Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 22, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1897
Page 19
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Main Office of "THE HUB" Cloth Co., 309 and 311 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa GENTLEMEN: Thoge 500 suits we sent you tea days ago to. sell at $12.00 and $15 00 respectfully— and are f well worth $15 00 to $18.00, you will now mark them to sell at $10 00 and $12 00 until the entire lots are closed j out. Very respectfully, THE HUB. OF ALL HAT GIRLS ADDITIONAL ITEMS. ** Here is a Chance for You Christmas Shoppers. WE'RE ALWAYS AFTER BUSINESS •• A»d we o-enerally <*et it. JS r ew customers come to us, old ones, c*ne back Why is this. In the first place what we advertise is so merer exa^erate. When we do have a good thing, however, we -don't coatTt in a half harted way.Transactions here are based on facts, tkey don't depend on ifs and maybes. Now it happens that for the next two weeks, the above bargains will sparkle as long as those suits will hold out. Up-to-date.—We have given away over 200 of those handsome 4U»t and Hat Racks, and every purchaser of $20.00 cash will be pre- aemted with one, this offer holds good until Jan. 1st. WttkHvery Boy's Suit—Short Knee Pants Suits a handsome Saving Bank rfee. THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand. Logansport, Ind. Kroeger & Strain. UNDHRTAKB.R8 OtJli promptly attended to D»y OT Kl«ht. tU Broad-way. TKLBPHONl - Offloo, M. Kroe»er. 1« tti*lB.M. SETH M-VELSEY Private Monej to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. *OS fourth Street. Loans Money at « per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. W. J. Barnett, snoowor to o.L.woii. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street Call* attended day or night. The «ne«t outfit In the U. S. Col. 0. L. Woll, wal remain with me. Phones DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Comer of Fourth and Broadwav Geatral telephone No OSoe 363, residence 343 Bay and Sell Second Hand Goods. U§ » SHU. m 6th Btreet FURNITURE, New and Second Hand at Reduced Prices . . . W. F, Old Stand When You Need »n ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- F H. Wipperman, Mt:r«mrtki Btreet Opp. Court Houto Entrance, GEORGE W. RODEFER. fteal Estate, Loans. rropt , n/ Bought. Sold or Bxohanjjfld. Money to Loan na vortnve or personal security. Call on me «r write to me at No. M Bel River wmue.eatt ««d of Market itr«et brldjre. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET TJpttaln over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. PITY NRWS. Christmas shoes at Maiben's. Cranz's chocolates at Strecker's. Bankrupt shoe sale at Walden's. Call at Quigley's and get acquainted with the Yellow Kid. The German Lutheran schools will close Friday afternoon for the holidays, which end January 2d. Popular neckwear in shapes for popular people at popular prices—Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. The Wabash pay car visited Logansport yesterday, a week earlier than common, on account of the holidays. Tne Indiana Swine Breeders' association will hold its 21st annual meeting at Indianapolis, January 5, 1898. Jordan Hecht has been notified of the destruction of his brother-in- law's store at Montgomery, Alabama, by flre. Harry G. Wilson, who has been visiting here for several days, returned this morning to his home at Chicago. Mrs. J. C. Nelson, of 627 Market street, will entertain Miss Mary Wright, of Fort Wayne, durlog the hol'days. Detective Silas Morgan was seen on the streets yesterday for the first time in fourteen weeks, He is recovering from a long illness. Another cold time in the old town. Keep warm by wearing our caps, our gloves and our underwear.