The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on October 2, 1938 · 8
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 8

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1938
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f V. -i 4 Hi li Home Owned Home A '? " ox s' -Ar'Vv - y. lSV. , 4 sv 5; v s - ' i it wf. f TIIE CANOVAS . . . Judy, at tlx left, Zeke and Annie , join the Chase and Sanborn Hour on WIBA tonight as permanent features. Fred Stone , Bernie and Fredric March Today Bob Crosby9 s Orchestra On The Bandwagon Over WIBA fTtHE famous court room scene from JL the third act of "LightnlnV In which he Is currently starring on Broadway, will be Fred Stones vehicle for his magic Key appearance today, through WIBA at 1 oclock. Lotte Lehmann, Metropolitan Opera star, will sing three numbers, and Dr. Frank Black will feature the orchestra in a Russian program. Oscar Levant will present the third movement from Gershwins Concerto in F, and Clifton Fadiman, literary critic, and Sabu, Indian film star, will complete the guest list. CHILDRENS PLAYS Mrs. E. K. Schmidt, chairman for the Madison Children's Tlay . committee, will speak from the studios of WIBA at 2 oclock this afternoon, and will outline the proposed schedule of special dramatic productions to be presented this fall and winter season. SPELLING BEE Editors and press agents, traditional enemies in popular opinion, will meet during Paul Wing's Spelling Bee, today at 4:30 through WMAQ. -i- -5- BEN BERNIE Ben Bernie, veteran comedian of the airwaves, will head a new shew of music and comedy, to make its bow over CBS and through WBBM at 4:30 today. Ben will be supported by his partner cf last winter, the dialectician Lew Lehr; also stooge Manny Prager. and vocalist Bobby Gibson and Mary Small. The old Maestros new vehicle is designed along purely nonsensical and rhythmical lines. V $ CATHOLIC HOUR Speaking under the general title, The Eucharist, the Most Rev. Joseph F. Rummel. Archbishop of New Orleans, will be heard on WIBA during the Catholic Hour, at 5 o'clock, today. SILVER THEATER Frederic March, coming to the aid of William Powell, will be heard in the opening production of the Silver Theater series, through WBBM at 5 oclock. The doctors refused to permit the convalescing Powell to go on with the show. The play will be True Boardman's original drama, Stronger Than Steel. PEOPLES PLATFORM Neville Miller, president of the National Association cf Broadcasters, is one of the four speakers who will discuss radios effect on public opinion when Lyman Brysons The People's Platform is heard on WBBM at 6 tonight. FITCH BANDWAGON One of Americas leading exponents of swing Bob Crosby and his orchestra will be riding the Fitch Bandwagon during the broadcast through WIBA at 6:30 tonight. Marian Mann and the Bob Cats will be heard on the vocals. MERCERY THEATER Oliver Twist, Charles Dicken's classic tale of London slums in the 19th century, will be dramatized in Orson Welles Mercury Theater production, tonight through vBBM at 7 o'clock. Welles has announced that special attention will be paid to the childrens parts. SUNDAY CONCERT Four operatic arias which are favored by opera lovers, will he presented by Beniamino Gigli, former tenor of