The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1950
Page 11
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, WOVHttEi 17,ItW On Misscb Farms •* Keith J. BUbrey •» . ••-,««. B, JACKKON Jtfor Keith J. BUbr*T)' •P Voice |er Aark*H«n ""en ^he cotton export quota as Incretaad la*t week by n per local farmers realized more ever the.benefit of a "United for alpiculture," M which Farm Bureau Is a -part, not your, county leaders and jroup, oveY the nildtouth taken such aa un«l«ntin» (tend It « vtty unlikely that the quota would have been increaaea.- Thi amount of cotton allocated t« for- el(n eounlriet la no* l,4M,OM> baJet as compared to the prevlou* tot*> of 11*4000 bale* • , W«t* .11, All soybean growers who entered the Junior chamber of Commerce NO MORE TRACTOR OPERATION - •• <r>, lire in hope that your tractor is delivering the """* yfW'J*-* *<*'• Now you can take o! the lindfold , . ; if you get a new Ford Tractor! SEE PROOF BEFORE YOUR EYES s YOU BUY AND uMe YOU OPERATE Only th« Has the PROOF-METER It i aow standard equipment oa every new Ford Tnerat. Now, you can measure and appraise tractor performance With your own eyes. Proof-Meter shows at a glance- engine speed, PTO. speed, ground travel speed, belt pulley speed* and hour* worked. No "guewworlc!" , We can't tell the whole *tory here, but we'd like to show ; you the Proof-Meter—SOON. Juat g«« u j the word. Russell Phillips Tractor Co., Inc. I ALLEN HARD1N, Manager ; Highway 61 Sduth ' BlytheriU* RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. MANILA, ARK! J. A. DAVIS, Mgr. ASK US FOR A &£MOHSTKATlOf/ TODAY.' Yield Contort at ,. Company BlytheYille. A *oUture tart h*T£l- ready beea saaje kut yeur waif** Wteietiaa . . . H,rt ""} J >Ul V t<> use your tractor durin« th4 .winter it «1H .M MM •f <" " u - fr *«« to tire* ai well «« to the ewlint eysten. Te Afire • a tract* • wrth i ttet K „-.— _ **vDejg« . *W U sure death to Out expansive tire. Your service at* Urn agent. «rigt pletnem dealer can furnleh yet with Calcium chloride to'do the asked ,"Why not uae ealeiua chlor- UJ* for Una and radiator." mat was a good Question but I'm told that a mixture suitable for'"your tirea will "gu n Up" toe radiator. ' nii|n| Ahead We are all .aware of the unfavorable conditions this rear'and the effect It au had on the quality of ootton seed. With thi* fact In mind along,with an Increase'in cotton acreage; next year • we' real- toe that every precaution needs to be taken to make every teed'count, Seed treatment doe« not- protect a young stand of cotton from JO days wet weather but, will prevent blank spaces eaused-by damp: ing off the aeed decay and the damage later cause by.angular leaf spot and anthrachose. boll rot; We have: a number of bulletin* which will show you how to build an inexpensive seed treating machine and the amount of treating; n»a- '.ensl to use. - '~'\- ' There'll: to Maac-Ckaacea Hade. Has jour 4-X Club member been asking about the aM "ooaJ.'oil- lamp stored -in the smoke house r If so he haa probably, attended > 4-H/ meeting . where' • a 4emon- jtration oa eoaferUBc those lamps to electro one* was' extension personnel and Mia Elizabeth • Moss. • home economist with the MUsiaeippl County jnectrie Cooperative. . A useful and-attraetiT* itudy lamp ean|be made for less than l!.0» Does the oecasMm aria* . where only a half sack of cement la used and y«u have to watch help- easly whJle the r«at abaorb* moisture and take, on the appearance and .texture ef rock? How about heaping some soybeans or ihtfled corn around the ferwken'aack to take up moisture in-til* air. and the cement wlH attn ba na«> for oat: Researchers To Discuss Defoliation- MMFHM, Nor. IT - Mate and •ederal researchers In •cotton de- : foliatifm. agricultural eh"em leal manufacturers, and representatives at the cotton Industry win convene in Memphis at the Hotel Pekbody Jan ll-li.' for the fifth' annoa Beltwide Cotton -Defoliation Con- 'erence. The National CottoB Council which will sponsor the aweting, announced that only those persona actively engaged in eone phase defoliation work ere being.lnviu_ Report* of experimenU during »»' with aereral new chemlcala which might possibly be used aa cotton defoliant*—to cause the cotton plant: to shed itsileaves—wUl : be me of the highlight* of the een- [erence. ' -..'