The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1952 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1952
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN BITTHEVTUJ! (ARK.) COUKIEK NEWS THURSDAY, DEC. 11, 19S1 Cookies and Buns Top Holiday Baking Lists BF crcity BROWXSTONE Associated Press Knot! Editor For your Christmas baking you'll want an all-purpose susar cookie that may be cul In holiday shapes. Here's a brand-new recipe with a lemon flavor. It mnkcs use of canned lemon juice now widely available and ever so handy. If you want lo try your hand nt yeast-baking this holldny lime, make some attractive Christmas Tree Buns. Small fry will love them! LEMON CHRISTMAS COOKIES Iniredienls: 3 cups sifted Hour. 3 teaspoons baking powder. l ,i teaspoon salt, ',4 cup shortening. 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, ',4 cup pure unsweetened lemon juice. (Use as is from can after shaking), Method: Sift flour, baking powder, snd salt. Cream shortening and 1 cup of sugar, neat In egg. Add flour mixture alternately with lemon Juice lo creamed mixture. Chill thoroughly. Roll out a small amount. of the dough at a time Id-inch thick on prepared pastry cloth or lightly floured board. Cut with Christmas tree cutters in desired shapes. Sprinkle sugar on cookies, If desired, or use colored sugar or cake decorettes. Bake In hot (400 P.) .oven about 8 minutes. CHRISTMAS TREE BUNS Injredknts: 2/3 cup milk, V, cup >ugar, Hi teaspoons salt, 6 table- Ground Beef Aids Menu Planning Party Uses Range From Hamburgers To Meat. Sauces Small Chicken Goes Long Way Louisiana Creole Gumbo Specialty Is No-Waste Dish Christmas Eve Dinner Menu Suggested . spoons shortening' (soft or melted), | 2/3 cup \( p ater, 3 tablepoons sugnr^ 3 packages or cakes yeast (active dry or compressed), 3 CKKS [beaten) 1 cup chopped candled fruits, C cups sifted (lour. Method: Scald the milk and stir in the *i cup susar, salt find shortening. Set aside lo cool to hike- wa rm. M ea su re. v/a tc i (\\ ar j n To r active dry yeast, but Just lukewarm for compressed yeast) nnd 3 tnble- spoorw suynr Into mixing bowl. Sprinkle or crumble In yenst. SUr | untJI dissolved. Combine the milk ! and the yeast mixture. Add cg^s, IK candied fruits with half the our, Aftri and stir Inlo yeast mix- re. Stir In rcmninlnR flour, or louph \o makn a dough. Turn out i Ilyhtly floured board and knead to 10 minutes or unfll .surface Is iiooth nnd satiny, and dou^h (eels iringy and elastic and does nnt Ick to the board. Put dough Into reused howl and brush top lh;hlly Ith shortening. Cover with dish, t rise l;i warm place (free from raft) until doubled In bulk—about H hours. Punch down dough, pull des Into center, lum out on qard. Shape Into even ropes 1 i nch lliick and about 20 tnchi's ing. Shape each rope into n tree n greased cookie sheets. Start wilh 3-lnch Ixtse and wind ropu hack nd forth getting smaller and mnllcr until the 20-inch rope is scd nntJ (be tree Js formed. Attach piece of dough to form trunk. :iver with a cloth and let rise in warm place (free from draft-) un II doubled In bvilk. Bake In hot ven (425 P.) oven nboul 20 min- :tcs or until brown. Frost wilh con- cctionors' supar frosting pressed hrou^h a pastry tube. COXI-'ECTIONKHS' SUOAU FROSTIXO Mix Vj cup sifted confecLLoners ugar witb % teaspoon vanilla nnd inough beaten egg white to mnkc .preading consistency. By GAVNOU MAUDOX .NICA Fond and Markets Kdllor One small chicken goes a long way !n a rich and filling old Lou- lisfina Creole specially, An equally good gumbo may he mncle with Ihc lof lover meat nnd carcass of n ronsL chicken or turkey. The old French cooks never wasted a Ihlnfir, and a fine gumbo followed a family fcasl of roast game birds In many homes Christmas Eve brings the family together. And amid the Hurry of last minute shopping, the pre-hollday dinner must be prepared, For thus busy lime It's wise to plan your menu In