Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 6, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1895
Page 5
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ONLY THEELCIMSHIRT t-BtST-EVER'PRODUCED'FOR "Fric-MoNEY- PERFECT-FITTINO GUABAHIESO WAMSUnA Ht/SWN flND ElGHT&EN HUNDR&D LlNEK MASONS WILL BUILD. AN ENTHUSIASTIC MASS MEETING LAST NIGHT AT WHICH THE MATTER WAS DECIDED. Am Opera Home and. AMcmblr Hall Ineln4e« In tbe PJimu-A Com«Itl«e of Three !• Named to Drift the Proper Declarations — Th« Masons Hop* to be Able to Pay for «heB«Ud« Inc. Which Will C«nt «5O,O«O to •OO.OOO, DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher to Save This Coupon to No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our to names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New jZ Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of fff /m money at our store and we will make to your order the to handsomest suit of clothes that ever adornecVyour body. I TUCKER&YOUNG, TUB PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. At the great mass: .'meeting of Masons last night at Orient lodge hall there were over one hundred and fifty Masons who favored the erection on the lot of Tlpton lodge, corner of Fourth and North streets,, of an elegant Masonic Temple. There were none who did not favor the proposition. The vote was unanimous and SATURDAY ALL DAY 1O CENTS FREE! ; A PRESENT OF.lOc TO ALL BOYS AND GIRLS. ; Choice of AJ1 Boy's and Girl's Caps 5Oc. ; Worth up to $f, and a Present of lOc in Cash, or 5c in cash on 25c SATURDAY ONLY! Caps. •7Q&&& MONEY TO LOAN! On aioriwweSe(rurUy;nt 1 'J, 7 imd 8 per cent. 3IOXKY TO LOAN. On MortKUKPS Security nnd ew.Vontlily pay- nientu, Consult J. T. COCKBURN, (Rooms 2 and 3 Spry Bulldlru:. NEW HARNESS SHOP. I have moved my harness and saddlery shop to G2C Twelfth street, where 1 will turn out the best, jjoods for the least uionoy. GEO. W. FOSTER, NORTHERN INDIANA TEACHRS. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MOUSING. APiUL 6 Try tbo Diadem patent flour_lloth~ cnnel. Court adjourned ryesterday unti Monday morning-. To Mr. and Mrs. Willard Long o Pratt and Hoth streets, a son. The Point Corner school north of tho city closed its session yesterday. Any elzos of ladies' fine kid button shoes for $1.19—Cyclone, McCaffrey Co. Try Murdock's shoo store if you want shoes. Genuine bargains wlthou i county commissioners will Inspect tho new bridges over Crooked •Crook today. Mrs. C. H. Starr entertained the M. C. B. C. at her homo on tho West Side Thursday afternoon. Today—All wool cloth capaa $1.48; a last black umbrella, natural twisted handle, 50 cents—Trade Palaoo. There will be a meeting of tho paloters and decorators this evening at Trades Assembly hall for tho purpose of organization. Acting through the blood, Hood's Sarsaparllla not only cures scrofula, galtrheum etc., but elves health and vigor to tho whole body. Wanted—A good girl for general bouse work. JS'o washing, good wages. Must cotno with good recommendations. Call at No. 21G Eighth St. Tho case of tho State vs. Dampaay for alleged assault and battery, was yesterday continued to Saturday, April ISih at 2 p. m., before 'Squire Hlght. A Lint of Ilic F«pern Head and DIs- viiMxeitBi VeMOMlnj'K Senwlou. At the sessions of the Northern Indiana Teachers' Association yesterday tbo following papers were read and discussed: "The Foundation of Sclenoe,"T J Slles, Alexandria; "The New Demands in English," G M Miller, Peru; "Methods in PhysioU Otfy," George A Talbert, Laporte; "Concentration," J L GlasBcock, Lafavotte; "Child Study in the School Ro^gr . ^ A Trotha, Anderson; "In. dividual