Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 26, 1896 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1896
Page 12
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BAB LOVES THE RUSTIC. -She Has Something More to Say About Their Amiability. New York, July ±2, ISOH. "We have coiw.-lui.lwl to stay ncix-•until Vc jri-t. nlivd. Tin-' iiverase • w:ittrin? 'place is the sauuc ,vo:vr Ln and year our. -and v.llliiiKe Ufo certainly li:w a mufrli •more iditottwtinjr side Hum au.v ot.hor •thsit prososits Itself Just now. Our circle, however, 'hius boom :uldod to by t.hc <n'riv;il of tlto Fiuniiiler girls. Thwu two di-iurs MV a'hvajv spoU'ii ot a* •"girls" thcnijjli ««'h of I.ho.in is wi'll S>vt>i- fifty. They ainuys I'lMVi- to thorn•Delves as -wo liidiiw," ami wo;U<l >? •uisjhJy hlill'Siiaiit If nnylKHly cif.inl thi'in 'women; for my own part, iis L'viMTthin;: •:teimnim- si-urn* to tlilnlt ft is glorious •ito cull itM'lf a \viMiian, 1 ;uu bogiiiuUi;: HO U- disfriiKiiM wlMi tlio na-ine. OC Uiu ••'two, Mi-w Hfl-ly i* 1 lhe t -' ltl1 ' 1 '- Jlisis Auiic, the ycxuiwi-r. is iisituwlly ruled •by her .-ism-, aiul Iwluiwis :\s If tfho woiv sril.1 sovi'iivfci-n ;i,ml lacking in ".U "kuowlrtl.uv of 'llu> world. Thi'.v aiv, ? lunvi-v'.M'. fusdiiatiujr. :uid U I'l^i^e nio •'•to •set- ih;it 1'itV to Uitrin'Is fo fnl.l "f .1°. v They aiv iiitwestpd in everything, and •thai 1 UI'I'-IIK I'liiMii yuiui.u. T-lioy I:u;gh as merrily wliwi u \viif.ly slory is lohl, nr fcsoiiictlii.il;.' •runiii-y happen*, ns do girls \>C fiftfiMi ami ~ro I-.K AHLK TO r.ACOir .\i,r. OXK'S I.1FK- 'means thai, wif i-s yoiuWY.l all oiif's We. Miss Rufy ta-.IUv at:d Jliss AIIIIL- iines- <i.iwui hfi-. It may bessud. it Miss An.no ••WCTV imv M'I gentle, ami sweet that she is •the ho:, water n.iii.1 Miss Bet.ty is the tea leaves, ami tlio combi nation brl,nx s - •7itrt.li soincitMiif: f.lwt is .next door to 'ncviar. "\\'o choose a shafly corner, and ••ji.il sir there wortiiiiJi as busily as we 'know lunv, or loafuw m* lazily a.< we possi-bly r-:ui. Anil the sun, slxiaes and -1:he iie;it. heaitotli. a.i'.'.l it comes on tlio Vuc-ii n.ml tho poor alike, us far as the ••wiltiu? of col hits {roes, lint K anything, "tho poor have the advantage over the 'rich, Lnnsiii'iK-li, especially in Hie coun- "iry, as ihe poor man. lays aside his col- "inr entirely Hind joys in it t>:ire, if a "sweaty neck. I hnve the utmost con- "•'tcm.pt for a 111:111 who lucits a lia.ndke.r- ••elfifiC in hi* collar, In Mb fashion, TIo Sli.-iiS live air of an. overgrown boy, and "gai-iis no coinCont what;cver. Well, "when w are cilvilizeil we will try ami •SUIT OUR CLOTHES TO OUK CIJ- MATI5. ;and inwi will wear, clurftife' t;lie daytimt- :*hc softest of sluirts, with rather low .inccks and tnrued-dowii collars. Miss Anue, fiiuli.n^ that ht-r sistor K< '•<!«.•!) in lurf book, lias been Mliuf; mo •about her flower garden. She is greatly iiir.eresied IIL U and ra.ther excited OVSL- it. For years she has had wJiat she ••calls' a -?liake.<ix-;u-e border". That Is -to say, she lias s-'ithercd 'in It all the .shrubs, ilo-wers ami trees that are uicu- -tioned in the vorks of ishakfspwin 1 .' Then she lias atmthc-r (lower bed which •'she calls "t.lie seut.iiiie.nlal bed." It this "overy lln'.ver has beou uhinted by some vmo of \\-hom She. U fond. Her iudig- •uatioif about '];or llower jtarden Ls dne 'Id the far-t rlia.t sonic-body who wrote for . "one of Hie iiapeis visit oil her pretty lioine, heard li< v r wmuler.ful flower beds • •rtescribt'd, aiul had .the nucrtations read 'to him, and I'lic-n went away aiul pravc ihe ci'iHlK. of thiy woadc-rrul flower gar- "•*iua 1o some titled woman in EnslaaO! 'Miss Anne, is orthodox. She doesn't •«'ish her name to appear in the. newspapers. 