advance. One excellent choice for this occasion Is a tempting and hearty meat pie. If you have a home frecwr, this can be prepared several daya In '-advance The pet of the menu planner's existence Is ground beef. All the family loves it. It has a hundrer and one different uses, Rnd—Joy o joyv— It's one'of the thriftier men' buys. . Junior smacks hta Itps over his noonday hamburger—a Irent fit for • kiny, says he—and he'd rnthpr have 'burgers on buns served to his party crowd than the finest «tea1u you could provide. There are other party uses (o hamburger—In rich meat sauces U •erve over spaghetti when you'r •ntertalnlng the crowd. In last.; bak«d casserole* for a luncheon party. Best of all, hamburger helps solv the everyday problem of feeding th family. Meat loRves, meat bnlls ground beef patties antf hambnrge plwrof various kinds all are (nnill; favorite*. No matter what the senson, yo 1 always can count on ground beef— •Ither the" ready-ground kind, whlc IB a high quality product when pur chased from a reliable meat dealer or the beef which you have groun to order. BEEF GROUND TO ORDER ' When you're having beef gromu «huck (from the faeef shoulder) ! a good choice. It's more economics than round st enk and cont a hi enough fat to be juicy and tcndc; Ground round steak Is somewlm more expensive per pound, but you prefer this cut for gtlndi It's well to have a UtLle suet groiin with the steak when using it fo loaves or patties. For meat loaves, the addition o a little ground pork or some par sausage meat adds juiciness. Man people prefer beef ground twice. If there are very small children !n your family, it's a good tdea to have It ground three times. Your meat man can grind it for you or you can give It the third grind in your food chopper. or poultry Just as -surely ns nun-up. Many LouisiunSnns, particularly hose of the northern swccL-potnto growing arens of the slate, are bad of eating their poultry gumbo over b.ikcd or boiled yams, and his will prove n real treat lo the uninitiated, Yams ivitli ChU'ltcn (crves C) Ono chicken (2-3) Tvnimls). cut in pieces, seasoned, ',£ cup fat, 1-3 cup flour, I cup finely chopped o/ilon (If green, use lops), 1 cup chopped parsley, 2 quarts hailing water, '/, teaspoon thyme, 2 smcill loaves, 1 teaspoon salt (more to imste), 2 tablespoons gumbo flic, c medium Louisiana yams, cooked, or whole entitled yarns. Melt f:iL in deep, heavy pot mid brown chickpn well. Remove chicken; add Hour, Then heat hjgh and stir Hour constantly until mixture becomes n tl;irk brown "roux," or fouiulrUion gravy. Add onion, parsley; cook 2 minutes, Reduce heat; return chicken to pot; add boiling water. Cover lightly; simmer over low heat until chicken la tcmlcr. Add thyme. bay leaves, sail. Rcmnve Ihe meat from larger, hony pieces. If de- BJrcd; return meat to gumbo and qcl it hot. Add the file and fitir; turn off heat. Cut yams in halves and place In soup plates. Cover with hoi gum bo. Adding pieces of chicken to each plate. I.cfl over Turkey Gumlin Strip meat from bones, rcserv- '/ig carcass. Make a roux, .using amounts given above; adding other Ingredients In order. Add turkey meat find bones to mixture cover, simmer until done. Remove bones. Add £i!e. Serve hot over siloed yams. CATARRH SUFFERERS ready Eo finish cooking In your OWJl. In any case, for cutting last minute preparations, cook the ftte'A' early In the day, Hiif-gests home economist Rcba Staggs. Use lamb, veal, or beef cubes for (he stew. Cook them completely covered witn water, inert add vegetables Just long enough before the end of the meat cooking EO they will be tender. When cooked f2'fc hours for beef, 2 hours for veal, 1*4 hours for lamb) remove the meat nnd vegetables and thicken the liquid for um-y. Store ttiem closely covered in your refrigerator until time to make-up the meat pie. For making the pie, place the slew In yoiu' favorite table eflfi- serole or Iti individual casseroles. 