Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1891
Page 8
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All A How wretched is the man who has fallen a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look upon the picture. .Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, he is rather a forlorn specimen. wDo we pity him ? Of course; but at the same time feel assured that in a measure he is to blame for the bad state'into which he has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and always reliable—-just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Read the testimonial, don't take our word for it: "I have been subject to severe spells of Congestion of the Uver, and have been in the tabit of taking from 15 to 20 grains of calomel, which generally laid me up for three or four days. Lately I have been taking Simmons Liver Regulator which gave me relief, without any interruption to business." J. Hucc, Middlcport, Ohio. jr. jar. ZEILIJI* *v eo., SOL» PKOPMiroRS, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRICE, 81.00. A GHOSTLY FISH HOOK Opie P. Bead Relates a Weird Tale of Tennessee Journalism. The Humorist Tells » Story Which He Claims to Be the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. 's Pills •tlmnlate* the torpid ll-ver. •n»tliedlKcstlvcorK-unR.reKUlate boweli, ana are uneqaaled as an ANTI-BILIOUS MEDICINE, In malarial (lifi-tricts their -rlrtaed aro widely recognized, UM they possess peculiar properties in f reel ng th e system from that poison. Elegantly NQtrar coated. JDose unall. frico, 2Scta. Sold Everywliere. Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, N. Y. Bnuf? little fortuntahnve been made (c work for u>, by Annn Pnjcp, Austin, ilexns, and Jno. Bonn, Toledo, Ohio IflM cut. Other, tit doing 11 well. 1Yh» 'lot you? Some e«m over f&OO.OO a nonth. Von can do the work and llva it homo, vrhcrrvur you nre. Even be- finnflri arc en ally earnlne from *5 to *l(*Rtlar.AlU(ren. We»how yotlhovr and atari you. Can work In ip«™ !lm« or all tl>« lime. Blp; monr.v for work. crt. Kallure unknown among them. [COPYUIGHT. 1S01.1 It requires an . effort to turn aside from an easy prevarication that promises a free revel in fancy and embrace the angular leanness of irresponsive fact, but on this occasion I am compelled to relate an absolute truth. A number of years ago I was a typesetter in a Tennessee printing- office. The town was small and the-paper that served as the mouthpiece of the country was in debt. Old man Magnire, the editor and proprietor of the paper, was a fat old fellow with a beaming countenance, a sympathetic heart and an appetite that was not bound in by the hoops of discretion. I have known men whose appetites reached out after roast beef and the slimy firstlings of the oys- tdr season, but Magnire's appetite, ignoring the Frenchman's art, called for the corn juice of the mountaineer; yet no one ever saw him intoxicated. His face would beam with a luster more intense, his nose would glow with u deeper earnestness, and his tongue might fail to toss off properly the fag end of a complicated word, but to him there were no uneven places in the sidewalk or no unsteady steps on the stairway. In his own way the old man was a humorist, but his way was peculiar. He never attempted to write a joke—never attempted to tell a funny story; indeed, no one would have suspected the old fellow of being- a humorist until he had heard him sneeze. Then his humor snorted forth, for instead of the conventional exclamation of "a-chee' "i-chow," he would say "fish hooks," The lazy boys in the office were nearly always warned of his approach, for it seemed.that just as soon as he struck the stairway he was seized with sneezing and was compelled to declare his only joke, ''fish hooks, fish hooks." He would come into the composing room, stop for a moment to satisfy himself that we were all at work, and then one^ViU sell oil at; mcrht bed." The light died out. I lay there trembling. The room was as dark as the tomb of a Rameses. The back yard cat uttered a death' cry and then there came a pulsating silence. Suddenly I heard footsteps on the stairway, and then—jjreat heavens! My blood was ice water, for I distinctly heard "fish hooks, fiah hooks." I listened in terror. The hall door opened. Footsteps! Some one was coming toward the "sanctum." "Fithjiooks; fish hooka." SOOOO.OO a ytar !