Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 22, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1897
Page 21
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JOHN BRflY'S Holiday Handkerchiefs Is, as usual, the mo>t beautiful shown in ^e city. It is only necessary for ug to announce our annual holiday "hdkt" sale, as you know from experience our's is the place to buy. A. S. Everett, A.M ,M.D. Practice limited to Dyspepsia and the rational treatment of Chronic Gastric and Intestinal Disorders. Consultation and Prescriptions by mail. Flat E,, 0158, Greenwood, Avc, Chicago, Ills. OIL AT WALTON. The Chicaga Company Finds the Fa- Fluid. iwuranoe ana Lews. All kinds of Insurance and Bond, written In flrBt claaa companies. Money to loan 8 per cent, S. M. Closson.319 Pearl St. INSURANCE Of all kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. • L10\ LMRE Physician. Office in House, Cor. '" " Thirteenth and North streets, Professional calls answered promrtly. E. H. DENTAL PARLORS, 816 Market Street. New Aluminite Rubber Plates. DR. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store. Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. Logansport Messenger Service. H A MOO RE has put uoon the streets i a »"d ' Trenton Bock Penetrated Eleven Feet and OH Rises One Hundred Feet. Oil at Walton. The search for the famous fluid has been made in the right place. The Chicago oil and gas company drilled in its well oj toe Bumgarner lot at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Indications of oil were abundant before the sand was reached. The crisp December air had an oily smell. At 3 o'clock this afternoon the Trenton rock bad been penetrated to a depth of eleven feet and the oil had risen 100 feet in the well and the indications are said to be ood for a profitable producer. Dr. H. A. Alford, of Peru, is president of he company and much of the stock 9 owned by Chicago capitalists who will put lots of money Into the field. The well is located west of the Pan- landle road and nearly opposite the 'anbandle station. •Ity. Lea i' Borders at Eel River Livery Barn, «M Phone No 88 NowNo New Undertaker s. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fit ttScStnwi made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324, PEARL STREET. Dr- Ex- S- Hutit, —DENTIST— C U Telephone No. sss. on Fourth McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY FHABQB WEDNESDAY, DEC. 32, IS97._ GITY" N.RWS Fancy gum drops 5c Ib—Traut. Fine palms and ferns—Newby. Fancy candy boxes at Quigley's, Children's leggings at Malben's. Six pounds good raisins for 25c— McCaffrey. Full box of Christmas tree candle. 8c, at Foley's. Mary A. Gordon has been divorced from Everett Gordon. We have some elegant pocket books for holiday trade.—Johnston's drug store. For Xmas presents buy shoes, and the bankrupt store is the place.— Walden. j. C. Bridge has in stock a splen did assortment of fine pianos To: Christmas trade—410 Broadway. All our furs, cloth capes and jack ets are marked in plain figures, and we offer you i off of marked prices on any o? them—Bee Hive. Painter West, father of Attorney James West, is afflicted with a can •er which recently made Its appear anoe in front of his left ear. Mr West Is 81 years of age, and Is at present residing with his daughter Mrs. Yernon, In Washington town •hip. Aside from the cancer, he ha teen enjoying good health. JOHNSTON'S NICE WAY. s Such as to Make Him Popular With Prison Officials 'orther Investigation of Prison Management by the Indianapolis Sews. The special correspondent of the ndianapolis News who i» making an nvestlgatlon of the treatment ac- orded prisoners at the Columbus Denitentiary, contributed another olumn yesterday prison affairs and ncidentally speaks of the privileges •ranted John F. Johnson. He states hat -'Johnson does not have to march in the squads with the other )rlsoners. He does not associate with the other prisoners at all. un- ess with prisoners of his same class, nd except that, he is deprived of his iberty, he fares as well as he would utslde. He is in every respect a model prisoner, and by his actions ias won the respect of all the officers and guards." "The Indiana colony," be says, "is a pretty good sized one, and all its members seem to be doing well, from a convict's stand-point. The United itates prisoners are not compelled to jo certain kinds of work, and thus bey fare better than the ordinary un of