the Metropolitan, when he returns to the air for .the Ford Concert tonight, through WBB.M at 8. The noted singer will be heard, with the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy. HOLLYWOOD PLAYHOUSE When the Hollywood Playhouse returns to the air tonight, over WENR at oclock, listeners will hear Charles Boyer, dramatic screen star, in Algiers, a radio adaptation of his recent screen success. OLD FAVORITES The American Album of Familiar Music, will live up to 'its name when 'a program if old favorites is broadcast over WIBA at 8:30 tonight. Frank Munn, Jean Dickenson and Elizabeth Lennox will be' heard as soloists? with Gustave Ilaenschens Orchestra. Indians of British Columbia believe that the raven is the source of light am life, and that the killer" whale can turn itself into a man. Edited Home Read llNw -ss v y?m s a;: Canovas Will be Heard Now On Coffee Hour Judy Canova, Annie and Zeke, hillbilly, comedians, get the big break of their careers when they start their new series on the Chase and Sanborn Hour, on WIBA tonight at 7 o'clock. Alice Faye, screen star, is the guest for the evening's entertainment with the regular company of Nelson Eddy, Don Ameche, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Dorothy Lamour and Robert Armbruster's orchestra. Veterans of radio who made their debut on the Rudy Vallee Hour in 1933, Judy Canova and her sister and brother, Annie and Zeke, become regulars on the program that is tops in all authoritative listener surveys. In addition to their . comedy talents, Annie plays the piano and Zeke the guitar, to accompany the mountain ballads they sing. Alice Faye is well known for her ability to elevate a new song to the hit class with one movie rendition. She will do a one act play opposite Don Ameche and sing a song with Charlie McCarthy if it isnt too much of a strain on Edgar Bergens vocal chords. WIBA Today Morning 7:00 NBC Peerless Trio 7:15 NBC Cloister Bells 7:30 NBC Tone Pictures 8:00 NBC Coast-to-Coast Bus 8:30 Fiore Melodies 8:45 News Edition 9:00 The Norwegian Hour 9:30 NBC Woodwind Ensemble 10:00 Sunday Song Service 10:15 Workers Alliance 10:30 NBC Madrigal Singers 11:00 First Congregational Church Afternoon 12:00 Tony Salernos Orchestra 12:30 Noon News Edition 12:45 NBC Horse and Buggy Days 1:00 NBC The Magic Key 2:00 Childrens Plays: Mrs. E. R. Schmidt 2:15 NBC Sunday Drivers 2:30 NBC Second. Guessers 3:00 America Thru the' Years 3:30 NBC World Is Yours 4:00 NEC Tune Types. 4:30 NBC Vincente Gomez 4:45 NBC Master Builder 5:00 NBC The Catholic Hour 4:00 NBC Tune Types 4:30 NBC Vincente Gomez 4:45 NBC Master Builder 5:00 NBC The Catholic Hour 5:30 Joe Tantillos Orchestra Evening. 6:00 NBC Jack Benny & Company 6:30 NBC The Fitch Band Wagon n.rn vrn 11 n 1 7:00 NBC Chase and Sanborn Hour 8:00 Electricity Speaks 8:15 The New Norway 8:30 NBC Album of Familiar Music 9:00 Club Chanticleer 9:15 NBC Paradise Restaurant 9:30 Hollywood 9:45 Aloha Land 10:00 Night News Edition 10:15 Hollywood 10:30 Sunday Night Serenade 11:00 Club Chanticleer ' 11:15 NBC Hotel Schroeder Orch. 11:30 NBC Savov Ballroom Other Stations Today Morning 8:00 Organ Loft WBBM 8:00 .Roumanian Program WIND 8:00 Piano Reflections wJJD 8:00 Everybodys Hour WLS 8:15 Vaudeville Show