8lie thinks t.hat a woman's name should only :iiii>e-,\r whim she. ts •l)oni, when she iiL-irri.es iiiul when she 1 clles. nud That-fibLs is-three time. 5 ! too 'often; but, still, if airy part of tho kis- '1»ry of her lifis lunsf. er.nifi out, she 'thinks credit should l>e given where crertii' is dne. Dftrr 3rifs A.une Is pcr- '/cotly right, but. whe doesn't know 'TTJJJ ^'AYS 01'" TIIT-: AVERAGE RE' POUTEl:. Miss Butity listens to her sister.' aaul UKMI tt:Hs nw ciMilidfiiHy that she hits . .never seen lier so auRi'y since slie was •'•addrested by a younpr minister as "Miss Aaiwi." Tlu- idea of taking her beauti- '•ful uamo ami cjvlling- it '-.Vii^i!" How- •»:ver. Miss F.ot.t.y -forgot this :iud dls- ••coursed about her visl't to the city. For •tiorno nnlniowia reawou' she elected to go 001 the 3d of July. She thought Hiat; In the large town, sue would see !fche. proper• rc«pcct shown to the day -that celobra.tes' lihe bringing of- lude- ""pendccc.e Into Anicricji. Instead, .she ••«ilmi>ly li'e.ird a lot of iioteo and -vvna "fiiighit fully warm, her pcotrcoaits cauglit Hre, and Uic Foui'Hi of July Is now .a "Korrib.le inwuoi-y/to her. For iny own •:i>aa-f, I -thought -wlfli her tt.af'thc nn- •'•Miial ojitbnwt of pata-tostUan which dls- • plays ilself .in those aboni'nable Clvliii-' •• eso offerings known as Ilrecrackcw was r '-<i fraud.. : 'Agreeing with me, Miss Betty ..said: " : "Why, the rery word Jndependcncc 13 •HOIUK.II.SC. Who is Independent? Every "bletwod -raotlicr's «on or davujUter of,.u9 ~>s d(?pewlcnt on somobody for love, con : or_ducat,5—very frequently ducaits. Personally, I regard r.YTIUOTISM AS THE CHEAPEST OF ALL VIRTUES, and Hie cue that Ls of the least use. It seems to spend >itself largely in talking and firecrackers, nud the so-called pa- tu-lot is usually the man who Is at the head of some money-making sehcuie-or in tilling Ills poekotis by .being a pullM- dini; lie Is, consequently, patriotic aud much approved oi by all the other fool-i who do his work, and all the other knaves who like Mm, lire makfo's: a living out.of tihe country. I do believe in loyalty. Of course, cliero have been loyal men hi America. Gen. WiWliing- Ion was oaie, Gen. Leo was another, On. McClellan was anorher, and Geu. Stou-ewall .laefcson was ano-lhcr. These ait' the excepUons Unit go to prove the rule, that, as a nation, while-we are rh'h in iwliltilehuw, we are very poor iu patriots." Just. then. Site Butty was lute.mipted by a peculiar sou ml. which was traced to Miss All-lie, and it was discovered that slie was crying her heart out over Hie WOHS of her favorite heroine—Amelia, in. VVaiiitiy l\i.lr." Is it not beautiful to t.!i:i'iik ihat th-ntbook wa,< written'.' Unlike Mtsw Anne, Amelia is not my favorite, but still I am proud char sonic one who spoke the same language that I do wrote a book that wJ'll make ppopK- forirrt their own stil'fei-.ings. even though' t'hey take up the wues of cchors when reading it. Mils.? Belly advised Mi^s A.une to keep quiet ami not nisike a goose of herself. Then, she began to talk about tears. . • TEAKS AS A'WOMAN'S WEAPON. "Tears," she said, "properly managed, are without doiibr the liuest weapon iu the womanly anno-.-y. ir. is only when one gi.-l.s very red in the face, mid when one's eyes swell, thai they are not to be indulged .in, bin even then the skillful use of the ha'ndUercbler w'll make a slight practice possible. Weeping i.s th'j. .shan'pshootiiig ot the gentler sex. It i.s very <lirect, and seldom fails in its aim, A woman should be permitted to cry for anything from a moon to a millionaire, and hor ohaneciT of getting either will bo greatly increased by the proper •introduction of leaiis. Slrake-speare knew 'the value of tears, so did Byron, so dhl Shelley, so did Tom Mooro, and so did Hriis later poet Tennyson, of whom so many people speak well, though for my part I prefer more manly writers. As I said, before, a woman must manage her tears properly. There are times :uid seasons wliou Ica.i^ are really of no earthly use, being SIMPLY A WASTE OF AMMUNITION, but properly directed, tears will, ulnc- times out of ten, 1 transport to the femm- 110 fuc-t either the special moon or Che special millionaire Hiat is longed for, People talk, my desir, about frhc world being the same ol<l world aiul tho same old emotin.s governing' it, a-nil everything ol' that kind, but there are cycles of emotion just as .certainly a.s there a.re fides and