The Star-Gazette from Sallisaw, Oklahoma on October 1, 1915 · Page 4
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The Star-Gazette from Sallisaw, Oklahoma · Page 4

Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1915
Page 4
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• I 4f! AT IVIUSKbGEE The State Fair of Oklahoma OCTOBER 4, 5. 6, 7, 8, 9. WE WANT YOU TO TAKE A DAY OR MORE OFF DURING FAIR TIME—HELP MAKE UP THE BIGGEST, JOLLIEST CROWD THAT EVER FLOCKED TO THE FAIR. MEET YOUR OLD FRIENDS, MAKE NEW ONES; EXCHANGE I'[.P:ASANT GREETINGS, HEARTY HANDCLASPS, NEIGHBOR F,Y CHATS. YOU'LL ENJOY EVERY MINUTE YOU'RE HERE. READ THIS PROGRAM MONDAY, OCTOBlin 1 KEY DAY—'rravc'liiiK Men's l)a>'; your key iidmils .\oii, Ihc same as a licket. 1:30 P. M.—Coiuiil by Bands and Vocal Music. 2:00 P. M.— AuloMKihilc Haccs. 2:15 P. M.—Zouave Mililary Drill. 2:;i0 P. M.—Hippodrome Circus. 4:!^0 !*. M.—Doslnulion ul' l -"urls l )v AerijpUine. 'rii:.SDAY, OCTOBER f) CIIILDBIA'S D.\Y -All Children Admiltcd IMCC . .Special I'roj^rani l'"or Children. \-M v. M.—Band Coiicerl. I :'ir) 1'. M.—lIii)|)odriinii- Circus. 2:00 P.. M.—Horse llaces. •S:00 P." M.—Daylipihl l-"ire Works. F]ft!pAy. OCTOBER 1, 1910. \. \Vi;i).\i:SDAY, OCTOBl'B 0 MUSKOCI'l-. DAY~MusUogee Dciby and Other Hiy I'calurcs. 1 :!'0 1'. M.—Tango Dancing and Hand Ciincerl. 1;!.') 1'. M.—Hippodrome Circus. 2:00 P. M.—Horse BacinK. 5:00 P. M.—Race Hclween Airoplane and .Xidomohile. TIIL'H.SDAY, OCTOBER 7 STATl-: l''Ain l)A^' Slide lair Derby and Speclaeular Aerial Baltic. 1 :,^0 P. M.—Baiul Concert. 2:00 P. M.—Horse Racing. 5:00 P. M.—Attempt by .\erophmc lo Destroy Forts Defended by Stale Troops. IHIDAY. OCTOBER 8 FARM WOMEN'S DAY—I.IVK.STOCK PARADE DAY—PRESS DAY—.\ddress l>v Senator I^obert L. Owen. 1 :'M) P. M.- -Zouavc .Mililar\ Drill and Band (concert. 1:15 P. M.- -Hippodrome Circus. 2:00 P. M.- -Grand Livest(jck Parade. 2::W P. M.- -Horse Haciiig. 5:00 P. M.- -Aeroplane FliHhIs. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 AUTOMOBILE DAY 1:.30 P. M.- -Band Concert. 1:15 P. M.- -Hippodrome Circus. 2:00 P. M.- -Automobile Baces. Wednesd CIRCUS WILD WEST UHiTED wrTH CARL HOFFEMBACK'S tfiAIHED W bIRtCT FROM EUROPE LIOM THAT LOOPS THE LOOP. EXHIBlTtNO UNDER THE LARGEST CANVAS EVER CONSTRUCTED ' 3 Rings. 1000 People 2 Trains of Cars. 2 Herds of Elephants. 300 Circ^ Artists. $1,000,000 Invested. $4,270 Daily Expenses. Seats for 10,000 People VINCENT DEGUERRA, ANIMAL KING. WITH HIS FIGHTING LIONS TRAINED LIONS LEOPASDS CLEPBANTS BEARS BMS MONKEYS SEA LIONS GREATEST RIDING CIRCUS Ever PrestntecJ. RALPH BOWSER, Champion Bareback Bldcr o( the World. IfflSS LINDA JEAL, Famous knulhh Cauestrlcnnc. THE AERUL BAUET. FLYING BUTTERFLIES. 300-REAL CIRCUS ARtlSTS -aOO 60-REAL FUNNY CLOWNS-60 10-ROVAL TOKIO JAPANESE-'O "BUCK DIAMOND," TBL: L .ri-ROO^ aOttSE Ralph Howser's Higa-Scbooi Horses FAMOUS WIZARETTE WIRE FAMILY TEXAS BILL'S WILD WEST INCLUOINO OKUHOMA DAN, Clumplon Ducking nrunco Rider of the World. MOUNTAIN NELL, Clumplon Kiflc Shot of the World. ORIGINAL DEADWOOD STAGE COACH. One MundrcJ People in a Thrllllnir Spectacle "THE HANGING OF THE HORSE THIEF," A U LMI. Genuine Ujitern Story. ;ilou\ Indians, Cossacks. Mexicen Hull Fighleri. AMU THI Crratnl Bunch of Vncklnt Broncoi ever exhiblleil. GIANT TORTOISE FROM ISLE OF SAN SALVATOR KONGO LARGEST ELEPHANT ON EARTH. LAROER THAN JUMBO. It KEEPERS TO eUABD HIH. POSITIVELY EXHIBITED WITH YANKEE ROBINSON. THE BiOQEST BRUTE THAT WALKS THE EARTH 10 KEETEkS TO GUARD HIM. ONLY imm ELEPHANT EXHIBITED The Parade Tells The Story • icludinc JtttolTr' l«friiuidlil«i Finest Horses Ever Exhibited 101 STARTLING FEATURES FOR 1015 famon* Cwl Hoffmback. the