The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 6
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STX m,YTJTKVn.T.K (ARK.) COURrK* KKWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, K. W. HAINES. Publisher MARRY A. HA1NB6, Assistant Publisher A. A. TOEDKICKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Winner Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit. Atlanta. Memphis, FKIDAY, JULY 28, 1052 Entered KA second class mntler nl the post- office nl Blythevlllc. .Arkansas, under act of Congress. October 9. 1917. Hember of Thu Associated Presi SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Br carrier In the city ot Blylheville or anj euburban town where carrier service ui maintained, 25c per ». p cel[ By mall, *-ithin'a radius ol 50 miles, Ib.OG p*r year. $2.50 (or six months »1.2n for thite months; by »iall outside SO rnlle zone, S12.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations Wherefore David said unto Hie (JlbtunUcs. What shall ] do fur you? and wherewith Khali I make the atonement, I hat yt may liless ihe inheritance of the I.ortl'.'—II Samurl 21:3 * * » Our hearts, must not only ho hiokcri with sorrow, but he broken from sin, 10 coii.-iinuie re- pentance.—iX'wt-y. Barbs An idle rumor is nothing to Apeak ot at bridge i>artie.s, social gatherings, etc.—so don't! * • * The average girl .shows pood judgment In (h«- on thing suit she ue;irs, says a preacher. Among otficr things! • * * Most husbands are perfectly willing to let the grass grow under their feet, but the grxxi wile vTitt't !e^ them. V * * A uritir says all teen-ajj* j?ir!s are rmt Inter- rslfd in tuns. Kighi: A lut of them arc interested In men, * * • There are two times ciad XJIQW? he Ahrjnldii't have spent all IhfU money for the Jamily's vacation—before and after! One Election Maneuver We'd Like to See End Most of the political horseplay and verliiHge tliat we find xomewhal unnecessary in the supposedly serious matter of pleirtinjj public officials must nevertheless be endured, and we have become accustomed to it. However, there is one practice we would like to see pass from Ihe political picture. That is the annoyance a voter must put up with when he. approaches the polling place. At approximately — sometimes loo approximately—the legal 100 feet from tin 1 polling place, he must pass through a ring of last-minute vote-seekers. These are the minor lengue wardheelers who entertain the incomprehensible hope t)ial they can make up a voter's mind at the last minute by shoving a political calling card in his hand. Frieiuls, relatives and, in many cases, youngsters do the card passing. The younger ones sometimes get wrapped up in their jobs and hang on a voters coattails like street urchins crying for alms. This practice has been followed almost since, the invention of I hi 1 ballot box. and we do not foresee any hurried demise of the system. We are not certain of the effect, sought. \Ve can only feel sorry, and a little contempt, for the voter who enters the polling place still able to lie swayed by the last card poked at him. \S e doubt if many are so swayed. A look at Ilic card-littered floor of many polling places is evidence of (his. Many cards — ours, anyway — are disposed of \villiin seconds of receipt. The candidates have simple lime to stale their cases prior to election day. Tli ere is no need or point in pestering the voter by dogging his t'iuKl footsteps ir.lo the polling place. on Point Four throughout the world this year. Its backers, among the chief of whom is Justice William O. Noughts of the United Stales Supreme ('ourt, claim Point Four can be our winning maneuver in the battle for friendship of those uneasy nations caught between Russia and Ihe rest of the world. For two reasons the current program in Iran should let us know ipiickly and definitely just how effective, or ineffective. Point Foul' CM it be, The first of these iva.-oiis is Dial Iran lies directly under the Russian guns, bordering the Soviet for some 7UO miles east and west of the Caspian Sea. And Hussia certainly has )io lack of in- teresl in Iran, if for no other reason, only" of the latter'? rich oil fields, recently wrested by Iran from Hritish operation. Also, the Point Four aid can mean just about everything to the perilously shaky Iranian economy, which lias: just about hit bottom in recent months. '/'he govern men I budget is now being spent on a monih-to-montli basis, at the rate of about 5ir>,rjOO,0()0 every ;ili days. And every bit of that goes to pay the wages of the army, civil .servants and police. There's no money to build anything or put into effect such needed programs as are contained in Point Four. The second reason that the Iran experiment will davi; interest for this country is that we won't have to wait forever to see the results. Kvery item in ihe 12-month program is geared for accomplishment within Ihiil time, and that's no administrative, accident. It's the calculated result of it high policy decision. The program's planners are understood to have acted on the fear that Point Four might come to an end next year. So they're trying to do a job in Iran which will be complete as far as it goes this year, with no long-range projects hanging over which have little chance of gelling finished. Whatever concrele display items that turn up, or fail lo I urn up, in this Point Four show window in the coining year will he of interest to all Americans. For once, it shouldn't he loo hard for the layman to figure out immediately the results of at least onu part of our foreign policy program. Views of Others 'Six Shooter Bill' Erskine Johnson. IN HOLLYWOOD Peter ft/son's Washington Column — Loyalty Oath Battle Paves Way For Full Political Realignment CHICAGO —<NEA> — The mid- i;nd Observer and one ol tie gf*-a;' uyht rid» 10 up:*?t ih« rujes ol liberals of the new SuLHii. riitiie he DcmociHih- National Conven- ' it tiesperute plea for inoSei LIJO- Hiii was a revolt of young and • with bis sub slit me inoiion Ii v o_ii icady Norihern liberals, deter- i have im:reiy died tn honors. t-'Is nint'd to end the dominanon of ; course lor convention oetegEU:? ^n ho old-time Southern conserva- j supporting ihe peny't nominL-tF, Uvt-.s. wsihoui requiring the sterner K'-^i- THE* young Yankee leaders of civ layaliy please. But the Ytjii-fce this rcvok were Sen. Blair Moody i horsemen rode Daniels down. Ann of Michigan, Gov. G. Mermen WiJ- e majority oJ ihi: aelegBies EU..P- liams of Michi- ported liielr action. ^nri. Rep. FYanfc- ]in D. Rooseveli. Jr., of York, 63 A d in i iii; Mike DiSi: Ohio. Rep After all tin: liiif ami cry ii^Muat cuiTtiplton In govern man L, CniiKri'.vs In iionsLstetiry should approve pf.