The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1950
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH SI, 1950 BLYTHEVriXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ?AGE NINE World PrbJb/ems Make April! Poor Day for Jokes This Year By Hal Boyle I NEW YORK W 1 )—This Is the eve of the day when all men arc brothers. . - iiat day Is April the first-All ,1's Day. Everybody Is prepared to have wnter squirted Into his eye and to reach f°r the fat-stuffed wallet that Is suddenly jerked away Jrom him by an Invisible string. Fun Is fun and everybody loves a Joke. But tomorrow's holiday from reality comes at a Brim time Indeed. What makes a. thing basically funny is tlits—it Is out of perspective. That Is why the decoy pocketbook on the sidewalk is comical. Nobody really believes In his heart that he can find lost wealth on a populated pavement, but all will at least start to bend and reach for the lure. - A good-Nadirerl Laugh And any honest gent has to give a good-natured laugh when the wallet It pulled from his grasp. He knows that his dreams of'easy mpn- ey are out of kilter with the facts of life. People don't get rich that way. That is an enduring truth. The trouble today Is that there Is no sense of perspective built on the past. Practically everything Is out O f shape. It Is. very difficult to say what Is so, and what isn't. Take, for example, a thing close to the hearts of us all—the statu. of the United States, the land love and live In and give our loy ally to. and hope our children wil dwell in with more happiness thai : have known in our own troublec Portageville News By Mrs. Raymond Toomba fhoue t%» Kolarlans Elect Wayne De Lisle was elected pres- dent of Portngeville's Rotary clth when the group met last week. Other officers Include Fritz Starm- T, first vice president; Shelby Leser, second vice president, and Dr. j. P. Budenholzcr, sccretary-treas- Jrer. An informal debate on the pro- losed increased gas tax was staged we h; ft," How Farw It now call for Inclusion of * kitchen dining room and one class room. An architect presented preliminary plans to Superintendent L G. Wilson Tuesday. Bids will be taken In the near future. Social Note* Births include a son to Mr. and Mrs. w. G., Foster on Thursday and a son, Randy Paul, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl walker on Wednesday. Monkey Wrecks Pet Shop During Party for Gorilla with Bill Powers, Hubert Milem, Members of the Town and Coun- Webb Walker and Guy De Lisle participating. Vester Johnson Injured Vester Johnson was seriously injured Tuesday morning when he was thrown from a tractor while working on the Henry Fay Tanner farm. He was taken to the Delta Community Hospital in Sikeston. MYF Council Meels Dr. John Taylor was named district superintendent and the - Rev. A. N. Holt, district director, when the nominating committee of the MYF council of District reported Sunday In^'Sikeston. Other officers include Sue Rose, president; Jack Emory, vice president; . Harold Caston, treasurer; Clyde Byrd, Eddy McGaines and Carol Huchings. Lunch Program Progresses Changes 'in the construction of at hot-lunch room at the school How fares It on this historic day when March marches into April? Questions like these arise: (1). Have our real defenses, the bulwark of our being, been stripped below 'the danger point, as some critics charge? Or has the streamlining of our armed forces made us leaner but stronger, as the appointed guardian of onr safety says? (2). Is our Riving of our money and plenty abroad to less lucky lands making our world position stronger. >s our elected President says, or are we merely throwing .away the strength we may need later, as his foes assert? (3). WhDls right about our Stale Department, the chief instrument by which we deal with other countries around the globe? Ts It riddled by Communist traitors, controlled by an exotic faith, or Is It ruled and run by men of heart who look first for the. well being of their homeland? . h UN a Wallet T (4). Is the United Nations » real reach toward one world of promised peace—or Just a paper-stuffed wallet on the pavement, put there by diplomats to confuse mankind? Ah, it's a poor day to play April Fool pranks. It's not a year to Joke in. When men In authority say this is so, and opposing men who certainly have an equal - responsibility to honesty say It isn't so, then that's a hard time for an ordinary fellow of goodwill who has to believe In somebody. It makes him come down to the bedrock of himself .and the average guy is too sincere to regard himself as anything but a dubious hero. He wants to project his trust into a bigger fignre. Everyone has the need to like something larger than he is, something he trusts has his virtues and somehow escapes his faults. But the common man doesn't want to be the fool on April Fool's day—or any other day. It isn't