The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1931
Page 3
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M^JUY, JUNK lo, Japanese Singer Combines Domesticity With Career NK\VS mm liniids. The (lay utiov Illvi nrriv«! til New York, the master imrtcr whom she uns lo s'.ndy died suddenly. "1 uisl took til? uilii-r yiljji-cls Hint I needed for tfuclilng," Miss Kcyke n>r:ill«l. "JT- ivtinu-d to OIHMI my own kiiidPrsnvlen in Japan, so I .started to speflalizr' (or lluit. nut iliiil f;ill I suns In a otilnla the Japanese Church ])iil (in. A tot:il straw In Uie aiidienco looked :nc it|) Hl'terv.rmls, asked me lo sing nyain and finally look tup to iMchi-r. 1 Mill ir.iln with his rcnKiik:ibl? \vomnn. \\lio jn-- iiia'Jed nio I .should slnj Instciid of each. "New 1 nmsl ixrntc'ss I l«vp to ,iii|j. T ir.Joy thi! IcHins of Uyitij o give pleasure lo cv:rjcn.> in the ludiencu, tl:c beniiljdilly i;r<>:mu'<l ;ccU'l> folk in t*X|>\-e KMIS. the ch rf:. 1 ; n::d truck drives upstairs. And I enjoy iriniondoii3ly the iifl 1 ! 1 make hciv and' tlie.-o nlioul the country. It is worth uhile U only .'or them," Odds ([noted against twin babirs by a Uinilnu Insui'nncc broker arc 1MI to 5. Insurance Man Spends : Vacation Catching Snakes SPOKANE;, wnbii, <ui'»—omi- Inu. rainphij;. li.slilnij. taiMUliis mul foaling.: HIV eoi.unoi) I'Wiuth turns ol volition iMiJa.vnUMit.. but 1'aul J. Mrcilin, lirnult 1 iiisiiviiiice man, has a v.-ay of his own for lyhxliiy :inel ri'siini; i>aeh year. He .siviul his vacations In the rattlesnake country near lu've. rap- (uiitii! <.|)eelit)(>i)s. Mtmhi Is nn Iminrary member (if '.lie National Antl-VeniiK' So- :-k-ty. urn! is or.,: of the Ninth- Wi'M's iuithorllli>.s on n;iiker,. cu'iy suiumiT lie .S[H'it(ls niui'l! • of his vacation c:i[)turin<; :.itllcrs anil snpplyim; ;-,3<jlogicai I'clli'Climis with Wa.shliiB'.nii's .spc- of poisoninis replilr-s, as a historic slip on September I5.!ll«: wal.'r. the surprised witnesses ine body uf General .Sli<uU.'ii,' Mute. «ho so successfully oiui'.nlml tin 1 •**• •>• Davis, V. K, lliirp'r, n. U. I'oiHlm-nial Army thai Ck-orix! 'IVmplc and P. litalcs were Huh- Wnsiilnston nuide him one of Ills' 1 "!! lu'av Unr/os Snntlttgo IMS* most triisiod al.te:.. lies In u ]i[ 0 t! wl "'» "I"' tarpon, e.'.lliv.aled lu bo in ih,' town n| stpiibi-n. OiH'ltliii i>"-»i I".' 1 fpvl In leiwlli. leaped Ciamiy. Its purrlinn: us a mi 1 -: 'ivi'iiu-jivd. iiioilal site was niiiliorl/ul by the! L._ ' " — slate K'ni-slatui" 1 last year. (loveinm Hoi)!L-i-pH will Lo unions thin".' \vho x wlll participate in tin- iTiemonlcs. lvruiia Woman to Observe 110th Birthday Von Stcuben's Grave To Be Dedicated Soon ALHANY. N. Y.. lUP)—Thp burial place of General llavnn von Sli'iiljen. Ciermaii l'-;ro of the Ri-v- 'olulionary Win 1 , v.-ill he dcdicalK- Tarpon Jumps in Boat j And Hits Texas Angler' fi.AN 11KN1TO. iUI>) —Tarpon] lH:in-< recriuly for fuur San Henno ti;vn wiicn a i!lnnt silver kiiia • l'-.i|n'd uitu tlielr Iwal and Knvc I "!»' o fill! llsiiernien a irtoiiiulln'i j on Hie buck, of the ncek. \Vlille mnlilmj « Mrlkn tlic llsli! l-.':i|)fd over Hie shoulder of one i»:ii!. se.u.;d nn (lie deek In n cnuii) 'liarr. an dstiurk ano'.her In lliu inidille of tlie boat. The Impact ; lliri'w the tarpnii onto llu; boat-. i-'.ilf. where it Hupped back Into' BIIAMCKIN, I'u.. (t)l'i -- Mrs. Klmibolli Kiimlnskl. Kiilpnioiit reik'^nt, Is iilniinlni; in celebraU) her llOlh blilhday an AtiLiusi lu. Hlie was born In Lltliu:niln In 18^1, when Alexander I w«s e^ai 1 of all Hie linsslau; when James Monvoe was president of the United Sla(.?s; and when Hie HonrLsli- ini! antbracile ti-ijlrn wns sloll ami seallered outpost sellle- inenl.s. Mis. Knmfnskl's ane was ccrtl- IH'il by rtvortls obinlnod from III? town iniihorllles of the l.ithuaiilnii hamlet v/hcre .she wns bom, Smeller topper Ores I Show Drop for 1930 WASHINGTON, (OP)—A drop of, i 30 per cent In tho output, of sine!' lei- i-upp.'r ores from domestic oil-1 Sins for IMO below the 192!) level mis nnoimrrd by the- Census lin- leini of the Commerce Department i-:iTiilly nn (lie 13:iO census. Tiie out|iiil in 1SBO was l.M-t.38!),- M7 puunrLs us compared wllli 2,- l'W«i::i.ia."i lor in:w. 