-ndiiig legislation to lighten tip litw en- ZorenmenL against Uiibers unrt bribe-takers . A .Senate mrnsurF*, rnUed "tho .six-shoot rr hill," . . . Vi'OtUd provide nLaudatory Jni] .srn- tt:n<:cs for both .seeking tu influence government by Ihe use of money and the uffmnlR so influenced. The bill would rctniiri! pub Lint y for affairs of the Elccotistruclion Fin a tire Corporation, a "blue ribbon" civil service tor rite Internal Revenue Bureau, and a prohibitLon ngiuuM i\ny interference in a ui;< case other thnn by llu- tRxpajor nntl his attorney. A bill in the Hoiusn . . . would tighten the l:i\\f. (•oncermiif? bribery and bribe-taking. Ic^i.sliUion I hat is already riddled with loopholes. The bill would add minimum iifMinlties to the pto.stMit inax- Jnium pc nalties o! 11m 1 e jvai'M in prison nsul a fine of three time.s the \a'uc of 1 he bribe. Credit fulls lo Connie.-5 for pu^hirf; tnve.sti- XfUioiu that ha\o brun-^iir io iit»ht corruption in (he administrative branch ot the KOU'imnrtH Uut It 13 no', enough to h:ue rid the Koveniinont ot a few officials untir for public irusL nntl to \VA\C created a ninjoi i>:iue lor (lie n;ttion;0 political ranipiiiKti. al!h(ni«li the culibri o] men in nubhc tile is vita! Ili-turm should rxtend to .stronfci r iaws us satc^us'L-df; Itir ihe lutute. \\hi'n [inbhc M'lilnnent n^a:n.-i 1:011 ma-, have <i) (i d tinwn ;ijja;n. — Kurt Wdt tli «(:•,!-Teh-i am N e - Pri Jersey. They \VCMP couple nf yrjuj Tilt-re is no question bu; the; -J:it Moo ciy-Roost? veil loi ties hud UH J support ot President Harry S. Tru- rator I man Jor their course ol ii'juuu Niile of j tiorial Coininittefc Chairman Franc Chet j A, McKmney would have Hitipptci Holafield of CiUi- tiieir drive if it had 1101 had White forma, and t-x-As- House blessmt;. Guv.! A. D»v- Mstrnt Secri'titry ^ rr of Mf.ssaciiuseiis. presiding LF of the A r in y | temporary chaiiint;n tfier deuv*-:- Archibald Alex-1 intr hiE hcynoit speech, joined in ander of K e w i the proceedings 10 bant: his gfcve.1 j arid m-rtfct rulings thtt facihuitfcc jibly backed by a ' passage ol the Moody icstihiti'j:: K Sou;ii','mers. Qt;v. | It v.'us a uigiii of ii-v*::i£e *yr r'ir, r;ub •:! KiOM'fln LZI: •ttiistr >:::iii:ir.i :n :ieT,',:-:r Trjr_i -^H '=i:t:nier:i £ri:i:i:rir,7 &e~:=i*;i niiaisn. iian ^T -ini-' nc.i; Eiie TIL 'iii* I'iir?-. in*' :.i:r I-UF: -*;:::inu::i» r ;::i: iiimn u" "in; p;r;Ji_*=:: i: «tr.* i -v:\.\i frnm rim iiiE* v ^- i ir.i: m -;;ii»r tik'.nir. HOLLYWOOD — (NEA)— Exclusively Yours: Dick Huymes, hitting Ihe inovio comeback Irnll in Co"All Ashore," is follow- K Cro.sby's blueprint for !lv- down the Freudian screams of bobbysoxers and emerging as a regular. nil-American guy. No more of tho glazed-orbs look for Dick when he sings and no more notes that paralyse the dolls. Says Dick, who stars with Mickey Koaney in Hie film: "I'd rather not play Mr. Charm again. That's what hurt my career when I v/as at Fox. There too much emphasis on the '?