The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on June 9, 1925 · 4
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 4

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1925
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v ! k '4 Home Owned Home Edited Home Read THE CAPITAL! TIME? Tue&rlfty Afternoon, June 9, 1925 J Court Upholds N. Y. Criminal Anarchy Law Supreme Justices Divide On Free Speech Opinion By 7 To 2 (By the Associated Press) WASHINGTON, D. C. The supreme court divided, seven to two, Monday -m an application of the constitutional guarantees of free speech and the liberty of the press, upholding the conviction of Benja-rnn Gitlow under the New York Criminal anarchy law for publishing in the Revolutionary Age anl 'advocating in speeches a manifesto Issued by the left wing of the socialist party. The majority of the court, in an opinion by Justice Sanford, declared Gitlows conviction did not invade any of his constitutional right. The statute was valid, it held, and he could be punished under it for advocating acts of force, violence and unlawfulness in general terms. It was not essential that their immediate execution should have been advocated, the opinion stated, nor was it necessary, before a person could be punished under the act, that the language used should have been reasonably and ordinarily calculated to incite certain persons to such acts or addressed to specific persons. Justices Holmes and Brandeis, in the dissenting opinion, asserted that the measure to be applied in each ease was whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that thej will bring about the substantive evils that the state has a right to prevent. The jury that tried Gitlow, a former New York assemblyman, found that his publication and advocacy of the manifesto constituted an unlawful act for the overthrow of the government. Justice Sanford found the manifesto advocates and urges in ferment language means for bringing about the destruction of organized parliamentary government and necessarily implies the use of force anil violence inherently unlawful in a constitutional government of law and order. Utterances advocating the overthrow of organized government by force, violence and unlawfulness, ha declared, present a sufficient danger of substantive evil to bring their punishment within the range of legislative discretion ard the immediate danger is none the less real and substantial because the effect of a given utterance can not bo accurately forseen. Differing with these views, the minority opinion stated: It is said that this manifesto was more than a theory, that it was an incitement. Every idea is an in-ci'emont. It offers itself for belief ;nd. i? believed, it is acted on un-V,-.. pome other belief outweighs it or ome failure of energy stifles the m''"'in',fnt ri its birth. If. in the long run. the beliefs --n"osed in proletarian dictator--t-ip are defined to be accepted by the dnminent forces of the community, the only meaning of free emmeh is that thev should be given their chance and hdve their way. Crash Victim jau Claire Man Brought To - General Hosnital After Brooklyn Collision Curtis Huntington. 21, Eau Cla;re ; in the Madison General hospital eeovering from injuries received ebon bis car struck a culvert near Irochlyn late Monday night. The nan was brought to Madison on a Northwestern road train which ar-ivod here at 12:05 Tuesday moyn-ng and was taken to the hospital -iy Drivers Burke and Arnold in he police ambulance. Hospital at-endants declared his injuries were lot serious. Mrs. Frank Gray sustained cuts ind bruises when a car she was Inving was forced against the curb n tbe21f0 block on Fair Oaks ave. ;hortly after 8 oclock Monday? light. The driver of another car is aid to have forced Mrs. Grays ar against the curb. 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D, Q. can else be purchased In sealeft double strength, liquid form. Descendants of Norse Kelltigg Flays Mayflower Pioneers at Centennial Celebration Hear Sagas Of Adventurer Who Braved Sea In Tiny Ships MINNEAPOLIS - Among tin Norwegians present at tha Norse-American centennial celebration wero direct descendants of the Stavangec (sloopers), who came over on the Aegir in 1837, and later, over on the Kestaurationen, tha Norse Mayflower, in 1823, just 100 years' ago, most of whom settled in Orleans County, New York. There were the descendants oi the Fox River colonists in Illinois, led there by the Slogvigs, and Gud-inund Ilaugaas in 1833; of the Chicago Norwegians, the first of whom was Knud Langeland, who located there in 1836; of the Saman-ger and oss immigrants who came under the leadership of Nils Langeland, and of the immigrants of Telemarken, led by Ole Trobatten. These names and many others shaied the honor swith the distinguished group of Norse leaders who have taken a high place in the life of the nation, whose independent, courageous and adventurous spirits now find expression in politcis, eco-omics, education and science, as seekers of new lands in progressive thought and action. , A long program preceded the presidential address Monday. As port of the morning session, Miss Jane S. Atwater, principal of the Paikside School, Chicago, and daughter of the sloop baby born aboard the historic vessel that brought the original fty-three Norwegian pioneers to America, told the story of her mother. She repeated