The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1950
Page 2
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" * W PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BHS Keyboard Pounders Learn to Type By Harmonizing with Musical Masters ' • • By RUTH LEE (School Correspondent) Many a student nev«-r understands the full meaning of the old expression, "all Plumbs," until he sits down at a typewriter for the first time in his-life. And. many k beginning typist Is not fully aware of the fundamental rhythms produced on the keyboard by the truly successful typist who rates high on both speed and accuracy. But at least 130 young keyboard pounders at the High School are learning to type by harmonizing their basic rhythms , with those found in the melodies of John Philip Sousa. Georges Bizet. Franz I^ehar and other composers equally famous. However, not Just any tune suitable for rhythm typing, accord- Ing to Mrs. Knthrrinc 5. Green, typing instructor who teaches four beginning classes and one advanced Cl8.«. Sfjc Records Used Bash of this 'rhythm practice is a set of six "Rational Rhythm Records" issued by the Grep Comnany in New York City. The majestic "St'-rs and Stripes Forever" has long been a rhythmical guide for carefully trained feet, but it Is just fis good a guide for heavy, untrained fingers stumbling around for an "a" or an "f" on the keyboard, The goal of every typist is to achieve an accurate and even touch, one which produces a perfect paper from the standpoint of errors, hut which also evidences a smooth- flowing, uninterrupted touch. The beginning typist learns early that the little finger Is not as powerful on the "a" or "q" as the forefinger is on the "j" or "h". He also learns that the best-looking typed material is produced with a steadj', regular motion rather than by one broken with stops between words, letters or even whole sentences. Exercise in Perpetual Motion The novice typist must learn that • good-looking typed page Is an exercise in perpetual motion. That's where the music comes in. The Rational Rythm Records have been designed to harmonlw; the emotions of the student, soothe and equalize the mental processes, "Mmulate the nerve terminals, to exhilarate the human machine and thereby accelerate the progress of the pupil to the desired end—physical and mental efficiency. One of the most important advantages of the records, Mrs. Green feels, distinct from the inspirational value, Is the fact th'at the music sets the pace. L*ft to his own methods, the student will ordinarily fall Into a rut without effort to increase speed. But, by typing along with the speeds set by the records, he Is induced to the goal of. any endeavor—the achievement^ of a performance of an Increasingly higher level. The first essential In typing with the music Is to get on the beat, the second is to stay on, and finally, for the student to synchronize all his finger movements with the rhythms of the music. Mrs. Green feels that an awareness of rhythm In typing is fundamental to good typing habits, and has found her students to be especially susceptible to the Incen- tives that the music provides. ' Kirs I Vear Claw*! Limited Only Juniors and seniors arc admitted to first year typing classes, and by the time they have com- pleled one year's work. most, of them have attained a typing speed somewhere Between 40 and SO words a minute, During the first year students learn the fundamentals of the keyboard, and afterwards type letters and manuscripts. During the second year, they type legal documents, wills and other official papers, and In addition, serve as typist for the high school faculty. 1 Teacher» Awijnrrl Each of the students In Mrs. Green's current advanced class Is assigned two teachers, rotating every six weeks. The advantages of this system are numerous. It gives the student an opportunity to do some practical work outslrte an exercise book, B nd In addition, provides i valuable service to the teaching staff. "A" grades are few and far between In Mrs. Green's classes for she feels that not m«ny students can be considered perfect, typists. Main points for judgment are position at the keyboard, accuracy, and grades made on speed tests. The speed lest, a nuisance to any typing student, makes its appearance In her classes once or twice a week, but always unobtrusively because, she, realizing the relative values of testing, knows that speed is only one of several yardsticks with which to measure « typist's performance. ATOM SET BEATS "FISSION"-If junior Is very precocious he might go for one of these junior atomic scientist selj, demonstrated here by a couple of New York youngsters. The lab set includes a Geiger counter, a cloud chamber and a fluorescent screen to show radioactive material disintegrating. Carlson Figures Out Hew to Quit As Kansas Governor—He'll Resign TOPEKA. Kas., Nov. 15. (,J>)— Frank Carlson finally has figured out how he Is going to quit being governor of Kansas. He was elected to the United State* Senate Nov. 7 for both the unexpired term of the late Sen. Clyde Heed and the next regular term. His two-year term as governor ends Jan. 8. Carlson wants to resign as governor as soon as he gets his certificate of election, but a thorough search of the constitution and statutes failed to show how he