— ( fact that women fell on their faces when I walked into a room. "People don't want lo see a im'th on tiie screen anymore. They want real texture. Another thing —nobody will ever get me to play a composer again. How many composers are there, anyhow, and how long can you milk something?" Proud of Her "Laigs" Found: A ballerina who desn't mind if her glorious gams are bul- lyhooed over and above her classic virtuosity as a Pavlova. I'm talking about zippy French ballet star, Jeanmaire. who siars with nanny Kayo in Sain Golclwyn's "The Life of Hans Christian Anderson," and who is "proud of my good laigs." She says: "I am lohve when peoples talk of my laigs. Any'ow, iss too much talk in American of bohst. Iss fanta.slecc. Always talk of zis star's beeg hohst and zat star's beeg bohst. In Frahnce, we speak of ze charm and Vjonuty of womans, not—'ow I say?—xe deiails of \vomans." ! , Jeanmatre's glorious "details" i sre already the big buz?, along | movie row, where insiders have : >?en her in the film's undersea -. ballet number in which she wears . a 36"' shells here and there. I "Why Amricnines use ice word | =axee nil ze time?" she asked me. f "Ef I'm saxee, I'm saxee, Is noxx- | ing I can do if I'm not saxee to ] .. : niiie myself xat way. Tn Frahnce, ,. t it --oniaiis do not theenk all time "* _-'J* 7~t :o be saxee. Only Americaine wom- 1 .ins is conscious all lime of to be Baxter's saying that she will show her shapely chassison the screen ot least once a year "(or (he good of Hollywood.'* Bathing suits, sarongs, panties and bras —. the outer huskings don't make any dif- crence to Oscur-winning Anne, who told me: "There's been a lot of horribly propaganda against top stars. Th» * public's been led to believe that ^ we wear falales, leg paddings, girlies and other monstrous devices There's been talk that we're short- watstcd, knock-kneed, skinny, fat, sway-backed and everything else, •follywood should have spiked this talk years ago. It's hurt the mo- •ie industry." Press agent release: "Gavy Cooper Is learning how to speak Polynesian for his starring role in 'Return to Paradise.' " Okay, how do you say "Yup" in Polynesian? Columbia records offered Bob Mltchum a contract to warble hot jazz, but no okay has come down from RKO hiRh brass. ' "Maybe," shurgs Bob, "they're afraid I'll make enough money to implement my independence." Millard Mitchell, on his sourdough role in "The Naked Spur": "This propscctor's role looks big change from the suave like Try. Try Again I:'s a fourth try at the brass ::;:; of glory for George Dolenz. Cnder personal contract to How^~ ird Huahes for almost 10 years ', -"<i starred in only one picture, "Vendetta," George now will co- r.&z with Olivia de Haviliand and Sahara Burton in Fox's movie ver- •icc of the best-selling "ATy Cous* — Rachel." He'll play S:gnor Rainaldi, the j'cr.-ismtc Italian v:ho3e mysterious to Olivia sets off the final •v i^=dy. Three times before the !