WJJD 8:30 Wings Over Jordan WBBM 8:30 Universe of Melody WIND 8:45 Happy-Go-Lucky WJJD 9:00 Russian Melodies WLW 9 :00 Radio Pulpit. WMAQ 9:00 Reading Comics WGN 9:00 Contrast Harmony WIND 9:00 Little Brown Church WLS 9:15 Swing .Melodies WIND 9:30 Dreams of Long Ago WCFL 9:30 Audae for Strings WBBM 9:30 Sunday Concert WGN 9:30 Organist WIND " 9:30 Hour of Music WOC 9:45 Happened So Quick WLW 9:45 Law of Life WIND 10:00 Organist WBBM WGN 10:00 Dance Time WIND 10:00 Alice Remsen WLW . 10:00 Missing Persons WJJD 10:00 Family Music WLS 10:00 Whistler and Dog WMAQ 10:15 Neighbor Nell WMAQ 10:15 Reviewing Stand WGN 4 10:15 Marten Carley WBBM -- 10:15 Dick Jurgens WJJD 10:30 Mayor Bowes WOC ' 10:30 Melodies WGN 10:30 Happenev ao Quick WBBM MADISON SUSABELLA Joe Tenners sweetheart and stooge. Fea- tured with the comedian on his new show over CBS Thursdays nights beginning this week. Jack Benny Is Set to Resume WIBA Program Mary, Kenny, Harris, Don Wilson, Tonight At Six tv THEN Jack -Benny returns to the W air over WIBA tonight at 6 o'clock, he will break a precedent of three years by not opening the program with its familiar five-note signature. Instead, the magic carpet of radio will transport the audience, to the homes of the members of the Benny gang, all in the process of putting the final touches on their summer vacations before returning to the NBC studios for another year. Benny will be found deflating his water wings after his final swim of the summer. Mary Livingstone, in the hope that Robert Taylor will be a studio guest when she arrives, is spending her last moment selecting a suitable boutonniere. Kenny Baker, who spent the summer in London, will be caught wiping the fog off his monocle. And Phil Harris, hoping to dodge a panning from Jack, will be feverishly searching through his wardrobe for a pair of trousers to match his coat. Don Wilson, having added several pounds to his already copious frame, will be found in the throes of a session with his little giant exerciser, in a final effort to shoehorn his way into last years suit. 10:30 String Trio WLS 10:30 New Records WMAQ 10:45 Old Time Tunes WGN 10:45 Terry-Holde Exped. WCFL 10:45 Sunday Rhythms WJJD 10:45 Drifting Pioneers WLW 11:00 Southernaires WLS 11:00 Silver Strings WMAQ 11:00 Schools Talk WGN 11:00 Piano Parade WBBM 11:00 Dr. Preston Bradley WJJD 11:Q0 Cadel Tabernacle WLW 11:15 Voice of Romance WBBM 11:15 Pianist WGN 11:30 Music Hall WLW 11:30 Salt Lake Choir WCCO 11:30 Chicago Round Table WMAQ 11:30 World We Live In WBBM 11:30 Your Business WGN 11:30 Howard Peterson WLS 11:45 Magic Numbers WBBM 11:45 Organist WGN 11:45 Say It With Music WMAQ 11:45 Fashion Parade WCFL Afternoon 12:00 12:00 12:00 12:00 12:CO 12:15 12:30 12:30 12:30 12:30 12:30 12:30 12:45 12:45 12:45 12:45 1:00 1:00 1:00 1:00 1:00 1:15 1:15 1:30 1:30 Shakespeare England WMAQ Music Hall WENR Church of the Air KMOX Varieties WBBM Hospital Care WGN Sweethearts Songs WGN Horse and Buggy Days WENR Europe Calling KMOX Charlotte Lansing WCFL Men With Wings WGN Round Lake Funster WBBM Salon Ensemble WJJD Poets Gold WCCO Piano Reflections WJJD Bob Becker WHO -Say It With Music WMAQ Sunday Dinner WHO Of Men and Books WBBM Don Pedro WGN Question-Air WMAQ Down the River WIND