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The Capital Timesi
Madison, Wisconsin
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Cv sunday Morning, January 23, 1938 MADISON THE CAPITAL TIMES WISCONSIN Home Owned Home Edited Home Read 9 MIDI Charges Made and Denied As Pet Dog Is Lost and Found NOW! Mae herself leading a cast of all-star comics in a riot of Music and Laughtcrl DR A MA STAGE ic SCREEN In Madison OOLO PSS. Costello thehnow 0OGN OF A ReKOWNED STAG-6 FAMILY. Humane So ciety Sold Dog Before 5-Day Limit, Claim Charges of Ray Kraft 2721 Center that Dane County Humane society representatives picked up his Springer Spaniel dog and disposed of the animal without waiting the five days customarily allowed owners to recover dogs impounded were denied recently by E. F. Busse, Humane society agent, and Dr, B.

H. Borman, of the Madison Pet hospital, where the society houses Kraft said that his dog was returned to him Wednesday night by a representative of the society after the so- English basement. It was an im- mense kitchen. Here the servants prepared the meals for family and guests and sent them scooting, in courses, via dumb-waiter, to the assembled diners above. Marcus Ford, son of Rev.

and Mrs. was asked the other day if they had a butler to go with the butlers pantry when he was a boy. Sometimes, he answered laconically. And then, grinning with delight, he pointed significantly to himself. So, boys had their little chores in those days, too.

Before we leave the old dining room, which is now Apt. D-l, it Is interesting to note that the floor is covered with the identical carpet that once beautified the drawing room of the old house. It is beautiful hunter's green velvet with a delicate over- scroll of black. (More tomorrow.) ciety had recovered It from the purchaser. He said he would not sell the animal for less than $75.

Kraft charged: 1. That representatives of the society picked op his dog after it disappeared from his premises Jan. 13 and sold it Monday, Jan. 17, without giving. him the five days customarily allowed owners to recover dogs impounded.

2. That na wife phoned the societys office Jan. 14 and Monday to inquire about the dog and was told that the society was not holding a dog of the description she gave. 3. That his wife received a phone call at 4:30 p.

m. Monday, from a man at the Madison Pet hospital and, after she described the dog, the man said: I believe I just sold your dog. 4. That when Mrs. Kraft asked why the dog was sold before her husband could claim it, the man said: We only keep dogs five days, then dispose of them.

Both Busse and Borman said that the animal was held at the pet hospital for five days before it was sold. The society representative taking the phone call from Mrs. Kraft said that her description of the dog did not enable identification of the animal. Attaches of the pet hospital did not call the Kraft residence, according to Dr. Borman.

We did not know who owned the dog until he (Kraft) came storming into the hospital, Dr. Borman said. FUflV6D Aol.ES ON SCREEN twentv-five. YEAAS AGO. I -t -A; ff i nf ff doorway, you entered the wide colonial hall.

This was usually glowing from the light of a handsome silver-and-crystal chandelier and from the reflected light of the four fireplaces on right and left. The old chandelier is still hanging. Tne first thing that aroused your admiration in the old house in the olden days, as you wended your way down the baronial hall, was the grand staircase. Your eyes involuntarily followed the graceful sweep of that highly polished walnut rail and the wide tread of the steps as they swirled away from the center of the hall upward to the third floor. Naturally, that, too, has been left in its original form as the old glides into the new.

tJti iJ, THEN AND NOW fPhs great drawing room of the JL old Ford mansion was the first room on the right as you entered the Kail. This beautiful salon occupied the whole length of the right side of the hall. From early fall until late spring a cheerful fire glowed on the two huge fireplaces which made bright spots at either end of the long room. The sun poured in from the many deep French windows which are fully 8 ft. high and, by actual measurement, 40 inches wide.