-.:iJLi:,rome George reached out and Trf like to have a penny for a •? -. : -/ b a d y who says, 'Who's producer I played In 'Singing in the Rain.' Actually it isn't, it's just a small switch from prospecting ham to prospecting gold." Shakespeare, says MGM, will get sole, undivided writing credit for the film version of "Julius Caesar." It's about time. "Henry V" was presented as a "screenplay by Laurence Olivier" and there was nn "additional dialogue by Sam Taylor" credit on the Doujf Fairbanks-Mary Pickford version of "The Taming of the Shrew." Flicker Frills Marilyn Thorpe. Mary Astor's dati " -»r and a ringer For mama, is a-. UL (o sign on the dotted line MGM. She's Mrs. Frank Ron and mother of a year-old daughter in private life. . .Rila Johnson, in perfect health again. Is hitting the comeback trail with top movie roles. . .Rosetta and Vivian Duncan had to ask for a delay on their telefilm series. Rosctta will have to undergo surgery on her vocal chords before she can duet with her sister again. Boyish bobs are replacing poortle cuts In Hollywood and the studios are screaming. Glamor girls with Butch Jenkins hairdos include Lana Turner, Jean Simmons, Phyllis Kirk, Jeanmarie and Ann Rob- Those big salary cuts at MGM are the talk of the town. As MGM Gordon Browning of Tennessee and j Harry E TrutiiKii. Iti Htate Sen. A. 1- Patterson oi Ala- j lion hf bamsi, both supporters of the can-; servam*s lor didi'.cy of -Sen. Kslos Kt-Eciuver ol ' limes llie.v hav^ Tennessee. jDnal und Iiliuusi. As the two-hour of 1he ' prrjaran]. kini; night sc-.s L ;ion unfolded in the ] Thi^ WHT the I Ainphuhi-ater, • Stales' Northern ' dt-r foy Chic;t *i Ktockyard the ruth!t'r..-:m:^:-i of the Ki-ciiip. supporting Mi>ody's rf.-.'iolu- | prde. The ^jfeifiifje was lion n.-tniKint' a lovuliy pledge for ! if the Sou'-him^rt didn't ;i!l convention dole^nU- 1 '. wa'-» np- : was ^o:n? on, tii^>' c.yji tv*-ry 5i,".*;: -.i v.'* ".vj'.L .".:ri:M ami sit *-e t T-'t^\\ j.-..-:• ;*^. L'J. Vjt Z''.-:.-^-..-.'^.-* -i-i'i.V. ihiit y»:t:! v -c,- t -;•: '.-ivi." t.x~ '-i'.ft? LO •c.'^fS, '',•: '^'-. '<T-"Z'"* ••'•'* *'---'-'• --'•& 'j' :•-.::jk.'. •;^.v-v/, P.-rn; wt'j t t,j bi:;;ii»:ct uu- -iit Kvrtij* rz. '...'s~:zl7. ~v~.fil*l r..i"J *. goes, says the old axiom, so goes .-.her day his contract with the whole industry. -rr.aily expired and now sfjomsf oft the fat roles. '-- r.f:7, f start," he told me, the past." ?*:'jc -;p. Mr. Exhibitor — Anne :*t times They n;id trie votes ami they hnd tli'* they used t lie in wuhoi. Jonalhiin Duniols po'A'cr and for the lion ^pl: Joitb C;ir- wide edilor of Hie 1 Ralemh Hews | veinbej nstqu^nvti- U tm/ tc- Ar.6 :,' il Jost lilt J>«>- tcuoiis Lo Ei.senhow vi ".it;* 2 •.•* and queen. .%;-.> c/jntinued by cashing the top ic^*..*. and mffing a spade, after •v.'.:.',h .= he cashed the ace and king r.'. ',! jh=, followed by n low club. &;rnrny discarded the six of dia- ".f,:.rt?. on the second round or cisibs — ''~'' f ' t^ 6 s«ven of diamonds on th*. third round of clubs. f.. "', V^, - /: *- ; \s\^^ "'r'^aV^I Wm had to wln th!s trtck and f' ",,"!.•( ..^'s?'-f. "*"* 1 ' (had to lead another club for lack of " '__ ^ "'' ^ '"*'' * '"'" ' ' ' ^'•"r/thin? else. This enabled dummy i Sunday School Lesson — B> W. K. OfJrcrj'. U. WritUo for NEA Serrice • JACOBY i ON BRIDGE Real Answer Isn't ISO THEY SAY Laymen Soon to See Result Of Point Four Aid to Iran A show window for this country's reviled ami revered I'oinl Four 1'ro- jrrain ' s I'l'injj hurriedly built in far-off Iran, between India and (lie .Mediterranean, in the. shadow of South Russia. Some '12 million American dollar.