Teaching in tho Grades," Jacob Martin, Plymouth,-"Popularizing Schools," Cadus Crabill, Lakeville; "Relation of Country Schools to Town and City High Schools," Elsie Utter, Wostvllle; "Fundamental Art Prlnci pies Capable of Recommendation and Practice in tbo vvork of Elementary Schools," Jesse P Brown, Indianapolis; •Drawing in Primary Grades," Miss Cora Ney, Mlshawaka; "Art in the School Room," Anna L. McBrido Elwood; "Dlsiingushlng Characteristics of Present American Decorative Art," Miss K. E. Selleck, Indianapolis; "Public School Music; Its Present Needs," Wm J Stabler, Richmond; "Primary Music" Nannie C Love, Munoie. Last evening Prof. Henry T. Bailey, State Supervisor of Drawing for Massachusetts delivered tho annual lecture. At the close of the lecture the teachers of South Bend gave a reception to visiting teachers at the high school building. Awarded Highest Honors— World'a Fair. DR. Wheat Jleporleil Killed. A dispatch from Laporte, Ind., to the Indianapolis News says: "Many of the farmers in this county say there [s no doubt tbat a large part of tho wheat is killed. The sold weather and tho absence of snow from many of the lelds resulted in weakening ths roots, and the dry weather and high winds of March completed tho work, so the entire tops and roots of the wheat are dead. It is thought much of the wheat will be plowed up and put in pring crops." Tho Soiiern w»j- Commends itself to the well-informed, o do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly dono in tho crudest man. nor and disagreeably as well. To ilennso the sj'Stom and break up colds lead&hches and fevers without unpleas nt after effects, use the delightful II- quid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs enthusiastically emphatic. After the consumption of a banquet tbe Masons eat back from the tables acd talked Temple and opera house, bonds tend subscriptions, interest, leases and plans for some time. A slight sentiment against the opera house feature was developed, but there were arguments, strong and convincing, that closed the mouths of those who wished to confine the new build- ijg to the uees of the Masons and tho ordinary tenants. The mass meeting did not adjourn until almost midnight, and a stand- log vote was taken which showed that tbe brothers of all thelodgee were In faror of building. There is a feeling against dividing the stock in the enterprise too promls- coualy among those who are cot Masons. A big hustling effort will be made by the member? of the F. and A. M. societies to pay for the proposed Temple and opera house themselves. Tbe amount that the projected palace will cost Is estimated at from $50,000 to $60,000. The Masons desire, if their bonds can be placed, to furnish something tangible in the shape of a guarantee that the interest will bo forthcoming, and for tbat purpose the opera house addition Is proposed, as has been tbe letting of 82£ feet square on the first floor to the city for offices, The opera house plan had been abandoned by the Masons when Wm, Dolan proposed to make of his piny house aground floor affair, butas he ia eaid to have given up his plan far remodeling tho opera house, the Masons have ceased to hesitate in the matter, and if the Masoaic Temple rises to grace the city of Logunsport, tho Thespian temple will bo attached. J. B. Winters, J. C. Nelson unn E T. Parker were appointed on a com. mittoo to draft the proper resolutions expressing the decision and the intern of the mass meeting of last eight, and to confer with the committee of the city council aa to the recent proposition to that bod/. This committee will report to another maes meeting of Masons to be held Friday night, April 19th. In the meantime ihe city council will meet, hear from its committee, and in the result of that meeting tbe Masons are naturally much interested. Men's shoes solid - - 85c 'Bat- ' Oxfords Diamond tip - - 50c Ladies' but. kid " " - - 75c Misses' kid shoes — 59c \ solid - - 85c OTTO KRAUS. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. to CREAM BAKING POWDER ;•;:.: MOST PERFECT MADE #•'* pan Crape Cream (/Tartar Powder. Fret «. W. SpjboliT» I'urchuse. George W. Seyhold yesterday purchased for $5,000 of Major S. L. McFadin. a piece of land fronting on -the Wabash river containing eight acres. The land joins Johnson's West End addition, and the purchase includes a house and barn. Womn JUke Ike Be»t Teichen, When they are well, but oeing on their feet and going up and 'Idown stairs cause derangements, which un> dermlne strength, patience and tact Zoa-Phora cures all such derange- menu. Soid by B. F. Keealing and Coulson & Co. Fourth itreet WM iwept last night by commissioner Jamison's Militant*. A Boquelof AccltU'iil*. Three runaways of more or less im. parlance occurred Thursday night. Dr. J, Z. Powell's horse had a periodical spin, ana broke a shaft. A horae that had stood from early in the morning until 5:30 p. m.. in the absence of its owners, broke loosa. overturned the phaeton attached and cut a dash oa Sixih street. It collidec with Moynihan'e delivery wagon and injured the delivery horse slightly. A team owned by Polk Ligbt^ heizer caused a sensation on Third street. The team started at Canal street, and careered madly north on Tbird as far as Broadway unchecked. At that street they collided with a buggy occupied by Mrs. George K. Marshall and two daughters of Clinton township. The ladies were thrown into the street, and tkeir buggy badly damaged, while they were painfully hurt. At the Opera "The Stranglers of Paris" was presented with good effect by ti\e unusu- sually capable Huntley-Blxby comedy company last night. Tbe attendance was fair, and the audience was enthusiastic. James L. Wilson was the recipient of the gift presented last night. A. suit of parlor furniture will be given mway tonight. A matinee performance for 10 and 20 cents will be given this afternoon. Tonight the engagement will close with a strong double bill. The . three tot farce comedy, "Confusion," and* one act farce. • Nobby children's suits of our own designs and make, 2} to 15 years 85 oentt and up— H*rry FrMk\ 2 B Sure. Kroeger & Strain are preparing use the city ^candescent lights, James L. Hanson hae taken a place as book keeper for George Bennett. The young people's whist club was entertained by the Misses Knowlton last evening. A crowd of high school boys are going down the Waba8h river fishing this afternoon. D. A. Polk now of Elwood, and Miss Clara Harris of Flora, will be married May 4th at Flora John F. Dong, the carriage maker has taken- quarters with blacksmith Shaver on Sixth street. Take advantage of Harry Frank's cut on prices on suits, pants and hats, during his removal sale, Jos. Effinger has purchased an in- tercet in the barber sbop of Joe. flayworth on Twelfth street. No fancier shoes than the Foster Kelly and Marzluff lines of ladles' shoes—Cyclone, McCaffrey & Co. Six indictments chiefly against those already in confinement, has been returned by the grand jury. Fred Heppo, the saloonist, 'wad yesterday fined by the mayor $10 and costs for tbo alleged Illegal sale of liquor. Lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, radishes, new oniong, parsley, pie plant pine apples and strawberries, at Rothermel's. The revival