could go about It. The laws jjermlt a governor to quit, but ; don't tell him how. The search by a host of legal advisers led back through history to 1868 when Gov. Sam J. Crawford resigned and went off to fight Indians. Crawford, with simple informality, just sat down and wrote a letter of resignation to the people of Kansas, and filed it with the Secretary of st.ite. That's what Carlson is going lo do. too. Uranium Hunted From Airplane BOULDER, Mont., Nov. 15. yPl— Now they're prospecting /or uranium from an airplane. Kent Howard and Dick Peterson, of Price. Utnh. are surveying properties of the Elkhorn Mining Company. Their airplane carries a "sclnt- illometer.V \a hopped-up geiger counter. ; \ - : . ~ •• : The scintiliometer is equipped with a lead-covered directional shield containing a photo-electric cell. Tne shield eliminates airplane instrument interefence. The cell picks up ground radia tions from altitudes up to 1,500 feet. Thirty-five vessels are being built In "the Ryukyus and 215 In Japan under a program to restore per manently the Ryukyuan fishing fleet. Phone Now for Immediate Delivery of New PHILCOl6-in TELEVISION SENSATION 60 JUST OUT 299 * Built-in Aerial System! * "No-Glore" Viewing! * 145 Sq. Inch Picture! * New Super-Power for Fringe Areas! We h»Te It now . . . arlvanre 1951 rhllco morfrl 1643 with Ibe 16" picture that's the sensation of the Industry for sharpness, eUrlty anrl rralixm. Come In i>r phone. . . »« fur yoursrll why it's acclaimed the FINEST riCTURK In TELEVISION . . . unequalled anywhere. Genuine n»»h»|[«nT Tenter cablnrl. An »m«i- Inc rutae! towresf Price Ever for Philto 16-inch Television HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE Phone 4409 Las Vegas Buzzes As Senate Crime Group Moves In LAS VEGAS, Nev,. Nov. 15. (£>)_ This legal gambling resort buzzed oday over the purpose of the one- day stand of the Kefauver Senate Crime Investigating Committee. One report had the committee ooking into (he 1947 gangland aj- lasstnation of Benjamin (Bugsy) Slecel. Siege!, besides being an asserted Southern California gambling lord, also was part owner of the luxurious Flamingo Hotel here. ?fls death has often been linked to Ills efforts to expand a race track wire service he operated. The committee aims lo develop a nationwide picture of organized, syndicated crime. So far it has probed the underworld In Miami, Pla., Kansas City, Chicago New York and Philadelphia. Law enforcement officers prominent citizens and officials, as well as gamblers and gangsters have told their stories to the panel In cities visited. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEE IB, If** NEW STUDEBAKERS ON DISPI.AV-The 1981 Studebaker went on display in Blytheville today In :he showroom of Chamblin Sales Co., Railroad and Ash. Featured in the 1951 line of Studebaker models n the V-type, eight-cylinder engine being Introduced this year in the Commander series. Style changes C en ter .bout the new grill and the one-piece windshields now standard on all Champions and Commanders Shown above i> the 19S1 Champion four-door Regal sedan. HOUSING AUTHORITY CF THE CITV OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS November 10, 1950 SEALED BIDS,- In triplicate, subject, to the conditions contained herein, and In the Contract Documents, will be opened at 11:00 a m., December 1, 1950, at the Ofllce of the Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Blytheville, Aikan- SBI, for work necessary for supplying all butane gas requirements for Low-Rent Housing Project ARK- 5-1. Blytheville, Ark., for a .term of Five (5) Years. Attention Is directed to the fact that the bidding documents contain the form of contract which set.s forth the obligations of the contractor with respect to the furnishing of gas lor this' project. The contract will be awarded to the lowest and best bidder, subject to I Wirh the Courts Chancery; Willie Mae Webb vs. 'John E Webb, suit for divorce. W S. Dobson vs. Jo Evelyn Dobson, suit for divorce. Common Pleai: Oia A. and Rudy Dilts vs. Parlee Planning nilt*. suit to obtain possession of land and collect »200 damage*. ' Squids swim backward and walk head downward. Clarence L. McKlnsey, 127 South Ludlow street. Dayton, Ohio, who 1< night supervisor of hospital at- temlants at the Ohio State Hospital in Dayton, says a man has trouble getting used to working nights and sleeping days. And if a man isn't getting the proper rest It not only makes him groggy on the job. but also nukes him feel poorly (he rest of the time. This will never happen to him again, says Mr. McKirtsey— now that he is taking HADACOb. His system lacked those necessary Vitamins Bl. B2. Iron, and Niacln, which HADACOL contains. Here Is Mr. MeK fluey's nan statement: "Before I started taking HADA- COL, 1 had a great deal ol trouble with a nervous stomach. ] had an awful hard time slecping—i would Just roll and toss all night. It affected me during my working hours, too—I was restless and ntrvous all the .time. My nerves were . TO Jumpy that the least little thing would put me on edge. I was Just beside myself In knowing what to do. Then I heard how other folks that were nervous and rundown wtre being helped by HADACOL. I decided lo try HADACOL. Now, after 10 bottles of HADACOL, I fed line; in fact. I think so much of