the saga of that daring expedition which ventured to cross the ocean in a tiny vessel, loaded with iron to keep it from tipping over. She told of the birth of rhe first child, her mother and the daughter of Lars Larson, who financed and led the expedition. Simply and touchingly she described her mother, typeial of pioneer womanhood, a story of devo-toon to Norwegian ideals which seemed tremendously to interest the thousands of the speakers countrymen. Rescues Pair ?4- Isab?U Pulls Students From Water After Canoe Tilts On Mendota Two young men, believed to be university students, were taken ashore by Cap Isabell, in charge of the university life saving s -i-tion, about 5 oclock Monday night after the men had been rescued from Lake Mendota. The canoe m which the men were on the Laka overturned between the university boat house and Picnic Point. The men held onto the canoe until the rescue launch arrived. Vv 1. V ' hy. IvdkEwjky CENTRAL HIGH NEWS The mixed chorus rehearsed Mon -day noon at 11:25. The 12 As met in the auditorium Monday the 20 minute period for business meeting. Ticket for th picnic must be purchased immediately. Tys were distributed Monday after school in the session rooms. The cry, Sign my Ty was universal. Of course the Ty board says that they would have a better Ty if they had more time, but tie school annual more than suits the students. Jardine Sees Good Year for Agriculture MALAD, Idaho- William Jardine, Secretary of Agriculture, returned to his home here yesterday and predicted a year of good prices for agricultural products and increases in the market for cattle. Alleged Red Streak in U.S. Dont Tamper With Constitution, He Tells Norse Meeting (By the Associated Frfess) MINNESOTA STATE FAIR GROUNDS Secty, Kellogg, in a speech at the Norse-American centennial celebration delivered Monday after President Coolldge had concluded an address, warned against tampering with the foundation principles upon which, through the constitution, representative democracy is built. He declared the principles of the constitution -was being assaulted by propagandists who advocate the overthrow of the government and the substitution of class tyranny, and by a considerable body of our citizens who in the name of liberty and reforms are impatient of the constitutional restrictions and by insidious approaches and attacks would destroy these guarantees of personal liberty. I doubt if you are aware, he added, of the .amount of destructive, revolutionary propaganda which is being secretly distributed in this country by foreign influence. While Mr. Kellogg made no direct reference to the present or past political situation in the northwest, his remarks were considered significant in view of the fact that he was speaking in one of the' strongholds of the Farmer-Labor and La Folletto movements. After praising the Norwegian im- MANILA, P. I. 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Expert technicians maintain the switchboards and associated apparatus in efficient condition for the use of our patrons during every hour of the day and night Your telephone service requires much more than an instrument and a wire. A visit to a telephone central office is time well spent. Why not visit us? Wisconsin Telephone Company migrants for their contribution to the .development of the American government, Mr. Kellogg continued: I do not think there, is much danger that the American people will deliberately by amendments to the constitution take away these rights, dstroy the fundamental principles on which our government is founded, or place it within the power of any legislative body to do so. If these people are not satisfied with our government and our institutions let them go where they can find a government which does satisfy them. This is no place for them. TMacFarland Grade School Holds Graduation Program MACFARLANIl Commencement exercises ftr the graded schools were held here with an intensive program. Harold Smedol Health for the kiddies wtm Mostjood for least money L ! Buehler Bros. n; Our Specials for Wednesday, June 10 Veal Chojis 15c Rump Corned Beef 1 Olp Lb. 12V Veal Stew ..8c 22 E. Mifflin St. Phone B. 5999 T Hi ill'll 4iiir todfflj AmiVb 'ft i ) Strawberries are on the Market---It's Time for Strawberries with Whipped Cream . One of early summers most delightful desserts. It is both tasteful and healthful. Try it tomorrow. Kennedys Whipping Cream is Easy to Whip Kennedy Dairy Company 62129 W. Washington Ave. B. 7100 I9 Wt Mam St. 121 E. Main SL 1402 Williamson St. 301 N, Mamilt'm St. 908 E. lohnson St. 2104 E. Washington Ave. 2541 Winnebago St. 407 Atwood Ave. 412 Stall Street 817 Cniversity Ave. 1401 llnivorait Ave. 2136 Regent t 1723 Monroe St. 1342 Mound St 526 S P nk St 553 West Main St. 17 Stores In Madison ew Store Cor. W. Dayton & M.ll 2 Ah RED TAG GROCERY SALE Wednesday, June 10 Paradise i arm Quart Jar This Price Only While This Lot Lasts After Dinner kMitSiff B Mints, Lb. Shredded Wheat 1 Ce Palm Olive Soap, 2 Oars ISe Fresh Fig Bars Lls. 23c BOILED OATS pd Universal Milk iy2 lb. Loaf 1 gave the salutatorian address; Mildred Sutmeior, class history; essay, Frances Willard, by Cora Alsmo; class will, George Vick; class prophecy, Lillian MacFarlard; clas3 memento, Waldorf MacFarand; vae tatlon of diplomas; M. P. Hughe, pt -nopal ol the school. U. 8. 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