The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1950
Page 8
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' PAGE ETGHT tLYTHBVTLLE, (AtK.) COUSIElt NSW* WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBBES ?5, 19» CIO Group More at Odds with U,S, Mobilization than Foreign Policy By G1.KNN ENGIJE * CHICAGO, NOV. 22. (AP) — The CIO loiind fcslf -much mote at odds today with the government's home-front mobilization program than with its foreign policy. A resolution on domestic economic, policy submitted to the Nation- ill CIO convention contained a list of v. what the organir-atioq said should not be included in such policy. Such things as: 'l. Unequal sacrifices for waftfc earners compared \vith high Income groups, 3. Across-the-board curtailment of civilian production without regard t« military or civilian needs, 3. Credit restrictions when Ini pcee "inequitable burdens" on low- income groups. 4. Loopholes which permit "certain favored commercial interests" to escape regulation. The resolution, though not yet icUd upon, was certain of adoption. It declared: "Only a well-planned, coordinated prosram •mil assure full development of the nation's productive resources and their maximum utilization in meeting the nation's military and essential civilian requirements." Controls Needed The resolution charged that an "orgy of profiteering" by corporations has increased the need of price controls, li said the defense production act should be amended to enable the government to "deal effectively" with the problem o! inflation. As it is. It said,- tt would be possible to "freeze wage and sal ary workers in a disadvantage;! position." The convention yesterday adopted a resolution which, by and large, approved America's foreign policy. One complaint on both the foreign and domestic fronts was that labor has not oltc'n given enough voice at the policy-making level. The foreign policy' declaration reaffirmed the CTO's stand that only a "guns and butter" program will stem the tide of Communism throughout the world. "We must answer the propaganda of the Cominform not by pious slogans about. Democracy's virtues, but by.a bold program of social and economic action," It said. Such a program, it added, re- ouires mobilization of all resources '"to forge both the weapons of war to stop Communist aggression on the military [runt, and the took ot psacs to light jjoVEtty, hunger and injustice on the economic and social fronts." ' f Two Othst CoaipliW'.* •Ths resolution had i couple j other foreign policy complaints'be- sides the one about i lack o! ''labor minded citizens" it top levels.' It said recent changes in favor of Franco Snain ind Feron Argentina, would, in the long run, cause a'setback for Democracies. It ' =!=o said the European recovery program should be amended to help br'ns about higher living standards !E France, Italy and Western Germany. Ths C!p mobilization resoiutlon W2S much In line with proposals made before the convention yesterday by Secretary o! the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. He suggested a rollback of prices to pre-Korean War levels, but no wage controls, and higher taxes, particularly on corporation profits and incomes in the upper brackets. $142 Million Needed tor State Highways LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 22. (AP) — The Arkansas Highway Department has estimated that more than 4142,000.000 would be needed to bring Arkansas primary road system up to modern standards. In a report to Governor McMath the Department said lhat 4D.191,1iO would be required to bring the Interstate system (parts of Highways 61,64.65.67 and 70> Up U>| Obituaries Byrd Infant Dies Funeral services for Kenneth Walter Byrd. Jr., in/ant son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 'W. Byrd, 605 Jamison, will bfl held at 10:30 a.m tomorrow, at Cobb Funeral Home chapel. Burial will be U\ Elmwood Cemetery. The. child died early this morning at Blylhevillp. Hospital several hours after birth. standards approved by the Bureau of Public Roads. It. added that an additional $93,165.000 would be necessary to rebuild other primary 'roads so they would meet modern requirements. The report said lhat for the interstate system J25.1D3.000 would be required just to reconstruct the FLOOD critical section of Ihe roads involved. And $54.2C9.000 was reported necessary to reconstruct critical sections and pave gaps in other roads in the primary network. (Continued (tan-,-page 1) Truckee River are onct again talned by their banks alter a 12 hour flood termed "the worst Reno's history" by the mayor. Mas I of Ihe 42,000.000 to $3,000.000 los Testimony Starts Opoosinq Increase Of Phone Rates LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 22. ( Direct testimony of opponents of a permanent rate increase for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company was Lo start before the Arkansas Public Service Commission today. Gross examination, of- witnesses who testified for the company in support of its application for a $4,620,000 boost in annual rates was completed yesterday. The rate increase is In effect^on a temporary basis. WAR Seek Funds to Buy TV Set for Vets' Hospital OscGol£'« Mack Gridcr Post oi the American Legion today joined a move to raise J5,QOO to purchase television sets for patients at Kennedv Veterans Hospital In Memphis. This move was launched earlier this week in Memphis by the Legion Post there. Under the direction of tJoyd Godley, members of Mack Grider Post- began solicit ins iunds in OscecU this morning. Osceola hopes to be the first to donate a television set [or use by veterans in the wards of Kennedy Hospital. The Osceola Legion Post, headed by Joe ApplEbaum, hopes to be able to have a set installed in the Memphis hospital by the enc of this week. Continued from page, I because of tht uncertainty of en emy strength. Earlier, a South Ko rean force that moved to the bar der had to pull back and parU it were severed by overwhelmln Communist 1 strength. The CJ. 3, Marines First plv!s!o ran. Into small arms fire near Sin ui£, seven miles up the east s!d : the Chang j !n rese rvoir. Big ir Red concentrations were repori d nearby. Tank Traps Btt!!t To the northwestj the Chines •E building a mountain : defens ne and a system of tank traps »n iad blocks against ah. allied pus ward Slnuiju, important bord ase through vhich much of th hinese war potential has bee innelieG. Thfi ntOK (Kepublic *Of Korea ighlh Division occupied Yongwo nd. with other Korean divislo:' stabliEhed a neu p line north okchon. Tlie Reds stepped up guerrilla, ctivity behind the Allied lines, E\- ' ments of the U. 3. 181th Airborne Regiment went into action against 00 guerrillas at, Singye^ 55 miles oulhenst of Pj'ongyanj. former Red capital. The guerrillas were ,1so attacking South Korean forces lear Taejon in South Korea and 'uerto Kican forces 35 miles west of Hamhung on the east coast. The British 23th Brigade rcach- sri Kaescmg on its way to the-north' ;rji front, 'it Is equipped with 52- .on Centurion Tanks that will have :heir baptism of fire in the northern campaign, timaled by the Reno Chamber immcrcc was suffered in damage itels, stores and merchandis ud and water filled many base cnls containing stock.s of Chrisi as goods. Damage Into Millions California damage was estimate , 516,000,000 to $20.000,000 by th rmy engineers, Iti the. soggy central valley, als-prepared lo undertake the tr endous task of rebuilding and" animation, The State Department of Public iealth rushed typhoid vaccine utter, Yuba and Tulare county ealth officers to combat drinking •ater trouble.";. The Red Cross, busy providing nod. clothing, blankets and' hous- ng for refugees, registered flood ^ed Congress Asks 5 Power 'eoce Meet WARSAW. Poland, Nov. 22. OPj— 'hft Russian - supported World eacfi Congress today called lor a ve-power conference, Including ommimlsl China, la ease world cnslon. The Congress began voting on ie manifesto and other resolutions y tedious written ballot, and the pplause with svhtch the resolutions 'ere received left no doubt of their do pi ion. The Congress also formulated a Soviet-styled definition of aggreg- ion and deplored .urrent fighting a. Korea and Indochina. The Congress demanded an end o military operations In Korea and he appointment of an international court l 'lo examine in particular he responsibility of Gen. MacAr hur." ACHESON Search Starts for 21 Aboard Missing Plane MORAN, Wyo., Nov. OT. WV-Four skilled mountaineers started at ay break climbing cloud-shrouded Mount Moran in search of a mis- lonar'y plane that disappeared near the peak last night with' 21 per- fContinued trom page U than they were widely read. He invited reporters lo read th' text -Df what he said, observed the; probably would not do it and reai to them a paragraph asserting tha "We all belong to that school which favors annual congrcssiona hearings on the policies and pro grains of the administrative government agencEea, Did Not Kamt Tall After he had refused himself Lo name Tart as his target, Achcson was asked whether he had any plans (or meeting with Republican U>! leaders. He saJd yes, there are always plans of that sort being made. He cited a system of subcommittees of (lie House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees worked out at the last session, of Congress and said consultations would ictirns as