convicts, but none of tbem ares as well as John F. Johnson." The Investigation that has been set foot, la due largely to reports *hlch have gone out from this city etting forth that Juhnson had been ^ranted privileges of an extraordinary character—that he was permit- led to go outside the prison walls un- iccompanled by a guard, &c. Mr. Emmett the marble dealer was quoted by the Keporter as saying that on a visit to the prison Johnson was permitted to accompany him for several squares. Mr. Emmett insists that he was misquoted and stated to ihe Pharos today that he told Mr. Small Jhortly afterward at Twell's cigar store that he had misquoted 3im and that he ought to correct it. Mr. Small srates that Johnson accom- Daniedhim"aplece" down the walk on nis departure from the prison and that the impression was left on His mind that -'9 piece" meant several squares There is where the whole trouble comes in. The distance of''a piece" is indefinite.There would have been no trouble if the reporter for the Reporter had made no jflort to expand this indefinite phrase. It should serve as a lesson to reporters and hereafter when some men walks -'a piece" with another man it should not be interpreted to mean "several squares." Death of J. A. J. Popfj«y. Yesterday Kev. B. E. Shaner was called to Eockfield, Indiana, to conduct tbe funeral services of John Andrew Jackson Popejoy. loter ment was made at the Mount Nebo church, about two miles from Camden. He was born in Clinton county, Ind., Feb. 22, JS35, and died Dec. IS, 1897, aged 62years, 9 months and 26 days. He was married to Mary Jane Norrls, May 25, 1856, She died Dec IS, 1S59. He was married again to Nancy Rosella McAdams, Aug. 11,18131. There were two children by the first marriage ana eleven by the second, of whom eight are still living. He was a member of the Lutheran church and was made a Master Mason in September, 1S92. Members of the order from Camden and vicinity attended the obsequies. His death was sudden and unexpected, and the family very keenly feels Its loss. He was a" kind and affeclonate husband and dearly loved his family and was a frlet?d to all who knew him. Toe Weather. Fair tonight; Thursday Increasing cloudiness, warmer with snow flnr rle«. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Fine candies at Quigley's. !Newby'8 for fresh cut flowers. Fancy holly wreaths at Foley's. Candied cherries 50c Ib—Traut. Christmas slippers at Maiben's. Fancy stick candy 5c Ib—Traut. Box candles ioc. up. — Wright & Button. Candy, from the best to the cheapest, at Foley's. Mixed nuts, the best quality of them, 10s Ib—McCaffrey. Mrs Samuel Beck of Walton is a guest of Mrs. A. P. Flynn. Dlmet ftinnel night robes, soft and warm at Will Murdock's. Visit Henderson & Sons ware rooms and see the fine display of furniture. Ttie full Mandolin orchestra will play for the Knights of Pythias dance tonight. Lewla Kistler, a. former citizen of Logansport, now of Rochester, was in the city today. The daughters of Dr. Joseph (?. Rogers will give a German at Long Cliff next week, Frank Parker, SOD of E T. Parker, is home for the holidays from musical school at Chicago. Visit our china department. You can easily save 25 per cent on fancy goods—Trade Palace. Charles Sine is home for the holiday vacation from Island Park military schnol at Chicago. Edgar Powell had a severe fall on the icy ground and injured his back, but is able to be at his store. The Mocks of Adamsboro, are in tbe divorce court. Mary E is the plaintiff, and she demands $5,000 alimony. Mart Elliott, with two assistants, shced forty-four horses Saturday, and on Monday forty-five horses were turned out. Mrs. Amelia Swants, of Fourteenth street, fe 1 ! Monday evening, in the yard at his home and fractured one of his ribs. Missp.s Clara and Bertha Greensfelder will entertain about forty of their young friends tomorrow even- Ing at their home on Market street- South Bend Times. "The Misses Anna and Nora Harrington and Rose Humphreys have returned to their homes in Logansport to remain permanently." License^ to wed: Willard N. W aid and May B. Fox, Charles L. Wood and Minnie M. Countryman, Alfnrd W. VanSteenberg and Edna M. Wright. „ A wonderful chance before Christmas i off on all furs, cloth jackets and capes, Everything marked in 3laln figures. Do your own figuring. —The Bee Hive. Max Mattes, the muslcia n, is home 'rom a trip through Texas, Alabama and Louisiana. His father, Prof flattes, is