Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 28, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1896
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THE LOGANSPORT J VOL. XXI. LOOANSPOKT, INDIANA, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1896. NO. 180 Everybody is Awakening To the Wonderful Bargains we are offering at Our Great Upbuilding Benefit Sale. The Prices are Marvelous. FOR EXAMPLE-Choice of 15, 20, 25 cent Wash Goods 10 cents. Make a guess on the Wheel, free to eve-yone. .Come Today lA] The Good going fast. 400-111 BROADWAY. Things are The queen of hearts in all these parts, If you Can £O by rumors' Is one who rsdcs a wheel, and glides About in dainty bloomers. 306 FOURTH ST, We are Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great /avor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a fiuer lln« of woolens and worsteds to select from than ours. Important Features . . . in the make-up of our clothes work their superiority, not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3" Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 (or your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS LAMPS OILS GRAPHITE CEMENT REPAIR KITS ENAMEL ' SADDLES TIRES g TOE CLIPS ENAMELING / BRAZING ' „• BELLS ' LOCKS VULCANIZING OLD TIRES Made Good as New ZINN & COMPANY. 203 Sixth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that lit must have blown a tremendous gale towurds Flsb.er'8, for they have straws of all the new Shapes and sizes, straws In straw color and any other color you wish ptled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" In the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport Light Derby's, light nobby straw hata and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we hare a big run ••on now. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations —»- Are always appreciated and especially so when they «o tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing: Department is making a ftpocfclty of INVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS, BILL HEADS,' STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC., ETC. Latest Styles in Faicy Type and Material. VIOLENT STORKS;., Cause Floods in Michigan and Illinois, Doing Much Damage, Cyclone in Ohio Demolishes ings—Number of Victims Colorado Floods Is 28. Build- of Detroit, Mich., July ?~-—T h " c stc ivhich swopt over M'ieliigaiV Sunday i trnoun storm uft- did much damage in many ... At Xortlivjllc t'lit 'hv'a'vyram- i'all' OiiiiHCd the llivor iioug'o 10 leave its tunics, flooding; the shops of .vli-j (jlobe 1'uhiituve compiiuy, ami; o;irriecl: away lumVerand many .small buildings.,. The losA'e's- will'.ng-HTrgati! S1Q.™ 1 ". Tri'tuul avo-iind Mount .Glrmfns lig-ut- Tiin'g- (lid 'much damage. '-.'J-'Juv house of Mrs,"' Chris". Sdinfl' was stnii;];.,uml a 1.1 of tin? iiimft'les terribly shocked:: . •: ..,..; rav.'rL'povt^ that mil ny t : ••'barns YUTO. strii'ok by lig'htniiifr iviid.biu-ncd r.eaiv Vhere. ' .lolni Mi-asjoV -lioi^e was KtrucW.'by'ti bolt and MrasU: and a Mirs. ik'M !>von: .seriously iivjuroO.. •••-,: •• AtiThriH! Kivers the sloi'fli-ovaK .of A olonc'iiMttire. The slivi'ts are blnek- led.MVJih t roes that were .ii|iri)Ot«(1j thiv.'rooj of the Me'.hodisi KpineO|ml chu!'Cli..was jisu'tialJy lorn. olT. -anil Hie elcftfiV'liS'ht and ti'lcpbotu^.-. system .L. lie port's vl'miiivthe conn'u-.y east ;\nd west of. Tl:iv< L Itivevs say t,he''.d;unap-c is very lK;a\-y. Fniit tree.s wpr-e. strijipiMl bare: -and many fields oi. corn ave Hat mid iir.e jiroVnbly rniiH'd.'." • ••; • ••'••. : TliK 'section nround Tin tile- Crcsk also rulTiM'ell- severely. Tl'e ll!ir " M'Ml )'9. usc c.1. kar.nom l[arl<liam near tlioro ; were blo\vii tlcnvn and Markliamwas.sevcr.ely jnjnre'cl 1 ., 1 ', , . • •; _. • •'"'STORM." IN ILirifblS. ' iin<t.. Around Mnch D»miiBO ,..'