a lack of good nature. It has just become too perilous. The dope, If he is a dope, lives by hope—and grope. And he has to be right. try Club were entertained Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. D'acres. . Mrs. Chester Furgerson was hostess to her bridge club Wednesday. Honors went to Mrs. Edtty Largent, Mrs. Hubert Milem and Mrs. Furgerson. Thirteen members of the Junior Garden Club met with Mrs. Charles Pikcy, Jr., Mrs. Dlclc Wilson mid Mrs. L. B. Painter In the Methodist Church Tuesday. Mrs. Wilson led a discussion of the rudiments of planting. Mrs. Gertrude wllllford and Mrs. Paul stryker were guests Tuesday when Mrs. T. C. pinkley entertained her bridge club. Prizes went to Mrs. Bernard De Lisle and Mrs. Hubert Milem. . ' Mrs. Margaret Casey entertained members of her bridge club Tuesday. Prizes went to Miss Ellen DC Lisle and Mrs. Buddy King. Mrs. Hubert Milem entertained her bridge club Friday. Honors went to Mrs. Lee Patterson, Mrs. Matilda Canavaugh, Mrs. C. A. Dacres, Mrs. W. C. Thompson and Mrs. L. B. Painter. Mrs. Bobby Willims of Marston entertained her bridge club Thursday. Pmes were won by Miss Billy Jean Hubbard and Mrs. Robert L. Fisher. Monday afternoon Marshal Bailey celebrated her fifth birthday with members of her nursery school as guests when her mother, Mrs. John Bailey, entertained from 4 to 6 p.m. Games were played and the guests received favors and refreshments. Mrs. Connie Brown entertained Thursday in honor of her daughter. CHICAGO. March 31. MV-Bush-* man, the famed giant gorilla, was n bored enest of honor at his birthday party yesterday. But there was sonic lively monkey business In a south side pet shoo. A large crowd, including photographers, reporters ana Invited guests, attended Bushman's 22nd blrtliday parly at Lincoln Park Zoo. The 650-pound. 6 foot, 2 Inch gorilla, described by the zoo a.i "priceless," appeared to be a completely bored guest of honor. The guests wr-e served cake from a four-tiered birthday cake with a chocolate' bushman. A papier mache replica of Bushman's cake was placed In one of 'ils cages. He gave it one contemptuous glance and turned his" back. He yawned, took a swing on the big nuto tire hanging from the celling and squatter! In his cage. The pet shot rumpus was stirred up by Mike, a 10-year-old rlnn- talled monkey. He escaped from his cage while his owner wns on an errand. As lie messed up the po : shop, dogs barked, cats howled anc birds shrilled. He finished his misbehavior by hurling a bird cage Into a plate glass window. Just as nolici and the owner, Harry Smith, 00. nr rived. Mike walked up to Smith, shook hands and leaped Into Smith's arm? "He's a smari monkey," Smith said. "And handsome. Can tap dance, shake hands, and drink: water out of a whisky bottle." He ruefully surveyed the damage to his shop, said Mike would ho be punished. Our Telephone Number 4438 She I ton Motor Co. 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The reason: He couldn't sec them, since he was going the wrong way down a one way street. Instead, the 19-year-old marine was found guilty In traffic court yesterday of Ihc latter offense, of driving 80 miles an hour In a 25- mlle-Bii-hour zotid, and of driving on the wrong side of Ibt street. He PROPOSE ANY VAY Here's great news for you lE you've been bothered by excessive fntigue, cons!ipnlion, weakness And'ncrv«s* diifi to the fiicl thai you do not get enough U-VH.iimits m yonr diet, Hpxrl Sprrinl Formiilfi, H nnw *rl- ciililic product, comimics the im- pnrtitiit n*Vhnniiria vvilli Irani AI MI Cfinlim*, limsilol mid Liver in sii[»|)lL*MirMlar,v/«iitimlitEfB. Everybody hiowstltcunfiarttince aj Iron in your diet,, . how it helps itic body lo builtl RICH, RED in.oon. One capsule of llc.xcl Special Formula (that's "nil you lake a day) conl:nns5 times the minimum dully requirement o( Iron. Also 5 limes the minimum daily requirement o[ Vitamin I^. Miss Kvclyn '/.aritlcr, 21M Dtan Street, llroallfu, N. Y.,says: "llexel Special Formula really made n new woniun out of me. My friends all say I'm full of pep...that I've got new sparkle and cli.irm. One friend ... a niau I'm very fond of...$ecnis especially allcntive nml 1 expect liim to propose any day now." Try Drxcl Special Formula your- sclj. You get your money back it you ilon't feel decidedly Lctler in 30 days! was offcrend a choice between paying a $25 fine and going to jail for 25 days, and given until April < to make up his mind. WOODS DRUG STORE Phone 507— Blytheville Yes, it's a Lovely STONEKOTE HOME For lasting; beauty ill low cost you just can'l bout STONKKOTB! No painting is ever require!). , .and, STONICKOTK, net ing as an insulation, lias cut fuel hills as much as 50%. This fire-proof wall covering is available in ninny colors, an endless number of designs. Come in for all details. 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