—Dewenter, tbe hatter and furnisher. "Story & Clark," Newman Bros- and "Waterloo" organs, in many beautiful styles, at/. C. Bridge's, at lowest prices and easy payments. Mrs. Gnsta Nolda, nee Peters, of Richmond, Va., will arrive here tonight to spend the holidays with her father, ex-Councilman Win. Peters, of the Fifth ward. Charles Reynolds will continue the personal management of the Bridge City construction company's plant,on Biddle's island, regardless of the statements made by the newspapers to the contrary. in of One ot the greatest attractions of the regular theatrical season here will be Edward E. Rice's superb presentation of "The Girl From Paris," which will take place at Dolan's Tuesday night. The production has scored the most notable access both in London a&d New York, and is a combination of music, humor and stage effects so i artistically blended as to prove far j more entrancing than comic opera or its vaudeville offshoots. It is equipped with all the elaborate paraphernalia and extensive spectacular scenic arrangements of an opera which serves as a setting for the utmost pleasing scenes and situations devised for public entertainment many years. It possesses a story purest'comedy, daintily interspersed with the most delicate music. The solos and choruses have secured the greatest popularity by their peculiarly catchlness, while the ensemble work of the play, in particular, has received the most untstinted approval of the vast multitude who have witnessed the presentation of the production at the Herald Square theatre in New New York. The effectiveness of this combination may be more fully appreciated when It is known that, notwithstanding the great financial depression that existed in New York during the past season the average receipts of "Tbe Girl From Paris" exceeded $ 1,100 a performance throughout its entire uninterrupted run Of some 200 nights. Under these conditions its record is unprecedented in theatrical history. The libretto is by George Dance, one of the writers of "Tbe Geisha," and the music is by Ivan Caryll. The piece was called "The Gay Par- isienne" in London, but to avoid confusion with "The Gay Parisians" in ibis country, Mr. Rice changed the title to "The Girl From Paris." being practically the same as it was during the New York engagement, being accompanied with all the stage settings, scenery effects and mechanisms used at the Herald Square theatre. The only changes are those few in the caste which even serve to make the production stronger than it was previously. Among the members of the company presenting the piece will be found Mr. Edgar Haistead, as tbe "shining light;" Eoenezer Honeycomb; Mr. William Blaisdell, in the role of tbe amusing and volatile French spy; Mr. Augustie Pompier; Mr. James Sullivan, as Hans, "It is to Laugh;" Mr. J. C. Marlowe, in the character of Major Fossdyke of tbe Battersea Butterfly Shooters; Mr. Charles Drake, as Dingle, and Mr. Phillip Tomes, as Tom Everleigh; Miss Mamie Giiroy will portray the vivacious M'lle Julie Bon Bon, "The Girl From Paris," while tbe famous slavey "Suth" is interpreted by Miss Carrie Behr; Miss Grace Belasco will assume the part of Mrs. Honeycomo, and Miss Clara Lavlne appears us Norah," the daughter of the Honeycombs. Tbe noted youug French dancer, M'lle Fleurette, is also a member of the company, and will appear In her new creation, "La Paris- ienne." The entire caste is of the same ei- cellent character of talented people and is augmented by a large chorus of exceedingly handsome young ladles. The Globe Trotter Ntisance. The number ot persans who have a penchant for .touring the world grows larger each day. Seldom does a week pass but that at least one globs trotter arrives to tell that he has started from somewhere, "without a cent" in his packet and that he expects to make a circuit of the globe or the ;onttnent before a certain date. It is not Improbable that in a large number of Instances these people stick to the truth only when they say they hare started penniless. As for the rest, they are merely trying to get that living they are convinced the world owes them. Mrs. Roger Blaherty, who has been the guest of Mrs. Thomas Murphy, of Miami street for the past week, has returned to her home at South Bend. BANKRUPT SHOE SALE We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half on your Shoe Bills What is better than a nice pair of Shoes for Christmas—Nothing. Toys! toys.'l at Logansport Wall Paper Co. Don'o be misled In buying shoes. Go to Walden's. We have candy to suit everybody's pocfcetbook at Quigley's. One thousand children's hand sleds at Harrison's, 617 Broadway Pick out your turkey tomorrow and get first choice at Kianey's. Fresh country butter 121 Ib. at Vincent Kardes's 315 ' Third sweet. Air rifls-i, skates and boy's pocket knives for Christmas at Crismond's. Mrs. Sallie Powell has gone : to