Now, as you enter the hall, instead of seeing that old drawing-room, you see two of the most compact, beautifully furnished little apartments that ever glad-dened the heart of a bachelor, bachelor girl, or married couple. A peep into them disclosed Pullman kitchens, electric refrigeration, built-in features of the most modern kind, low-down bath tubs, cushiony chairs and couches, rich wall hangings AND the old fireplaces. To the left, the spacious room that was once the fine old Ford library, is a similar apartment, done in gorgeous colors. Lovely as it is now, you cant help but shut your eyes and picture it as it WAS in the days gone by. Hundreds of volumes then lined the walls; snapping fire in the grate; the family assembled for a quiet, happy, long winter evening.

Going on 'down the hall, you come to the big room on the left that was the Ford dining room. It has the biggest fireplace of all the six in the house. Now it is a snug, beautifully done, complete home. But again one thinks of what it used to be. 4 4 HAD BUTLER SOMETIMES How many merry gatherings have taken place around the big dining room table in that high-ceilinged, square old room overlooking Lake Monona! There used to be a dumb-waiter in the butlers pantry which whizzed up and down on its pulleys from the kitchen in the old Ns 'V is Si A tMJk Ukm BN EVERY DAYS I HOLIDAY EDMUND 10WE emits emirs BUTTERWORTH WINNINGER WMTCR CATtETT 110TB NOLAN MR KAN BINE-CHESTER COKKilN lit LOUIS ARMSTRONG Hit No.

JONES FAMILY in Hot Water Today tr Tomorrow ITS PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT! lliliQlVrilE PERFECT sPECitEir JOH BLDIDEU SSraS.TO aaaan. an aeana M.LBI mnns FomoenoHUi nenm 'mtHgRK THM BIG PICTURES TODAY thru TUESDAY ABLAZE with Dancing Rhythm, Brilliant Music and Song! 'jjur starring MOEBl featuring Frank Edna May MORGAN OLIVER RAV BOLGER ILONA MASSEY BILLY GILBERT REGINALD OWEN STARTING WEDNESDAY MYR1VA LOY FRANCHOT TONE ROSALIND RUSSELL MAN-PROOF From the great stage triumph. Starring SYLVIA SIDNEY and JOEL McCREA 25c All Day Kiddies 10c TWO FEATURES Triple-Action Thrills! TitE TWREEr Mesquiteers with BOB LIVINGSTON as Stony Brooke RAY CORRIGAN as Tucson Smith MAX TERHUNF. as Lullaby Joslin STARTING TOMORROW THE GOOD EARTH Modeled for artists AND DANCED IN SPANGLEP COSTUMES IN BROADWAY MUSICALS. THE Madisons Smartest Place to Go By Sterling Sorensen EVERY DAYS A HOLIDAY' An Emanuel Cohen picture, directed by A.

Edward Sutherland from a screen play by Mae West. Presented at the Parkway theater. Distributed by Paramount. Peaches ODay Mae West Capt. McCarey Edmund Lowe Graves Charles Butterworth "Nifty Bailey Walter Catlett "Trigger Mike Roger Imhof i Van Reighle Van Doon Charles Winnlnger Fritz Kraufmeyer Herman Bing Cabby Chester Conklin Danny the Dip Luclen Prlval Inspector Quade Lloyd Nolan George Rector George Rector Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong DIAMOND LIL.

the character played by Mae West with minor variations In all her stage and screen vehicles. Is In town again. Diamond Lll Is now masquerading at the Parkway in Every Days a Holiday under the name of Peaches ODay, a Brooklyn blond with a bru- nette past. MOVIt MITilj in the beginning. Peaches is on the dodge, with all the coppers in New 3 York on her trail.

She is not above selling the Brooklyn bridge to a wit-less sucker or pinching a poke or two; robbing a department store window, or carrying brass knuckles and a blackjack In her handbag. But before long she has fallen for a poor but honest plain-clothes man and gives up her rowdy life for adventures on the stage and in politics. In the end, she leads a reform movement and campaigns for a city administration free from graft and crime. rrHE MAE WEST style, tone and I gestures are unchanged in Every Day's a Holiday. Less nusing each picture, however, are 'V battleship roll, the drawling the half -closed eyes, the polite leer, the occasional lapse in grammar, the hour-glass figure, the razzle-dazzle costume and the cm-upn-see-me gag.

