The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1950
Page 13
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•LTTHBTILLl (ARK.)' ODTTRTra Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams r THf TOOLS AkT HOSE ARE AIXUS TRKflW i pe<2F>L,e, so I'M eoitrW A RACK FOR. "EM M THIS WASTE SFXCE.' MOVE DP A LITTLE SO I CAN TELL HOW *NJCN -» ALLOW FE7E.TH' CAR-- SPACE WH6W 1(v , DRIVING/ I'M SITTHVt& KI6HT HERE TILL SCO CUT AT LEAST TWO FEET Off TH«T--'*XI MAV ^ WWV CARPER *XJR kUTCHEW A , SCALE TUlrtKER, AREN'T YOU? l^efSTOR,ASTBONOME PIGURE WIZARD /HMP/IP OU MAOe IO COPS FOR. 25 CEKlTS MXJ'D THE SAME A^ SOT -TV^KT THOUGHT tfOULDW'T THOSE S^\l6Ki LASERS FAT?.'- THIS TS IH MY Mew'HOOPlfc UOT i flOT ' VCrtTORE ~ 100 CUPS COST *"0 TOMAtys.THUS 2 ceurs PER COP-— WHY MOTHERS GET <5RAY FOR SALE Concrete culvtrlj, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenfnrced. Also Concrete Building Blocks ctu>:ip- tr than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WE BUY SND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FARM LOANS Cates Wiggs Co. REALTORS Phone 2751 :. BljtheTill* Marriott KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp 'YOUR FRIENDLY' MAGNOLIA DEALER Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 fili Chickasawba {/FRANK R.ADAMS / COM. )WO lYNtASTKVICI IHC •I-HK STOHV, 3rr Kf ,,, F.titr: "ILinil, nliird out \m butll*. \m hnmr. IMII tbc- , Hrn d4)n T t know »>•>•. A. Kl>"«l«. I he, .vjurh > Clrl. JlnriElr l.llu. nlm.J»I drnivu, l«ul i:<lilU-'» Jon Muki", ikr unl7 rrt-lilure wKo r ,, n n «. r Kdillt-'B •quart, Mivr* tirr. Credit rnr the rest-He r» Uken bj- • matt namfd j\J AX helped Margie Lou slip her dress over her damp and sand- covered bathing suit. He was rather adroit at it "It's lucky I got my first gander al^you wearin' a bathin 1 suit," he said critically. "I might never have fell tor you like I have." Margie Lou was still too dazed (o take ollense at the easy familiarity of the man's manner. When she tried to stand up she was wobbly. "I'll carry you, Baby," Max said and picked her up. "I've got a car over on the road to take you home in." •. Eddie and Duke followed them and, after a moment, the rest of the squad [ell in as an escort. Duke, guided by Eddie, climbed right into the car and sal down on the seal between Margie Lou and the driver. Max didn't like that and was all for kicking Duke out. But when he saw that Margie wanted the pup to go along he subsided wilh fair grace. The other uninvited passengers —all 12 of them—rode the fenders, the hood, the bumpers and the folded-back lop. It was not much more crowded than a jeep on maneuvers. Max piloted hii convertible coupe with its crowd of passengers to the place where Margie Lou lived. It was a shabby, grimy frame house, once painted yellow but now faded and soot-covered to mere dinginess.' When the car stopped Jake Snyder said, "Say, Eddie, my folks live right around the corner. How's about me stopping by to see 'cm white we're so near?" Eddie considered. "Sure," he decided finally. "All you guys had better scatter and visit your families while you got a chance. We got no idea how long before we'll be ordered out of this town." "Gee," said Jake, "do you suppose we'll still get pushed around just like we was still in the Army?" "You ARE still in the Army," Eddie admonished him, "until we hear different. I'm dismissing you until 10 tonight." "Taps?" Jake inquired. "I don'l know about taps. Maybe we don't need any sleep. But we'll assemble at Alf's Place. I'll tell you what the orders are then. Beat it!" All obeyed but Carl and Joe. "I've already b«en home," Carl reminded his friend and superior. "Sorry, Carlo," Eddie said. "You stick with me, then, but how about you, Joe?" Joe shrugged his shoulders. "Where would I go? I don't live in this town, you may remember. I've seen all I want to see of it already. I'll just hang around and help you with your love affair. It looks to me. like you're going to need help." • • • VJARGlp; LOU was explaining k> A Max that she lived in the upstairs part of the house which had been converted into a separate flat. She started toward a flight of rickety stairs leading to the second floor from outside. "I can get along all right now," Margie Lou said when Max followed her. "Wouldn't think of leaving you now, Baby," Max declared masterfully. "By righU I really ought to carry you up." "No, no," Margie Lou protested. "It would shock Atuit Ellen if she saw you bringing me home like that. Aunt Ellen has a bad heart. You mustn't even mention that anything has happened to me. Ft would give her a bad spell I'm okuy now anyway." Carl, Joe, Eddie and Duke were close behind. Margie Lou dealt with the dog. "You can't come in, Duke," she home, that's a good doggie. Aunt Ellen doesn't like