. •' Galena/ 111., '' Galena. July 27. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists of New York have appointed D, A. HA.UK Rsagant for their celebrated'Speotacles and 17 Glasses, ever/pair guaranteed, , ^ ' . D. A. HACK h&s complete assortment andlnvltM aUto aatlsfr tuenuelres of the groat superiority"! tliesegoods OTW : BOT msnnfsctured, at tie store of D. A.^HAUK, Sole agent fpr Log»wport Ind. . , ' Ho Peddlers Supplied. . . ., . alemi'expe- rjencerl'.'anothei- flood 'Sunday night, 1 in mnnv resp.ectij as disastrous n's' ; that' of i wo -months a^o. The almost imbrafatlc luimidity. of the uimosphere Sunday •vas ^followed by u violciit'^'thjinder- Btorni, comm(.'m'inp about' iiui'i? o'clock in the evening- and continuing without cessation until three o'clock ...Monday morning. The storm was general north of Cialenn, and swelling streams caused a rnpid rise of the Galena river, which POOH readied hi^'h watermark, flooding- cellars aaid lower floors of buildings on Commerce and Mail! streets. .Much of the property which Buffered from the !ate flood has been repaired, and was a tecond time wrecked. Iron bridges just. romplc.ted were again washed away, cellars and risterns overflowed, and cornfields nre laid Jow nnd considerable tiamafje to crops is reported The night \vns spent by ritixcns in ]irot(>cting Jiroperty from total clestnielion. The Illinois Central 1 railroad is badly impaired, and trains will run over the Oreat Yl'rstern for a few days. The Xort.rrwestern cannot, run any trains until the road and bridges are rcjiaired. CYCLOMK IN OHIO,' • . TTlnd rinyn Havoc with 1in'llilliw,'Bnt No One Keported KilloAi Cleveland,' 0., July 27. ~ A cyclone Struck Buelah park picnic grounds at D.-30 p. m., Sunday, completely ' flc'sliroj- Sng eight or nine houses', a -largi' tabernacle and other vain-able property. < 5*he loss is estimated ..at . w many thoxisands of dollars. The' gi-bunds \verc well filled with people, but beyond being- soaked by the pouring; rain no one was hnrnied. The storm first struck the water works tower... and demolished it as though.it were a bunch . of sticks. The. large tabernacle. recert- ly erected for the religious cnmp-meet- ings was wrecked; not-a timber-was left standing. A house, was lifted from its foundation and moved 12 feet. The large bridge over the ravine a.t.-Beula?i paiik was carried 200 feet. The chini- ney^s were blown off the Cody, .hotel. Tie. 1 boarders took fright and started (or v -'the tabernacle. Just before they reached it the big building was derool- .ishfid. - 1. 1; , v ' ' • J/any.tcpts used by campers • were blown; away, and the occupants left .without,- p.;.place to sleep. A .heavy rnin the wind. At Beulah Beach,-a'''party of young.mcu and women were -bathing. They were compelled to -make their escape in their bathing suits' as thedr clothes were blown away. At Euclid Beach park the .Crystal maze was damaged to the extent of $300. •' ' . . • During"the storm a tidal wave raised the water four feet, and tlie steamers Duluth 'and Superior were almost blown from the water. DAM AGE AT M'KBESPORT, PA. It I».E«tlrai»ted the Flood*. Have..Canted '•',.'. Loi§ of •aoo.ooq.',' , ' . McKecsport, Pa., July ''27. — The amount of the damage done in this city, and vicinity by the High, water in the Monongahela and. Youg-hiog-hcny rivers Saturday night and.Sunday is estimated at $200,000. ; In the;.town .of Dravosburg-. immedi-' utely opposite ..this city, e^tjlieSMpnon- gahelai, water-covered 1 'the first, floors of no less tlinn 75 bofe'es.'. AJong the' Youghiogheny, between Ninth and Thirteenth streets, and reaching up to Market, .