Uon (bit "Loop* the Ixop." Qlunt Tortolie. mi, tH* JOO Trained Wild Animal* and the World't OreaUat Bareback RIdera, and mua t4BdB,Jeal. Hbe lamout Roblnaon Trained eiephant«. Vloceat Di«eg«fi*iuid ld*l»|U*<Ii(i« U^^^ CIreue Artlata, Cowbay* giria, Co*aa«kaV Indian*. Mnlcana. and tbe greatest Bunch of BuckbicHofae Rider* ever axhIMted. ttm mvts--cwm^m^mm^^ WILD WEST Our Country Cdrrespbndents DIPPING DATES DANS NEWS Mrs. A. M. Grubb antj son, Ted, visited at Salllsaw this week. Misses Bessie Johnson and Floy and Fannie Shackelford took supper with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harmon Wednesday night. C. A. Childers of FA Reno visited rplatlves and friends hfre this week. Miss Eliza Meilink came home from a week's visit at Moffett Thursday. .She was accompanied hy her aunt, Mrs. Kliza Brown. W.'iltcr H.Trmon wa.s ;i M.irljle Tily visitor Wednpsday. la., i« visiting friends at Hanson. Mrs. Mary Gilbert and little daugh-^ ter. Nadlne, of Salllsaw vtsitedln Hanson .Saturday and Sunday. Mesdames Blalock and Johnston of Muldrow were Hanson visitors Friday. Mrs. O. C. Noble of Salllsaw visited Vif-r mother, Mrs. W. D. Burrow, at this place last week.- B'lrn, to Mr. and Mrs. Veller Twist. Kiiiulay. a fine girl baby. .Mis. Callie Faulkner returned from I'lji t ."^inith Saturday, where she had viHitinR' with her sister, Mrs. I i.lh. F.nrricr. I.('."tor .Jacol<s vi.iltcd home folks M | row ilayp tills wef'k. TIu' Apostolic meeting '-^ still in .^^CH- sioii. with K 'JOd attcnd.'iivf.o. and siv- I'l-iil sotiKs liavr lipon s;ivcd. .TcB .sr Itcvis o£ Almii. Arl<., WHS luisint-ss visitor hcr*^ tiiis week. Mi-.s. Huttle Fishor of llunnn. Okln.. is \islting' relative.s lioro this week. Miss Kssio Fisher r<;turnod to Fort Rinitli Tuesday, whore slii' is .Tttendiiit- srhool. Till- infant r-hild of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Mullin died Saturday night ami was laid lo rest in the Brent cemetery .Sunday. jNfiss Margie Baker of Salllsaw wa.s :i business visitor here Monday. r.arrett dahdrn of Wilburton. Okln,. is visiting relatives and friends here this week. "Reporter." KKOM H AN,SON MIS. C>\n Matlock was a Fort Smith Nisitor Saturday. Tten and Hugh Mitcvhell of Muldrow visited with their sister, Mrs. Callie F.'MiIkiier. of this place .Saturday and Su ii <!a V hr, fleene ,i- Sattirdav. IS a F'irt Smith visit- lir. .T. A. ciii.eV; of n 1 Hanson Satuvilay. .MIS. .1 Hawkins is visilinu- with bomi place. Far .Akiiis was of Van Buren folks at this Following Is a table showing the dates for dipping at the various vats in the county, together with the names of those in charge, during the coming week: McCullough vat, Tuesdayj Oct. 5th —J. C. Wright. Harrison vat, Tuesday, Oct. 5lli —R. L. Jacltson. Vian Creek vat, Tuesday, Oct. 5th —A. H. Scott. .Sycamore vat, Friday, Oct. 8th —John Horn. .Safiisaw vat, Friday, October 8th —R. L, Jackson. Wilson vat, Friday, October 8th —A. H. Scott. Campbell vat, PYiday, October 8th —J. C. Wright. Long vat, Friday, October 8lh —Dave Bradley. Ml cattle in the vicinity of these vats must be dipped on these dates, and we take this method of notifying you. Please remember the dates, and do not fail lo be on hand with your cattle (and ticky horses.) ROY T. FISHER, U. S. Inspector, Bureau of Animal Industry. Ltfht M a Feather WyMn.JanetMcKenzieHitt, EdUortf Mhe Boston Cooking School MagHfine IBsMng Powder Biscuits inadie^ this redpe are so far iahead of ordhiary W king' powder biscuits that, if once tried, on will never use any other redpe. 'ry it the next time yon run short of ' Save this rodpe. 20 Inread. F..' ri fJarvin. ,Tr.. of Hanson was at Brushy last week on a cattle roundup. ' > ,Tohn Wright r.f .