• belnjr made- by John R. Goodw!n,tIrby,N.Y,,at work for ua. Reader, vf >" may Dial make &• .nuch, bul wo can :b yov quickly bow to earn from S5 to I a day at tho Htart, and more at you go on. Beth BCXM, all npci. In any part of America, you can commence &t home, gir- ing all vour time,or iparc momenta only to tho work. All la new. Great pay SCBB for fvery worker. We start y«u, furnllhlnip everything. -EASILY, SPEEDILY learned, • IIS FliBE. Atldreaa at once, CO., J-ORTLAXD, HUMi. [PAPER HANGINGS INTERIOR DHIRATORS. FSESCOINS CHURCHES, ,^fE RESIDENCES. SC. We invite visitors 'to call and inspect; Correspondence solicited. W, P. NELSON & CO,, 193 WABASH AVE.. CHICAGO, ILL, "FISH HOOKS." 1'he sanctum door opened and then I eard a noise that sounded as if some one were hanging- a cane on the top of the taH desk. '-Tip tap, tip tap." I bounced up with a yell and seized my clothes. The door was locked, yet I could still hear the echo of the "tip tap, tip tap." I ran to the front door. It was locked. I ran down to the street, ran over into the courthouse yard and dressed myself. I did not go back to the office that night—I lay under a tree. I was determined to say nothing- to the boys. I knew that they would not believe me. I would quietly give the cot to Finn. The next day when I went to my "case" to set type, I found a- lot of fish-hooks in the "e" box. I wouldn't say anything- to Finn, although I saw that he watched me closely. OPIE P. READ. Some merchants get the best they can; some get the meanest they can. Your dealer in lamp-chimneys-what does he get for you? There are common glass and tough glass,tough against heat. There are foggy and clear. There are rough and fine. There are carefully made anc hap-hazard. You can't be an expert in chimneys; but this you can do Insist on Macbeth's "pear top" or "pearl glass" whichever shape you require. They are right in all those ways; anc they do not break from heat, not one in a hundred. Be willing to pay a nickel more for them. NOTICE. To the Voters of tlie City port, Indiana, Of Of Hie Change In tine Boundaries ol the Voting Precinct* of Said City, H IRES' .-II I' !!• Ill I ^^^^^ F 2Se HIRES' IMPROVED 2Si ROOT BEER! mtlDIIIC. BOBOIUNCDRSTRAININI! EASILyM«ic THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVE CALLOWS. DOT BEER. Tho most APPETIZING- ana •TOTJOL2SOM3 _ TEMPERANCE DRINK l» the world, uellclous and Spar-klinff. TRY 17 Ask your Druggist or Grocer for it, C. E. HIRES. PHILADELPHIA g can be earned at our >KH line of work, • and liunoniblj'. liy those- of thereof, to a point opposite Tenth street thenco south crossing s;ild river to Hiice strSt tueSce west aiong the north of Bace street to Sth *?*! A "S^l' squtjl ajon ? tn « west line of. Etehth ' ""•.''tfoHlgli street, and thence west aloni: the nortn line of Hl/rli street to the place. And it Is ordered that the elections Jhs brlck A» Made l>y lite Common Council at Their ICc-tji.lar SCHSIOII, March IS, 1S91. i'.vof Logansport, Cass Coun- h r l ' eb >'? llke ' | otlcetl]attlie toilow T!ie voters o J, UlUldlia. UL, ... t^uj mjvr,iiuuv:e ujilL LJie L0110W- 1 1% order wu.s made Uy Hie Common Council of the UtjofLoffansport. Ca.ss County. Indiana, at their regular session, Wednesday evening, March 18, Election precincts us formed in ihp CAtv nf Tn_ uisport Itidi'iji'i' ' ^t-j vi ijw ti,p'i lC t°'' l !