HADACOL, I would walk 3 miles for a bottle of HADOCOb—I'm not exaggerating. Why. the way I sleep and the appetite I have are marvelous. The best thing is that my nerves arc calm as they can be. I Just can't pr?Ue HADACOL enough." Thousands Rare Been Helped by HADACOL whose systems Inck- ed Vitamins Bl, B2. Iron, and Nliciu. The HADACOL, iormula is so eilective for stomach distress. certain nervous disorders. Insom nla due to upset stomach, nagging aches and pains, and a general rundown condition when these troubles are caused by such'deficiencies. Give HADACOI, A Chance ... to help you, as it has helped thousands of others If .von suffer such deficiencies. Remember, there are no substitutes for HADACOL Always insist on the genuine HAD- ACOL. No risk Involved. Buy a bol- tle of HADACOL, either (he trial size. »1.25. or the Urge family or hospital sire. $.150. and II HADA- COL doesn't help you. you set your money back. If your druggist does not hnve. HADACOL, order It direct from The LeBtanc Corporation, Louisiana. tonjrlfM ISM, Th« LeHUnc Corixira- lloa Strikes Loom In Radio, TV All Networks Involved As Union* Authorise Walkout of Performer* NEW YORK, Nov. 15. (#)—Strike threats, mostly over pay Isaues, hung over the country's radio »nd television networks today. The executive board of the Television Authority, which represents all AH, unions In the industry, authorized a strike early this mornlnj. George Heller, the executive secretary, said It probably would take place "within a day or two" unless peace Is reached on contract demands. The American federation of Radio Artists, an AFL union which also Is a member of the Television Authority, voted Nov. 1 to strike in th« main rmdle nctvark n of New York, Chlc»«c, Let An**U> and San Franclico. Th« Federation'! J»»tlon»I Botrtf met last night to decide whethtr tb strike. But the m««tlnf brok* u» without any announcement. Four TV Network* lantai The television dUput* Involve* an four network*—Columbia, National. American and Dumont — and on« New York city station, WOR-TV The radio dlsput* affect* Columbia, National, American and' Mutual networks. Official* In all the untoni h«v» declined to make public thtir p.r demandi, say ing that the types of work and the wide variety of Involved make the situation plex, It was reported last week, however, that the television unloni wanted performer minimum! of'|?o for a )S-mlnute program, M6 for a half-hour, and $116 for an hour, with *6 in hour rehearsal. Heller said the TV membership includes almost all the performers on the well-known shows originating in New York. Lo« Angeles and Chicago. the provisions of Section 8 of the Instructions to Bidders, who offers to furnish the gas at the lowest price determined In accordance with Section 9 of the Instructions to Bidders. The bidder's qualities- I lions must be furnished as a part' of the Contractor's bid. Copies of all Bidding Document* mny be obtained at the office of the Housing Authority, First National Bank Building, Blytheville, Ovkansa.s. J, Mell Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer I1U5-20 Marriage License? The following couple obtained a marriage license yesterday at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk: J. P. Hedrlck ot Zalma, Mo., and Mrs. Ida Speer of Hahn. Mo. ' DO YOU HAT! So many wom«n between the kg** of 38 und i2 have good reason to hsie 'change of life' — the Ume when fertility ebbs sway — when embarrassing symptoms of thl» nature (nay betrsy your agel If th's functional period makes you suffer from hot (lush*! or makfs you feel K> weak, nervous restless, hard to live and work with — try LydU E. Pinkh«m'» Veg«tabl« Compound to relieve •uch aymptom*. Womca by th* thousands have reported remarkable benerux. No other medlcln* at this type for »-onien hu luch * loug record or luccese. Regular ti«e of Lydla Plnkham'i Compound help* build up resistance agalnat iicch mlddle-ag« distress. The woman't Jriendl ^h NOTE i Or i^m E. i wilt , LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S Vegetable Compound The thrifty one for ' (7 NEW 1951 STUDEBAKER l Ke lowest? "^Performance? 'TUIKV'KK here (n<I»y in »H their gleaming glory! Come -* in anil sr<: (hern ! The Ktylcil ahc«(i, fiiginccrcil nhcad, cmluritigl} luiil) new 1951 Sliuleliakers! Here's a grand new Sludchnkcr Ciuunpion in I tic lowest price fichl! Here's a brmni new higli-ciTicicuvy Stiiilebakcr Conmmmlrr V-R! They're allrHotively priced Sluctcbakers — amazingly swviug of gasoline! Tlic_v don't require |irrniiuiu fnelsl (Jome in and we what over 20 million dollars wnrlh of new designing, new tooling, new proilnelion facilities have brought lo you in lliese remarkable new 1951 Stndeliaker.*! They're f:ir-adv:tnccd new era e«rs — mill they're here for yon right now! Slop in and take n look! Inn n*«tl atitliiM cmv* "N« tlulth-n« (Mt.hrft" drlvlnt •* Hi fln*»t1 lt'» youri to enjoy in >ny of the ntw 1951 Studebaker. th«nVi to IS. Jtud^bakw AutemvHt Oriv»—mcrst advanced of ill «ulo- malic transmission* — exim CM t , n d eitra wonderful. Gas-saving, engine-saving Studcbalcer overdrive if «v«il- able of course in the l»5l models if dWred, «t t«ri cott. CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Railroad & Ash Streets Phone 6888

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