Chillicothe, Mo., to spend tbe winter. Just what you want in perfumes for presents at Johnston's drug store. Loeaosport Wall Paper Co. has the best line of dolls in the city and a full assortment. The best piano in the market for tbe money is the Bush & Gerta, sold only by J. C. Bridge. Nothing nicer for a'Christmas present than a nice atomizer, filled with good perfume, at Porter's. Get a bottle of Goldea Wedding rye for Christmas dinner, 11 years old, 116 per cent proof, at McHaie's. Good, sensible presents at Ed Powell's. Mandolins and guitars, guaranteed against warping or splitting. Newer & Reeder have filed a suit for Howard Plank against Frank Forgy and Abraham Downnam to collect a note for $250, Miss Cassie Cunningham, of Chicago, is the guest of her sisters, Mrs, Thomas Murphy and Mrs. William Baiter, of tne Westside. Now that the snow has come, you will want gloves and caps for the boys and men. Dewenter, the hatter and I'urnisher, can fit and suit them. Miss Bessie Cronin, of the Northside school, carried out a nicely arranged Christmas .programme this afternoon at her school room. There were a large number of visitors. Two Italian employes at McKinley- vllle (Kenneth) were in 'Squire Wal- ters'court today. No. 7 charged No. 11 with provoke. He plead guilty and paid a fine and costs aggregating 114. Select your Christmas presents from I. N. Crawford, Boy's sleds 50c, 75c, $1, 11.75 and up. Barney & Berry skates 25c, 50c, 85c, »1 up to $4.50. Boy's rifles II, $2.50, $3.50. $5.Shot guns, all prices from 84 to $40 The sixth annual meeting of the Indiana Library association will be hald at Indianapolis, Dec. 23th and 29&h. Q. A. Myers, of this city,will deliver an address on "The responsibility of the Trustee of the Library." A correction has been made of the telegram that George Pllcher, the contractor who put in the Logansport sewer, was the agressor in a shooting scrape at Portage, O., several days ago. Instead of shooting a man it is said that Pilcher was shot in the left breast, but will recover. What would make a gentleman a nicer present than a hat of some justly celebrated make, such as a Dunlap, Knox or Stetson? There is the stylish ba6, the business man's Derby stiff hat and the soft comfortable hat. Buy one of Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, and have the best. The next national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic has been set to begin Sept. 5, 1898, and members can now be laying aside their pension money preparatory to attending. Cincinnati, where the encampment is to be held, is making preparations to entertain what is hoped will be the greatest and most splendid of all these reunions of militant patriotism. Mrs. Stella Sebasttan-McClure is now a member of the Bostonian opera company. She left Chicago tp- day to join the company at Dubuque, Iowa. Mrs. McClure has a beautiful soprano voice of great strength and purity. The director of the company, an old and accomplished musician, heard Jtrs. McClure sing at Toledo a year ago, and was Deeply impressed with her voice and style. In a letter to J. P- Seoas- tian, Mrs. IfcClure's father, the professor predicts a great future for his new charge. THEN AND NOW The Change Experienced by an Indianapolis Lady. ESTDIANAPOLIS, IND.— "I nave suffered with malaria and rheumatism for more than two years. I tried numerous doctors and various medicines but without benefit, until I began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. 1 have taten three bottles of this medicine and now I am feeling well and strong, whereas before I was weak." MKS. J. M. DECK, 104 Walcott St. - THE Hew Furniture Store, Cor. Market, 5th. and Eric. • , j, rk-li urr purely vegetable, csro- llOOQ S HlllS fully prepared. ^5 cents. MEMORIES Oft he Ylew Front Mount Thomas Thomas. In May, 1838, 'while on a visit to Logansport, George |W. Weeks, of Edon, Williams county, Ohio, was so impressed with the beauty of the scenery from the high eminence on the Korthside, then known as Mount Thomas, that seven years later he wrote the following poem: That morning was glorious—the landscape was fair As the Queen of tbe Spring could array it— Itseemed that the goddess of beauty wag there In her kn-eliegt sheen to display it. No longer did Venns all radiant glow. The fair queen, ol! a bright