Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on September 7, 1971 · Page 11
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 11

Abilene, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1971
Page 11
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THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS Abilene, Texas, Tuesday Evening, September 7, 1971 Coaches' w/Ves set for Classic These three women are the motivating force of the McMurry coaching staff.. They are (left to right) Mrs. James Christopher, Mrs. Buddy Fornes (with Indian bonnet) and Mrs. Tommy Estes. All three have been busy preparing for the Big Country Classic Saturday night when McMurry tangles with Abilene Christian. (Staff Photo by Art Lawler) Frogs Shift Positions By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Texas Christian coach Jin Plttman disclosed several posl tion changes Monday as his Horned Frogs concluded a light the pro football world Monday, workout in preparation for their Hie first cut was surgical season opener Sept. IB against and it was felt primarily by -· -- · ·· · - · sonny Jurgensen--on his lef arm, just below Ihe shoulder. Dr. Don O'Donaghue, a na BENNETT AMONG CASUALTIES Ax Falls in NFL Camps the University of Texas at Arlington. Two sophomores, David Prater and Mike Nolin, were moved tionally-known bone specialisi .10 to second team guard post ions and Hob Richey from of- 'ensive guard to second team right defensive tackle. A Baylor spokesman said the Baylor Bears will travel to Dalas Wednesday for a workout on AstroTurf in the Cotton Bowl. Their first game is on synthetic grass Sept. 18 against Kansas, :nd there is no AstroTurf in Vaco for practice. Baylor worked out for two lours in 9fi-degree heat Monday By ALEX SACHAHE Associated Press Sports Write, Tivo kinds of cuts were felt in since all NFL rosters must be 1969. heat and humidity." Arkansas' Razorbacks took hibition game against tie field in helmets and shorts Miami Dolphins Saturday, tonday to concentrate on goal who has treated numerous alh .eles, operated on the Washing :on Redskins' veteran quarter jack in Oklahoma City Mon day, along with the Redskins team physician, Dr. P. M. Pa- umbo, Jr. The operation lasted an hour and a half, and Dr. Palumbo said it "went nicely with very good results." The 37-year-old Jurgensen 'ractured the coracoid pro- iess--a small bone between his oach Bill Beall said the team upper arm and shoulder-of his showed a lot of poise despite left arm. not his passing arm, in ho h^t ,,,,,] v,,,TM;*!,, · a National Foo tbaii League ex- the ne play both offensively and efensively. Head coach Frank quarterback in NFL history, royles said he still has two un- ettled offensive positions. "Ron Revard and Stuart Free- and are still in Hie thick of iiings for center, and so are len Lowe and Mike Griffin for uard," Broyles said. would be out of action at least]back, a rookie six weeks, meaning he will [NCAA passing : unk Beaten After Match Terry Funk defeated Pak ang in a bloody chain match onday night, but the popula est Texan felt like the loser ter Pak Song and two other westlers ganged up on him af the fight had ended at the aylor County Coliseum. The two'Who helped the Kore pummel Funk were Mr uma, who whipped Woody armer in an earlier bout, anc r. Okoma, who was disquali ed for using karate in a preced- * fight with Jerry Kozak. Salvado D o m i n g u s pinnet A Washington spokesman said Jurgensen, the top-ranking creed by NFL league rules. The Turk was busy Monday, down to 44 by 4 p.m. (EOT) to day. Some of the teams placed Bengals cut Tommy Smith, the back Cecil Leonard. Pittsburgh men on waivers Monday, since Olympic 200-meter champion in said it had placed eight players that would give them a chance 1968 who had been on the taxi on waivers to recall the waivers or pick up squad for two years and was players from other teams before the deadline. The biggest cut was made by Coach Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs, who placed 12 men on waivers. Included in :his group were: Dennis Homan, wide receiv- r, a three-year veteran from Alabama acquired from the Dallas Cowboys in an off-season trade for Gloster Richard- ion. Willie Mitchell, defensive Southern Methodist in 1968 and including veteran wide receiver finished second in the nation in Jack