-r"S ( ;" lthim act Ol the Legislature of the State ol Indiana, approved March 6, isfS, It Is ordered by tie Common Council of the City or Lo- fansport,_Ca.ss County Indiana; and Uiey do now 0 w i em ' !d Wiu ' ds ° nlle CIty%™ l Lo|a!isport"' S iiid! FJKST WARD. 1 VfXn ne ? X011—A11 th at territory embraced wltliJii he followlnginetes and bounds, to-wir- Comnieiic-- n« at the uortwest corner ol.Sycamore and Ottawa streets, thence running west along the north ne of Ottawa street to Vine street, ihe nee south long the west, line of Vine street to Miami street hence west on the north line of Miami street to ™^ lee f i:11 ST Ilonh alo " g t!le east lltie 'ot rum street to Bates street, thence west along the <:rt i line of Bates street to Holland street, ihence ortlion the east line of Holland strcetto the north oundiiryllneoi'siiidFlrstwiird, and thence e-ist ong the north line of said ward to Svcamore reet, and thence south alongthewest lineof ovca- ore street to the place 'of uepjmiing. And t is ordered that the elections in said precinct be eld in house on Ottawa street on the southwest Precinct No. :2.-Ail that tfrrftorr within the following metes and bounds™ to^wi"? ixunmenclng at tli« corner of Seventh and Hieh reef^X,,'*, el "? ,?" tbe sout " llne °f p-KMi ,S )(:l i l( V 11 " street, thence north on tbe e.isi line of Eighth street to Kace street ther!™ east on the south line or Hace slrex to twelfth street, thence south on the west Una of Twelfth street to Broadway street, thence west «S thS north line ol Broadway street to Seventh 5reet and thence north on v,ie east line' of &ev«mti that the elections of said nreehipi iw» h^'i/i ^> »u soutlieast corner or the msffiS^l^Sf^l ™; r P )to " s second addition to Los^vort. lilllia ..... ,.„. s— All that, territory embraced _;..-..! the following meies and bounds to?wlt- Comniencing at the southwest corner ol Twelfth aiid B' oddwuy street.s. thence niiuiiiiK soiirh nt, the west line of Twelfth sireet tc, tS $affi an§ trie Bum bed. thence west along theihelliieoB said canal bed to Seventh street, thencenortS oa wist line of Seventh street to Broadway street inS thence east on south line of Broadwa 5 -sSt ,o Pf^ 0 *l»S!n»i»B. And it Is ordered that IhS Ma^'eTrr^^^trr" 101 "' hM M ®™'*>™* FIFTH WARD. wl^hm H Ct fN n' V~ AU thal ti-rrltory embraced Com enM,, ? 1 T' ! , g , mrtl>s and bollnds - to-vrtt- oommenchig at Eel river on '1 welfth street thence nor h if WU f Ul M 10 , M:irket slrfet - thence «i,?on north line of Market street 10 Sixteenth s west line of Sixteenth .... ~. _.,^, i.Tvi.u,j U ijii-aucnestaionc- nf "tWiV "," ° s iK] rlver - wlll > nieanders tliere^ t'r. iSV,' la , C ; e ° r , btel »" ln 8- And Itlsorderit t.i.it the, elections in sa'd precinct be held ' ' r/,m",« "' c . JU " U "" 1 B mnes ana bounds, to-wlt ii^^s^^K ^tX7IS,h h SSSad€e? wence west on the north line of Sme-.d sireet t/i T^f < i !ilreetl il " d ll " nce " orlb 0" east line of Twelfth street to "'" •• ; "-*~ -«• « -'--' i THERE IS BUT | ONE VOICE In the unanimous shout of the thou. sands who use Dr. White's Pulmon- - aria. It proves that this medicine i has many warm friends and admirers among all classes and ages. Old and young alike, shout its praises and" declare it the greatest cough ,!-,remedy on earth. It cures a Cough j'in legs time than any other remedy. It cures Croup in a few minutes. .It cures "Whooping Cough in ten p3ays. It is the only remedy that Twill cure Consumption. Itisharm- f less and pleasant to take. It costs L25 cts., BO cts. and $1 per bottle, and |-every bottle is warranted. oold by B. P. Keesling and D.E iPryor. fpONTGIVEUP! I "71 You can Get Well r«n»»n§«ly. Do JfoMng, ' \ you'll Sic or be Demented! We Hadlcally ~ -"—'— -ui«ue«andnueax*omen! ilaJfome Treatment, Mettoftla ~" ailed free for a short ie JBRXE 91£l>ICAlj [>.. KntTalo. W. Y. f conldintlU. "FRIESDS." walk slowly back to the "sanctum," at the end of the long- room. Upon entering-the "sanctum" he would hang his crooked-headed eane on the top of a tall desk near the door that opened into the composing- room, where for several minutes it would swing- with a "tip tap, tip tap'' noise. I slept on a cot in the "sanctum,' 1 and thus having- charg-e, at nig-ht, of the intellectual foundry, was rcg-ardcd "by the boys as the occupier of an exalted position. Some of the youngsters appearec to be willing- that I should enjoy my honors, but there was. one youngster, a red-headed fellow named Finn, tha constantly sought to rob me of the place of honor. One afternoon old man I\Iagnire diec suddenly. What a deep g-loom fel upon the office. All of