changes of the nioim, oil fashions and of polUiCe. Where are Ilomop and Juliet ot Verona nowadays? When: would yon iinil aa a.rmy of people fight- ig another army of people for n woman as men did years ago Tor Helen V Where wmilcl you find A WHOLE C1TV AT THE FEET OF OXE WOMAN. : as very often happened yeans ago In Athens, or 'iu 1'ome? I do most positively believe t'hat if Romeo anil .lull-el ami all. the rust'of them wore livfoig nowadays, that JnlR't would marry Paris aaitl carry on a Illi'tariou, aJlter maTi'iage, with Eomeo. '' i?lio wor.Hl Uuich w.Jth him at the i'asli- iomvWe rostaiTra.uts, she wou.li! drive out with, him hi-Hi is hansom, and make Mm .send her bowiuots of flowers every day; she wotijcl' iwniie her first bal^after ii'i'm, ami the cli.t.nces arc her husband would prow foni.l at liilm, anil talk abouit tlio t-iimo wliea there iwecl to be so'mo iudieiiK>us fecllins, but that was all nauseusc. mid my wife anil Komsy and I are'thiC most'dovot'cr] Mends possible. He would call lil.ni Komcy, I a.ni cortalu! It 1* the fnslvion of the (toy, to rjike : all (Uginity out of names. Think of ray beanttfid jiaine of "Eli/.aboth" beimg boHcd down to "Ei>tty." Though, re.i'lly, I should foci ve.o 1 Uully if any- boily called me by my iMirao in all its stiitelhioss. I am- a bib Interested as to the •emotional period fliat wo a.re in Just uow, and -1115- dear, except that we h.ave vulgarized it a little, I do believe tjmf w.e liave gotten, to flic. Egyptian stage. People are trying to prove that CLKOPATBA WAS A SMALL,. '• BLONDE "WOMAN, \ voiy excitable, and liable nt any mo- liiont to a a attack of the nerves.'- This, of couirse, Timkes lior seem; veny like tho average womna in society today. Then If Clcopaitra weJ f e41ke, Jt is fair to con- elude rhat Amtihoiiiy and Julius Caesar conM not;.'liave Tjepn sucli -tirftsomo man as hfetory niakos them., but really very, ulco.sort of fellows who wore their ha.ir short and went in. for .atWotlcs.i Per. s.tliey took them a little difforeutly from tho wnj^nven/tlo uowndays. Wliou evor tliey wanted to get .into a: good; hwvlthy gl'-Av, they ilici.U;Ot punch away wJillh'th.e gloi-es, or practice on the horizontal bar, but. call'ed'tlielr servants and went out mid killed n few pcopTey I wish tliiie were the mode nowaday. 1 ?. Of coiuwe, It would not be very agreeable •iKiviuK to kill people, but so many people could be spared.. We are told there were street cars ami itelegra'ph wires, telephone n:nd measeii- gor toys iu tho days of Cleopatra. Fauicy Cleopatra .rcep,ivlnig a telograc: from Antinomy saj-l'iis ho would come for her l.o dliw with 'hlinv nt 7:30, In t.hose days the telegraph comprmic.- probably nuinngexl just ns they (lo now So she would receive her message ai 7:10, altlionffh It was started at 3. and she wouilitl Ira.ve just twenty minutes i: which ('O'l-uslt around and dross liorsel before her inoWe IOIY! nrriyed. Tlicn AntJiony would 'Iwnit. up the girl thai took the message, and the boy that de. livoml it. and kill -rhem both. Xowa days, ho wouUl not lisivo ;::av ver.v proper privilege. Ho cmikl <nily write a 'Ictler «T cwni)ilaint to the company miicl the connp:iin?-. w-iWi i.is iisnarnppve- otarion of tlm nights o-f r.lie nulividnnl. would take no nnt.k-o o.f it. Ami still we are in.the Egyptian cycle. RAJJ &&RS ABA I. LET. . I a.in all I he more certain, of if becau.se \v!u5ii 1 was iu Hit; city 1 wa.s taken by one yf my .nephews to sen a ballet. The women iui thai!: balle.l eertii.Lniy lidonigoi Iu tine K-gypri-i'u period—pvoljaMy to tin l.ia.llel: nil Cleopatra. Snim-. were Si. scrawny rhat it sir.mcd piliftil lo taki tilsi'in out. i>f tlie.if grave-s and make then Oajiee: ollicrs wi-ro «o fat that one r' 1 grnr.twl that Ihcli 1 baiulages liad beer undiHic, a ; iid iliei'i- ii'.unnuiliw Ie;:'loose Tliey warn not 'far. Iu a. pretty way they wei-c fat in a lumpy way. anil in : ballet, at Iwist that is what I liavc always thu.ngli't, liho fat should be evenly (liiStril.niriHl. Of course, my dear, I an only one ghi giving my oplni'in. of how tlimijB* seemed to mi> in. the dry, and I may be wrong, but 1 doubt !