'flic mine pro- (luftlr:i nuiircs for 1030 lire not jvl inailable. At the sumc time rellneiy iivoducllon for domestic and liHTlftn (.omci'S sliOM-ed :i eor- H-^|K)inlhii, r <hop of 21 per cent, 'I lie iiverani; price per puimd for iT.piK'r ores dtirlilK 11130 wiL-i 13.0 ceuls us c'diniKircd wllh Tor ihi» previous yjiir. PAfiK THHF>^- I'atlents the Blytlie- \ljlc liosplinl were: Miss Pauline /; Kearney, CaruthersYllle, Mo.; and', ! '' : 'Miss Urine Montgomery, Manih.-. • "CIASSIFBED" ^r •• i ym\ 666 Courier News Want Ad.s Pay. I.Killll) (lit 'I'Alll.KIS jtrlirvrx a HeacVuhe or Neuralgia j in "i\ niliiiitrs, clinks :i Cold ihr (list day, anil elieeks Alalurla In Ihri-i- dnj.s. (ilili Snlve f«r liaiiy's Cold USE^PBONE American mis.siuii.irics, her first teachers, iliscovcred the, rich voire nf i Ilili Knyke. N'ow flic .ta|ianc.«c prima dnnnn, who is jiieluretl liere in one of the costumes she. made, is established in an np(ratie career. BY JULIA 1U.ANSIIAKD NEA Scrvirc IVritrr NEW YORK — Japan lias a clinrmiii" ambassador o[ good will traveliii'- 7 about this country in the person of the little prima donna. Hi?i Koyke. She carries no credentials from ;he land of the cherry blossoms; .she serves in no official capacity. But .she cannot step on the stage in nnv opera and sine without u-in- warm friends for herself and doing IJFI- bit to forward international understanding. -• . A most versatile and interesting little person is Miss Koyke. Barely five feet (all. siie gives the. impression of much more height because of that inimitable sicndprness of! the Oriental. Ernu?lit nn in Japan : in a mission school, she is equally | nt home speakinir Japanese or; Enslish. wearing the lovely l:imo- j nos of her native ]an;i or the last • worrt in the fashion of her adopted j coiiii'.ry. I Has ?)o'ncslic Tr.iiLs I Tlicuuh she snonds much of her I time travclim from place to place, sh" is essentially domestic and is finite ppt (o Krrxiuce. as if by maa- ic. a I'.er.t little w.vinsr baskFt uith a solil tliireble in it-, end something c:- other (hat she is making. Any hotel suite she occupies seen lakes on the ar.prrt of home, with flowers qalore. a '.--v books r,r.i\ liictures that she prizes and a shaw! or live draped over tilings. "Slicing on the stage is [he la'st I profesr.loti I wc;iTiI liav? chosen, if | anyone hnd asked me." sho cx- rjlainei!. in a voice of tinkling Ewectncfs (hat rives just n hint <>r Ihe rich l:oanty of her singing veice. "1 was brought up strictly, wilh a fecliri!; tha', I must live a lif? of service. "But I r.r;ucfi it all out with myself, 'li'i/i.' I said, 'no profession can hurt you. People are just like jelly If jelly is firm enough yon can put it on any p'.atter. garnish i! any v.v.y you want to. serve it In any form and it is itself. Whatever profession you enter is comparaKc to the platter of the jeliy. It is yourself lha! you must make firm, and what you do won't mutter.' Mnfces Oim Clndire "And so I decided if I were to lead a more or less wandering life, traveling, singing here mid (here, I must no! become too obsessed by applause or criticism. I knew I would have to develop