The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1950
Page 13
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)ur Boording House with Moj. HoopU , NOVEMBER 17, 19SO •LTTHEVTLLE (AMC.) COURIER KKW8 OUTOURWAY By j IL Wll WILL A BUSINESS = FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12. Inch to 48 Inch, plain or reenforccd. A/so Concrete Building Blocks cheaper lhan lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant icuscs, tool sheds. We deliver. "all us (or free estimate. • . OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phono GOI what did YOU do "" your iou can gel an extra pair of shoes for winter at home Just by lelling rour shoo service •man "do over" your'mention ' shoes. Get an Extra' Pair Through Shoe Repair. FRANK R.ADAMS TUB STOHVl Hefor* k« w.. killed. »lon« wltk Str«c..< B44I* nnd otlir - - - • In bnlfl* h-iirnetl li.wn. Car! cot* t* hit hone, «till »nsry mt Ma aafaltM*! wlf*. • * • vlu {"'AnL got up and looked vni ^ her. shoulder. In Uie drawer were a great many: bitter* apparently all from himsell. The ones on top were V-mail microfilm -single sheets which he had sent from various overseas «ta- lions. KIrsten scooped^out the letters. All of them, and carried them into the living room. Carl lollowed her just in lime to see her dump the lol into the fireplace."Kirsten!" Carl protested from the depths ot a wounded-heart. "Don't you want to keep any of them?" She hesitated, almost as it (he had heard him, and bent over aa if to take them back, but straightened up again resolutely with a gesture that put them and their writer out of her Ule forever. Her back was toward him so he did not see the expression on his wlfe'i face-as she fumbled for the box ot matches which la; on the mantel. When she found it; she stooped down once more and lit the papers. She remembered one'more thing and went to get it-. Carlr-through the bedroom"'door, sawVher take am envelope from the right hip- a kite that nifht I drove you horn* from the (hop. Still the only thing I'm sorry about is I havan't seen you again since. Ho»- about K, baby? I ain't got a date lor tonight. Have your "Just so you'll know who yo« can't forget I am sending along a snapshot I had took not long afo. What's Clark Gable got that I sint got?—Max." HE enclosed picture was of a stocky, self-cornciouslj handsome young man in sport clothe*, nice hair, close set eyes and a mouth with a mannequin smile oa it He was a determined looking character and if his photograph did not lie he would orobably never suffer from blindness to his own interests. Perhaps Carl was prejudiced. Certainly he was blinded by the fury which shook him. It there is any more nauseating poison than to gaze upon the face ot a man who has usurped your place with the woman you love, hell has not yet released it for humanity to taste. , Carl's fury climbed over the bulwarks of his inherent phlegm. He wanted to be face to face with th« original of that photograph. Because his emotions translated themselT** into action more rapidly than If he had been dependent on men physical means ot "preasion-he was outside of the house and on his .ay while Kirst*n was still standing before the fireplace, with the tetter and the photograph in her hand. Car! dia oci th-~fo« «ee the expression of Ineffaceable disgust on his wife's features. Neither did he see her drop the papers on top ot the still .smouldering letters from himsell. ~*-..~ u .jx. * S vj, uiiiuuuteu juna OT No one, no one at all saw 'he rougtrlt ain't no reason why we lovely, capable, sweetly 'womanly shouldn t never have any more Kirrten a* she finally stuffed old fun. After all what are we living newspapers up ,the fireplace flue, for? I admit I was higher than I closed and locked all the windowmi pocket of brought it her back coverall*. ' Sb* to Uw ifireplsc* but before burning it she extracted the -note which it contained and •read It through. So did Carl, it was not !n his handwriting and he had to know. "Listen, sister," it read, "just because 1 got introduced kind o* placed rugs In front at the front and back doors and went out to the gas stove in the kitchen. She turned on aU the burners, oven, broiler and everything. After that KirsUn began to dress herself carefully