us loved the man; and each one of us felt that a dear friend was gone. ~\Ye buried him in a grove where the oak leaves were trembling and went back to the office to talk sadly of his kindness of hearl^of his great love for mankind. "We'll never hear his peculiar sneeze again," one of the boys remarked. "I don't know aboxit that," Finn answered. "Last night as I lay in bed, I thought I heard him." "Dreamed it, I reckon," some one replied. "I hope so," he rejoined, "but I hope never to be so badly scared ag-ain." I was nervous thaf night when I entered the "sanctum." The wind was sighing mournfully, and I tremulouslv ^"ho TIicrmometTer. Hero, of Alexandria, who lived about 130 years B. C., is said to have been the inventor of an instrument for measuring the heat or cold of the atmosphere, which instrument continued in use until about the close of the sixteenth century. It was then reduced to a more convenient form by one Sanctonio, an Italian, and was afterwards considerably improved, especially by Fahrenheit, who, in 1720, affixed the graduated scale and added other details which chiefly tended to render the thermometer the instrument of practical utility which it no w is. —rn a suit to recover damages for a crushed heart, in a Concord, N. H., court, the lady's former lover put in as offsets all the candy he had bought, the miles he had walked, the rigs he had hired, and the time he had wasted, and when footed up and allowed,' the girl had only two dollars and fifty cents left out of her verdict for damages. An Unkind Remark. Poet—I have met with a sad disap- pointmentjihis morning. The baby tore up-my latest poem which I was going to bring to you. Lady—The baby tore up your poem! It must know how to read.—Fliegende Blaetter. Mrs. Allan's Parisian Face Bleach Golden Hair Wash. Mamma Dura for dtvcl. oping the bus'.. Rusma, for removing simcrflu ous hair, Banff dressing 1 . All eoods wholesale B"?I I?"""'.!™' ' "<•• for illustrated circular. Fill line of fine hair e oods. Mrs. R. W. All™ 31; Wood. Ati- Detro | t- M| ch- Sg|d by dnigglsB ; Attractive and Promising Investments in CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, Washington St., Chicago, III. Established 1875. Eoferenco Istjfatl. Bank, Chicago Wn nlny* ^1~*. Kta _ . . • v»[, u » i. Neerotl- 'We also Collect JCenti. Pnv Tn-, Jri ftp ft mprompt attention. Pi ec net ]\ o. 2-A11 that territory embraced within he followingnieies ana bounds, to-wlt; Coniineuc- £ at the northwest cui-ner of Ottawa and Svca- ore streets, thence running south along the west line ol Sycamore street to Ctilppawa street thence west on the north line of Chippawa street to Plum street, thence south on the west line of Plum street to usage street, thence west on the north line of Usage and Wlieatland streets to the Chicago branch of the Plttsburg, Chicago, Cincinnati & st Lculs Hallway thence sou! h along the line of said railway to the Peorla branch of said railway thence west lollowlng the north line of said Peoria'branch oi said railway to the west limits of said v-ard thence north to the line of the- v abash and Erie i-iinal. thence east along the line of the Wabash and hrie canal bed to Holland street, thence south along the west llne of said Holland street to Bates street, thence east on tbe south line of Bates street to Plum street, thence south on Plum street to M ami street, thenc-e east along the south line of Miami stret to Vinestreet, thence north on theeast '.l ne »h „ » s ,- r . eet to Olt awa. street, thence east on south line of. utlawa street to place of beginning And it is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held in the buidllng 011 the sou- liwest corner of the school house yard in said ward PreclnctNo.3-AiHhat territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the southwest comer of Sycamore and Chlp- pewa. streets, thence running west on the south lineofCliIppewa street to Plum street, thence south on tlie east line of Plum street to Osage r,hen west on south line of Osage street to Wheat 1 .nd street, thence west on south line of Wheatland street to the Chicago branch of the PittsburK CJn- c nnati. Chicago <t St. Louis Hallway, thence south along said railway to Market street.' thei:ce east on the north line of Market street to Eel river, thence easterly along the north tank of Eel river, wlih street to Eighteenth ' street, "thencp ......st llneol Eighteenth street to Snear ........ thence east on north line of Suear street tA the east limns of the city, tlieiiee north along thS eastern limits of the city' to Eel river tience west jong south bank of Eel river to place of bS* nlnir. And Itls ordered that "—'—• ^"A ^'^c/aii^iSS'i^ 8 ^^ 1 ^* tle m ™" treomhepceoj bnlng A «d"is ordered that the elections la said prectoct "Phf" 1 at 'he engine house in .said ward. - s alone , slxlfuenth street, thence no ng eentn str «t to Market street soutl) ] 'ne of- Market- streetto st "«- tlienee-south on west line of snm , ii '" 661 to Spear street - tllen «- esst on .south line i t-pear street to east limits ofcitv 8tbe east Itolwot^lddtf to north bank lv< 5 r ' wltu ™«"nders thereof, to nl') d tlle "<:<? north on east line of tothe place of beginning Audit he?d r 1n r i e h d p tl ! UUhe elecllons to ^id pfeclncTbe USl< " ow owued b >' Rudolpli Berndt "tef mb street. In said wW DKiual - f or Among Special Bargains in Acres 40 ucres no»r South Chicago, $3,000 per aero. Inside Income-Producing Business Properties. £3??m m Offl00 bulldln K ln J" 6 "' "f the city. Price :e leasehold In growing retail district. Price, ) 850,000 Also lots In all parts'of the city on easy payments '&?<"> ™" *«*»• vmiAnv f<atcr than nmj jSdi. ™HI Investments will produce Iwndsomt •""*»• — ----- * "— ""."vv^iiityij ciiiujai.eumt"ljl I ...^—..owlDg metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the westend the ofEel river bridge onMarket street In said ward, thence west along the north bank of Eel and Wab;nh rivers, with the meanders thereof, to the west limits of said-ward, ihence north to the south line of ihe Peorlabranch of the P., C..C.&SI. L.Kailway thence east along the Peoria branch of the P. C. C. 4: St Louis Euilw-iv to Market street, thence east on the south line of Market street to the place of beginning. And it is ordered that the I elections In said preclct be held In Chl's cooper shop In said ward. ' SECOND "WARD. e, thence south on west line of ' the atr ° ame relv/rru. 'OOL GIVE UP DON'TSI P cblehe«t«r'a En*li»h Diamond Brand. ENNYROYAL PILLS -<5*~V Orlrlnnl and Only Genuine. 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L For sale byB.F Keesling- "MY BLOOD "WAS ICE WATEP.." fancied, as 1 looked from a window, that the moon and all the stars had been blown away. I sat down and tried to read, but the spirit of the old man seemed to haunt the room. I looked at the desk where he. was wont to hang his cane, and then went out to assure myself that I had ; locked the stair door. '• I returned .and ajrain attempted to read, but the windows rattled drearily and a despondent cat utte'red an eerie cry. The lamp light began to flicker and to my astonishment I saw that the oil was but. I did not understand this, for I had filled the lamp at morning-. I took up the oil can. It was empty. "What am I to do?" I mused. -"No Clieap Lands and Homes in Kentucky, Teunesee, ALABAMA', Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of the Queen & Crescent Eoate can be found 2,000,000 acres or splendid bottom Sj: land, timber and stock lands. Also the finest fruit and mineral lands on the continent for gale on favorable terms, . 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Free net No .1-A1I that territory embraced witliln tlie lollowing metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence runnlni; south on the west line ol'Founh street to Eel River avenue, thence southwest on the north line of Fel Elver avenue to Third street, thence north on Third street to Eel river bridge, thence northwest on east line, of Sycamore street to the north limits Of the Second ward, thence alons the north limits ol' said fcecond ward to the west line of Stevens, Mobley and Clary's additions to tbe city of Logansport thence north along tlie west line of said