Organist WJJD Chats on Dogs WGN Farmer Takes the Mike KMOX Sox v St. Louis WGN WBBM WJJD Kidoodlers WMAQ Olympic Preview WMAQ Everybodys Music KMOX Smoke Dreams WENR Football: WIND WTMJ WIND WTMJ Sunday Drivers WMAQ Smoke Dreams WLW Richard Himber WENR Second Guessres WENR -Romance Melodies WMAQ Church by the Road WLW Sunday Vespers WENR Sunday Serenade KMOX Concert Orchestra WLW Strange as It Seems WMAQ Benno Rabinoff WENR 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 -2:15 2:30 2:30 2:30 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:30 THE Information Please, sensational NBC program which weekly puts Its famous board of experts on the spot, has been signed by Canada Dry, and will continue on the air without change of pattern or permanent personnel. The date of the initial sponsored broadcast, together with the list of stations over which the program will be heard, will be announced at a-later date. Launched on May 17, Information Please has been a tremendous hit from the outset. More than 60,000 questions designed to stump the experts. are now received weekly. Witty Clifton Fadiman, literary critic of The New Yorker, will continue as' master of ceremonies, mercilessly goading the experts to the delight of both . studio and radio audiences, and permanent members of the board of experts will continue to be Franklin P. Adams, best known as F. P. A., columnist of The Conning Tower, and John Kieran, amazingly informed sports columnist of the New York Times. 3:30 Texas Rangers KMOX 3:45 Barry McKinley WENR 4:00 Cooks Almanac KMOX -4:00 Musical Steelmakers WGN WLW 4:00 There Was a Woman WENR 4:30 Ben Bernie WBBM 4:30 Spelling Bee WMAQ 4:30 Vincente Gomez WENR. 4:45 Tenth Inning WBBM 5:00 Silver Theater WBBM 5:00 Tennis Finals WGN 5:00 Amateur Hour WENR '5:00 Dancing Party WIND 5:00 Lets Sing WLW 5:15 Pianist WCFL 5:30 Laugh Liner WBBM 5:30 Tale of Today WMAQ 5:30 Bernie Cummins WGN 5:30 Supper Frolic WJJD 5:45 Edward Tomlinson KSD Evening 6:00 Popular Classics WENR 6:00 People's Platform WBBM 6:00 Dick Jurgens WGN 6:00 Dance Orchestra WCFL 6:00 Polish Program WIND 6:30 Passing Parade WHAS 6:30 Potpourri WCCO 6:30 Onward Road KMOX 6:30 Wayside Theater WBBJ 6:45 Jimmy James WLW 7:00 Mercury Theater WBBM 7:00 Spy at Large WMT 7:00 Sunday Date WGN 7:00 Todays Game WIND 7:30 Songs we Remember WLS 7:30 Lithuanian Hour WCFL' 7:30 Tiny Hill Orch. WGN 8:00 Hollywood Playhouse WENR 8:00 Ford Concert WBBM 8:00 Merry-Go-Round WMAQ 8:00 The Shadow WGN 8:00 Concert Review WIND 8:00 Irish flour WCFL 8:30 Winchell WENR 8:30 Hit Review WIND . 8:45 Irene Rich WENR 8:45 Bob Crosby WGN 8:45 Munros Orch. WIND 9:00 Good Will Hour WGN 9:00 Horace Heidt WMAQ 9:00 Hollywodo Showcase WHAS 9:00 Rhythm Riddles WBBM 9:00 Amateur Hour WCFL 9:15 Vocal Variety WENR 9:30 Cheerio WENR 9:30 Headlines & Bylines WBBM 9:30 Symphonic Variety WTAM 10:00 Concert Orch. WGN 10:00 Dance: WBBM WMAQ 10:15 Music You Want WTAM 10:30 Dance: WLW WBBM WMAQ WENR 11:00 Music You Desire WENR WIBA Monday Morning 7:00 The Musical Clock 7:30 Morning News Edition 7:50 Music for School and Home '8:00 Musical Clock 8:30 Today's Almanac 8:50 Barons Society Reporter 9:00 NBC Paul Page 9:15 NBC Josh Higgins 9:30 Hollywood on Parade 9:45 Church of the Air 