engaged in scenic painting at theatres in New Orleans. The grand jury of Kosciusko county has been summoned for Janu ary 3 to investigate the Milford bank robbery case, which contemplates ihe implication of local parties The ice on Eel river is four and a half inches thick. Chris Jeannerette says the quality is tbe best that he has seen in years. He will begin cut- ,ing just as soon as it is six inches thick. Tbe Eighteenth street bridge was opened for teams for the first time since the beginning of the improvements, two months ago. The bridge has been supplied with a new steei floor system. Tbe congregation of the Universal 1st church is mafcing an effort to se jure the return here of Rev. T. S Guthrie, former pastor of tbe church The indications are favorable for his coming back, Henry Gaspen, engineer at Ash 5 Hadley's furniture factory, and re siding on Melbourne avenue, was lef' a handsome legacy oy the death of i relative in Switzerland, and has al ready received a part of ihe money There was a nelectric spark at the home of Clarence Custer assistant city electrician, this morning. It, is a girl baby, and when she grows to womanhood there will be '-sparking" at the Custer home and a general increase of electric light bills. Miss Veffa Banta is tbe happy recipient of a handsome stick pin surmounted with a beautiful nugget of pure gold presented by her cousin F. W. Moore, of Prescott, Arizona. Tnis shows that' 'Moore" people are "adopting the gold standard." The wife of a Logansport editor lost a Sne muff last winter and not unt'l a, few days ago did she discover any traces of it. Then she learned that it had been found at church and was awaiting an owner. The minister and his wife had made efforts to find the owner but without avail. After they gavefher the muff and the matter had been talked over thoroughly, the thought came to her that her husbandjwas a funny fellow else he would have advertised for the lost article. If his theory is correct that advertising pays, he should hare tried XMAS HOLIDAY SUPPERS! -PRESENTS. Best Patterns! Best Fabrics! Very Best Styles! such a disnlar be- We never had fore and that's saying display enough fos the shoe trade, we are headquartears on slippers. You will rob yourself If you purchase elsewhere. We bank our reputation on our good goods at reasonable prices. Call and see us before you buy. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, You ' are safe in buying your Shoes at WILLEY'S D/BH SHOE STORE, as the*quality is the BEST and rou are sure of getting the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. Third and Market Sts. »»»*<»»++•»•»•«•»< j BETTER TIMES. * Many Business men want office help. Frequent calls for bookkeepers and stenographers, t.arpe number or our students have taken positions recently • - - - gupinepp Is "beadquartere for office belp. Bus!" ne«S men of our own and of other cities, send to us when in need ol bookkeepers or stenographers. If you want lo secure a position aitcnd Qllege. Broadway and 6th Sts. Logansport Ind. C. .F. .MOOSE. Fres't. Tailor and Draper, BETWEEN ONE THING in* ANOTHER we manage to turn out the beat fitting, exquisitely finished and distingue suits of clothing to te M*n in Logansport. We take <piiM to select the latest *nd handsomest fabrics for your Mfectlon. Just now we are making nobby taita in soft finished worsteds, oh«T»oto, tweeds, c&ssimeres, and English mel- ton, beaver and kersey OTeroo*ta, lined with silk, at prices that can't be matched. Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St A GUS BDBSTEI) Yesterday in ihe Hands of Willard Thomas. A double barreled shotgun bursted yesterday, in tbe hands of Willard Thomas, son of Dr. C. L. TLomas, Luckily Willard escaped with a "light injury to one of bis hands. He was hunting north of the city when the accident occurred. RATHER it htmself. • And the Brother McSheeby. cigars are on The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock include* all the leading makes. My tenm are easy, and there is no ticuse for being out of a good sewing machine n the house., The old stand A Committee of Logansport Citizens la-1 vestlgate a Chicago Industry. A committee of Logansport citizens, somposed of Judge Dykeman, Superintendent Walton, of the Panhandle, Judge 'Nelson, I. N.Craw- ford, Jobn E. Barnes and Fred' A. Dykeman, visited Chicago last Monday to investigate the standing and presentcondition of a manufacturing concern, which will