The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1950
Page 14
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PAGE roURTEEN BLYTHEViLLE, (AKK.) COUK1ER NEWS Doctor Explains Blood and Diet Body Produces Cholesterol Regardless Of Food You Eat CHICAGO—Your body produces cholesterol (fatty substance) de.s- plt« the foods you eat. This - disclosure . comes from a study conducted by Dr. Ancel Keys, Director of the University of Minnesota laboratory of Physiological Hygiene, with 462 men fl.-s subjects. Dr. Keys' research shows that. eating dairy products, meats, And rggs, all foods high in cholesterol content doe.s not lead to Increased cholesterol in the blood, in the opinion of Dr. Keys, this fact is significant. Cholesterol formation In blood vessel wall has been weighed by men or science as R possible cause of hardening of the arteries, n common type of heart disease, Dr, Keys has .shown further that even foods which contain no cholesterol may rni^e the cholesterol level of the blood. He reports that when I he diet of one subject n'fl.s changed completely free of both cholesterol and alt fats to one containing vegetable fals (no trace of cholesterol) the Wood cholesterol level Increased immediately, Grants Aid Study Dr. Keys' study is aErled tn part by grants from the National Dairy Council, acting on behalf of the American Dairy Association. His subjects include persons varying In age from 18 to 80 on whom he determined the relation between cholesterol in the blood and such factors as age, dietary habits, state of health and consumption of dairy foods. Cholesterol content of food appears to be relatively unimportant because the body manufactures cholesterol at a rapid rate and because substances other than cholesterol appear to influence cholesterol blood levels. By reducing or eliminating the consumption of such foods as milk, butler,, eggs, . ice cream and m«at the diet lacks essential nutrients. Nutrition scientists are agreed that an adequate diet should include plenty ol foods and generous supplies of fruits, meats, fish, eggs, vegetables and cereals. MacKenzie Continued from Page I • t least 100 time* greater. There se«ms to be general agreement that a single bomb of this kind could wipe out the largest of cities—if it could be delivered to the target." : These are but a few of the points discussed by Captain Hart in his comprehensive survey which includes some of the vital lessons to b« learned from the last world war. One lesson he cites Is this: "History may say that "unconditional surrender' was the most expensive of a!l phrases—and of nil policies. That two-word formula was produced at the Casablanca meeting between President Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill early in 19-13. It prolonged the, war far beyond Its likely end, thus leading to the sacrifice of countless lives that could have been saved. It jeopardized the chances of Europe's recovery. "Another ominous sequel has been the conflict between the victors that resulted, naturally, from the complete disappearance of any European balance. War to the bitter end was bound to make Russia 'top dog' on the Continent, to leave the countries of Western Europe gravely weakened, and to destroy any buffer. The 'Iron Curtain' is not a safety curtain." Liquified Food Spice Developed in Chicago CHICAGO—(/JV- A complete line of liquefied spices for use in the home has been announced (by Vanguard Associates of Chicago)". These spices, running the complete range from anise to turmeric, have been used by commercial food processers tor many years, but never have been offered for home use before. The product (Savorizer Spices) comes in » highly concentrated Jorm in 2% -m. bottles that retail for 40 cents. Eacfi bottle represents many times Its content,? in dry spice, and is uniform in strength. T HAT S right! The popularity of Black-Draught is constantlv growing. When n child needs i l»x»tive, give Syrup of BUck- DraughU It is pleasant-tasting Chll- rtren never back away or fuss *boiu taking 1L Taken as directed, Syrup at Black-Draught usually relieves •iugjlsh