10:00 NBC Originalities 10:15 Orgaff Melodies 10:30 NBC Story of the Month 10:45 NBC Viennese Ensemble 11:00 Lindas First Love 11:15 The Editors Daughter 11:30 NBC Farm and Homo Hour Afternoon 12:00 Country Home; Interlude 12:15 NBC Goodyear Farm Service 12:30 Noon News Edition 12:50 Market Reports 1:00 Dane County Farm Hour 1:15 Concert Trio 1:45 NBC Joe Green Orchestra 2:00 NBC U. S. Navy Band 2:45 NBC Between the Book-Ends 3:00 NBC Backstage Wife 3:15 NBC Stella Dallas 3:30 NBC Club Matinee 4:00 NBC Affairs of Anthony 4:15 NBC Your Family and Mine 4:30 The Dance Hour 4:45 NBC Charles Sears 5:00 Outdoor Wisconsin 5:15- Campus Jamboree 5:30 Ficre News Edition 5:45 B-Square Sportscast 6:00 WIBA Concert Ensemble" 6:30 Pure Oils Meet the Team CAPITAL TIMES BARBARA WEEKS . . . star of the new serial, " Her Honor, Haney James, which begins Monday morning tlnough WBBM at 11:15. Local High Schools To Offer Economics Forum Open Meeting Broadcasts To Start Tuesday From Central IN co-operation with the economics classes of Central, East and West high schools, Station "WIBA on Tuesday night will inaugurate a new series of forum discussions on pertinent questions of the day, to be heard each week from 8 to 8:30 p. m. The broadcasts will originate in the auditorium of Central high school, and the public is invited to attend the broadcast and participate in the discussions. i Guest speakers will be heard on each broadcast, with the speakers being selected for their expert knowledge of the particular subject -under discussion. Grant Haas, head of the newly created state department of mental hygiene, will participate in the inaugural . program. Information, Education The programs have been designed to afford students in the economics courses an opportunity for wider discussion of the subjects studied, and to provide their parents and the public at large with facilities for not only taking part, but obtaining new knowledge of current economic problems. The series has been mapped out and will be in charge of William Marsh, instructor at Central high; Harold Leahy, instructor at West high, and B. W. Wells, instructor at East high school. How Am I .to Prepare Myself for the Greatest Income and the Greatest Happiness in Life? will be the topic for Tuesday nights broadcast. On Oct. ll, the West high school classes will be heard on What Kinds or. Taxes Should We Have in the United States, and Why? East high will take over the Oct. 17 broadcast with a discussion on Inflation. Subjects for future broadcasts will include Use of Money and Credit, Value of Public Ownership of Utilities, Our System of Politics and Elections, The Effect on Capital and Labor of Collective Bargaining, Cooperatives vs. Corporations, and others. 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 Tropical Moods NBC Bob Ripleys Program NBC Voice of Firestone NBC Council on Foreign Relations NBC Pall Mall: Eddie Duchin NBC The Contented Hour Aloha Land Smoke Rings: Leonard Woollen Night News Edition NBC Hotel -Piccadilly Symphonic 'Band Concert NBC Aussa the Arab NBC Sir Francis Drake Hotel NBC New Penn Club 8:30 9:00 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 Other Stations : Monday Morning 7:00 Morning Reporter WBBM 7:00 Sunshine Hour WGN 