a preliminary step to the iuge rehabilitation Job. he started with Ihosfi as soon as Arbyrd 7 Mo., Man <illed in Indiana HUNTINGTON. I"d.. Nov. 22. (/Pj —Auburn E. Petty, 21, nf Arbyrd, Mo., died in a hospital yesterday of. Injuries suffered In an auto-bus accident the day before. His car, driven by Noel New of Leachville, Ark., collided with an Indiana railroad bus driven by Kenneth James. New was charged with reckless driving. there are enough Interested members in town. In addition, Acheson continued, he himself had meetings with other leaders of both houses and both parties last session. He \vas Uien asked whether he intended to continue such meetings in the coming session when Republicans will have a more powerful position in the new Congress and said yes, he does so intend, Acheson has been under attach by some Republican Senators and iron other quarters on the. point tha ie appeared to be opposed lo con gressional Inquiry, Bapts&l Cure for Bed In Memphis Hojpita/3 MEMPHI§, Nov. 22. UP)— Tha raedical itMf at .Baptist Memorial Hospital here has asked that steps bf, taken to relieve a critical shortage of general hospital beds In Memphis. Staff members adopted a resolution asking Dr. Prank S. Gron'V —administrator, and E.h« hospital^ -executive committee and board of : trustees to consider the matter. Grontr said more than 500 persons have been turned away tram the hospital during the past two months. ons aboard. Forest Ranger Blake van De \Va-+- r and three ski-sh<xi Alpinists tarled trudging through snow to- ,-ard a spot where watchers last light saw a hu^e fire. Heavy clouds leaked the scene this morning. Vinds of 30 to 10 miles an hour vhipped the area but (here was no now fall. 'Hie temperature is a- omul freezing. 1 > Only faint hope was held by Forest Service officials that there veif. any survivors U the plane rashed and burned on the moun- atn. The four mountaineers carried radio and light signaling equipment' but. It war, .expected to lake them aJx to eight hours to reach the scene of last night's fire, A resort owner said ho. saw a burning fuselage in the flames far above timbcrlme on the 1 " precipitous sv (ace of the mountain. When the fire subsided, he could set nothing 'resembling a campfire. Hrailed for Billing 'flte missing plane was bound from Chico. Calif., to Billings, Mont. Owned by the New Tribes Mission, a reSigious organization, it was on the first leg of a flight to South America. Passengers included two young mothers with their children, widow- ri in the crash of another misslon- tvncd plane in Venezuela last June vhich killed 15. Also aboard was Dr. Paul W. Flemings ol Chico, mission director. Tim new, twin-engine DC-3 last reported by radio over Idaho Palls, Idaho, at 3:43 p.m.. M.S.T.. that it was 50 miles west of here. The plane was due at' Btilings at 6:30 n.rru It was about that Lime that residents of this picturesque area 25 niles oouth of Yellowstone Park hoard a plane overhead. It was far off usual air lanes. And it was flying west. Just opposite the direction the California plane should have been headed. There was speculatio] It was lost and hunting landmarks Half an hour later, acting Teton Park superintendent Paul A, Jud; said a fire was reported about 1.000 (cct from the top of Mount Moran In Los Angeles, a Mission off! clal. Irving Samuels^n, said the plane had been flown only a tc\\ hours. He said it was thoroughly chtcked belore it lelt. Thf. pilov were experienced, he added. Crew members Included pilot C. Lowery. co-pilot Jack Dennis, and Bob Crammer, former B-17 pilot. INDUSTRY Continued trom page I. courage the mechanization processes o( our progressive farmers hut we are faced with a new situation. . ' "Competition among towns our size lor industry is keen. Thus lar we have not niet, that competition. "The purpose ot this meeting I to determine whether our city wil meet the challenge to provide cm ployment tor our people or whelhe we will lose some ot the populatlo: and commercial gains we hsive made in the past 50 years." . Missco Home Demonstration , Council to Meet The North Mississippi County Home Demonstration Council will conduct its annual meeting Saturday at Fiat Lake, Mrs. Gertrude Holiman, home demonstration agent, said this morning'. The meeting is scheduled In get under way at 11 a.m. and continue throughout the, day. A pot luck uncheon will be served at noon. A representative of Ihe Kroger Grocer Company of Memphis will give a meat-cutting demonstration during the afternoon program, Mrs. Holiman said, and-will show a film on the cutting of meat. Home Demonstration club 1 members attending • the meeting wil bring gifts of food for presentation to the Crippled Children's