additions to the north limits ol said ward, tienceeaston the north line of said \vard to Clifton avenue, thence south along the west line of Clifton avenue to Hanna street, thence southwest along the north line ot Hanna street to Pontiac street thence south alongthewesUlneori'ontlacstreet to the north bank ol Lei river, thence west on the north bank of Eel river with the meanders thereof to a point opposite Fourth street to the place of beeinnlne And It Is ordered that the elections In said pre^ clnct be held at what Is now known at Schaefer's cooper shop in suld ward. Precinct No 2,— All that territory embraced within the lollowlng metes and bounds, to-wic Commencing at i.el river on Fourth street, thence running south on the east line of Fourth street to Broadway strset, thence east on the north line of Broad«nv street to Fifth street, thence sonth on east line of llfth street to the Wabasb and Erie canal bed thence east along the north line of said canal bed to beventh street, thence north on the west line of Seventh street to High street, thence west on the south llne of High street to Sixth street, theiice north on the west line of Sixth street to Eel liver and thence west iUonethesouth bankof Eel river with the meanders thereof to the pla e of begln- niug. And It is ordered that the elections In siild precinct be held at the North street engine house Precinct No .3-A11 that territory embrac»d within the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wlt; Commencing on the south bank of Eel river at the intersection with Third street, thence running south to Eel- Elver avenue, thence northeast along the sout line of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street, thenc south on the east llne ol Fourth street to Broat way street, thence east on the south line of Broai way street to Fifth street, thence south on the wes line of Fifth street to Market street, thence west o the north -line of Market street to Eel Rive avenue, thence southwest on Eel River avenu to the Wabash river, and thence northwest 'alon K f :. so ,H*, b : l J lk .°L¥.V, rl ™ r . . w «* the. meander or a In, Wlrnpn i, |)eilr - sofrecor<1 ln W office: \\ltness my hand and the seal of the City of Lo- ansport, thj s 19th day of March, 1691 S JOBNJ.TAGGAET. Clerk City of Logansport, Indiana . .STOPS ALL Vl * Unnatural discharges in _24 hours. Vr. f.r.r,: ,. _.. GJeet i Gonorrhea in 3 days. No Stricture No Pain. SURE Adopted bythcGcr. manGovernroentfot Hospital &Army use P.S.C. isputupfot' American trade in a patent bottle hold- '• ingsyrinrfejseccul) At druggists, JIJDO, including Svrixp-f, or ienLscalcd, forfl.10 jThe Von MoM Corr^ny; CincF.nnatl, Chicv B: ¥. KEESLIKG, Agent. Logansport. Tnd Ladies $500 Reward. pn£, An r derson ' s Enelish • Female Regulating ?tr?,^f' H'H Killest; and n ' ORt "'' Ml °- Give them a trial and be convinced. At Drug Store or hv mall, post-paid per box Si.oo, 3 bofes f or $2 50 ' JHoka Medicine;Co., Toledo, O Fourth ^f ansport ^ lnd ' b 5' Ben Usher, No 312 Mention taper. ' unc ouuiyii UMI.IHVVJ, j^\^i ijytri, WiiU CD6 HKJtlTlC thereof, to ttiepiuce of beginning. And it is rlererl that the elections In said precinct be lield tlie township trustee's office in said wmd. THIRD WARD. 1-, reads that HONESTY CHEWING TOBACCO is tlie best that is made, and at ONCE tries it, and saves money and secures more satisfaction than ever before. AVOID imitations. Insist on naving the genuine, if your dealer hasn't it ask him to get it for you. JMFBBEIUBfiOS., Lonfetflfe,:. no Miles the Shortest, 8 Hours the Quickest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. - Time 27 Hours, The onlj llne rannlHg Solid Trains and Through Sleeping Cats. . * ONLY LLNE FROM CINCINNATI TO Chattanoga, Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala.,- Meridian Miss., Vlckburjr, Miss., Shrevenort, Ea. 20 Miles tbe Shoitest Cincinnati to Lexington & 5 Eonrs Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvllte; Tenn 116 Miles tne'Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta,-Ga. 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston i'ls 28 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham' Ala. 