* will lie spent this year in a hurry-up program of agricultural extension, health improvement and rural education in Iran. These are the heart of I'oint Four's effort to improve living conditions in backward nations. Critics of the program have called it the All-American (Jive Away. The United States will spend some $'218 million VY'I' h,*vr ^ivi'ii :i\\.iy ribinit Ut billon <;.ii'.,n.* Mine 19-..Y K nionrv ((Mild buy ^'t iM'Uy ;uut ll;<l>- plrf^, wr ^Miuid li:'Av ih^in Yr! -At- h:m> !h-m l.ol -- Koimrf .S!:t!>' I ><-jM : ! II n lit II-.1 1 . l.-CI ,!<::;; tAiMfl DuDfS. » » • No nu/rii ill !hi> tir;!t i'oiint]\ "iiL:ht lii no f <i .li;;ui;>t tjrc.Tl.M' ol h'.> ir-.ic, ivljLlii)-: 01 lhlf;o;;nl <n:t:m.- t'lt'.sHH'tl'. 'I'll, ili. !K. * • • To iv'Miiun 1 l'i i<>'.;iiri ^i.h:i ai,M i 1 'tiii'i,:! I'i'm Iu:(h''i' iti^lc^Ml'j, ^ i- i,f'(l tc M.'y I*HI ",\\ nntt conrii;:'' in irin'.Mi! [hi 1 Ki'-lnl-.n i)"--r> n! thr f.ict .KiiTi-'iiiv n[ llu- Nnvy IXui A K.!Kl;.,!l 'rij'.'H 1 HIT tv.'o kind; lit 1-vi ^enr.vs by sjnrr.u^i fMtt'A aiid rn'.-ar: 1 v.'t in 1 Kii'ains^s: liicittin;: s in f|iiii:iti!y. ; would nut liimic of 'v,;'n\\r.'t an t-\tl- LIIK! Kt'i'ntni.':-,; in (|uglily. i eicmie of dr'-:L i -»; b;.' v.i^hfui ^jji::k* • Ir, „ miHli.rv wjy Kovi-rnmi-nts '• '"« atollt i: ' Alth - ™ l*«u:r-s on and m-nr^Mls hnvo .U'pc.Klc.i rim-fly , hy:.:i=™. np,.n iHiinbas Ttiry liti^c ronsiil- i 'Hio !>hy:c;il i;:,u;rc 'A ttie epi-• rivd lh''Lr ^:vi:a:th tn llv- ?l^t- o[;dcmlc niu^l be ]nt-: by physical op- ih«if armit-.^, nr in ihr tuiiiihi-r i*t \ posii-^', Eir.d by counteracting mcans liii.ins iJiLit Uu'v t:uii!cl iiu; in the , until conditions of hcalLh art: ic-: hi-M. ' ! .^t'H'ctl. N.i(K'h-un'< \-..'ii-.:ni v;-> tUr \ This, I Hunk, is true in rrlallon <ine v.itl^ thi 1 iiuv; SHI.-;. Ik- \\ant-ecl'to violence and v.rir. 'I'h';rc are; 1 ni^n for bi-s juni;-^. anti dc.<pite ; 1itnr:> \\hfn >.p![U\;Al fnicc Is not i liU cii-al yi-nri ;ilMiin ;\mf si tat. ^y ; enough. A strotit; righl nvrn 15 I IH \ a \voi>hipnov of icirct\ ' nt-cdi-d. J Couqin'iors and Un-i.i|.>i< ii.ive \viuu (lu- s i ( , ry n ( Gideon ml-| i.hnnrrd Hie- f;u-o <>! lii'slorv bv the plusiivs Is llinl a strong riglit arm. •:K,-V hoi cli-s i>: violi-n' mi-n wh.nn . bafXrrt hy Mill] and conrace. will :h<-< iwiirrd nv.-i vnM n-sinus. ! «iu asain-t the forces of evit. .v- in thi- (l.iys of ticncllis Kluill Tlicre i.= aUvays wroSncss in the '.trd Atiila, Tn:in. nr tuoiip. or nation, wlio.sp | Hi .MiA- is al-i> rife \vnli 'In- i-'iivv ; c.Tii^.- is not vishi. We of the free ; nf !imv ::ri\i! ainii-s have ic-n ' norld onjlit lo be more zealous ! •.'.• ;t!n .an ,i:-d iv.i Mini:' Iv, nruli „, mil klm sure our cause Is !;.iijuli<-r fou'i's of ('.Mirasn-..'.;?. :r.-p- r,.;),!. and in eliminating and suri- i • : '' rv " pir-^.stnc the weaknes.srs and evils ! Of !l»- l.iKrr. tlic HiWu-al and !lom within thai are as much a N! imi-; m-'n.icr as the enemies from \vith- "< ""- out. ivs ;is T.rt Tis mu-ter z\] our stroiiKth. I anrl then b.n y. H up <v:th all the i '^-_" 1 ~ | faith. rniir!-?c. and vlft stralecy isa::i^t P f c,;.