shortly change its location to some city In the vicinity of Chicago. For obvious reason the name of the concern is not given, but It may be said that the industry is a cesirable one and that it gives employment to 1,000 people. It is such a manufacturing establishment as would add greatly to the growth and prosperity of Logansport. The members of the committee after a careful Inspection of the bus! ness of the concern are unanimously in favor af doing everything possible to secure its location here. At whatever point the firm may decide to locate a stipulated donation in land and cash will be required. A representative of the company will be in Logansport next month to look around and learn what Inducements we have to offer in the way oj railway facilities, manufacturing sites and educational advantages. 1C favorably impressed with what he sees and learns while Here, the prospect of securing the plant will be greatly improved. It is be- llered that with concerted effort. on the part of our citizens, the sum required to secure the location of the 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSETT Can THR TAILOR Suit You in Style and Prices. "I'LL WALK "With any Nigger, A'int C'arin' His Figure, \Y lint's 1'se "Tantalizln Ways Don't C-iunf, if •Got L«t.s of Room''—The 'Jake Walk. The much-talked-of colored cake walk occurred at the rink last night, and it was not even a burlesque on the real thing. The affair was arranged by Chafes Jones, a local bar- her, and Prof. (?) Robinson acted as master of ceremonies. Five couples participated, and, with the exception of one woman, all reside at Marion. There were nearly 200 people (black and white) present to witness the entertainment. The opening number was by a quartette, whose voices blended about as smoothly as would the tones of .a grind organ and a fog horn. Nekt came an exhibition of buck and wing dancing by little Miss Gertie Worthington and Master Clifford Robinson, which was fairly good. J. P. Sebastian, James McKague and A. D. Fdnsler were chosen as judges of the cake walk. Clifford Robinson and Gertie Worthington was the only couple who kept step during the walk, and the cake was awarded to them. Although the judges did not take the precaution to ask the walkers to disarm before announcing their decision, they escaped violence. AMUSEMENTS. plant can be difficulty. raised without much Tuesday, Dec. 28th. __ Edw. E. Rice's Superb Spectacle "IS IS TO' LAUGH" " The Girl ~~~ From Paris MA'"N7 F1CENT 8CKNTJHT, GORGEOUS COSTUMES. EXCELLENT CAST, 1 BEAUTIFUL CHORUS. I SO PEOPLE. 1COOVTGHTS ATTHE DUKE OF YORK THE ATE H. London 300 NIGHTS AT THK HERALD ?OUAHE THEATER, NEW YOHK. GREATEST PRODUCTION of Many Seasons—Far Snr- passing in Splendor Rite's Past Triumphs "Evangeline"—• "Ii92"—Excelsior. Jr."—and Little Christopher. JUKKKT* Rewired Daily by W. W. Mitaw, at 6. A. R. Bolldfe*. Chicago, Dec. 22, 188T, Wheat—For Dec. opened. S9Je; rte'-y again by , challenging James i high, 99}c; low, »8fc; closed, 98ic. O'Neil, a prominent attorney of At- Wheat—May, opened 93Jc; clo«ed, - - • " ' Stein is! Bos Challenged a Georgia Attorney to Figtit a Duel. Orth Stein has jumped into noto- lanta, Ga., to fight anuel. the editor and proprietor of '•The Looking Slass,"published at Atlanta. He published an accusation against O'Neil and the latter slapped his face. Stein pulled a gun, but was prevented from shooting. Both men were put under bonds to keep the peace. While in court O'Neil's attorney, Harvey Johnston, «-U. S. consul to Antwerp, called up Stein's record and the latter again polled his gun. As matters now stand, Stein has challenged O'Neii, and Johnston has challenged Stein, and both challenges hare been accepted. The case of the ittte against John and Elmer Hatcb for Che -alleged theft of m horse from McClure of Adams township was OB trial in 'Squire fender's court this afternoon. 92ic. Corn—For May, opened,, high, 29Jc; low, 29Jc; closed, 2H @29i, Oats—May opened, 22}@fc; high. 22|@fc; low, 22J@fc; closed, 22{£ Hogs—Market opened 5 ctnU lower and closed at a decline. B«- ceipte of hogs. 47,000; estimated tomorrow, 42,000. Mixed, I3.35@J.62; heavy, S3.27@I3.50; rough, •S,£6£ 3.30; light, »3.27 ©13,50. Receipts of cattle, 12,000; •beep, 10,000. Curb, 93o; puti, 92f-Jc; talk, 93|-Jc. OMB ir Seventeen citizens of took aivaotage of the era" rates offend by tb« and left today for Bouok*, Tsv

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