Clancy, while the Los An- Elsewhere, the Cincinnati Tying to make Ihe club as a tight end. The Bengals also dropped Chip Bennett, a line- Backer from Abilene Christian Dollegc and Gene Trosch, a de- ;ensive tackle. The New Orleans Saints cut topped rookie guard Larry DiNardo, a jack, an eight-year ^man from Don McCall. McCall, year man from USC, Tennessee Stale who was a starter in 1965-68 and has been used on specially teams since hen. Mike Adamle, running back rookie from Northwestern who holds six Big Ten records and was a No. 5 draft pick. And Chuck Hixson, quarter- miss the final exhibition game and at least the first five regular season contests. The other kind of cut was more widely felt. It was the kind administered by The Turk, the mythical creature who roams the world of pro football training camps and trims the rosters down to the size · de-, who was champion uke Myers atch. in the opening ,, . ... , n n ... charges worked on a few new Almost everything ACC .did| formations f th M M centered on cross-town rival' c [. )sn * McMurry, the Cats' opponent ' ' ., Saturday night in Shotwell Stad- He , sald , a Iot . of tlme was um j spent on the passing game, say"We tried to get a look at 1 " 1 '"' " We want to "7 llard to their wishbone," Coach IVallyjTM'TM. out w ' lh a P assi "S attack Bullington said following the Saturda y- 9 ur mmm S g ame By AET LAWLER Reporter-News Sports Writer E v e r y o n e knows that coaches get so excited before a football game they often quit talking to their wives, all but stop eating and work themselves into a kind of wild psychic-stupor. But what everyone doesn't know is that coaches wives often do just about (fie same thing. If you were to walk into the dining room of the Buddy Fornes household this week, for instance, you'd see a center piece on the dining table with the words "ALA CUMBA" standing boldly in front of a teepee village. As most folks already know, Ala Cumba means give us victory, and as everyone should know, that's what everybody on the Reservation, is praying for this week. As Charlene Fornes explains it, "We take every game one al a time, but Ihe ACC game is the one we have to live with until next year." Bobbie Estes, wife of defensive coach Tommy Estes says preparing for the ACC game means putting up with a nervous coach who also "keeps me nervous." She says, "We worry about it a lot. Tommy goes around the house worrying and mumbling under his breath. Then he gets out a pencil and begins scribbling plays." Like the Fornes household, during ACC week, the loudest noise in the Estes home is the sound of silence. Judy Christopher, wife of first-year line coach James Christopher is going through her first ACC week as a married woman. She used to do it in the old days, though, when her husband was a standout receiver for the Tribe and she was a cheerleader on tiie sidelines. "Yesterday, all of the boys went to church together at Aldersgate Methodist, and of course, they were in- troduced and there was a lot of talking about the game. I got nervous and had butterflies. I was ready to go right then," she said. A loss lo the Wildcats means sitting up until the early hours of the morning, going over and over the game. Mrs. Fornes tries to have something ready for her husband, since he never lias been able to eat before the game. Over in Gold Star Dorm where the Esteses live, it means listening to Tommy mope around for a few days, mumbling "I should've done this or I should've done that." Mrs. Christopher doesn't know how Sier husband would react lo a McMurry loss to the Wildcats, but she is familiar with how he reacted to losses last year at Gatesville. "We just stay up vory late going over the game. But when he loses he doesn't come home and take it out on us. He just starts 'trying to get ready for next Mod Look j. By CARL DIMGLER | He points out in ihe prepared!drawn to you; Mustache will be | Reporter-News Sports Writer h a n d b o o k for the athletesjallowed if it is kept neat and i Glen Whitis head basketballl"^ ein S from Hardin-Simmons|trimmed; No chin whiskers; toach and athletic director at! as wel1 as an athlete ives us ; And . wear clotnS lhat sh(w a Hardin-Simmons University has! manv . manv more opporlumticsSnealness and attention to de never been knovvn for his soft, l o represent our school to Ihe lail" attitude toward athletes and 1 ? 