\l:ins and Miss Mary Fryt were united in wedlock at the horne of Rev. Trent at thi.s place Sunday. V .I V. Trent ofTieiating. •Wi 'll wishes for the Sta r-fiiizette and its many renders "Slinrkle." Septoinber 2.S, 191 r,, JlealUi eonllnues \ery good In Ihi.s vicinity e.xcepting for cliilla. oi,i) >iAi'i-E spniN(;.s Mis.s Cleo lilalock returned to lo lioino at -Muldrow Friday afternoon. i'loi. .iuliii li. llaniK Went to Sallis .aw l''ri(lay. S^-liuol rlost*(.l at this place Friday, a fairly goo<l pi'ogram being rendere<] l-'riday afternoon, consisting oE readings, recitations, singing, class propli- ecies and piano dueta, followed by le- freshnienls and awarding of lUightli ,gi-ade' diidoinas. lOveryone present, although sorry to part with the teachers, liiid <iuite an enjoyable time. Prof. I'J. V. Uaw.soii, principal of the ilanson seliool, left, for .Salllsaw Saturday, where he will spend most o:' his vacation. .1 IT Houser of T:rarn, Oki.-i iVinp bis parents this week. Is vis- fncle (\. W. Mills of Seven Oaks l.s visiting here tliis week. EXTRA LEVY CARRIED Tlif clcclion held Wednesday for the purpose of voting an addilionnl levy for the maintenance of city gov- trnmonl carried by a safe margin, till" vote being 165 for lo 58 against, maiiing a talal vole of 223, which is more than tlie necessary 50 per ceni of the vote polled al the last preceding general eleclion, Ihc vote at that time having beeii ,S76. Miildrf)w and Gans voted at llic same time on the question of an additional li 'V> and in eticli i)lace the levx lost, so we tinflersltiiid. v.. 15. liiigluT was nii<h[ on business. in Vitiii last Bill Humphrey returned to Sulphur recently, where he is attending the Deaf and Dumb Institute. Clyde I'lirson-s of Fvansvllle, Ark., is visiting relatives and friends here thi.s week. I'le;. v<- Itoss returv.ed home .Saturday after a stay of three years In the I". S army. .Miss i^ula Hawkins. luL \'ing doio' with euniinon seliool woi'k, lias I'liter- ed High school at .Salllsaw. -Miss I'.eiieva .leiikins of -MusliOgte- visited at this ])lac»' a few weeks .lyo. Ti..- riroiraeted meeting at this iilace closed Sunday, with 42 additions to \\.f 'i^urf-h. 2'! of whom were baptized. Tl.-vereiids Burrow and Isaac were the ministers conducting the meeting. AV. t.. Sliepherd has Vionght the Tom P.o.=s farm and moved onto it. .Mclvm \\illianison of this place lift last v\ eek for Mct.'uitain, wlure liif will remain sono-i iiiu-. The levival meeting at Ibis pluei'. eonduet(rd b.\- Itev. T. J. .Saxon of Salll- s.iw. elose^l 'I^liursday evening \silli a goodl.v iiuinber <,r e'onversion.s. We are ver\" Kb'd and tliaul-;ful for ha\iiii; had tills great revival at Hanson, aiirl feel LTi -at.ful toward Kev. Saxon, as iv.ll as Gibers \\lio did tlieir uimo:: lo\\.ar<i bringing s(.tuls fo e'biisi. Tlie l,aii game here last Saturday ,'ifternoon between Akins and Maple v ,as .'ill entertaining one. the score be- insr 2', to 14 in Maple's favor. E. Johnson and family of Seven I 'l .ilis \isileil th. bono of W. I>. Shep- lo • . S ;i I u irlay nifbt and Sunday. .lohn Mauldeii of 'I'exas ainl .Mrs. l-'ila MelOver of Hanson, al'ter liasini' li. en ijuietly united in the lioly bunds of niairinion .N-, b-ft foi' W.ishinmon. I). 1'., Tuesday, « here they will make tlo-ir future home. Their host of fiienils al this t)lace wish them well and ma\' peace and lia Pl»i n ..-ss be tlieirs. sr 'hool nt tViis plaet; (dosed last \ .••''tenioon aid Prof. O. M. Hood- reiurned to his home last Satur- are lo'.;;ii g for him back .' s he and Prr.f. .Toe Taylor have ' SMi li a gooo school during this T .