- Tiowa and their girl friends wfio used |:o come and rent our boats. Oh. • soy. There was no doubt they got their money's worth." The largest craft ever built By Mr. Thomas, he says, was a 60-foot cabin cruiser for use on the lakes. Built Own Engine During World War I, engines became so scarce they couldn't be bought, So, Mr. .Thomas and nls son built their own gasoline motors and Installed them In their sailing vessels. This engine later was'pat- ented. One year, he indulged In commercial fishing on Lake Simco where he netted trout and white fish for the Canadian government. Asked If he still feels like building boats. Mr. Thomas replied, "Why sure I I'll build any boat on order. Jestingly referring to Big Lake a "mere puddle," Mr. Thomas say he has built several boat* for us by Mississippi county resident there. "One fellow told me he safely pu 10 people in a boat, I had deslgne to carry about four .or five," Mi Thomas said. His boats are built of quarter inch waterproof plywood, whil pine, oak and cyprus wood and ar covered with spar varnish or dec paint according to the wish of th buyer. Profits Tax Could Affect Gas Prices Industry Spokesman Foittoi Stiff Increase In Rates as Result .WASHINGTON, Nov. 22, <jp, — Stiff increases In consumer prices for natural gas were foreseen today by an Industry spokesman as one result of the proposed excess profits tax. The higher prices prediction w&s made to the House Ways and Means Committee by William G. Woolfolk, nalrman of the American Natural Gas Company. Wollfolk was one of a group of Hnesses called on this final day f committee hearings on president 'ruman'j request for a 15 percent ax on excess corporation profits ax to raise $4,000,000.000 yearly In ew revenue. Like other business spokesmen, Woolfolk opposed the President's equest. which so far has found nia- or support only from organized labor »nd the Treasury Department. Other witnesses today represented •arlous other utilities'and agreed generally that an excess profits tax would be discriminatory, inflationary and difficult to administer. Committee Chairman DougUm (D- NC) told newsmen he plans to recall the Committee into closed session Friday and to work dally thereafter, Sundays excluded, until an actual bill is drafted. Some members, however, are Insisting that the Committee recess until next Monday. It started Its hearings last Wednesday. The Committee timetable calls for having a bill ready for presentation to the House around Dec. 1, Most U. S. Cities Not Ready For Atom Attack, Study S/iows COHEN TAKES OATH—Mickey Cohen (left) [,os Angeles gnmb- Icr, Is sworn In by Son. Estes Kcfnuver ID-Tenn>. chairman of the Senate committee investigating crime, as Cohen took the stand in an open hearing in Los Angeles to testily about his Income and gambling activities. (AP Wlrcpholo). Blytheville Man Reports For Duty in Air Force Sgt. Paul C. Lawrence o( Blytheville has reported to Brooks Air Force Base at San Antonio where he Is being processed for active military duly, the Air Force Public Information Office announced liOda Sgt. Lawrence, son of the Rev. L. T. Lawrence of OsceoJa, was manager of the Credit Bureau of Blytheville at the time h« reported for duty. He was m member of the Air Force Reserve. He is married to l.lie former Miss Jane Campbell Cook of Prairie Oroyt. COMMISSIONER'S SAIJ5 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, hut In pursuance of the authority ncl directions contained In the do- retal order of the Chancery Court f Mississippi County, Chtckasawba District, made and entered on the 3th day of November, 1050, In a :ertaln cause (No. 11,317) then tending therein between Federal National Mortgage Association nnd D. p. Taylor, as Trustee, complainants, and Wlllard Olover and La- drcnin Olover, defendants, the undersigned ,ns Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vcndut to the highest bidder, at the south tlooi 1 or entrance of the 3ounty Courthouse In Blytheville, in the County of Mississippi, at 11 A.M., on December 20, 1050. the following described real estate, situ- ated In MisiLvjlppl County, sas, to-wlt: I/>t Nine (8), Block Thre« (ft, of the David Acres Subdivision to the City of Blytheville, Arka lisas. TERMS OP SALK: On a credit of three months, the purohuer belli? required to execute » bond as required by law and the order nii(! decree of salci court In old cause, with approved security, bearing Interest at the rale of «H per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of Ihe purchase