The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1950
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1950 BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK-V COURIER NEWS PAGE TTTKEE The Notion Today: Unity in Europe War Rum, Fear of Communism Unite Europe as Never Before were nmde by n commute* Including Mrs. Cliarle* Dortoh, Mrs. John Contrell, Mrs. L. P. Lutnsden and Mrs. Guy E. Michle. Background music'' was furnished by Nadin* Downing, Mary Jane While, Sue Powell, Jo Ann Meredith, Ann Dillman, Susan Cunningham. Dick Richardson and Bob Trail Limn. By JAMES MARUW t WASHIKOTON, Nov. 14. (AP) — The nations of Western Europe— because of the ruin left by war and 'their fear of Communism— have moved closer to unity than ever before: economically, politically, and militarily. Tills country has blessed tliclr' efforts and urged them on. But their unity is far from complete. They are a long way from any such thing as a United States of Europe. And this country has helped them with money and arms. The help runs into the billions, After last week's elections It remains to be seen whether this help continues at the same rate. Perhaps the easiest way to understand Europe's problems Is to take the United States as an example. If looked at in reverse. Sup pose, instead of the 48 states joinec together In one government, the 4f were independent of one another: Each with its own army, lang uagc, culture, traditions, industry and many barriers, like tariffs, t free trade with the other 47 states because each wanted to keep dowri| outside competition. Suppose, further, the people 01 the 48 slates had been killing one another for centuries in repeated warp, building up tears. Jealousies, and hatreds. The» sny there came one war, worse than all the rest, which left them all broke, nearly broke, or in ruins. ( And suppose one big state like Texas or New Yortc — substitute Russia — was threatening to grab control o! the rest or gobble them up. At least the other 47 would have something in common: their poverty and EL'ar. Out of sheer, desperate desire to survive the 47 then might at last be willing to bury some of their old distrusts, In face of the new and greater trouble. Not Hearty to Vie Id Back to Europe: While they might yield on some, things — like freer trade among! them or cooperating on a common defense against Russia—they aren't yet ready to yield everything. That is. they are still not willing to give up their ancient sovereignty—the right to run themselves, individually—and submerge themselves in one big government for Western Europe. — That time may come. It isn't In sight now. so. with each remaining independent, the nations of Western Europe haggle over what they yield iri their moves toward unity. That Is why their steps in thit direction have not been taken hrrriedly. As a result, two nations, or three, or five set up special agreements among themselves on co-operating {or better trade. And then a whole bunch of them get together for this same purpose. This is in the economic field. Alliance For All The same way in the military field. A couple make an alliance. Then three make an alliance. Then the two and the three get together and make an alliance. Then a whole Continuing the series of parties for Miss Sadie Lee 1'iamra, bride elect of Caesar Rasllid, was the crystal shower given by Mrs. Dottle Shaw and Mrs: Charles Thomasson. The home of Mrs. Thomnsson was attractively decorated hi colorful fall flowers and Mrs. Shay and Mrs. Thoiniisson received guests. Miss Hnmra, who was presented with a green, golden throated* or-- chid by Mnry Crews Joplin, wore a maroon suit of worsted gaberdine. Prizes won In contest games were presented to Miss Humva ftlong with many gifts of heather pattern, Fostoria crystal. Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Thomnsson presented a very novel way of giving Miss Hamra her gifts by hiding each one with an alarm clock set at different intervals during Uic evening. Guests were Joy Thomasson, Mrs. Oilbert Hazel, Mrs. nalton Teroy Mrs. Fred Wheeler, Mrs. Grace VanClcve. Mrs. Jim Pulhcarl, Mrs Glenn Perry, Miss Jo ViuiClcvc, Miss Jeanette Hainra, Miss Barbara Shaw, and Miss Betty Jean Ham- Individual wedding cakes, mints and nuts were served by Miss Jean-1 ettc Hamra with Miss eBtty Jean 1 ; Hamra presiding at the punch bowl. Locals Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Blomeyer spent Sunday in Cape Girnrdeau, where Ihey visited with his sister, Mrs. John L, Davis, and his uncle, E. F. Blomeyer, who celebrated his 11th. birthday. Mrs. Agatha Wilks, executive secretary of the local Red Cross, drove lo New Madrid Wednesday evening to visit with relatives and continued on to Sitoton Thursday to nt- lend a district meeting of Ihe Red Cross. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark siwnt Monday in Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. It, E. Bright of Jackson, Tenu., visited In Caruth- crsille over Ihe week end with their daughter and son-ln-lnw, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Pinion., Judge M: n. Rowland returnee! Tuesday after spending several days iu St. Louis. ] Mr. and Mrs. D. Ben Holly of Cooler, spent Saturday evening visiting in the home of Dr. and Mrs. D. D. Pinion. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Conner have had as their guests for the past two weeks Mr. und Mrs. Charley Jones of logansporl. fnd. Mrs. Jones is a sister of Mrs. Conner, Judge and Mrs. Roy M. Harper have spent the past few days In Car ulhersvillc. ARTISTS AFFIRM WHAT JOHN Q. PUBLIC KNEW—Screen actresses Esther Williams, left, and Ava Gardner, right, are among the 10 most beautiful women in America, according to the "Artists' Group of America." Esther was named fof her "flawlessly formed jaws and thighs," and Ava for her "shy and retiring facial characteristics, and temptingly curved bosom and hip lines." CARUTHERSViLLE NEWS By Joan Douglass — Phone 389-J Mrs. Robert TMItnan entertained her semi-monthly 'bridge club In her home Tuesday evening. Pr izes we re won by Mrs. G eorge Michie and Mrs. Winifred Grishem. Mrs. TiJIman decorated her home in colorful flowers. The club will next meet with Mrs. J. L. LaForge, Jr. bunch get together and make a military alliance to protect them all In the political Held a. whole bunch get together at one crock and try to discuss their problems and work out solutions for them although here particularly ench nation makes sure it keeps its own independence. Briefly, ' this outlines the steps taken in the three rields:>economic political, and military: Economic — France and Italy make a trade agreeemnt; so do Belgium, Holland. Luxembour; then Britain and France join the latter three; then all these and 1 more get together in the orga- *i nization for European Economic Co-operation. Military—France and England niflke an alliance; then both make an alliance with Belgium, Holland. Luxembourg; tYien nil these and more make a big alltonce with the United Slates and Oannda In the North AtlnnVic Pact. Political—At one jump, which they were long In taking, a whole batch of nations get together In the Council of Europe, a kind of congress or parliament, which can debate and make recommendations but can pass no laws. The Couples Club was entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morris Monday. ;High prizes went lo Mrs. Noel Dean and Dr. o. W. CooK and bridge to Mr. Noel Dean. The club will next meet in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Jack Pinion. W. .E Chaffin, president of the iaruthersville Rotary Club, spent Monday In Memphis attending Memphis Inter-city Rotary luncheon. The meeting was attended bj members of the Memphis Rotar; Club and the Heleiia, Ark., Rotar; Club, the latter presenting a pro gram of talks fay Leonard F. An drews and B. A. Lynch, distric governor of Blytheville. Several guests from this area at tended. be held west of Caruthersville on Highway 84 on Nov. 19. Decisions were maae for prizes o include a hunting coat, automatic shotgun and tide and hams and ducks for the best marksmen. S. P. Reynolds will be invited lo act as udge. The next, meeting will be held Nov. 16. The Parent-Teacher Association held their monthly meeting at the grade school last Friday afternoon. The program was presented by the fourth grades, the songs and playlet being announced by Anita Wilks and Sally Kate Henley. Mrs. O. W. Cook reported that 238 children had been vaccinated for smallpox at a recent clinic spon- by P.T.A. and Mrs. W. M. James reported on the state convention which she attended this month. The attendance award was won by the fourth grade. The 9th district convention of the Federated Woman's Club was held in Kennett Thursday and Friday. * Principal speakers were Mrs. J. E. Friede, president of the Missouri Federated Woman's Club, and Mrs. Ila Huff of Memphis. Those from Caruthersville attending Included Mrs. H. M. Pierce. Mrs. Carl Baskin, Mrs. Ralph Pinion, Mrs. Morrell DeReign, Sr, representative of the National Federation of Women's Clubs, Mrs. Morrcl.l DeReign, Jr., district chairman, Mrs. J. Tom I Markey, Mrs. George Brown and Irs. Gerard Callihan. The regular semi-monthly meeting t the Junior Chamber of Com- icrce was held Nov. 2 at the Top lat. Business oJ the meeting centered round the annual Turkey Shoot to The fine arts department of the Cnruthersvllle Woman's club presented a fine arts display in the Presbyterian Church basement Wednesday afternoon . and evening Nov. 8. A wide range of articles were shown to the public Including many that were made by local residents. Hooked rii*>s, quills, purses, along with other items made by boys of the industrial arts class of Caruthersville High School. Arrangements for the display A fault Is a displacement along a fissure, or scries of fissures, In any kind of rock formation. WHY SUFFER LONGER FROM SUPERFICIAL MUSCLE PAIN IK MTMITB, MHNMT1SM, KMITO, IOTSJIO. SCUTKA. IMMM* Mm a*4 G*l fust tttnporary r*l>«f fro™ njcti local pain witK SUUIN—th« amarinK, »en*«UoEM*V rt«w scientific prcp'ration. StffilN if a different »up«ncMl tauscta pain relief prtpttm I ton. It works ultra-fail to RIV« you temporary r*lir* *t lh« poir.I of pain. SU1UN w b«"Wl upon new application of * principle. Contaii powerful rntxlcrn rrtwarrh rlmt—b-mffthi chntin« cV.oruta which dilates h a Tli vls Tn loca I area •wh'. n uwl • I poin a ftiv« SUfUN rapid 2-W«y Acti ion <1) locx! ctrculaUon (2) alTo*^ local, r injt aReti^j camphoc anA menthol, unn loe*l annl£p*ic methyl sfrlicylfttt to penetratt qiiTcViy. 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