^,,:. an ti his rcvjurcefu! ^•ar:-. . tin ee }itii-.di • rl what : B) OSWALD JACOBV Wrilltn lor NKA Ser7lc« Hov,' 7.ov;Icl yr/i play the South hand at Bix hearu again/it the o^enintf Itad of the thrue of diamonds? Suppose you try It with all of the tards in s^ht. The answer •A-ill not be easy to find. When this hand was actually played. Ruth Sherman, one o( the country's great bridge stars, managed to make her contract even discard the last diamond, while declared nif fed. The rest was, of course, very easy. 1COCHLS Reference to corruption, in- 'ftuence peddling and general crookedness seems lo have faded out of the news. Nothing's been done about it, of course, and by next winter mink coats »r« likely to bo respectable agatn- li:i: a i;i'nn al should rrii rl «I HK-IIMM-. bis aimv •: t-i\Mv 0-.1-: \\ :j(l -'-I'lll tn b.' !h" lie NORTH 25 * AK 5 T Q1087J » AJ 7 6 WEST EAST <D) * QJ 1087 1 2 V 5 43 « KQ9 *Q 10 37542 +96 SOUTH A None » A K J 9 8 » 10 B S 4 2 + AK3 Both sid« vuV. F..\rt SoutA WcM North 3 A < » Pass 6 V Pass 'Pas* Pass Opening lead— * 3 Running the Bases Answer to Prcvioui Puzzl* VERTICAL 1 Essential baseball lool» 1 Superficial extent 3 Roster 4 Classical language 5 Place 6 Figures of speech 7 Monster 8 Postures 9 Iterating 10 Employer Jl Seines 16 Administers extreme unction T5 Yean Ago In Blythevillc — lli^aliy 'fiiurrt 'i tf . KIIMMTI \\;\'. Hi- .' oinaif t i > - mciil nf \Vorid \Vhf 111. a.ue:;.iy i.l ll.u K,r. y Dan A. K:mball. •Wolf il spoLiiir.x <i <? v r-r a 1 days in Hot SprlnK^. Miss Mary Blanche Gay h a i cone tn New York for several u i-efc*. Russell Phillips has returned believe tiut fiom Hni Sprm^.s where he has, violence m;d • been a patietil in Army-Navy Hos- opixwed only '.vi'^l. )>;.: into [ear Ins himps. - he put his to [llslil. j though she could see only her own i hand and the dummy. The bWding i and the openine learl, however, ]o- ! c.itcd all the important cards for her. U was clear, to be«in with, that West hart led a slilKleton diamond. This meant that East had three diamonds In addition lo A seven- 1 card or longer spade suit. Armed ullh this Infoi mation . Miss Sheinian manaKed to find the 1 winning line of p!ay. She won the j first trick In dummy with the ace I of diamond! and drew trumps with I ORJZONTAL 60 The fliei I Base rnnnera ^t'hen. a base try to beat the runner slides -^— to tha 61 Gaelic bag 5 Baseball position, short . 9 What each team tries to gel 12 Operatic solo 13 Therefore 14 Compass point 15 Will makers 17 Fondle 18 Shiny fabric 19 Eyes (slang) 21 Glacial snow 23 Large body of water 24 Headgear 27 For fear that 29 Kins of the Huns }2 Lyric poems 34 More pungent 36 Meal 57 Reparation 38 Where spcctalors head \vhcn last man is out 59 Rescue II Aeriform fuel 12 Hint H Consider 16 Slutted 49 Heal name- of Ouida 53 Petroleum 54 Outgrowth! 55 Hick 57 Roman emperor 58 Animal collection! t9 A high hill M Harmony 22 Sleeveless garments 24 In this place 25 Summit 26 Locally . 28 Crossbeam 30 Tyndareus* wife (myth.) 31 Angers 33 Fact 3S Turkish official* «Viper« . ' 43 Correct 45 Corn 46Close-rH<l«g cap 47 Small brook 48 Australian ostrich 50 Anchor 51 Son of Seth 52 Essential being SS Decay 1 I IS 18 11 U % ja vt n X" v> I li M7 3 t, 'II. r ^ 53 ) J m w n J: 3 I 1) •:f. 1 10 1 ' a }4 y) « i ''%, >> i* 0 9 « ',« W 1 50 10 30 n i 31 5Z. I!

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