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shrevepprt For Texas, Mexico, California. Trams leave Central TJnlon Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge of Kentucky' and rounding the base of Lookout Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains! Over One Million Acres of Land in Albania, the future Great State of the South subject to' pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate. For Correct County Maps, Lowest Bates arm fall particulars addres, D (J. DBWABDS ton Passenger * Ticket Agent, SQueen & CreseentJBoute, Cincinnati. 0, , , . -A11 that territory embraced with in the loilowlng metes and bounds, to-wlt- Com menclngat the corner of Eel River avenue and Market street, thence running east to Fifth street thence southeast to Oak street.thence south alone the west llne of Oak street to Canal street, thence westalong the north line of.Canal street to Fourth street, .tUence south on the west llne of Fourth street to the Wnbash river, thence west alone the north bank of the Wubash river, with the meanders thereof, to Eel Elver avenue, and thence north to the place of beginning. And It Is ordered that the elections - In said precinct be held at the old. brick school house In said ward '-' ,t>;r';^" ??,• ' 2l ,~• Ail " tnat territory embraced within the following metes and bounds to-wlt • Commencing at the corner of the Wabash and Lrle canal bed and Oak street, thence running east along the south line of the Wabash and Erie canal bed to Twelfth street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth street to the Wabash Sr*? 1 t 5 en ? e west alOD £ tne north bank of the Wabash river with the. meanders thereof, to Fourth street, thence north along the tbe east line of Fourth street to Canal street, thence ea«t on Canal street to Oak street, :thence north on tbV east Ine ot Oak street tO;tbe place of beginning. And It is ordered that theelections In said precinct be held at Harry Ton's office In said ward Precinct No. 3.—The third precinct of said ward is composed of all that part of said ward ivlnc south of the Wabash river, including Blddle's It is ordered that tbe election in said precinct be hejd at Amar.s carriage trimming shop on Burlington avenue In said ward. KIDKTH WAliD, Precinct No, J.—All the territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit- Commencing at the corner of Sixth and Hlrii streets, thence running north on Pontiac street to Hanna street, thence east on the south line of Hanna street to'Cllfton avenue thence north on the east llne of Clifton avenue to tbe «,ird boundan line thence eostUong the' ward boundan line to east Jmltsofsafd Hard, thence southeas; along the Jne of said «ard t»Eel river, tlienc* west alone tbe north bank ol Eel river, t^th the meanders,. JOSEPH filLLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PAWS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Do Yoiflnifesi or IN . STOCKS, BONDS, GRAIM AND PROVISIONS,? If so, traar wjtn a reliible firm who have had ten years experience, and are members of the Chlcmro feowd of Tr.4e snd Sto«k Exchragc. Wl.oda business stncily on Commission. Refer to Illinois Trust and Savings Bonn, -Chicago: . C. A. WHYLAND & CO. »'' O FaotfJc A.V0. . Cii/oas-o, Ilia. •Weeend fre-; of charne onr Daily Market Report wid Circular or. application. allowed on monthly balances. >ur Malydor Perfection Syrinsre free with »v«rr >ottle. Freveata Strlctarc. Cures GonorrtxMt tn3 Gleet In 1 to 4 days. Ask your Drurgtat or it. Sent to any address for JI.OO. AddraM VALYDOR HANUP6 CO., LANCASTER,0. ..' JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTENT Advertising- has always proven successful. Before placing any Newspaper Advertising- consult LORD & THOMAS, AUTEKT1SING AGEXTS, strwi, CHlCACO- I A K-EVT 8RIGHTINE DIABETES; ItSIGilTA 7 POS-ITIVK ' Cl'KJE FOB Correspondence I •olicted, valuable .nformntlon t rcc. 1 JJsuil discount t<> IHSIGHTfc" - * wle ' SSisesee nn^ ^ndred illmenU ^ WM. T. tn.-DI.'CY A CO., U X* »*llt> •tree*.

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