.., Row defoliation Is related to cotton insect control, fertillatlon, boll deterioration, quality of : lint and seed, and harvesting .also will 'be discussed.' '. •" •;• ••"". -. Dr. W. H. Tharp, principal physiologist. Division oTCottm and Othi er-Fiber Cropa, Bureau of • Plant Industry, Bella and Agricult Weather Hinders Harvest of Crops In Most of Stale Work Delayed •y Rains in All But North WM* Section you WON'T ee KICKING WURS&F lATfRON... JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT GMfrMuMty^/K,,, r i.J 1 ' 1 "" '"" ""-me nme . . . and a breakdown occun. If, (hen you'll really .kick your»elf" for no* having had your for.«K before lhe» busy Deere will gire your exruipmnt« «*nfol ch«ck<»»,r. TieyTl tight** . T. part. .»< wh«. Md worn parta with genu;a« Parti. Th.y'13 eta« and «*on. your equipment i» not it a thorough in for the work ahead. Remember—our thop otieri you trained mechaniea, precision toola, and geau/ne John .DMT. Part,, rte o<h«» rf^i,"JJ community ogfen all tkrevl See w • MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO, South Hiwoy 61 PKon« 4434 BUV ONtY GMUINEtfm DEERE PARTS THEY FIT AND WAR UKE THF OF IGINAIS 1 In all but the northwest- era section of the sUte caused several days delay In. field work anrt harvest operation* during the past week, according . to the pweral- *t*t* Crop Reporting Service, Killing trrmlt which occurred during the week will aid'in opening the late cotton and sped up me harrest. Farmers In many areas B»v* harvested most of the crop and are now "scrapping." Growers in the northeastern area, however, still have a« much as a tnlrd of the crop to pick, while in the south only abojit 10 per cent remains. A number of farmers are harvesting the remaining'crop mechanically, • „• . And to prevent boll weevil over- wintering, some farmers are destroying cotton stalks. Although completed in some areas, corn harvest U still underway in most of the state. Generally, yields have been most satisfactory, although corn quality ha* left much ta be desired. With killing frosts last week; the haying ;season ended in Arkansas'. PUliu during the summer delayed lurteet and spoiled so much hay that.farmera have.been busy until recently trying to save M much as poaaiUe. euppUts on many farms i» short an* quality -la poor. Soybean combining V drawing to a close By far. the.largest acreage tn the aUte's history la being har- ve»ted this year. Yields are reported very good. •.• Engineering,: D.8. Department of Agriculture, will preside as general chalrlao. The eoundl explained that the conference each year brings together defoliation researchers from each of the major cotton producing aress of the Cotton Belt. These workers ire cooperating In a Beltwide de- Miatton program. In summarizing their activities 'they present the more Important results of tests conducted during the year. Ij such a manner all agencies cooperating In cotton* , defoliation work - are In- 'ormed'Of the latest developments a eaeh area and thus are enabled to coordinate their activities. Insecticide Problems to Be Meeting Topic MEMPHIS, NOV. n-Th« probltm of supplying cotton farmers with the ins«c(lcld>5 ihey will need in the r ,11-out effort to produce a 16- mll!ion bale crop In 1941, will be one of the principal topics before the fourth annual Cotton Inject Control Conference here Dec 7-8, the national Cotton . Council •«id yeslerdiy,: How (he various poisons , r e mainifaclured and distributed. >nd the supply outlook for 1951 In 'ace of the current national emergency, are expected to be outlined lo the group by representatives or the Insecticide Industry Stressing the importance of adequate insecticide supplies in the program lor maximum cotlon production next year, the council quoted > recent Department of A»- rlcultiire MaUnient noting that present indications point to the probability that the supply of cotton insecticides for use. in 1951 will oe In close halnnce with requirements." and that if Insects