dogs." "Gcc," said Max, "ain't that your hound?" "No," Margie Ix>u admitted regretfully, "but 1 wish he was." She knocked on the door. "Everybody has to knock so is not to slnrtle Aunt Ellen." There was a stir on the oilier side of the door, a considerable interval of coughing and then a doleful leminine voice. "Come in." '"THE principal piece at furniture in the front room was a wooden bed piled high with rumpled patch-work quills and comforters undernealh which reposed in a semi-reclining position a. heavy- Kit, pasty faced woman with un- brushed hair wearing an untidy bathrobe. This wat Mn. Denslow—Aunt Ellen. Margie lx>u introduced Max whose last name turned out to be Lengel—he supplied lh« information himself when Margie Lou hesitated. "I'm a neighbor," h« said, "and I gave your girl her* a ride back from the beach." • Eddie, Carl and Joe, of course, were strictly camouflaged background. v , Aunt Ellen seemed to welcome company. "1 get very tired of being alone, Mr. Lenge], bul a woman with a heart like mine that may Pop any minute can'l gel oul and do the things she want« to do. 1 just have to lie here neglected day after day and suffer. Margie, il's past time for my heart medicine. You're late but 1 sup pose youth must have its Bing. l'i._ just a seldom remembered duty. But it won't b« long. Then you can go gallivanting •!! over with never a thought of coming home once in a while to see if the sad, uncomplaining wreck you left all by herself is still breathing or lying flat on her face in a pool of blood where she tried to get up and wait on herself." (To Be IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . IT'S PATRIOTIC • » . tfl keep your ahoe* in good repair , . becanM SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR H-flLTCRS I •1/OLfTY SHOC SHOP IZI W. M « I M ST. SHEET METAL WORK— OF ALL KINDS Custom work fur gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up (o 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South 'Broadway Phone 2651 FRIEND FARMER P]" 1 '"* mn<1 operating an automobile afford! x lot of pleainre, Wt tnere !s much danger on Ihe road. The ha^.ird is Ion jreat a MSR— with your lite, estate, and savings at slake. Whj run the rls* when we can prolccl yon for S5.DOO/10,000 Liability »5 00« Property Damage for only S2.1.38 per year. Just Coll W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phon* 3361 ARGUS CAMERAS We've jn*l_ been appointed your escliufre • gency In Blytheville (or Arcnj Camera! See our complete selection. Including the famed Ars« C3 »nd Arjoflex. Come In today. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 3647 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. for dependable Repair Service • 121 East Main Phone 2122 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) FRECKLES AND HIg FRIENDS BY MERRILL Step UB, I,*** f sow Of suAcrrsiae wru- mootety MI W ' UWS CCHJSMJSMiY our TUe GIRLS ......... WEIL,* f ,5 " Yep/ WOULD *>u L*e f^ Tae P NTI<«ST f HOW ABOUT STARTING WITH THE , MEN? . ——— "Did you read this article, Mr, Ross, about how tha ten- cent tip is rapidly RISCLLA'S POP Q. «nd A. Dcpt. i BY AL VERMEER TODAY T. DID JUST AS MOM TOLD THAT'S NICE; BUT WHY AREN'T YOU DOWN HERE PLAYING WELL, WELL! AND HAS MV LITTLE AN6EL BEEN A GOOD GIRL? Hook, Line and HOWMUCW /MONEY CO SOU Kite TO COMPETE HALF THtMVXK^ CAPTAIN EASY Not Quite Kid of Her BY LESLIE TURNEH »UT WHY WOULD ». X PUWJO. BUT SHfe'S WWWCD, SWBET LITTLE KID like \ AND THEBE'S NOTHING TO HER LIE ».BOuT HIM IcOUFIEM HER STOW. US 301W BEESEfcK. *He»J 2 «UST SE mU»T W TEUW. frH6 JILTED HIM ? VOU CAM GO MOM \ GREAT... NOW I'M SOU. INCIPEWTALLVAziD O'MER. FOB •\GOODl I'VE MISSED TH' GRL WAS 3USr /MY TKNM, BUT L SEEU CATCH IMG /IVWE AW EERAMD A TRMM L A. TO RUN HOWDY, MZ.KOOtlTr.r WeU,WHAT AM AMAZWIS i CAMS TO etr —/ iwcow«y. CAPTAW £*•*>. VOUB FIANCM SAW «WU FtU DOWN A MANHOLt TOOftV AND (80KB iOTM IKS' roe POUOS STATION ~ TH' IMPORTANT THINS IN VBR F1HST LSS50N IS T' DO BVlRVTHtKKi I DO.' GST IT, PITUNIA1 "It happens every lime / go by GFNERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORAT/ON. My pos- mngcrs bust outa here like mad to get helpful service on financial problems!" ALLEY OOP A Trifle BY V. T. HAMLIN WITH THE TIME OP. /'SOMEHOW THEIR DEPARTURE /FIGURE YOU BOVS FOR THE PLANET WILL ~ VENUS ONLY HOURS AWAY, ALLEY OOP 1 YOU AND OSCAR BOOM CAREFULLY RECHECK THEIR EQUIPMENT. NONE OF , THAT THIS AWFUL / TRIP, OOP.. :SSURE V WE'VE GOT ON TH' TAKE-) TH' BIG"6" ' LICKED,. ...OUR WHOLE CftBIN R ONLY A COUPLE OF MINOR THEN I --v DETAILS LIKE CROSSING DON'TGUESS\ A HUNDRED MILLION WE'VE SOT 1 MILES AT SEVEM MILES PER SECOND! ANYTHING T'WORRY ABOUT. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hey, Look BY EDGAR MARTIN

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