-'street, all the • house/,-; including 1 'the waterwdrkeAwere/flooded.' in-many the second story,.being inundated.' - ' ' '"*"'"'' : ' Monday morning the-.rivers were running full within -their banks, but large, pools of mud and.ivntcr l were,io:Je.seej)' in the bottom lands, Dravosburg pre- ientsa sad appearancc^iindat will tr 1 - «ior>v or two to clean the tolvir/un. Tlie Dewees Wood Planished iron works, which was compelled to shut down, will partially'resume operations in the middle of the •week, but it wil! be throe weeks before they can get the furnace's ready to work full. Train* KunnlliK Again.' • Cumberland, Md., July 27.—The Baltimore & Ohio railroad is now open tc the Ohio river and trains began ru:i- ni'ng- through Sunday. The Parkersburg' branch to Cincinnati,- which suffered' the worst from the Hood, is tl.e only part of the system now closed, A large force of men from Brunswick, Martinsburg and other points are assisting in opening the branch. There- pair work is being- expedited so vapidly that it is thought trains ca.'i go through to Cincinnati very soon. Tivcnty-Kljjlit' Drownoil. Denver, Col.. July 27.—So far as can his ascertained 2S persons lost their lives'in the great floods which swept, clown upon the towns o!' Morrison nnd Golden, in the foothills near this city, l-'riday night.. All tlio Denver people who perished nt Morrison were campers in J-ii.'ar Creel;, canyon: There were many 'morn campers in that vicinity, and it is feared that the loss of life will probably be nnich greater than is now known. Some reports say that when Bear Creek canyon is fully explored it will p7'ob;ib]y be found Hint no It 1 ?.? than !iO people perished in the Hood. Greal'j . anxiety is felt by many families in this |IM ™ 1 ° " vc "" city,"members of which were camping 1 in the mountains. The victims of Friday night's flood were three in. Golden, four in Mount Yemon canyon and 21 near Morrison— making the total 2S. STRIKERS WIN. Brown Hoist and Conveying Works Company Make Concessions. Locked-Out Men Jubilant Over Their Victory — Union Is Recognized and All Men Taken Back. AWFUL DEED OF A LUNATIC. or His Frank Plcrnon Cntu the Thront Futher, Mother "n<l 'HlmNcir. ' Iowa Pulls, la., July :.'".— FranK Pierson, in a fit of insanity, cut, the throats of hi-s Offe'd father and mother iin.l then stabbed his own neck early Monday morning-. Before beginning; his work the maniac hud started a fire in a trunk filled with combustibles in his room upstairs, with the evident intention of 'cremating 1 the bodies of his intended victims. .The father was only slightly wound-. ed, but the mother is in a- precarious condition. ... . • . . The lunatic cut his own throat from ear to ear, partially severing the windpipe, but, strange to sny.-is-still living, though the surgeons consider his re- coverv 1 doubtful. ' The would-b* murderer" was but recently discharged from the asylum at Independence. Albert, n. brother of Frank, committed suiclde ; in Chicago last spring. ;' : ' .'V REVOLT GROWING': TnrkUh Authorities Greatly Concerned Over UprUlaff In Macedonia. London, July 27.— Advices received here are to the effect that the rising- in Macedonia against Turkish-authority is rapiillyWssvuning a more than usually threatening aspect, and that. :the disaffection-is spreading-. -in ThessaJonia. A number" of Greeks have gone to the aid <H the, rebels tind have been received witl'i enthusiasm by the Macedonians A revolutionary committee at Larissa is almost openly engaged in the work of •uncoiling 1 volunteers for service in the rebel' ranks. The ports charges that the Greek government is conniving- at the attempts of the insurgents to over- 1 throw Turkish rule 'in Macedonia, and that noncommissioned officers and pri rates of the Greek army, are among those who are aiding the rebels. The porte claims that these Greeks arc join ing the Macedonians ic disguise, Cleveland, 0., July 27. — The Jirown Hoist & Conveying works lockout is ended. This is a virtual victory for the men. The proposition