service conducted by Rev. D. R. Lucas of Indianapolis, begins next Friday at the Christian church. During our stay at the Fashion store, will cut prices to savs labor of re* moving stock to our former place— Harry Frank. The Odd Fellows of Peru will give an entertainment next Friday evening' in which Major J. H. Wise of this ciiy, ivilltake part. The reception to Mrs. M. 3 . Faugh, that was announced by the evening- papers for tonight, has been declared off on account of conflicting arrange mente. John Edwards, a machinist, who was taken In by an officer early Wed needay morning, and who claimed to have been robbed, was allowed to pass out of the jail yesterday. Mr. A. Lewis formerly of South Bend has moved here and is preparing to open a cigar factory at No. 302 Market street. Ho will make his own stock and expects to cater to the wants of emobers. Ha will also have a bil Hard reom ia connoctloa with his cigar factory. Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At WflLKER 6c RflUOH. Where quality is our first object at prices to make them GO. OVER A MILLION NOW IN USE Bilious Colic. Persons who are subject to attacks of bilious colic will be pleased 10 know ihat prompt relief may be bad by taking Cbamberlain'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoei Remedy. It acts quickly and can always bo depended upon. In many cases the attack may be pro- vented by taking thia remedy as soon as tha first indication of tbe disease appears. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. KeesUng, Druggist. Iloinc-SceKer*' Kxettrnlon« South and { Southeast via PeiinnS'Ivaulo Hn ••«. : Special low rate excursion tickets ; with twenty day limit will be sold March 5th, April 2d and 30th, from ticket stations on the Penn§ylvAnia Lines to points in Alabamla, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply vo nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address F. Vaa Dusen, Chief Assistant Genera). Pa-sen ger'Agent, Pittcbuag, Pa. , Jlldce I5:i)«l«'ln on "Polllio* " Judge D P. BiUwin has - been invited by Prof. J. R. Commons, tbe professor of Political Science at Bloom • ington university, to deliver three lee lures in the university in May, on the subject of "Politics, Jlnclflen'g Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands chilblains, corns, and all skin erup lions, and positively cures pilea, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money re funded. Price 25 cents per boy. For ial«bYB. F. A F«l.» Alarm. A false fire alarm caused by a break D the circuit, called the fire department to the neighborhood . of Dolan'e 'ounirjjwterdao-morn Ing;, ftoia Ammonia. Alum cvwy other adulterant YEARS THE STANDARD. •..•,.'•- -i ' '•'"• , -;:->'. •". -r : ' : , -• •'.';•• •:.• j ... • '.!,-.': ,•"• .;• „--. -, \ :;• : ,••••• • ,-.i.-,,;. • • • V -,•'-••;•.-•'•• •/. .v. ••• • ,. .. •• ;•• • • v < -.-•>•. .. <•••: , ••.;,....''-.,. .. : •:• •, -.< • . - , \ ! v<,1-1 ••:;•',.;." • • -L,V ',' ••' •' ^'' "•••- '.V'- • - " - ' • • •:••<• -•••••' f'ls'if>';'^ii^. J - ••/' MY ''•/'• ,"•'-'-•';>-'•.*'.•' r*,' - ''"" .•'•• '•''•/".''''"t' :'-'..,".'.i.-'^/.'^V^I.'!-,' 1 ' -'•' ''•' '"••,.-!,, ,.''.'",• ji.V ••*•'/.*.':'•' ••"'. .••.'•-'.'-;', .V't>. :r 'i'V J '/,'.'-'''''-VV'V'" ; ''' r '-'^' ',•-'''•"•- i'-"';'-'] 1 --'"'''-'^' • •'.• >: ^<: ••',>'! ^'-'^ '~,-'^ ,',.'•',',, '?•'•/ "^ ''-'ji' '"!•.'•'$'$•.' j". l "V{* iVi'^U^'^y' ; '-:-1-^'' f .' y'C-'~': • S'.'if'&C ;'}"'•,"•••£,'' 'i.'