in the nicest clothes she owned"—that list pair of nylons, the silken lingerie that she bad been married in. She took a great deal ot care in the selection of her apparel Just at if she had all the time there was. « 4 • PRIVATE PETERSON was-not •*• at first aware ot any reason why he should next have found himself back on the Lake Michigan beach with the rest of his •quad. The men were gathered SB a ragged group around a focus of activity which seemed " to be on the sand. . "What goes on?" Carl asked m he edged his way in. "It's that girl," explained Jake Snyder. "She almost got drowned. Then this big guy, come along and he's undrownding her." Carl was near enough now !• observe the workings of the resuscitation treatment. He was interested but not particularly until the man happened to turn his head to look over his shoulder as he spoke to Duke. Then Carl knew instantly why be, was there. The man was Max! The only person in all the world, even in Tokyo, whom Carl really hated. • . • Carl started toward Max. "Stand up, you! My name's Peterson knd you can gues« what I'm going to do to you." Carl had counted without Eddie. Eddie blocked him oft. Eddie was a gopd.blocker,:a lot of man and muscle. "Let him alone.? "But, Eddie," argued CarL "thai is the louse who—" "Never mind who be Is. Right now-let him be. You heard me?" Maybe Cari heard him but he certainly paid no attention. The moment Eddie's grip relaxed Carl lunged forward. Eddie had to shove him out ot the way this time. A good hard shove. Ft put Carl back on hi! rumble-seat there in the sand, with a resounding thump. > (T* Be Ce«Un«4) f r*"*- ton- i««» n MA tiirntf. IMC. T. M. no. u. «. Ml. «<^ It s an invitation to join that Wednesday afternoon otub 1 —this will give me a chanc. to get acquainted with that impottlbl* Mr*. Filch t" rRBCKLESANDHlSFRIENDB BY MERRILL BLOflUB '.. ;•.-... . Orer-Aaxieata ' : M"- .' GAR PRICES SLASHED! 1941 CADILLAC Wilh Radio & Heater $295 Mi) PONTIAG 2-door, hydramatic drive, radio, healer, low mileage '43 PONTIAC 'l-door, h.vdramatic drive, radio, licalcr siinshndc M9 STUDKBAKER Land Cruiser, overdrive, radio, heater, MJJC a clean car ;. |*|<t9 M9 KAISER a might clean ear ?|»AC nt a sensational price Ovw MJ) MEKCURY.. .a one-owner car that's priced to save you money '•Ifi ftUlCK.. .new paint, radio, heater...clean inside and out '33 CHKVROU3T...« good- |e|g|e cnr with a fine motor 0*3 '39 PONTIAC 2-door SedM, this car haa a rebuilt motor •.. '42 PLYMOUTH S-Pas«ng«r Coup«... take a drive . S in thi« car '41 FORD 2-door Sedan., .check I4CA the new low price on thia car 03U '4? CHEVROLET deluxe Pickup....a money-making track MUaC at a tew price 993 '49 CMC l'/,-Ton Truck wi(h staka body, 7,500 miles... better hurry '46 MERCURY 2-door Sedan I7HC equipped with radio 4 heater 193 '40 DE SOTO.: .if you want to fix it up, it's a red-hot bay.. '42 LINCOLN Sedan...dtooae It and you re making a mighty fine buy . STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Call 4333 BELIEVE ME, I'D NEVER LET A THING LIKE THAT HAPPEN TO ME • ,. CAUQH1 TRUANT BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY arid RALPH LANs ^fnt fCTTH AU. »J/ . AOW. 7SM KLtTP HtWt, TALK F» A ITH*S KCN PffCnuA OUf, CAPTAIN EA BY LESLI1E TURNER WHAT fK 7 QUKK, IWglEUe! VOU CAPTWN TO NOW? WMEN MIHI REFUSE TO MMCR.V HE GO MO. TO PIECES! W1LO-EV6D, HE VELP IM MO8OOV HAVE Hte« Bur mini, AW CHOKE HtH K LEETLE.BUTSHe 65CAP6! ZEN HE... YGREttSCOTlfl .oui „. IE*, von Dotrr woc7 COIMMD HE PUT A \ SCXJ THIWC HE ton *.«ot)M'\ HM T»W TO HEtM W TttL H* mi TO CW.M OOwi) — USES UeCK BOM»WWITH ME HMIE fEEK UP «M nCMtlJ MM •••s^saBM^BsK^an OTT AW' 90 OUT TO TREE' BUGS BUNNY U_ H*(^» T«CO»« IN TH' W)NO«R, WHAT'S TH' MATT6« WITH DOOR, jeS-? ; NOT THIN4 IT'S UU«T THAT t'M WORKIN'OM SPECIAL STATUS F«« MV LANPLORP... Right Before Their Eyes TMAT.ALL « A -N RIGHT..,AND NO TELE- \ NO. OOP, I DOUBT THE VISION I VIEW-SCREEN HAS THE RANGE TO FOLLOW THE ROCKET MOR« THAN A FEW MILLION MILES. AS FAR AS THE PUBLIC IS CONCERNED. IT'S JUST ANOTHER EXPERIMENTAL FIRING OF A GUIDED MISSILE.., ALL VERY HUSH-HUSW BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE BY EDGAR MARTIN cowt iw, stw'. V to VOUaPMRMKR

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