oi : - the company as accepted is'to remove the blacklist and Ljnpioy all union men. irrespective of the part they have taken in the (.rouble :>t. the works. The action On tin' part of the men was unanimous. The union is recognized am] the men will get, holidays mid pay ami a half for all over time 1 . Monday morning; the men an to apply, for work and be put on by Supi'i iiu-.'inifiM Ki'ss as fast, ns work wi! : w.irraiil until all are employed. Committees arc 10 be org-.iii- iy.ecl when a ^-rii-vance common to ail o£ OiuMrad.M-sists. i:ol!i I he Drowns, stale arbitrators and men are jubilant at a harmonious si'ftlemrnt of the labor war which has iiilraeii-d so iniieli aterntion. l-'ayi'tti Tlmwn came downstairs and :o reporters, lie said iie had enough free advertisi:i;r and del-lined to be interviewed. VVhen the s-c'l i'.einein was reported ny the comit- ree to the locked L-III mefi ir was agreed with a r.hoer ihat could be hoard blocks away. WITHIN OUR BOKDEfiS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. RESIGNATIONS A-SKED FOR. t'breo American Coniiuln Whoso Sorvlcei Are Not MatlnfactorJ. Washington, July 27:'-^ While th'o siate. department has, not yet received the resignations of three consuls that have been cabled' for recently, there is no longer any secret that, those of Edward 1?. C.' Hammond; Bucla-Pcsth; Marshall P. Thatcher, at Windsor, Ontario.' and Henry C. Smith, at Santos, r.rn/il, Will be promptly forthcoming. 'The coincidence in these resignations being' called for just atihe present time is entirely accidental. They tire locatecl outside of tho'distrie'ts recently inspected with a view to improving the service, and the requests .for resignations are 'due to complaints coming from their respective -posts.. Tfone of them has 'rendered satisfactory services since his -appointment. ,'_,. RACE WAR IN FLORIDA. Four White Sl'en and Tw.o iscgroes Reported. Klll«d. Jasper, Flo., July 127.— It is. reported thai u nice war has occurred about 15 miles east b.f here, in which six men were killed' nnd' seven seriously wounded. . The. tragedy is said to have taken place at Haggard's, '.'turpentine still, •where many negroes are employed. It "'is : 'reported that the colored men gave o party, and while; : it was in progress a number- of white men intruded and the shooting- resulted.' -A posse of white men left here •Sini'day, 'night -for the scene pi the tragedy; in#iJ! -the reports -of the affair are folind to be true further trouble is expected;. __ 27.~Sewer .St Joseph, : , gas at tlie West 'Michigan children's home located in.thi^.c'ity .caused the .death of two children (Sunday. Another thild, two of.the^nurses.ana matron, Mrs. Clark, are in a.prec.-u-ious condition from the same cause. An investigation of tfie plumbingldisclosed.the fact that several plpes4ending-.to -the sewer bad been loft disconnected.-'' The house has been abandoned tcropprawly. MURDEROUS SEAMEN. S.'njurs "l Cnpr. Niish. Hl< \Vlfo nn<I Second Mut« Brought l» KoHlon. r.'jstnn. .Tilly 27. — The riant line steamer liiil't'ax. from 1'rince Kdward Island ,,nd Halifax, arrived Monday niorniiK;-. havinp-'ainong the passengers '.Male-I'.ram, Seaman iJrown. .Steward Spi peer. Mr. Ltijter Monks and five seamen from the barkentino Herbert Fuller, which put into Halifax Tuesday with dipt. Xash, Mrs. Nash and Second Mate T.ra in berg m.trdi'red.. Officer Thomas Kline, of Halifax,: accompanied the pr..som'i-s and. turned them Over to To- lii'e Captain Cain, ,of Division 3, who with- J") men was at.-the wharf when the vessel arrived, it being expect oil by the police that u large crowd would be present. There wen 1 many there, but there was no demonstration., Tht; prisoners were handcufTed, while Mr. Monks was allowed to go to his home. The men were taken to Station 1, where they were booked and given 'T>reaKfaKt.