Home and Hospital at Little Rock. Negro Democrats Orgonize Club A. Negro D*moer»t!a Party O!ub was organized here l«st nljhfc it » meeting in the Negro Cortununlfey Center. Rev. Thomas J. Brorn wni Mleet- ed president. Other officers nimed last nlshl Include Will MOCK, vici president; Andrew. Hill, assistant secretary; William Carter, chaplln; and R. M. Ivy, treasurer. Punxjses of thf. organization wer« listed a* instruction of Negroes fa parliamentary procedure and. pro- mnllon o( better sanitation, ini civic cooperation. $500,000 Fir* in farkiW PARKIN, Ark., Nov. 22. W>—Mr* gutted nearly * block of Ihe Parkin business district here yesterday. It apparently started from art oil stove explosion. Unofficial estimates ot the d»m- aen ranged llpto $500,000. Appeal Is Made For Blood Donors Another appeal for blood dona was made to the citizens of Blythc vllte today, Mrs. Marie Rodery reported hei ather, R. N. McLeod, to be in "crit- cal" condition in Baptist Hospital n Memphis. Mr. McLfiOd, a BJyihevlllc resident, has been a patient- there for .0 days. Mrs. Rodery said she- would pro- •ide transportation for donors who contact her at Modern^ eBauty Shop or Her sister, Mrs. Glen Ola Hart, at General Insurance Agency, WHAT IS IT? Deaths Services Tomorrow For Negro Woman Reported to Be 112 Funeral services for Dinp. Rich- ardjon. said by a relative to be 112. svil! be conducted at noort tomorrow at the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Blythevillc by Rev. C. W. ! Alexander. Burial will b« in Ml. | Zion Cemetery. \ A resident of Blythevill?. for th£ past of) years, she is said by her daughter. Patsy Jones, Lo bft 112. Shf. came to Blythevillfi from Dyersburg. Tenn. She died at the home of her daughter here Monday. Horns Pun-era! Home U in chirge. Thf DLXI PIG Football Too Rough HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 22. (API — Actor Paul Douglas, now 42, finds football a little too rough—even though it's Just for a movie scene. The former pro gridstcr came out of a pileup yesterday with two fractured ribs. His doctor said Douglas may be out of the first string movie lineup for three months. City Cmc Clubs Hold Thanksgiving Meet Three Blytheviile civic clubs held their annual. Joint. Thanksgiving dinner meeting today at noon in Hotel Noble with the Klwanis Club acting is I'.osts to Rotarians and Lion.;. The Arkcttes. a 10-girl ensemble from Arkansas Stale College, gave a 30-nnnute musical program under the direction of Dr. H. C. Manor, head of the college's, music department Thirteen Arkettes attended. Dr. Milton Webb j! the Klwinls Club was program chairman. Iran Plans Schools TEHERAN, Iran (AP)—The government has introduced a. bill in the Majlis (Parliament) authorizing expenditure of W,!25,COO for building schools during the next five years. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Dru^i Stores Old-f Kenttick\ T Bourbon, wi the. smooth mellowness of age.. gift tR your onjoymenl. None finer at any price. us. L iitui tuimin CMTUT, insmu,». • n nw . nis nun u i mu BU . , priced i lowest. "Job-Rated" for di- pendibilny and long bfi. »!GGERPAYIOADS: . , , curry mori "iihoui o^crloidin: ivlc5 or sprinss becausf of "Job- R<3tc4' ^eifht >iistnb'.iiic"i EASIER HANDLING: . . . ihirp- cr turning! Parks in tishl pt&cu. ~ d* nuntuvttibilily'. COMFORT: ., . wi&st scats . . w mclshirld with be-=t < ision of ,«jy poputir truck. Atr-cuihioned, >djusublt "chair-hcijhr jcati, SAFETY: . . . (Irest truck brik;- in the industry .' hand brak.* opcrattng indcptndcntlv on propeller ihalt on all mudsli—Vi-lon and up. You can haul more payload than ever Ln a Dodge "Job-Rated" truck, because liis load IB better distributed. Most trucks carry too much of the load on Ihe rear axle—too little on the front. Because the engine of a Dodge "Job-Rated" truck ia moVed {onvard and the front axle back, both axles carry the right proportion o? the load. That msana you can haul bigger payloads without overloading. HOT THIS Thf paylo.'.d on most trucks —!iks trie gi-'l in this boat — ridel too far to the rear. Result; '.=. too much weight aft, not enough forvvard. BUT THIS !n "Job-Rated" trucks, the load li v<i ^« mo\-ed forward —as the ^irl 15 no^ - positioned, ^=hi_A>NU^g^V ' Results: proper weight dutributioa—bigger ' ' payloads—easisr handling. NEW! gyiol FLUID DRIVE! Av^iobis on •/,:, >/,. , . . (or longer 'ruck lifs. losvsr upksEp costs. A.iii ui rer mrsr»i»mg FMrf Drlvs booWsl. M 8n Come ' BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO Broedwoy & Chiekaiowbn THE CHOffit OF CKAMPIDNS! Ctosffl hy out ui IS stiti. Phone 4422 "track im«s il the Nalie*!! Track

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