constipation due lo too »"ich tatlng between meals or other normal children's irregularities Syrop or Bljicfc.Dr.uigM Is a pure, effl- elent product made by » manufac- Itirer known for four generations for quality preparations. Remember tot .grown-ups get Black-Draught In powdered or granulated form costs « ptnny or less a dose. Just ask yo ur Heeler for Black-Draught In the form you prefer-and for children always get OF BLACK- DRAUGHT for Cranberry Ring Cake, Pork Adorn Thanksgiving Tables Thanksgiving! To families all over the land it's « day when ap pealing aromas travel through the house as the homemaker's culinary skill goes into action. And here's a menu idea featuring (he best of autumn's harvest which (lip liomemaker can proudly display before her family: a perfectly roasted pork loin with piping hot dressing slicks, sweet potatoes, a green vegetable'such as brussels sprouts, tomato aspic salad, hot rolls niirt a plentiful cranberry ring cake centered with sweetened whipped cream. For Ihe perfect roast to center your Thanksgiving table here is the approved cooking method, according lo Refoa Staggs, home economist. Place the pork loin fat side up in an open roasting pan. Do not add water nnd keep the pan uncovered. Roast tn a 350 degree F. oven for 35 to 40 minutes per nnund. Cranberry Rinir Cake 1 jar whole cranherry sauce !.{ cup chopped nuts 2 tablespoons jrafrd orange rinii fake halter 'A pl'il whipping cream Combine cranberries, mils and orange rind, and place In greased 9-mch ring mold. Pour cake batter over cranberry mixture and bake In a moderate oven (3so degrees F.> for 30 minutes. Turn out Immediately on cake rack, Serve with viilpned cream In center. 12 servings. Cake Batter •>- cups siflfd rake rinur 'A cup larrf I cup sugar 'l\ c * teaspoons baking pourier I Iraspoon salt 'ly cup milk I leas;M>on vanilla t up flour and Cream one-half Inrri together using 100 complete strokes (one minute low on electric mixer) Add remaining flour sugar, baking powder, salt, vanilla nnd one-fourth cup milk. Beat vigorously for ISO strokes (Hi minutes low speed). Add remaining milk Beat again. using so strokes <onr- hnlf minute low speed!. Add Pegs one at a. lime, beating 50 strokes afler each addition (one-half mln- ille low speed). Mince Meat, a November Must As sure as November days arrive the homcmaker is going to include mince-meat pie In her menu: bin home economist Rcba Stages suggests numerous uses of (his spicy treat Close lo mince-meat pies arc mince-meat tarts. Prepare them with an open face, then just before serving top with a hard sauce. This gives a new touch lo an old favorite. Still in the line of desesrts Is mince-meal topping for cakes. Bake cake batter In a ring O r loaf pan and top with thickened and sweetened mince-meat. Baked apples also are enhanced with a stuffing of mincemeat Core apples and til! with the mince-meat mixture, then bake. And for still another surprise use of this winter favorite select mince-meat for the rilling In refrigerator pinwhcel cookies or any filled cooky. Mexican Luncheon For a quick main dish with a foreign touch prepare this Mexican luncheon. Brown a pound of bulk pork sausage in a frying-pan wnh diced onion .,iu' grc en pepper Hour off the dripping.;. Add a t-nn of tomatoes, 2 cups of sour cream. 2 cups uncooked macaroni Season with chili powder, a bit of siiuar and salt, then cover and simmer /or about 20 minutes. If Ice cream stains summer clolh- 'ng. sponge rirst with cool water to remove the sugar and milk pro- 1 tern; then sponge with carbon le• trachloride to remove the fat. Hollywood Continued from page a went, home and told my husband that Ida was going to drive, me crazy with all the dramatic talk. Claire isn't the kind o( star who makes voice recordings and swoons over the playback. She sometime.'