The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1950
Page 7
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FRIDAT, MARCH 81, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS The Nation Today: Hit by a Brick— House Vote on I risk 'Aid' Called Farce By James Marlow WASHINGTON, March 31. <AP) -tjlaybe you're still bewildered by <mjb' "sudden vote of the House of Representatives to cut off all Marshall Plan help for Britain unless It ends the partition of Ireland. News of this must have shocked Europe a bit. ¥ou can imagine how we'd feel If our positions were reversed and we were pretty broke and depending on Britain for money and help to get us over a hump. And then suppose the British House of Commons suddenly decided to cut aff all help to us unless we agreed to give Texas back to Mexico. We'd be a little surprised, niaybe. But if you watched the House of Representatives every day you might not be surprised because the House isn't always the most solemn debating society In (he world. Senate More Serious The House from time to time ha? done things which the senators, who take themselves more seriously— most of the time—have had to can- "cel out. In this case the House action was just a one-day shock because no one expected the decision on Britain to stick. But how could something like GEM THEATRE Osceola, Ark. Sunday & Monday Apr. 2-3 THE REST OF THE JOLSON STORY... :hat happen? If was very simple. The House—most of the members weren't there—was dozing through the gabbing of the Marshall Plan. Suddenly It got hit on the head with a verbal brick by Rep. John Edward Pogarty, a Democrat who Is president of the Bricklayers Union No. 1 of Rhode Island. Fogarty proudly lists his bricklayers' connection in his own biographical note In the Congressional directory. "It's a Terrible Thins" It's a terrible thing the British have done to the Irish, said Fogarty, keeping six counties in the' north of Ireland Inside the British Commonwealth and never letting the south of Ireland take over the whole country. It can't go on, said the genial Fogarty. getting more indignant by the minute, as you'd see for yourself if you read his speech. And the best way to stop it, he said, Is to .op letting the British have Amer- can money until they stop keep- p the counties of Ireland apart. Then up jumped John J. Rooney he lawyer - congressman from irooklyn and Gordon L. McDonugh, who used to make explosive, nd now is a Congressman from California. They took their stand lestde Fogarty. Irish Talk Most Soon one world led to another, vith the Irishmen doing mast of the alklng, and before anyone knew vhat was happening some one called for a vote and the vote came out 99 to 66 for Pogarty's idea. Since that total vote of 165 is only a small part of the 135 House members, it was clear that most of them were bothering themselves with something else instead of be- in" on the House floor. You can call the vote of the House Irresponsible, or reckless, just good clean fun, since It was sure to be cancelled out by final House or Senate action. But it must have had a strange effect In Europe, particularly Britain, where so many people depend on the Marshall Plan and the plan is such an important part of the country's foreign policy. The outcries here on the morning after were sharp. The Washington Post, under the head of "Krazy Kids," called the House vote "outrageous" and added: "Ham acting eh masse is an unedifying spectacle." And the Washington Star sold: ". . . Like so many other practical of a lunatic playing with TNT." jokes, It was a deadly serious thing. The butt of the joke is the American people, a majority of whose representatives on the floor at the time displayed all the recklessness fAQE SEVEN TO PLAY HERE — Bob Strong (above) and his orchestra will provide the music for a dance to be sponsored May 2 In Blytheville by Dud Cason Post'No. 24 of the American Legion. The dance will get under way at 9 p.m. in the 'Legion's War Memorial Auditorium on North Second Street The Legion Post here plans to bookVother "name bands" to play in Blytheville if this musical venture Is a success. Soil Scientists Soy Roots Shop Around for Acid-Alkaline Food* BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — The root of a plant sh6|»s around-In the soil for the food It needs. For money It uses hydrogen atoms, which It makes from water. Two University of California soil scientists demonstrated this peculiar root activity by using chemicals which change color In acid-alkaline reactions. These tests gave additional support to a new theory that plants can take nutrients directly from solid particles In the soil and are not entirely dependent upon food elements that have been dissolved In ground water. On negatively charged surfaces of the plant root, positively charged hydrogen atoms accumulate. These hydrogen atoms constitute the root's "wad" of cash. Each atom bears a single positive electrical charge. Nearby on a particle of soil there may be calcium atoms which the plant can use. These calcium particles are chemically bound lo chlorene, forming calcium chloride, and each of them bears a double positive charge. The root releases lydrogen atoms and gets calcium atoms. The released hydrogen teams up with the 1 leftover chloride particle and forms hydrochloric acid. The root can pick up other food elements the same way. Mental Patients Calmly Watch As Flames Raze Dormitory NEW YORK, March 31. (AP) — Hundreds of mental patients watch- ; cd calmly early today as a high-' leaping fire ripped throuuh a staff dormitory (it Manhattan State Hos- ! pltal for the mentally ill. i The just - after - midnight blnsc sent 69 nightgown-clad women, all '. hospital employes, fleeing from thej 2 l|2-story brick dormitory. One woman was Injured. The hospital Is situated on Ward's Island In the East River, which separates Manhattan and Long Island. Although there were screams and panic among some of the dormitory occupants, officials said no disturbance occurred among the 4.COO mental patients housed nearby. Many of the patients gathered at windows to watch the towering flames, visible for miles Hrouiid. The flic department, fearing a repetition of the bttize that killed nine male patients Wednesday Teen-Age Mobs Tear Up City VANCOUVER, B. C., March 31. ')—Knife-packing gangs of teenage hoodlums who fight at the drop of a zoot hat have Vancouver juvenile authorities worried. Dance hall riots, threats of vio lence to teen-town supervisors and gang wars between rival groups reached a new tempo here in the lasl. month and forced city police to detail a special force to handle the situation. The police squad, called the "youth guidance .detail," has a-two- pronged attack. The first wave is to break up the gangs, who pack knives and often go Into battle in stolen cars. Tlie second is a rehabilitation program. The gangs, numbering from ten to 200, have no apparent reason for their fights. Breakfast Every Day at , THE RUSTIC INN • Piping Hot Waffles • Hot Biscuits Breakfast Served Daily 6 a.m. —7 J a.m. night in H private sanatorium near Philadelphia, sent a four-alarm army of equipment to the scene. Twenty-seven iirc-nghtlng companies raced over the Triborough Bridge—the Island's only land connection. Two fircboaU fought the blnze from the river. The fire was reported under control after about an hour. Fire officials estimated damage at $100,000. The dormitory was destroyed. Smart Elk Uses Light For Midnight Ramble LOGAN, Utah—(/I 1 )—A rancher in Wyoming's Star valley hung a light- FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 11! inch lo 48 Incll, plain or rcenfnrml. Also Concrete Hullillng Blocks cheaper than lumber for lurns, chicken houses, |ium]i hnusn, tenant houses, too) sheds We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691. c<! lantern In his stock yard in th* belief It would keep elk away'from 1 ' haystack, E. Von Almen utd n* looked out late at night lo «e if th« light was still burning. It was moving around the stock yard. "I discovered," he said, "that aa elk bull had the lighted lantern hanging from one of his antlers and was showing the elk cowl wher» th» best hay was." HY-C AlVMIMVM CHIMNEY: counts LEfOM BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. So. Hiway 61 Phon« 2434 Considerate Burglars Leave Without Loot FREDERICK, Md.