money. GIVEN under my hand this M day of Nov., 1050. , Harvey Mortlj, Commissioner in Chancery H|22-29-Uji Thomas to Seek Surplus Food Bill WASHINGTON. Nov. 22. f/T) — Senator Elmer Thomas (D-Okln)' said today he hopes to get Senate action during the Lame-Duck session beginning next Monday on a bill aimed at making it easier to give away a Quarter .billion dollars worth of surplus foods. Thomas, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee who lost out in the primary, favors Riving part of the surplus to drought-crippled Yugoslavia. WASHINGTON. Nov. 2J. (/P)— 4 Most U. S. cities are far from ready o deal with an atomic attack. | And many city officials blame ie federal government—along with ublic indifference—tor the'lack ot Jrepa redness. These two main conclusions em- rged- today from a m-city civil lefense study undertaken by the American Municipal Association, made of city and town officials. The coast-to-coast picture shaped- up "this way: On paper, our A-bomb defenses ook pretty good. Special organisa- tions have been set up,-some emergency workers trained, stacks of detailed plans prepared. But almost all city officals say frankly that i[ an A-bomb fell today, they'd be nowhere near ready to care for the wounded, bury,the dead, put out the fires and try to restore order. Preparedness estimates vary greatly. Uttle Rock, Ark,. s«y» Its five percent ready, other estimates at random: San Diego. Calif., 30 percent; Atlanta. Ga., 10 percent; Dallas and Ft. Worth, Tex., about 50 percent. Adoptions Bring More Children NEW YORK (AP) —'childless couples frequently have a baby after they have adopted n child. Some of the reasons may be,that after the adoption the wlf« branies freer of tension, fejirs .and 'hostilities, and accepts a feminine and maternal role, says Dr. Abraham Stone, director of the Margaret Banger Research Bureau. He said that about 20 per cent of married coupl«s who seek advice about Inability to have a chili have no apparent' physical trou- les. The desperate desire to have baby may sometimes apparently Interfere with conception. Inflammable Really Means Flammable CHICAGO W>—Confusion Over what the word "inflammable" means may be an indirect cause of fires, sasy Dean Keeter, director of safety engineering for Lumbermen's Mutual^Casualty Co. He points out that "inflammable" means easily ignited and not fireproof M many people believe. Because-they ar« misled by the word, Keefer says, many persons ar« not careful In handling canned or bottled fluids which art easily Ignited. As a result, some national groups working on'fire prevention standards have eliminated the word from their Hnguage. Instead, they use "flamable" to describe easily ignited materials and "nonflammable" lo label anything that Is fireproof. Relics Spur Rivalries Over Custody of Relics POUTAQB LA PRAIRIE, Man fAP)—The west must be getting old. There are indications of intcr- provinclal rivalry over the custody of its relics. Ben Richardson, vice chairman of the Portage La Prnlric Museum, says Manitoba is losing many valuable pieces because of the Manitoba government's "wall and' see" policy. Richardson said an official of the Saskatchewan Museum recently carted off carloads o[ historic relics from Manitoba and added: "It is apparent Saskatchewan is building up a well-stocked museum with articles from Manitoba." The sea wntcr.i ol the cnrth con- Inln approximately 5,000,000 cubic miles of salt. H is safe lo figure only two ROld- flsh (o every gallon of water In milking an aquarium. NOTICE We WIN Be Closed All Day Thurs. Nov. For Thanksgiving 23 THE AMERICAN DISTIUING CO., INC. N.w York- P.kln,l.l1..Sa«, C On*,of tht trees from which tanners derive extract used In making leather -soles tough and flexible U a South American variety so nig- ged that, the natives call 11 qile- ,bracho—literally "the axe-breaker. 1 ' 4 BIG A HOME HEATER FEATURES for THflDKSGIVinG flRirt off your Thanksgiving Dinner with Ihis gracious touch.:. .serve an appetizing Sherry.... Roma Pale Ury fifth, $1.00 Harvey's Amontillado fifth, $3.63 FOSTER'S BRQADWAY LIQUOR STORE Ask For Free Recipes Only PERFECTION has "MIDGET" Pilot (•> Burni oter 40 HOURS on one gallon of oil; » real fnel-MTe'r! 'MULTI-HEAT" Burner w Fe»turts • cle*n-Surning fUmt th«t ptrmitj nuny idges of he*c,fro« liny pilot fl»me lo qiMck-lx»lir>( high fire; ~ no md-Ting p«r;s^ whJ5p*r-<]ui«. LARGE Heat Extractor ( c> Traps w««e K*«t nnd «]iw*x*i e*tr« wtrmih out into lb« room. 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