constellation. Nor Orion his pUttcriog tribute besto » To the grandeur of night's decorat on. Serene did the day-star in majesty rise. With its splendor the valley adorning And balmy and pure as elysian sfcies Were tbe rays of that boaut'ful morning, Through the wide-«preadlng vale fl jwed a silvery 8feam, Clear a? water from life's crystal fountain, i And pure as the emblem of truth was its gleam As I gazed from tbe heightof tbe mountain. On the banks of tbe Wabath In beauty and pride Was youag Flora fresh blooming in childhood And the green, waving forest beyond its smooth tide Where tbe Indian roamed In the wild wood. As I lingered to view from Mount Thomas awhile. It seemed that't were fancy's creation. Or that Nature reflected the Deity's smile To kindle my heart's adoration. That morning wag transient: It vanished away Like the shadowy form of a vision. And darkness and clouds kave sucoeedeii the day. When I gazed on that sunny elyeium: Bat when fleeting life to a close shall have drawn— When its birk shall be stranded and riven— 0. tben may a moroing more glorioui dawn. Eternal, unclouded, In heaven. Special Sale This Stand 39c Here is a well made and finisk- ed stand, the small stores sell from 50 to 75 cents. The "Big Store" will sell them Saturday and Monday for only 39 cents each. See them in our Erie street window. A TEST ClSE. The Nicholson Law Leads to Farther Complications. The wholesale liquor dealers have made the unpleasant discovery ethat a recent decision of the appellate court regarding the quart shop law virtually made retail stores out or every wholesale establishmeat and brewery, as tbe law makes no provision for granting licenses to whole- gale houses. The effect of this decision is to virtually stop the wholesale dispensation ot spirits, but It in no way halts the retailing, which was the intent ot the Nicholson law. A test case will be brought. Holiday Thieving There is some complaint among merchants of supposed petty thieving that is being carried on during the holiday rush of business. It is only the smaller articles that are missed and boys are thought to be tbe guilty ones. In stores where there are crowds of people it is a very easy matter for anyone so Inclined to carry oft articles of more or less value without being detected in the act. A Struck Jury. In the circuit court yesterday Judge Chase ordered a struck jury in the case of Forgy against Harvey, a new trial having been granted by Judge Brownlee. The jury will be struck Monday. THE NEW COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Genuine Office and] Bugincii Prm«*io* from tbe day ot entrance. Logansport Commercial High School. Up-todate. Thorough. Practical. Cour«e»— English, Commercial. Stenographic, Pen Art, Experienced Teachers Modern Methods, Thorough Work. Competent Bookkeepers a»4 Stenographers tarnished to Buginesi Firm*. Logansport Commercial High ScliMl. Over 321-323-3-i5 Fourth Street*. J. W. Hoot M. W. Murphy, Associate Principals. Old Phone 184. If ~You Want lo ~be in, the Swim You bad better le HOOLEY —Make Your— ! FaU Suit Or * Overcoat He will Fit Tom When all others fuL Cold Feet. Are not known if you use sold by Henry Tucker. a h eater Pure vegetable colors and fine flavors for candles at Fisher's, druggist. DELICATESSEN FINE Smoke the Olmnbla cigar 407 Market street In room forwlf *M«pM by Legansport Will Paper Oo. Gunther'a Confectionery. Charlotte Rugae. Bavarian Orn«», Wine Jellies, Chocolate BoMra, Patty Shells, E*g KlMM, Hickorynut Macaroon*, Almond Macaroons, Walnut Macaroons, Coooanut Macaroon*, VanI la Wafer*, letty Ttrtf. Cream Puffs, Fruit Caks. Gold and Silver Bid, Lemon Harangue Plef. Frank K- Lloyd, ' Pastry Cook at tbe Barnett aa4 Mndoek bot«U lor th* past flve yean. . 0T"We have contracted to furntoh All MM Pastry and Bread tor tbe abore total*. ) Telephone 388 Mutual. Ladies' shoes 890 Misses shoes 690 Child's shoes 350 Ladies' shoes 990 Misses shoes 890 Child's shoes 490 Ladies' shoes $1.23 Misses shoes 990 Child's shoes 590 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $1.19. Child's shoes 890. $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys Wei S3.OO Laclies's Shoes S1.89- This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the price of Cheap One* W DEN.

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