—UP)—Burglars who broke Into the Maurice Sklar Company here astonished police by the considerate way In which they went about hot finding cash. They rifled desks and filing cabinets but took pains to protect new leather upholstered office chairs. The robbers padded the scats with paper to avoid scratching them as they piled desk drawers on top, 'Disappointed, they made for the safe. But possibly they hoped to blast It open without injuring the strong box. police chuckled, be- use they Just set fire to a stick dynamite in front of the safe. stead of exploding It with a per- sslon cap. tfet gain for the gene 'robbers: Zero. Walt Disney is credited with having produced the" first movie cartoon, "Steamboat Willie," In 1928. '. New Shoes Bring Call for Police ELIZABETH, N. J.. March 31. (IP) —A troubled resident here a-sked police to investigate the strange action of a man up the street from his apartment house. The man was pacing back and forth in the middle of the narrow street—10 paces this 'way,' then 10 paces back. The apartment-dweller wanted to know what he was up to. The officers approached the pacer and asked him. "I'm breaking in a new pah- of shoes." was the answer. -and only 'FRI6IDMRE gives you Live-Water Washing! It's the Frigidaire Automatic Washer ihot gets clothes really clean automati- cally—wilh Live-Water action! Thai means the entire washing and rinsing is done by rolling currents of clean walcr—no hard rubbing and tugging to wear out clothes. And it's the Frigid- aire Automatic Washer that's so easy to keep clean Lifetime Porcelain, inside and out, resists scratching, water, soap-scum, bleaches, dirt! '" tygSSl « Rapidry-tpin g*H clot**' •om« r«ody to iron. • loodt from top, no rtooplnj • Uiobl. fat top • Can tx tMnoWorrtrollwl '« ifMclol loot • No bolting down CotTte in! fee a demonstration ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc 206-208 West Mohi J. W. ADAMS, M 3 r. 2071 Snowball, TR's Haf, nd a Woman's Memory LONG BEACH, Calif.—<JD—Mrs. tta Mae Timm of Long Beach ys her sen holds the distinction being the only person to knock resident Theodore Roosevelt's hat 'f—and get away .with it. It hap- ened at a parade in San Francisco 1905: Mrs. Timm arid her boy, iward A. Howard, now a 57-year- d Iron works employe In Corpus hristi. Tex., were located strategic- lly on : a curb. '' The gr~;at Teddy came abreast, nillng arid flodrlshing his cane, wo-year-old Eddie, waving back ith his own cane, Bayly whacked President's silk topper into the rec-t. A Secret Service rnan hastily etrlgved It. The President was nice about ' Mrs. Timm recalls. "He lust rlnned and shook a finger at Edie who grinned right back. But was embarrass edl" BECAUSE BEAUTIFUL NOW OUR WHITE BRICK DREAM HOUSE (5 REALLY WHITE! LET ITRAIN-LEr IT POOR... BASEMENT AND 60NOEX COMES IN 12 LOVELY seep NO MORE ' COLORS. TOO/ AND STYLE TO CONCRETE BLOCK/ OUR. OLD STUCCO HOUSE LOOKS LIKE NEW/ AN00OJDEX KEEPS WALLS DRY/ ASBESTOS SIDING- TOO! 6ONOEX 5-lb. pics., whlta, mol»i obovt a gal. $J10 25-lb. pal?, wfilto, mah«i about 5 gab. THAN ALL. OTHER. CEMENT PAINTS COMBINED/ PHONE WESTERN UNION IN TOUR TOWN (IT mum) ASK FOR "OPERATOR 25" fak hw w*«r* to ii/y DRAMEX Mwior ft**, (Colon tUghtiy highvr) P. 5. Plug Moitar Jotnh and Crockl with IONDEX HYDRAUUC CEMENT THE MAI DON COMPANY If. Unh; (Ui»t>; In «»«ll<n; »~Hil, M. L, Dollar far DoHar- carft beat All i liar* Cood and Desirable in a Fine Car! Amtrtem'* L+m-rmt-frlrrm mrmlfml Klmht xetl-fricfm Cmr m-tlm KM m*mrm-M~'lr »rire Op*/0*W tm ell moJell * txlr* fort. f»vtr-fmrltrm Miner Strrmtt Kmmlmtm— »t Stx or W»rH KrvuMBr mm* l^mm IJie Tft« M»*t mtmmtUml TUrnf •» *'*«*• 51770.00 51873.00 $1891.00 $1891.00 Vcff^JSSsf® ChUJtaht DC l.nxe 4-Door, Six-Cylinder Sedan (including while siitewall lira and bumper wing guard}*) Naturally, you want all the good things your money will buy in the new car you select. The car for you is the wonderful new 1950 Pontiac! There's nothing on the road to match the sparkling personality of a Pontiac. There's no other car that gives you so much pride of ownership, so much luxurious comfort, so much spectacular Silver Streak performance for the price of » Pontiac, Dollar for dollar, you can't beat a PontucI Come in and sec for yourself. NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. 126 South Lilfy Phone 4371

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