7:00 Hillbilly Ballads WJJD 7:00 The Merrymakers WLW 7:00 Suburban Hour WMAQ 7:15 The Matinee WBBM 8:15 Montana Slim KMOX 7:30 Music Box WGN 7:30 Boys from Virginia WLS 7:30 Gospel Singer WLW 7:45 Hawaiian Tunes WJJD 7:45 Jolly Joe WLS 8:00 Breakfast Club WCFL 8:00 Everyday Words WGN 8:00 Devotions WLS 8:00 Your Neighbor WMAQ 8:15 Music Man KMOX 8:15 Passing Show WJJD ' 8:30 Joyce Jordan WBBM 8:30 Whistler & Dog WMAQ 8:45 Bachelors Children KMOX 8:45 Melody Weavers AJLS 8:45 Norman Ross WMAQ 9:00 Houseboat Hannah WLS 9:00 Kitty Kelly WBBM Baseball Games TODAY, 1:30: Sox vs. St. Louis -WGN WBBM WIND WCFL MONDAY: No Game. Baseball Scores 5:30 WENR 5:50 WIBA 6:30 WLS 6:45 WGN, " Uw 7:00 WIND 8:30 WGN WISCONSIN Netvs Broadcasts A. 7:00 7:15 7:30 9:15 9:45 10:30 11:45 P. 12:30 12:30 11:45 2:00 M. WBBM WLW WIBA WOC WIND WLW' WLS M. WIBA WOC WIND WIND 2:30 . 4:45 5:00 5:15 . 5:30 5:45 6:30 , 8:30 10:00 10:15 WCFL , . WLW WBBM WENR WIBA WLW WMAQ WGN WIBA WMAQ WHAS WBBM WIND 10:30 11:00 Market Reports A. M. 9:45 W IND 10:00 W LS 11:30 W LS 11:45 i2-:ooyjjr 12:45 WIND 12:50 WIBA 9,00 Mrs. Wiggs WMAQ 9:00 The Party Line WGN 9:00 School cf the Air WLW 9:00 Gene Austin WJJD 9:15 Johns Other Wife WMAQ 9:15 Myrt & Marge WBBM 9:15 Jane Arden WLS .9:15 Betty Crocker WGN 9:30 Hilltop House WBBM 9:30 Just Plain Bill WMAQ 9:30 Madame Courageous WLS 9:30 Get Thin WGN 9:45 Woman in White WMAQ 9:45 Stepmother WBBM. 9:45 Ma Perkins WLS 9:45 Dance Orchestra WJJD 10:00 Deep River Boys WCC 10:00 David Harum WMAQ 10:00 Mary Marlin WLS 10:00 Julia Blake WBBM 10:00 Traffic Court WIND 10:15 Vic and Sade WLS 10:15 Lorenzo Jones WMAQ 10:30 Pepper Y'oung WLS 10:30 Big Sister WBBM 10:30 Young Widow Brown WMAQ 10:30 Don Pedro WGN 10:30 Between Us Girls WIND 10:45 Aunt Jenny WBBM 10:45 Road of Life WMAQ 10:45 Painted Dreams WGN 11:00 Margaret McBride WBBM 11:00 Dan Harding's Wife WMAQ 11:00 Manhattan Mother WGN 11:15 The ONeills WMAQ 11:15 Nancy James WBBM 11:15 Pianist WGN 11:15 Prairie Ramblers WLS 11:30 Helen Trent WBBM 11:30 Safety Court WJJD 11:30 Gene and Glenn WLS 11:45 Our Gal Sunday WBBM 11:45 Man On State St. WGN Afternoon 12:00 Goldbergs WBBM 12:00 Martha Crane WGN 12:00 Dinner Bell WLS 12:15 Vic and Sade WBBM 12:15 Noon Melodies WGN 12:15 Novelty Organist WIND 12:30 Road of Life WBBM 12:30 Mid-day Service WGN 12:30 Checkerboard Time WLS 12:30 Voice of the Farm WLW 12:30 Sing an Old Song WMAQ 12:45 Happy Gilmans WMAQ 12:45 Gospel Singer WBBM 12:45 Voice of Experience WCFL 1:00 Betty and Bob WMAQ 1:00 Irene Beasley WOC 1:00 Pianist WGN 1:C0-Manhattan Mother WBBM 1:00 School Time WLS 1:15 Arnold Grimm WMAQ 1:15 Man on the Street WBBM 1:15 Hits of Today WGN 1:15 Palace of Wonders WLS 1:30 Three Consoles .WOC 1:30 Valiant Lady WMAQ 1:30 Kitty Keene WBBM 1:30 The Ladys Answer WGN 1:45 Church Hymns WMAQ 1:45 Houseboat Hannah WBBM 1:45 Rhythm Rambles WGN 1:45 Chore Boys WLS 2:00 Radio Tatler WBEM 2:00 Mary Marlin WMAQ 2:00 License Romances WGN 2:15 Mr. Perkins WMAQ 2:15 Meet the Missus WBBM 2:15 June Baker WGN 2:15 Homemakers WLS 2:30 Curtis Institute WOC 2:30 Pepper Young WMAQ 2:30 Harold Stokes WGN 2:45 Keyboard Arabesque WOC 2:45 Guiding Light WMAQ 2:45 Pianist WGN 3:00 Patterns in Swing WOC 3:00 Club Matinee WENR 3:00 Vanity Show WTAM 