1 TM 10 - T ' lls m 'E nt DC the first Thus, the Cowboys may have building winning teams. | and 9 nlv time lne y know of Har- long hair and mustaches as long . ,, . , . ,,, _ n o.j .din-Simmons so the impressions as they don't go to extremes. · He has always demanded a wc leave ^ mQst [m ^ mt _ This hasn't caused but "one or "Granted, some players wilh two" athletes to change their shoulder length hair can play minds, according to Whitis. He better lhan some with crew-cuts, was quick to point out the situa^ tough core of dedication from his athletes and it has paid off With winning teams. past feelings stand in his way. For instance, Whitis has al- However, he isn't one to let Granted, some players can play tion didn't involve any of his better in over-alls lhan some iivbaskelball players. shorts. The point is not that style. He also drosses more Stylishly. This, In tern, has brought Whitis lo the dress style for his H-SU alhlctcs this year. Rcnli// court as socially acceptable as possible." His rules: "Keep sideburns lo years api. Whilis has liberalized his standards this year. bollomof ear lobe level: Hair at will have a new mod look -- ing, Ihe day of Hie crew-cut and nape of neck should not hang lhanks to the prodding of his athletic dedication isn't the over the collar; If you wear Ihc daughter. II, will still bo Ihe same as it was four or five Afro cut, keep it neatly trimmed same "tough" coach on the "Now, is that too much lo ways been one to wear the slrort| your appearance or lack of ac- ask? Is it?" Whilis asks, raising ,hair slyle and takes on the ap-j ce p ta t,i e appearance will make his tone for emphasis, pearance of a marine drill in- or k rea [j yoll as a p )avcr . For someone like Whitis, who , struclor during workouts. « The point js lnat WB _ as ath . nas spent a ij[ clime bcing dcdi ! However, after last season, his leles and coaches, and as re- cated lo alhlctics and the propel , Slaughter, Beverly, challenged presentatives of Hardin-Sim- dress when representing a uni- liim to let his hair grow. Whitis mons University have a respon- versity, this is quite a change, took Ihe challenge and now sibility to the students, public and one that is certainly liberal sports a semi-mod slyle hah and graduates to make our ap- There are several of the older pearance both on and off the cagcrs sporting longer hair anc mustaches this fall. So, the Cowboys will have a new look when they compete, and Coach Whilis and no so elaborate lhat more couri, however, and Iho same that) ordinary allcntion is ·well-drilled nllilelos playing. week." How do the wives see the outcome of this week's game. "I feel like ACC definitely has the edge because we're so young on defense," says Mrs, Fornes. But if we can find something to hold onto to and hang on for dear life, we've got a chance. I'll lake McMurry, 40-38." "In all fairness lo ACC, it's gonna be a tough game, but I tliink we'll win it about 17-14," says Mrs. Estes. "We'll win, of course," s a y s Mrs. Christopher. Score: 21-14. Meanwhile the F o r n e s household was scheduled to be the scene of an informal get-together of the players' wives. There's nine this year. "It just gives everyone an opportunity to get to know each other a little better," says Mrs. Fornes. "Last year we had a recipe party. This year we'll make some foil Indian plaques." Anolher problem facing Ihe coaches' wives, is keeping everything as normal as possible for the kids. "We try to keep everything tiie same, as much as possible," Mrs. Fornes explained. "But it's a little hard to keep it that way. They're all excited about the game." Their oldest son, Kyle, goes with the team, and younger brother Kobe may begin going with the club this season. He's seven and the Forneses haven't decided whether or not to put both boys out there at the same lime. Brothers are known to fight, you know. The Christophers' daughter is only 2, so you'd think all they'd do is lug her to and from the game. Nope. Biggest problem now is teaching her to holler Indians i n s t e a d of Hornets (Gatesville). Like mother like daughter. She's already learning cheers. But the person who probably has it the toughest is A. F. Craver, principal at Bonham Elementary. Not only is Mrs. Fornes on the faculty, but so is Mrs. K. Y. Owens, assistant