-rni that Tfi">' yiave bef-n given • I.;. el inr tbe winter term. "Tens !ind Ted." NOTie J OF SM.r. OF HKAL MSTATE By Guardian • C BaklDiS Powder Blacnita Three cups flour; % to }i cup sfu>rl- ening; 3 level Icaspoon/uls K C Baking Powder; about 1 cup milk or water; I teaspoonful salt, \ Sift three times, the fiour, salt and baking- powder. Work into the flour tlie shortening, using lard or butter for shortening. Then mix to a verj- soft dongh with the milk. The softer the liiscuit enters the oven, the lighter it comesout. Never knearl baking powdtr biscuits; press the dough into shape and roll lightly. Cut in small shapes antl bake on a sheet or very shallow pan in a hot oven. In placing bi.scuits in the pans place well apart, not allowing edges to touch. Small bisruit."? are better than large ones. Largf* biscuits do not have the proper amount of time to raise and bake. ' Have you seen the new K C Cook'.i Book' Brimful of apiietizin^ recipes that simply luuiU be successful every time if the few simple dirt v- tions are carefully followed. You would skidly pay SO cents for thi .i; value.hle hook, yet we it absoluf/'/y/frfi wx^^n rcreirit of the colored ce;- .tificnte packed in every 25-eentcnn of K C linUliiK Powder. jAOi i:9 Mi-o. Co.. Chionuo. Siuai! cans do rot have Cook's Book ccrUficutes. SUFFERS BROlvEN ARM k'r.ank TwiKt made a ti'ijt to .Miins Sunday. Idisa Kula Hawkins visited borne folks at Hanson .Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gilbert of Salll­ saw visited at this place Sundtiy. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Amos of .\kins were in Hanson .Saturday. J. F Wood was In Salllsaw Saturday. Mrs. H. I. Faulkner is on the sick list tills wee Miss Mary Greene of Keokuk Falls, UM .ir i -llli>, siillercd a broken arm .Mi'ii'!.f> ;il niitjn. caused hy falling liuni a freight train, which he had undertook to climb through. In going home lo dinner he found both the crossings near liis home blocked I b> a long K. C. S. freight, and after I waiting a few minutes for the t,rain- i men lo cut the train, he mounted • the grab-irons on the end of a car and climbed over the coupling and was piepariiig to drop olf on the (dlur side when liis Iiold slipped jlrom one hand, allowing him to swing around willi sucli force as to break the left arm jusl below the elbow. In the matter of the guardianship of Bessie Moten, a minor. Notice is hereby given in pursuance of an order of the County Court of the County of Sequoyah, State of Oklahoma, made on the 27th day of September, 191B, the undersigned guardian of the estate of Bessie Moten, a minor, will sell at private sale to the hl&hest bidder, subject to conflrmatlon by said Court on or within six months after the 16th day of October, 1915, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the law oHice of Luther Kyle, at Sallisaw, Sequoyah county, Oklahoma, in the Brewer building, all the right, title and interest of said Bessie Moten, a minor, in .and to the following described real estate situate in Sequoyah county, Oklahoma, to-wit: The SWVi of NBH of SE% and NIC 1,4 of HMVi of SEH and S^ of NJi^i and miVi of NK% of SW14 and NW% of SK% and E% of SW»^ of SBVi of Section 13, Township 13 North, Range 23 lilast, containing 170 acres more or less; said real estate will he offered on the following terms and conditions, to-wit: .Ml cash on day of sale. Bids for the purchase thereof must be in writing and may be left with tbe undersigned guardian at the law ollii:e of l.uther KyU, at Salllsaw, Oklahoma, or may lie filed in the County f'oiidt, said county and state. Dated this 2&th day of September, 1915. JOHN W. MOTFN, Guardian of ^fesie Moten, a minor. By T,13THER KYLK, wlO-l-:U Attorney for Guardian. Magnetos of all kinds repaired by factory-trained expert. All Mjijf- nctos nre RECHARGED by Hpeclal macMnery before leaving our shop. PROMPT ATTENTION given to all orders. LARGE SUPPLY of parts for all BUdkea of Magrnetoa kept In atock nt all timea. DEALERS' DISCOUNT on application to all KaraKea and supply konseti. L. J. Underwood PROPRIBITOB. Boach Maerneto StatiOB 103. Bastern Oklahoma. 