3:15 Midstream WLW 3:3tt Life Beautiful WMAQ 3:30 Four Clubmen WOC ' 3:45 Lois Elliman WOC Sunday BILLY SCHMITZ . . . lefl-hslfback on the Badger squad, and But Walker who will interview l.ntn after Mondays practice session, otr' Jj ? WIBA at 6:30. y, 4 I World Series WIBA , Start Wediiesda NBC Will Use Both Blue and Red Neticorkson Series FOUR well-known sports announcers and three sports commentat-. ors will cover the 1938 World Series in Its entirety for the National Broadcasting Co. and WIBA, It was announced Saturday as the result of an agreement reached with Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, commissioner of b&sebalL All series games, beginning Wednesday; Oct. 5,' will -be described play-by-play over both networks. This year, however; separate broadcasts will be carried over the Blue and Red networks. Describing tbe actual play of the annual' classic for Blue network listeners will be John OHara, ace sports 'anflouhee'd of KWK, NBC affiliate in St; Louis; tmd George Higgins of NBC affiliate WTCN, Minneapolis, one of the most popular sports announcers in the Northwest. Albert Rosewell, of KDKA, Pittsburgh, will report on the highlights and color. -Red" Barber, star sports announcer of WLW, NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, and Tom Manning, NBC Cleveland sports announcer both of whom were heard in last years NBC World Series broadcasts will describe the play for NBC-Red network listeners. George Hicks, NBC special events announcer, will .give the color description during the NBC-Red networks broadcasts in Chicago or Pittsburgh (depending upon which club wins the National League pennant) and Paul Douglas, popular NBC sports commentator. will fill the same role during broadcasts from New York. 3:45 Girl Alone WHO 3:45 Hatterfields WLW 4:00 March of Games WOC 4:00 Edna ODell WGN 4:00 Four Stars Tonight WMAQ 4:15 Terry & Pirates WLW 4:15 New Horizons WOC 4:15 Swingtime Melody WENR 4:30 Jack Armstrong WLW 4:30 Cadets Quartet WMAQ 4:30 Charles Sears WENR 4:45 Hillbilly Champs WBBM 4:45 Tom Mix WMAQ 4:45 Gluckmans Orchestra WENR 5:00 Dick Tracy WMAQ 5:00 Don Winslow WENR 5:00 Rhythm Roundup WBBM 5:15 Malcolm Claire WENR 5:15 Songs for You WBBM 5:15 Jimmy Allen WMAQ 5:30 Jack Armstrong WMAQ 5:30 Chicago Hours WBBM 5:30 Melody Time WGN 5:30 Organist WJJD 5:45 Tom Mix WMAQ 5:45 Ohpen Annie WGN 5:45 Lola Hutchinson WENR 5:45 Lowell Thomas WLW Evening 6:00 Ray Heatherton WHAS 6:00 Amos & Andy WTAM 6:00 Morin Sisters WMAQ 6:00 Jimmy Valentine WENR 6:00 Dr. Bradley WBBM 6:00 Concert Orchestra WGN 6:00 German Hour WIND 6:15 Lum & Abner WBBM 6:15 Edwin C. Hill WTAM 6:15 Serenade WGN 6:15 Rhythm in Brass WLW 6:15 Better Business WMAQ 6:30 Eddie Cantor KMOX 6:30 Stamp Club WLW 6:30 Bologijini Orchestra WENR 6:30 Emily Post WMAQ 6:45 On the Trail WBBM 6:45 Inside of Sports WGN 6:45 Vivian Chiesa WMT .7:00 Fiorito Orchestra WGN 7:00 Monday Night Show WBBM 7:00 Sing Song Variety WLS 7:30 Pick and Pat WBBM 7:30 Those We Love WLS 7:30 The lone Ranger WGN 7:45 Labor Flashes WCFL 8 :00 Radio Theater WBBM 8:00 Foreign Relations WHS 8:00 Bab Crosby WGN 8:00 Hour of Charm WMAQ 8:00 German Band WOC 8:15 Favorite Tunes WCFL 8:30 String Symphony WLS . 