many other interests, domestic interests that I could tic to. So I started sewing. and though I was the poorest, seamstress In all of our classes. I now make all my own clothes. I paint too. And I always read aud have ninny quiet hours alone." She made, it transpired, the (le- Jiehtdil black crepe frock she wore, with its pinpoint star of gold, fashioned with graceful butterfly sleeves gathered tight around her slender wrists She also made, she finally admitted. those snrgcous kimonos she wears in Madame Butterfly, in The Mikado. (he sweet young costume in Iris— every tingle one of her glamorous "opera costumes. She also designed the rost of the costumes and all of the stage sets for Iris, which was 'such a .success when the Piiilndalphia Opera Company presented it last winter. Ilizi Koyke started out to t>e p. kindergarten teacher.. One of iier mission school teachers in Tokio always listened for her sweet voice when (he classes sang our simple Ama-lean songs like "Home Sweet Home" and "My Old Kentucky Home." She told the child thai she must develop her voice. Finally she was instrumental in getting Hszi to come to Columbia lo study. That was five years ago. Changed Her Career Here Fate took tilings into her OF CONSTIPATION COXSIIPAFIOX locks up i^isons ii tho body, and allows them to bc- fiin iJaugcrous work against your Iwnltli. Kcoii tbc Ix.xwta sicllvc. K constlpnlotl. or.o of lt:c best things to •lo is to ;r.kc- ThoiUord's Blnrk- PrausHl for prompt r<-1l> f. Mrs. l^Hoy Brack, 2S10 IVplar -St., Cniro, Jll., wriit's: "ifv motlior vsf-tl Tlic-I- for.l's Blai.-k'Di-:u]i;fit hi her liomc for years. Blic tl>o:iglit U was so E'wl. slic luii mo use it. I fiml it in line for sour stomach nn;J fss. A few iioses, i;tknn for several ni^hir, m.ikca ri:>j fn<-l H^c a new TvrFon. I lutvo it very Kooti ami i!ci>eiiila!ilc.** . Si.ulc froin tlio leaves nml roots of nn-ilichial plants — free from mineral arayt. SOLD AT nnrr, sTonEo. HUH -- THKDI'ORD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT far CO.N'STIi'ATlON", IXDIGl-.'STiON. NOTICE Tliin-silay. Juno 18, 1931, Uic H. J. Billing, Inc., will conduct an all day demonstration fcnUivinjr the John OPCI-C implements, uspccially the .John Dcrro .Tvacloi-, plow and disc. This demonstration v.ill bo held four miles north from the hard road at Slionyo in Section 2-1, Township IS North, Range I 1 - in what is kno\vi> as the Kij? T,akc Umls, I'"! 1 further information call F. S. U'inl'ord, J. G. (hv.-ns a! H. .1. Killing, Inc., O v J. \V. Meyer at i;r.:iuaj,-o District Ko. 17 office. In case of excessive rains making the roads im- pa-:-iblc this demonstration will he called off. G qot to «7 eooo From coast to coast 1,215,809 |!N THE U.S.A.] get you'there' on time! Engineers, conductors, brokemen, firemen, signalmen—here's an army whose praises are too seldom sung. Think what duty costs these "soldiers of peace" as husbands and fathers away from their homes. Think what their watchfulness means to your safety and comfort—and salute them! You don't worry about them—you don't have to! Sixty... seventy... eighty miles if fected. CHESTERFIELDS are milder needed. You don't worry—you know because they're made that way — there is a sure hand at the throttle! from riper, milder tobacco and pure And just as casually you light a imported cigarette paper. CHESTERFIELD—knowing that every You can smoke as many as you like safeguard for its quality, purity and and you'll like as many as you smoke! good taste has long since been per- CHESTERFIELDS taste better! Chesterfield O 1931, ItfifilTT «< MVMUTOMCCO CO. SMOKED BY MORE MEN AND WOMEN DAY.

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