-',•'", , ':''•• r-v-"\ >-','.:-'•'' iyiiiiliii^^ Ou the Hick L\nt. Mrs, E. E. Macom is reported sick. Mrs. Helen Doggett has lagrippe. Chas. Michaels is able to be cut again after a severe Eickne=5. Don't Tobscco Spit or Smoke Your JJfe Aiv»y, is the truibful, startling title of a boob about No To-Bac, tbe harmless, guaranteed tobacco habit cure that braces: up nicotined nerves, eliminates ibe nicotine poison, makes weak men ea.i strength, vigor and manhood. You run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bac is sold by B- F. Keesiing under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling R;medy Company New York acd Chicago. A Smn of Prwptritj Depends largely on. the beaUh of bis wife. She should maintain her beal'.c and promptly correct any weakness by using Zoa-Phora. Sold by B. F. Keen- ling and Coulson & Co. TJ-IE MARKETS. Grain, I'rovikloni, Ktc. CIUCACO, AprllS. .FLOTTn. — Quiet aafl steady. QuoLat!on» raused as follows: Winter—Patents. S1505J iC5; straights, $^35^2.50; clears, K.153±30; secouils, SI.W5J2.00: low grades. tI.0031.8S, Spring—Patents, S3.OOJt3.60; strui^nts, JilO^. &2.T5; takers', Sl.85ffl2.25; low cr.idos. Sl.TS^ \VHZAT — .Moderately active and higljoc. Cash. MSSSc: May, MJiS-WJic: July. 50K •> S"c. Coiuf—Quiet and siciuly. No. " :ind No, - V'el- low. •iC!-;6 i li3kc; No. 3, Wie, and Xo. 3 Yellow. 45cW, Ma.v. Jt>?iCi>l(5;ic; July, •ITni'lV^c; .Sc-p- OATS— Quiet, with fair trailing. No. S. .10e; May. :»;;(f«'-"J";c: Jnl.v.2t !1 4Vl < ?i''- Samples steady. No. S. 32'4aKJo: No. 3 \Vhite. 3!Ji i;j33/,c; No. 1'. .'MJiSOJiC: No. -' V» lute. SSiXI&e, K YE— Very quiet. No L> in n:or<;. Me; ;;am. pie lots, 53a*0'/Sc; outsliK- choice; No. 3, about •iSviAlc: May delivery, .'>3;£'n/>lc. BAULKY— 13us;nc-s< duJJ: oScrinjrs light. No. 4, -JSiJIc; No. :i. fJ ;5i.'i for fi'.ir to choice, and .Vo. -. i^£;j3:.;c. .•>creenin;;s at ilO OO^ir.SO per ton. Muss Pcmx— Tr3<!:;)" was f;:irly active and prices .sf adv. cjuotr-lioas nuz'itl at Jlili^it 1:120 for casa regular; cliOO.j.i; IS Io. April; SlilT'/iaiiSi'/i 'or May, tiuil SliZi'JlS.'jrSi for July. LARD— IlatJier q-jiot and steady. Quotations rangcii at ia&i>3'3.s?--'!,; for cash: f.C.S'.;->j,S.93 for April: &3.'.'"'.-=i7.CW for May. and £7.1:!i/;(& 7.15 for seller July. L.JVI; POUI.TUY— Per pound: Turkeys. 'JW& lli-ic; CliickenrN, 7)j?>,gc: IjuuXf*. 'Ji>llc; Geeso, per dozen. J3.003&.UO. BUTTER— Creamery. IftgJOc: dairy. 72rl8c; Packing Stock. 5^.7c. — \Vnisky quoted, steady a: 51.20 per for bighwlnc-s. NEW YORK. .April 5. State and "western dull and form. WUKAT — No. 2 red. quiet, steady. :>fay, OJi-toO'jc: June. (!l~j,Gl!4c; July. 61 Jf&Ol ?ic: eaL^ntiier. Gi;;s>.fi.."i;. CliEtMK— Moaemic joSBlns' Ocaaaa: ~incy steady: state iarce, S^imc do. fancy colored, n J *.S.r,'/ic; do. wliiue, lO^ailc: do. small, SSl.'c. EGGS— Moderate demand; steady; Western, I3C. V«DdUi> Line On April 2 aod 30, 1895, he me seeker's excursion tickets will De on aale at very cheap rates to various point* in the South d Southweet For rales, limit »iop- aier privllges, etc.. applv to J. C. EDOBWOBTH. Apt., ', VA-- LogMtport, Jnd. , Live Ntock. CHICAGO. April 5. Hoes— Market active »ad feUing Ota. Prices 5@.lOc higher. Sales ranged at *ls&j} 173 lor pigs: H.603S.OO for lieht: H.Taa-lW for rougb packing: H7o&525 for mixed, and H 1&3 5.40 for beavy packing and Khippinz lots. CATTLB— Market ratber active, feeling steady and prices unchanged. Quotations ringed at 65.S5&&40 for choice to extra sUipoinn Steers; !o.-*>4tS-80 for Rood to choice da : t4.9035.35 for fair to {rood; H3034.85 for common to medium 3o.: I4.0034-50 for Butchers' Steers: ( for Stackers: J3&)»t.7S for Feeders: foe Coin: tS.2S36.mfor Heifers': K.iuaS-OJ. tor Bnll«: USSalBSforTetM Steers, and

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