occur in averaging abundance, "the snp- P'y o/ insecticides may be very The USDA added that,-at best the situation «t present Indicates that the more generally used newer insecticides will not be available m quantities sufficient to meet the demand, thus requiring that cotton producers prepare ,to. shift at. least in part, to effective materials other than ones which are their first choice. The USDA 'also predicted that prices of Insecticide *'I1 be, higher In '1951 and that some difficulty will be experienced In promptly obtaining the most effective Insecticides during the active control season. The Department advised farmers to make every effort to obtain at least minimum supplies well In advance of the earliest anticipated n**ds. • Planning of an integrated program of cotton Insect control for 1951 Will be the primary objective of- the Insect control conference. The meeting will, bring together state and federal entomologist and agricultural education workers' as well as cotton Industry .leaders and representatives of tha Insecticide industry. Jiymbri The swastika us a religious symbol. Is found on prehistoric monuments In Europe, Asia, and America, according to the Encyclopedia ^rltahnlca. £ •'*' $$ : ^ Aa extra Mt «( plewsharei may MV* you halt ft day . . . whra every day of good weather is at a premium. Sharp chares save fuel too. W* have) Ugh quality (hare* for every soil and . condition. An extra set » low-cost insurance •fiaiMt delay. , Stop la soon. Be ready when the weather is PAUL BYRUM IMPLEMENT CO. 122 fQ«t Moln Phone 4404 Form Bureau n County is 4,427 , the Mlsalwippf oeunty F»rm Bureau letdt the ttate In total 1950 membership, accordlni ( 0 «l«ures released this week by the Arkansa* Farrn Bureau Federation. Mlsslaslppi . County's tola! mem- ber«hl»>;fpr 1«M Is 4,437, which is 1.427 ,more thth th* runner-up county, Crittetrrten, »hlch h.s a Membership tt 3,000. ! Mississippi County's total ts 13J lea* than last year's total member^ ship. The jute membership IB 40,804, wM«h is an all-time record. Cattle and Hog Slaughters Down Fewer head 01 all specie* of Ar- k»ni*5 r llmtock « fe sl»u B hterect In Bepleniber than during the Mrr,* period lant year, according to the Federal-SUU Crop Reporting Serv- cattit . marltelcd in Septernber averaged M • pounds h>avler*than in AiituM, «nd 93 pounds heavier 'hart m September 19«». the Service because its DOUBLE-RICH! KtNTUCKY WHISKtY~A BUND. M a«e>.'>ej% ani, ,^^,,.1 i f i r | H .id <M1 i Dlo. I**, H.T Compared with August, term cent more calve* arid 11 par M, »-nlle the number ot cattle slaugh- , lered was down four per emt. .. A mill mutt always be referred to a* "It," for the Creature Is and female by turns. Low-Cost FARM LOANS ^ Long-term ' SAVE Monty with rto '•' FARM INCOME PIIVILE6E 6. SAFE with th* PREPAYMENT IESEIVE PUN o fquffoble S.cierx fc«ve flMM IF IT'S * u, fo, rf«f«r/t. Mo ofcf/gorf.n. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. >12 W Walnat Phene ZM1 VOI WAN1 _« T arr l« work «, yoar ploc.. Tl.r.-. mot. pow«r !» ./"tL man do »'ri9l't Iu99lnq oWKIy at |H. drawbar . . . mo,, capacur o. b,]t work . , . rao ,. I*MCr«. Hanlna. d»p«ndabil,l r It m lb« r«ull of higU compi~.,<« i. iv. ,^, n .. »j ra i<;h(lln. d«l^, IB |h. b<m»i.i..!on. High compr.uio, lalu. Ihi ]o,m«. out « a, .nqiii* . . . p. ppr , mor . <,], reo .lr.. A .t,ai,bt 11» trawmlulo. d.ii,«. Ihot '-' you ~ iuu ~ - Here's thot ntra povwr you n««d to auk* •tubbora 2-plow Job. »ry "tuicl.." It', ti. *foM. y .HorrU Mod.! "J2" . . . wi i crllnd.1 «,^ti., mwolh. roM, „.« gri. , ly l ing . . . mo ,. pow^ •eonomy, rnor. top, notch i[.ld p.rlom«mc«. Plu» ... a n*w hydioullc conlto!— DipLH-omotic Sntm ftal koldj Impl.m.nti lo work ~r—"t fl ' at Il«ld condldoM. Com* la caid g« tb. (acta!^^ 61 IMPLEMENT CO. North Highwoy 61 phone 2142 $. & W. IMPLEMENT CO. , LeochyilU, Ark. . dUKKUB irorn Your Purina MX TH*NKSGIV/N& I TMANK We won* te ttank o«r n and customer* for the opportunity to »erve them thi. year. It ha. Wn a pleasure ond we ore thankful far youi [tiendship and Phon« 449S L. K. Ashcraft Co. * Cherrr

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