In this picture, however. Miss West is given stronger support, as to players, settings and dialogue, than has been the case in most of her vehicles. The time, New Year's eve, 1899, fa- SHOW TIME MAJESTIC BUI Boyd in Hills of Old Wyoming at 12:30. 3:30, 6:40 and 9:40. Three Legionnaires at 1:45, 4:50, 8 and, 11.

MADISON Dangerous Holiday at 2:25. 5:05, 7:50 and 10:30. The Three Mesquiteers In Range Derenders at 1:20, 4, 6:45 and 9 :25. EASTWOOD Kia Galahad with Bette Davis, Edward G. Robinson and Wayne Morris at 2:32, 5:45, and 8:58.

Joe E. Brown in "Whens Your Birthday at 1, 4:13, 7:26 and 10:39. ORPHEUM Nelson Eddy and Eleanor Powell in Rosalie at 12.: 30, 2:50, 5:10, 7:30 and 9:50. CAPITOL Hollywood Hotel with Dick Powell, Rosemary Lane and Benny Goodman and orchestra at 12:30, 2:50, 5:10, 7:40 and 10. PARKWAY The Jones family in Hot Water at 2:03, 4:34, 7:05 and 9:37.

Mae West in Every Days a Holiday with Charles Butterworth and Charles Winnin-ger at 12:30, 3, 5:32, 8:03 and 10:34. STRAND Errol Flynn in The Perfect Specimen at 2:10, 5:30 and 8:50. Sylvia Sidney and Joel McCrea in Dead End at 12:30, 3:50, 7:10 and 10:30. EVERYONE IS RAVING ABOUT THE Trio Madisons own hit of hits featured nightly in the BLUE ROOM otiay FIRST MADISON SHOWING Lost? Strayed? Stolen? et- PERRY ARMSTRONG Guitar, vocalist and whistler. For 1 with Herbie Kay and Joe Buzze orchestras.

He's a top notcher. ROLLIN CLIFFORD Clarinet, Sax, and Flute. Played with Howard La Roy and Don Irwin st Chicago's Vanity Fair and Hotel Stevens. Hes tops! 1 DAY ONLY DANGEROUS HOLIDAY" With I Quinn Big Boy Williams' Jed Prouty Hedda Hopper MARCH OF TIME Swell Comedy TOPS IN DOUBLE PROGRAM! VOGUES OF 1938" THE PARK HOTEE E. J.

McDonnell, Manager CSOW BEFORE THE camera again more BEAUTiruL-lHAN EVER AT 32. Played with john BARRYMORE BEAST'THEN MARRIED HIM; LATER DIVORCED. Gently so good men have taught Gently and without grief, the old Shall glide into the new. William Cullen Bryant 4 4- 4 THESE lines from an unfinished poem by William Cullen Bryant, came to mind while making a recent tour of the old Ford estate, 1033 Spaight st the metamorphosis of which is intriguing the attention of everyone in that neighborhood and of those elsewhere who have known the old place since the early days. In some ways, the transition which It is undergoing proclaims the passing of another venerable landmark.

Yet In another way, it is really a perpetuation of it. For now, as the old glides into the new, Dr. J. P. West, the new owner of the property.

In true appreciation of the beauty and historical importance of the old house and grounds, has made a study of the place and has preserved to a remarkable degree its historic, cultural atmosphere, even though it has been modernized to the n-th degree. Truly, the old has glided into the new in that old yellow sandstone castle of great antiquity, whose grounds run down to the very edge of Lake Monona and which has a most magnificent setting with dozens of ancient oaks and elms in the background. 4- 4 GOVERNORS OWNED IT TWO governors of Wisconsin have owned that lovely old place. James D. Doty, territorial governor, w-as the first owner on record.