-vfb!lowing;which they were escorted by a sergennt'nnd a number of officers to the United States court, ar niigned and held for further action Lester Monks later returned and was present with his father. BEARS IMPORTANT DISPATCHES Col. Oupcde* »n<l Ten-Oilier Men E»c»pe from Culm ID an Open Boat. Nassau, N. P., July 27. — Col. Cespedes, of the insurgent forces in Cuba, who is''wounded, nnd ten other men arrived here Monday in an open boat. They were five days out from Xeuvitas, and are bound for >"ew York. They will take a steamer from this port. Col. Ccspcdes is the bearer of dispatches from the insurgent government to the Cuban junta in New York. In the party is G rover. Flint, the correspondent of the New York Journal, who was for some time with the. rebels in the field. Coming from a yellow fever port, all -the members of the party were quarantined. FIFTY KILLED. Dreadful R»llroad\ Acclrtont In India— Natlvoi tile TictInn. Bombay, July 27.—A bad accident, resulting in the losslo'f 50 lives, has occurred on the railway between thisctty- and Delhi. The train, was running at a good speed when it was thrown from the rails and iv number of the ooachca were wrecked. Most of the killed were natives. . Young Man and Womiin Killed. Malone, N. Y., July 27.—As Levi Sancomb, aged 16 years, and Nellie Buchy, ag-cd i8'"years, of \Chateaugay, N. Y., were ,driving home from Burk on Saturday night, where ttey had be^n attending a show, the vehicle in which they were riding was struck by an express train on the Og'dtnsburg & Lake Cliamplnin railroad at a crossing two miles west of Cluiteaugay. Both were instantly killed. The h'orsc was also kifled and the wagon was completely demolished. • Nevr ^'ertioy llijpubltamt* Aloet. Newark, N. J.. July 27.—The execu- tive«ommittee of the state republican comntittec met in secret session at noon. The committee will set August 27 as .the date for. holding the convention. 5ti Trenton for the selection of presidential e]ectors\and .decide the basU.of representation ,in that body. Garrett A. Hobart is not expected to attend tlie meeting. . Three Killed'b> G«» ExplonKm. Potteville.'Pa.^Ji'ily 27, — By an explosion of gas at theBearKidgecolliery Monday morning Micliael Braziel, Prcs- ;on Hill end WilJiam QAinn.-fire boss of Conner's Patch, Av^Xe killed, and James Mahaney. of Girardfyill'e, was injured perhaps fatally. Ilohcadod by BoUor Eiplosloft. Canton, 0., July 2,i—Henry Ketter- ng, A machinist, wai- instantly killed Afondiij- by a boilei][exploding- in his, ihop'. '"iTisTliaad wastompletely severed' iron) the body. Thejshop was wrecked: Hoy* Atxluctud from Home. South J>nd. Ind., July 27. — While rounding up a gang of tramps supposed to have had a luuid in the robbery of Zcllncr's hardware store, the police ran across u-n men accompanied by two boys aged 12 aixl 13 years. They were token to the police station, where the boys wore registered as George Meredith, of .Ma.iu-hestor. V:i.. a.nd Dick Gref, of JPadui-ah, Ky. They said they were the sons of poor parenis and had been abducted by Bennett and Stephens and compelled to accompany t.hcin on begging tours around tlie eoiiiiuy. IVlu'ii the two men were searched six dollars was found upon IVnneU's person and $27 upon Stephens'. The boys said the men had about $.100 secreted on their persons. Chief Cawsidy compelled Bennett to take off a wooden leg he wore. In it was found a compart men t containing a letter box, and in this was $23.). >'o Occasion for KxcJT.emenl. Indianapolis, Ind.. July 27.—Judge Woods, of I he t.'niu-d States circuit court of appeals, did not see Gov. Mat- ihews' criticism of '.he action of the court with 1-efm'ncp to the Foj'sylhe .•iniiexation by the city of Hammond until Saturday. "Th.