•;. I \vas just going to nsk MiVw Annf: \vlKil she tliongbt (ill the ballet vhon her .sister put her hand on my arm and told me not lo mention it to her. She eo'.ishlers Miss Anno too young t fl Int'k at such, things, JLiss Betty, hersc.ir, U tlioroughly up to date although she does not approve of this partirniliu' date; but Hie oycs ai: her sister never rest upon anythitag that is not quite proper. I womler wluit .is" quite proper in. this world. .Tiirst 'as soon as yoiv want to enjoy yourself, somebody decides Him this spccisi'l mode of enjoyment'Is un-, r.i.glit. Just a.s soon as an iiiterestint book comes out, a critic dec-Idus that IT WOULD CAUSE A BLUSH TO COME .en the face of tho young person. Certa.iu'jly tilic youug person in America Is to be kept guarded. Taken as a type she Is .not given to blushing. .'She is self-satisfied.. She believes she knows enough, to set the worlu on fire if she used her knowledge, and she is perfectly ready at any time lo give the people. rho,kin.ow more of life ^md more o; books ami! more ol' people, than s'ne iver dreamed of, 'In:;- opinion of every- thiiivg -and. everybody. 'The artvancea •l-i-l fcs not. agreeable. She U a failure a? sweetheart, she is tiresome as a com- pauinn, and she i.s a fraud as a wo.iunn. 'he best tWing for her to do would' bo u> become a hi cyclist, ami give her time exclusively to the ismdy of the wheel a.nd its possi.biiliiti.t«. Xh.cn sn<j will act as did the beggar who was pnl. on horseback .-Mid no one -will regret her disapiica.rence. 'I say no one; really I cannot vouch for all l:bo world, though I ca.ii 1 vouch for 1Iic emotion thai; would be cx]>cuiicnccd by ' BAB. Complete Assortment of A. CompreSBud Afr llnb. A Frenchman, M. Feruand Desbrioie, has invented a hub of compressed air for bicycles, intended to solve the problem -of easiness of rotation witliout^di- rniuishiug rapidity or speed. It is claimed for this trab that all jolting arising from the condition of the roads is overcome by a layer of air. This hub weighs about one pound more than the ordinary hub. Its diameter is 4% inches, and it is claimed that it cau be applied to all styles of wheels without any change in the other mechanism. — New York Times. _ Cycling Speed Ordinance Fulled. Atlanta attempted to pass a cycling ordinance limiting the speed of oyoliets on the city streets to Fix miles per hour. The ordinance was defeated because it was shown that tho city permitted trolley cars to travel at 12 miles per hour, and trolley cars were rightly declared to be more dangerous at all times than bicycles. — Exchange. _ . Ii the Bicycle A- wheeled vehicle havicg full legal rights upon the pobliq highway does not oomyort at, all with the theory of baggage, and we are .inclined to think that the courts woo Id uudo the action of any honorable legislative body compelling railroads to class uncovered bicycles aa baggage. — American Cyclist. A Belgian'* Odd Bet, A Belgian cyclist hns mado a bet that he' can cover n distance equal to half a mile over a particularly bod road whllo carrying in his mouth plpowlso u spoon upon the bowl of, which ig.pliiced an egft,, the logs of -.the, egg, daring, the journey -to result in -the .loaaot ..the.wftgor made,—'. Wheel!" •....-..•:.. .;',••. .-.;;•• .•„•• v:.-':.: ; ' '';.•• Zenith, American, Belding, [Refrigerators National, Reliable and Quick Meal Gasoline Stoves. . Mantels and Grates. Large Line of Door and Window Screens. Little Wonder and Shepard's Lightening Ice-cream Freezers. SEE THE The Finest in Use. AJspecial invitation is extended to the ladies to call and examine. Special Attention Given to Prepared and Tin Roofing. H. J. CRISMOND, 312 Market Street. x The LOGAN WHBEI The Light, The Strong, The Easy Wheel. Logan riders can be seen everywhere and are proud. Logan Models: Ladies' No. 25 and 32, and Gents' No. 29 arid 31 are the popular wheels. We have these numbers now in stock- We also carry the Monarch full line, the Clipper full line and the Norwood. The above wheels all have a record.

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