It passed Into the hands then, of Gov. Dotys son, Charles, who in turn, after some years, sold It to Gov. Leon- Dout Forget Dane County Tavern Keepers Association nDamice Tuesday Evening, Jan. 25 Club Chanticleer Miles North of Madison Highways 12 and 13 Sponsored for 1938 State Convention Tickets $1 Per Person TODAY 2 BIG FEATURES 2 PARKWAY WEDNESDAY DIRECT FROM NEW YORK TRIUMPHS CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER IN HER OWN DRAMATIZATION OF EDNA Ills WIFE By MARGARET AYER BARNES Her First Full Length Play IN WHICH MISS SKINNER PORTRAYS EIGHT COLQRFUL AND DISTINCT CHARACTERS 1MI ll MMD II SEATS NOW atBOXOFFICE PRICES: 2.20, us. 1.10, 83c incl.

tax Violin and Guitar, formerly with Katos Vagabonds, a favorite in Eastern spots. He's a hit! rjoivi dick BENNY GOODMAN HIS SWING BAND 71 ITS MERRY, MELODIC, MIRTHFJLLED! PARKWAY WSAY FEB ard J. Farwell, second governor of Wisconsin. It seems, from all the information available, that none of these families built on the grounds. But that Is another story and we will skip that part of it for the moment.

Someone did build the old mansion, that's sure, and when from the east there came Rev. Francis F. Ford and his wife. garet, they saw the old place and surrendered to Its charm. They bought the place Dec.

1, 1876, from Mary R. Turnley and husband and lived there until death called them to more stately mansions. Rev. Ford passed away In 1886; his wife, some 10 years ago. Rev.

Ford had retired from the ministry before lie came to Madison. One of his distinguished pulpits In the East was that of ihe old Charleston church of Boston. 4- 4- 4- OLD ENGLISH CASTLE funder their regime, the fine old home was Indeed an English castle. As you walked across the spacious, shady veranda, (now replaced by a three-landing colonial portico) through the broad-beamed, solid oak Old Time Dance Tonight TERRACE BALLROOM 2900 University Avenue TIP PALMERS HAPPY ROUNDERS Ladies 25c Men 35c DLIhtteir 15 KINDS OF FISH SEA FOOD SPECIAL A truly delicious oyster stew prepared with plenty of freshly opened oysters, fresh creamery butter, clam broth, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper. Just the dish for luncheon or evening snack.

Milk, 30c; half cream, 40c; all cream, 50c; served with cole slaw. Special Sunday. DINNER 75c 85c $1.10 Private Rooms for Group Gatherings Atr Conditioned Accoustically Treated SUNDAY PRICES Before Ofk, After 6 6 p. m. aUC 25c Children 10c Anytime 9th.


Luncheon and Dinner Service Daily Swedish Dinner appointment Gifford 462 1 Servl I Swedii by apj Phone 4nt IPEIPEIRS' Garden Cafeteria mmeir Noon and Night Roast or Fried Chicken and Guinea Hen Prime Ribs of Beef Au Jus Roast Lamb Mint Jelly Virginia Baked Ham Raisin Sauce Choice of foils, salads, desserts, vegetables, potatoes and soup Evening PLATE LUNCH TONIGHT AL JACKSON Brings You Old Timers Night at the Indian Room Monona Hotel Monona Ave. ROSE Vocalist, and her Electrical Guitar LUCILLE at the Chickering Grand Tune in WIBA 10:30 P.M. 7 5 BIG UNITS! Md direct tram th. Orchid I tb, Mr THE HOLLYWOOD HOTIL OROQRAM LOUELLA PARSONS PARKWAY Eves. 44 40 Sat.

Matinee rCDi I I I DRAMATIC HIGHLIGHT OF SEASON! Crpie SHAKESPEARE. SENSATION of THE CENTURy vors her, and the Police Gazette atmosphere is rather jolly. Every Day's a Holiday is much better en tertalnment than Klondike Annie but will win no new laurels for either the star or the producer. Edmund Lowe gives a zestful, humorous portrayal of the handsome copper, and has a knack of looking like a fashion plate even in the turn of-the-century garments. Lloyd Nolan has a lot of fun with the heavy role of Honest Jphn Quade, as vile a villain as ever plundered an orphan.