> governor is right." s:-id .'fudge Woods, "in claiming 1li!it there has never been an injiinelion. Judge r.iiki:r refused to issue an injunction. The deuision of the court of appeals was that it ought to have been granted, but that, opinion has never been certified to the court below. The mandate was ordered withheld until October next, that the supreme court might 'be. applied to for the writ of certiorari. There is certainly no present occasion for excitement on the subject." Very Mnrb Litigation. Ligon:er. Ind.. July 27. — Over 100 casi-.-s are now pending in the Klkhart circuit court against the Old People's Insurance company, and the removal of 'the company to Washington has been followed by the collapse of a sister in- st.iuition at Syracuse. X. V. The management of the New York company was closely associated with the Klkhart county concern and the statement is made that, several hundred additional suits will be filed within the next ten days. Fraud is alleged and sensational developments arc promised. The claims for judgments now aggregate $7!),000. The company had a large clientage in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. . ^ • . FoUoncd by Ice Cream. Anderson, Ind.. July 27.—At the wedding least in honor of the marriage ol Miss Cora Fish and Wallace Stewart at Ing-alls, this county, the guests were oil made ill by eating- ice cream which had become poisoned in some aysterfc ous manner, possibly in the coloring that was used. They became very sick. The weaker ones faJnted and are still in a serious condition. Doctors were called and administered emetics and antidotes. None of the cases wilt prove fatal. • • Drowned in Cedar Lake. Crown Point, Ind., July 27.—Mr, Briggs, a Chicago real estate dealer, wa» drowned in Cedar lake Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. His boat capsized in front of the Sigler house before several hundred people and he went down ct once and did not reappear. Nearly n dozen people dragged for his body for. two hours, but failed to find it, Th« waves became so strong the men wera forced to g-ivc up the search. The water is IS feet deep. Valuable nor««» Horned. Whiting, Ind.. July 27.—The barns of the For-sythe track were totally destroyed by J3re Saturday night. The horses Amanda, Elizabeth B., Margaret B., Lady Wentworth and Adam Amack, the property of M. J. Rogers, of Chicago, and valued at $3,500 were burned to death. The total loss is about $35,000. The origin of the fire is thought to have been incendiary^ Farmer* Fight Toll Koad«. Indianapolis, Ind., July 27.—The farmers of Grant county are in open rebellion ng' ainst to11 roads ' and ata meeting 320 of the most prominent entered into a league to ignore tollgate-keepen and fig-ht the payment of tolls to the bitter end. To Stop the Sale of Clr«r<>ttes. Decatur Ind., July 27.—At a meet- Ing of the city council it was decided to check the sale of cigarettes in thir city by charging "a license of $250 fo» each retailer. This will in a)2 probability stop the sale of that article in thi» city. ' Waltz Question Become! Serious. English, Ind., July 27.—William Craft - nhot and instantly killed August Streigle during a row at a dance at Schnellville, a rural town in Dubois county. The men fell out over the question of the propriety of waltzing. Portland, Vte., July 27.—A letter oi withdrawal has been given out by Hon. Howard B. W'inslow, of this city, who last month was nominated as the democratic candidate for governor. It says that a-s <-h<i writer was nominated on a platform which declared for the single "•old standard, and as the national plat-' form adopted at Chicago is decidedly opposed to that idea, .it is evident thai if lie wishes to secure the vote of the democratic party in the state he would be obliged to harmonize with both g«id and. silver platforms, and that be can not do under any circumstance!. •_.- j

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