420 South Boulder, ToUm. Okla. Phone 1»48 LIVBRY PHONBS 112-1048 Sallisaw, Wednesday, October 13. THe Steel I^ined . "SPEED SHELLS" For Velocity s^ndAccuraey //^r Sportsmen are willing lo take tlieir chances of spurt but tbcv want cerlainlv in their Shells. Get the Remington- V M C "Arrow" and "Nitro Club" —the steel lined "Speed Shells." The steel Unlns the powder—puts all the force of the explosion bacic of the allot. Shorter lead, le«s suess-work about angleB-^asler to net the "(a8t ones." Go to the dealer who shows the Red Ball Mark of Reminslon- VMC —he can fix yo.i up fis''' Sold by 'your home dealer and 1633 Other leading merchants in Oklahoma Remington Acni«-UnionlM (Btalllc Cu(ridge Co. WoolworthBldB. (233Blro«dw«»iNo#Yorf!t Oty , 1 S^"'- 5 8. A. McKool, M. D. S. B. Jonea, M. 1 McKEEL & JONES PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OFFICB: Room* 7 and R. Farmer* Bank B «1 I «1 B. DR. J. E. ICS RESIDENT DENTIST PRICES: Gold Crowns, 22-K., 14.«' Gold FlUingB, up, 1.0« Alloy FlUlnga, 60o to l.Ot Painleaa Extraction »S Repair irork done at equally low prlcae AUL. WORK GUARANTHlllD. OiHee IB Brewer BMs. Phoae SU. SALLISAW : : OKLAHOM.'. There Is No Question but that indigestion and the distressed feeling which always goes with it can be promptly relieved by taking a before and after each meal. 25c a box. Palaco DruQ Store. NOTICE Dr. R. T. Kelleam Dr. E. A. KeUeao. DRS. kSLLEAM & KELLEAM Phyaielana and SWBCO>* Offices 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, Brewei Buildicic;. V. W. HUDSON Phyaieian mu4 SwrBcm OfTlce In Room 2 over Xerohanta Na tlonal Bank. Office Fhoie SO —. Be*. PhaM CP DR. T. F. HARMON RESIDENT DENTIST OFFICE: Over Salllsaw Bank & Trust Compan; PHONE: NO 69 pR. JNO. M. WALLACE OfBc^ e08-«00 Firat National Bank BnlldluK. FORT SailTH, AUK. Practice litnited to diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. RUB-MY-TMWi Will cure Rheumati^|itif N«u- ratgiii. Headaches. Grani|p$,GoUe SpraJna^ruisea, Cu4 Bn/na, Old Sores, Tetter, Rin^-Worfv, Bo cema, etc. Astiaei^tie Aaodyne, iwed internally or ej(temaU;ir' 25a Notice Is hereby ;Iven that whereas, the undersigned Elmer Hamer at the May term of the District court In and rer Sequoyah county, Oklahoma, was convictfed of the crime of burglary and was sentenced to serve a term of Four (4) years In the State penltea- tiary, that on the 1st day of November, 1915, an application will be made ta the Governor of Oklahoma, at Oklahoma City, for clemency, at which time and iilace all interested persons will be heard. (Signed) ELMER HAMBJB. Worn Out? No doubt you are, if you suffer from any of ttie numerous ailments to which an women are subject. Headache, backache, sideache, nervousness, weak, tired feeling, are some of the symptoms, and you must rid yourself of them in order to feel well. Thousands of women, who have been benefited by this remedy, urge you to TAKE The Woman's Tonic Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky., says: "Before taking C ar d u i, I was, at times, so weak I could hardly walk, and tbe pain In my back and head nearly killed me. After takhigtlfree bottles of Card4i,^e'pains dis- vpeared. Now Heel s» iirellMleverdld. Eyery suffering woman should tryCardui." GetabotUe today. E-68'

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