8:30 Mysteries WLW 8:45 Herr Louie WCFL ' 9:00 Wayne King WBBM 9:00 Famous First Facts WGN 9:00 True or False WENR 9:00 Double in Stars WCFL 9:15 Melodies WIND 9:30 Radio Forum WENR 9:30 Pageant of Melody WGN 9:30 Pub ic Hero No. 1 WMAQ 9:30 Eddie Cantor WBBM 9:30 Masters Pageant WTAM 9:45 Sniders Orch. -WLW 10:00 Amos & Andy WMAQ 10:00 Dance: WBBM WTAM 10:15 Edwin C. Hill WMAQ 10:15 Sports Huddle WBBM 10:30 Dance: WLW WGN WENR WMAQ 11:00 Music You Desire WENR 11:00 Dance: WBBM WMAQ WGN WTAM 11:00 Moon River WLW READ CAPITAL TIMES WANT ADS Morning, October 2, 193 Games on STATION FREQUENCIES WIBA WMAQ 670 Kc. WGN .. WHA .. WBBM WCFL. . WIND. . WLS... ... 1280 1 WENR.. WHAS... WTMJ.. WJJD.. WCCO.. WHO... WLW.... W OC. , WTAM 1070 Kc. WHA Monday 00 Band wagon 15 Morning Melodies 15 American Observer 30 School of the Air 50 U. S. Weather Bureau 55 "World Bookman 00 Homemakers Program 45 Wisconsin's Interesting Place 00 Magazine Rack 30 Organ Gems 00 Noon Musicals 30 Farm Program 00 News and Views 15 Organ Melodies 30 College of the Air 00 School of the Air 30 Music of the Masters 00 College of the Air 30 U. S. Weather Bureau 35 FTA Message ' 45 Music Album 00 Organ Reverie 30 Chapter a Day Short Waves Monday 7:00 a. m. From Hong Kong ZB jjj 7:00 Siamese Broadcast HSSPJ i 9:30 From the Vatican HVJ 12:40 p. m. Angling on the Sev GSG 1:45 German Mail Bag V3XX. 2:45 French Mail Bag W3XL 3:00 From St. Kitts YP2LO 3:00 Portuguese News W2XE 4:00 News W2XAP W2XAD 5:45 Sports Review W2XAF 5:55 North American Program OLR5A 7:00 Chemiavskys Orchestra LP 7:15 Japan Information JZK 8:20 Empire Exchange Talks GS 8:35 Greatest Show ca Earth Gi GSI 9:30 European Review of Affairs OLR4A t ) Farm & Home Prog-Monday front Atlanti National Farm and Homo microphones will travel to At Ga, Monday, for a special cast direct from the grounds of Southeastern States Exposition . National Livestock Show at 11:3., i m.. over WIBA. Livestock experts, exhibitors. Jut and prominent agricultural leat f will be heard in brief talks, desc ing the highlights of the comp tion and their Impressions of the position which annually attracts cream of the livestock raised in southeastern states. Henry Wallace to Spe On Chicago Round Tal J Secretary of Agriculture Hear. Wallace will come to Chicago participate in the University cago Round Table discussion Economics of the New Deal" it t retary Wallace, key figure in the l t Deal's economic program, will ;f f sent the Administrations argumff for the economic policies of the j f . ernment. The program is on WY ; 5 at 11:30 a. m. i Howie Wing, adventure which concerns the exploits oil " young pilot end a super flying L J at a Newfoundland air base, wili presented over Station WBBM 1 ? ginning Monday at 5:15. The prr J; . is authored by Capt. Wilfred f former member of the Roy? f . Corps and pioneer air mail pn.. story opens with the testing of a ' Hying boat at Capt. Harveys ; base on Exploits Eay. j u rand new radio show with Music, Humor, Thrills. Drama and Ro-mance.NBC Sunday eights Presented by Vicks VICKS VA-TRO-NOL helps pier many colds from developing. VICKS VAPORUB relieves miser. colds lhai have developed, p , I 4: - V-u . I Iff 1 ajw i, --1, 'w 1 1 W J?" ' 1 n rnrr :-i - U-

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