CHARLES WINNINGER is in his element as the drinking millionaire. The authors have obligingly written in for him an adapta- tion of the New Years scene from Show Boat, and this permits him to whoop HAP-py new YEAR to his hearts content. Charles Butterworth contributes half a dozen laughs, and other mem- Sbers of the cast are well chosen. There k're some musical sequences with lilsty tunes and an old-fashioned chorus routine which I am sure my father will enjoy seeing again. Joined with Mae on the Parkways double bill are the members of the Jones family in an innocuous little comedy drama of family life and politics, Hot Water.

OLLYWOOD HOTEL, starring Dick Powell, with Rosemary Lane, Hugh Herbert, Glenda Farrell and Benny Goodman and his swing band, opened yesterday at the Capitol. This musical film comes to Madison with the praise of eastern critics backing it. A full review of the photoplay will be written here Monday. DRAMATIC STORW OF FIRST ENGLISH KING TO ABDICATE resen ted by Qjdn 171 "Jr times in eu) Ifork, en all-time 1 American Shakespeare record comm op 4o Spectacular settin6S! The Fight Must Go On You can do your part by attending these special events planned by The Committee for the Celebration of the Presidents Birthday to provide funds to Fight Infantile Paralysis! VARIETY SHOW University Theater 8 p.m., January 25 Masonic Temple 8 p.m., January 26 (use Johnson street entrance) CARO PARTIES Loraine Hotel 2 p.m., January 26 East Side Business Mens club, 8 p.m., Jan. 27 Park Hotel, 8 p.m., January'27 Womans Club 2 p.m., January 29 DANCES Loraine Hotel Bill Bunt 9 p.m., Jan.

29 Eagles, Paul Christianson, Tip Palmers Old Timers 9 p.m., January 29 Elks Club, Tommy Tate 9 p.m., Jan. 29 (members and guests only) Madison Club, Larry O'Brien, 9 p.m., Jan. 29 (members and guests only) Labor Temple, Benny Ehrs 9 p.m., Jan. 29 This is your fight our fight. If the ticket seller doesnt see you, look him up.

Tickets may also be purchased at Committee Headquarters, 15 West Main st Room 217. $1.00 PER PERSON PRICES Matinee, Main floor 1st 17 rows (center only) $2.75 balance $2.20 Loges $2.20 Balcony 1st 6 rows $1.65 balance $1.10 2nd Balcony 83c. Evenings, Main floor lstt 17 rows (center only) $3.30 balance $2.75 Loges $2.75 Balcony 1st 6 rows $2.20 balance $1.65 2nd balcony $1.10. PRICES INCLUDE TAX MAIL ORDERS N017! EDW. G.

ROBINSON BETTE DAVIS William Boyd in Hills of Old Wyoming ROBERT ARMSTRONG LYLE TALBOT in THE THREE LEGIONNAIRES in PLEASE ENCLOSE STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE WITH CHECK id mmm CHICAGO, 111- Judge Evan A. Evans of the U. S. circuit court of appeals said today that district judges from Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana would confer here annually on court problems and procedure. Evans is former resident of Baraboo.

Old Time Dance Tonight And Every Thursday Night EACLES BALLROOM JACK HALLS ORCHESTRA Gents 35c Ladies 25c Madisons most popular ballroom Feature No. 2 FRANK BUCKS JUNGLE MENACE I -WALT DISNEYS 3 LITTLE WOLVES- POPEYE in NEVER KICK A WOMAN. JOE E. BROWN WHENS YOUR BIRTHDAY SPECIAL ADDED PANAY BOMBING Eastwood Rondevoo 2088 Atwood Ave. Phone B.

7828 COMPLETE DINNER Every Sunday Chicken or Turkey Old Time Dance TONIGHT Leaveri Harp Orchestra Admission 25c Person TURNER HALL Ul111 Free 5c Candy Bar to Children at 12:30 show today. Come early JL. LJL v. -A Aw.av AY.

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