! wishes the Trevor voice would rel lost. i Moviegoers like the long drawn- out and slightly nasal tones but Claire told me: "I ha(e ray voice. It soumU like I'm imping all the. lime. The first lime [ really heard myself was it a preview of 'Drad Ktid.' I came out. screaming Miat Hie sound man hart ruined m«." She Jia« no love either for the legend that henoath every tough doll she plays heats a heart ot sold. "1 murdered Richard Carlson at canasta the other night," she giggled, "tie kepi saying that was no way for a gal with a heart of gold to act." Sign on a stationwagon parked on Vine St.: "Justamcre place." Andrea King asked Oscitr Levant how his recording of "The Sabre Dance" was dnln* hi sales. He cracked: "Thr records aren't going so jcoixl lull they're sure selling > lot of sabrfs." Calcium and other minerals are found In milk. Want a Tarigy Midnight Snack? frVr a real treat- after a bridge or television parly, serve Juicy hamburgers with French fried onion rings a;i(J lots ol co/fee. Prepare the hamburgers In advance and store them in the refrigerator to broil at the last minute, put them between taj^c buns nnd serve a choice of relishes. It will take only a few minutes to fry the onion rings. Slice large onions crosswise. Separate into rings and dip in milk and egg batter. Roll In flour and fry in deep (at heated to 305 degrees P. To be cprfnfn the temperature Is just right rely on one of the new stainless steel deep tat thermometers, with easy-to-read, clock-like temperature faces, Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish Don't be penny-wise and dollar foolish by trying to make candy without a thermometer. Success li sugar mixtures depends upon cooking them to exactly the right temperatures. A lew failures caused by incorrect guessing will pay [or dependable candy thermometer. One which will give years of satisfactory service Is made entirely of steel. It has a round, dial- t.yjie face which extends above the cooking pan so it can be read wltli- out stooping. The long .stem reaches into the candy mixture and fastens lo the side of the pan with an adjustable clamp. The thermometer .•.hows tvhcn sugar mixtures are cooked to the stages which mean perfect results, To make t butter frosting youll need about » quarter cup of butler to two cups of confectioners' sugar; moisten with a little cream ajid flavor with vanilla and a pinch of salt This should be enough frosting for an eight-inch square cake. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1$, 1950 • Make Buttv-rm'ilk Skim Milk af About wwvyvwwwwv DESSERTS H ENDERS ON SUPERFINE SUGAR LUTTRELL'S HOME OF FINE FOODS presents JACK SPRAT'S FRIDAY & SATURDAY SPECIAL Of THE WEEK, AT MAYS'! Red Triumph POTATOES «*. 1.98 Royal Guest Ground Fresh COFFEE---ib. 74f B IGA Plain or Self Rising—in Pillowcase SALE! SAUERKRAUT Jack Sprat 5 Cans Jack Sprat Cream Style 49 4 Cans ^nC HOMINY PURPLE HULLS WHITE CORN Jack Sprat 10 Cans 49 BLACK EYES Jack Sprat Peas 4 Cons CHILI & BEANS Broadcast 11 o». can 2 For POTATOES S. No. 1 | ri(h M f\ 4jjc SALT MEAT Streak 0' Lean 10 Lbs. DILL PICKLES Jack Sprat Jl Ivm Sour or Dill iM • 9 5 Jars 43C PORK& BEANS Jack Sprat 5 Cans Mi^Hl^M Run-of-Pod Peas Jack Sprat 3 Cans POTTED MEAT Broadcast Jl j^% 49c 5 Cans PICNIC HAMS Armour Star PORK ROAST Lean, meaty Boston Butt Small, fresh and meaty PRESERVES TOMATO JUICE Jack Sprat 4 Cans GREEN BEANS Jack Sprat Cut 3 Cans CROWDER PEAS" Jack Sprat 4 Cans - 50 fe 3,75 Oxydol, Tide, Duz lame for IGA—-Homogenized Evaporated MILK— 3taii3Sc REDI-MEAT Broadcast Can "FLYERS Selected, Dressed Farm-fresh PORK RIBS Swansdown MIXES pkd. 33c Vegetable J'ce 37c ToiletTissue 3«oiis25c Marshmallows ^ 29n rudding and Pie Filler Lean Mcoty—Pork RIBS 2 ibs. up - ib. Budget Queen BACON - --ib.49c Fresh Dressed FRYERS - - ib 49c Plenty Of Parking Space At Your IGA Store MAYS' Pure Cane SUGAR . 10 Ibs. 94fl Yeilo OLEO 4 Ibs. $1 Monarch Double Sweet Pickles 3 pis $1 Much More MINCEMEAT 9oz.nkq.2if Baker's COCONUT , 24oz.pkgs.37q IGA—With Toy SOAP GRAINS 2 lame New Red Emperor 5ranes2lfe.'25j£ California Iceberg etiuce 2 for 25l Newcr'op—Texas Green e Ib. -lorida—Large Juicy Grapefruit 5 Lb. Bao 39c > Yellow ONIONS 10 Ibs. 39c : resh Cape Cod Cranberries 2Lbs.35l Red Jonathan Apples 5 Ibs. 49l IGA SUPER MARKET 421 S. 21st. "Remember, It P oy $ » 0 Shop with Mays' "

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