coach at ACC. No, Mrs. Fornes and Mrs. Owens don't have wrestling matches in the middle of Ihe hall, but wtien Ihe Wildcats and Ihe Indians both lose, tt makes for a rough week. And It's · especially lough v/licn both of Ihose .schools lose and Ihe Cooper Cougars also lose. Mrs. M e r r i l l Green also happens lo be a member ol' that same faculty. session. "I'm convinced McMurry will have one of the best offenses around. They'll move he ball and our young defense vill have a big job trying to stop them. I predict a close, ligh-scoring game Saturday." Bullington said he expected the Indians to not only use the wishbone but to run some from the I-slot and the Houston veer. Wildcats Work On Tribe Formations McMurry's Indians were of primary concern to Abilene Christian College in the Wildcats' workout under the lights Monday night. "Their offensive line is expert enced," he added. "And their backs run hard." Bullington admitted that his ickeu up veteran offensive ineman Remi Prudhomme, cut iarlier by Kansas City. The Saints also dropped running backs Gene Moore and "" " " "" " a fifth- had his 1 best year in 1968 when gained 637 yards to lead geles Hams dropped a pair, including third-year defensive vulge their but refused to di- names before today's deadline. In NFL exhibition play, Atlanta defeated New England 4535 in Sunday's only game. Saturday night, Miami trounced W a s h i n g t o n 27-10, Buffalo edged Detroit 31-17, Oakland San Francisco 34-28, standout at Notre Dame and Houston beat Chicago 37-17, Philadelphia trounced New Orleans 34-0, Cincinnati trimmed Ireen Bay 27-24, Denver edged Minnesota 14-7 and Kansas City and St. Louis battled to a 17-17 tie. he the club in rushing and also caught 26 passes. He has been slowed by injury since then. The Houston Oilers traded defensive tackle David Rowe to the New England Patriots for offensive lineman Tom Funchess. Howe came to the Oilers in an off-season deal with New Orleans. The Atlanta Falcons cut six, PRO FOOTBALL TRANSACTIONS Houston Oilers -- Iradcd David Rowe defensive lackle, lo the Mew England Pa- riols lor Tom Funchness, offensive lineman. New Orleans Salnls -- signed Remi 'rudnornme, offensive lineman, releasefl by Kansas City Chiefs, Lorry NINordo, guard, Gene Moore and Don McCall, run- ·inq backs, released. Cincinnati Bengals -- Tommy Smith, vide receiver. Chip Bennett, linebacker, and Gene Trosch, defensive lackle, all ui. Kansas Cily Chiefs -- Dennis Homan, Guy Ingles, Bruce Jankowshi and Lewis Porter, wide receivers, Willie Mitchell, lefensive bock, Mike Atjamle and Gene homas, running backs, Cesar Belsar and ohn Mack, linebackers, Chuck Hixson, quarterback. Bob Llggelt, guard, and Bob Hews, offensive lackle, all placed on wal- ers. Lqs Angeles Rams -- Cecil Leonard, de- cnsive back, and Gary Loyd, punter, olh cul. Atlanta Falcons--Bruce Lemmerman. uarlerback, Ted Cottrell, linebacker, Skip Butler, place kicker and punter, and ack Clancy, wide receiver, all cut Buffalo Bills--Chad Brown, defensive rd, and Jeff While, place kicker, boih 1 STEAM CLEANING Engines Cars Machinery JOHN'S SHELL SERVICE 2702 PINE 673-7071 otrTHE GENUINE mm mm 'Thrust-Back Collar' TOILET TANK BALL ttwita's laigcil itlltr The efficient Walcr Mailer iiutanlly ilopt tha flow ef wale'r afler each (lushing. 7St AT H A R D W A R E S just hasn't jelled so far." Thirteen Wildcats missed the night drill due to labs, including premier receiver Ronnie Vinson. S t a r t i n g wingback Nicky Pruitt and second unit fullback Wolfgang Halbig joined in the drills Monday after missing most of last week with injuries. The Wildcats concluded work with a session in weight lifting. 673-7393 -- 233 Fannin -- 672-5115 Insurance For Every Purpose Keysftms- Property Casually -- Business Personal -- Life Aviation -- Budget Premium Prices 0. Henry Young Bill Masters convenient in Abilene With a reputation for service earned through serving the Abilene area since 1902. 24-Hour Depository - Drive through convenience. In, addition, there are 24-hour depositories in Ihe outer lobby of Ihe Main Bank and at the Dyess Facility. THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Main Bank: 402 Cypress, Family Banking Center: 401 Cedar, Molor Bank Entrances: North 4lh 5lh, Facility at Dyess AFB

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