'J'he lopping is what make.s it a .meat pie—pastry or biscuit. For fl Christmas touch, cut the pastry or biscuit dough with conkie cutters Into seasonal designs. For instance, you might.have bells over the top of the meat stew, Christmas trees, wreaths. Return the casserole to the oven to heat through and to bake the crust. | Jusl before serving use bright pi; m Cento for further decorating, j serve the meat pies with a fruit salad, hot biscuits, ice cream sun* s dacs and Christmas cookies. j When PILE Misery Robs You of Sleep ...HERE'S QUICK RELIEF! cctnl Ofntincnt t.rCngfl rjuictc rdli'f In iKftinif no!n nml nurve-rnckinir Itch f»[il« pljcs. Thin soothing formula UL » work fust, llclj)* iiithiru heal r'nw, ir n.t H . C.ft it totlny—sleep SINUS HUD CURB FOR MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION. SUPPLY RUSHED HEAEE Elolit f nt tail from turlure > of einui, ralnrrh, »ti"l liay liver clue to naaa) r<mgc5- Lion u tfca (/xfay in report* of succes* ^llh & formula, wlurli hn* th« po^cr to rc^lura n**ii tensest Inn, Mfn «nH women with nche. hawklrjn and Bntoitnir ml'er/ Mil itwu.l r«llff*[tcr min K It. KIXIKON'OI. ti U-00, lint rr.nsliiirlny: /-PBialU, this >> f. Kr.OIIONOL (cA'iljnn. n-e only m otli l)rii£ Store, Illj IhevUIe. Mall Orders Fllleil. ->.V 'c 4 B.¥ Goodrich GIFTS FOR ALL MYSTERY TOP To every youngster who comes in with an adult bo see our£ newly opened gift-5 land, the B. F. Good-3 rrtch "House of ^ Ost Yours How, KM* You start it like an ordt-j nary top —4 twist the) ; handle U> set : it spinning—• Then It straighteni o B t in a steady spin — but completely upside down! Your Wekome G'rft from the House oiSavta Claos Bright Chriilrpas For Goy, r Noma Tree Set Tri-plug connection for attaching additional sets. Assorted color lamps. Famous Gilbert Brand Ereetor Set PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET I Oil Cliickasawlm "hone 2O« -WE DELIVER- SPECIALS! Thursday — Friday — Saturday mdn fcrris wheel, drawbridge, elevator, cranes, etc. Includes instruction tx>oK. Other 5*1. ...... ... .**•« 1° *:>5.00 Bill Foster's Recipe Of The Wee/c For quail, split broilers or stmll frying she rhlclitns. tn a (hitch oven mell one MtcV butter. Add I bay leaf, 1 sninll_ clove garlic, one-fourth cup p.ich finely diced onion and celery. Brown quail or chickens on top of iliis mixture. When broivnctl on all jlrtcj adrl 1 cup boiling water, cover nnrt let simmer over low heat until almost done. Tlicn add I cup of saulcrnc wine, salt and pepper, rover and simmer until done. Kemove miall or chicken to a ivarm platter. To the mixture that Us left in the dutch oven aild 1 small bottle heavy cream; stir and— do nnt tioll. Serve this saure. over liny hot hlscult, It's really good and can be prepared ahead of time for the longer the quail or chicken stays In the sauce the more flavorful U will be. Roma Sauferne Wine ...................... 89c Fifth Asti Saurerne Wine .................. ..... 1 .24 Fifth Taylors Sauterne Wine . ................... 1.50 Fifth Dussillanti Chilean Sauterne ................ 1.31 Fifth Dussillanri Haut Sauterne ....... ........... 1.38 Fifth Get Greater Stopping Traction- More Pulling Power With B.F. Goodrich MUD-SNOW TIRES $22.10 $1.00 Down •wd yo*r *ld ffcr* Tests prove RFC Mud-Snow lire ait (stops outpults other teatli Gilbert No. 7032 Puzzle Set $2.00 PuKiles for children and grownups. Instruction book with complete solutions. FOSTERS FINE LIQUORS 506 No. Broadway PARTY FOODS K'siw Low-Hiiceu i^u.x train Twin-Diessl WIND-UP SET •> Lcng-rvnnlng, wfnJ-yp moi • Troclc IntlvJeJ , • Accurately dei • Sutll-ln gortrr STREAMLINED SPEEDWAY WITH TWO AUTOS Racing thrilli «nd txcitcmrnt. ™t«9<$ CRII hnve long ninnirg wind-up t Oocli iprins »inJ-up mofan fn mechanism. Travel »l high upceJ. ?"'°'j Double-track—made of plastic. » M wcHen ommif/ "TYN1E BABY" DOLL 4.98 • All vlnll lojy , " • Solrn pillow Uffom fo fclooU) • BtaullMIr rff.iwrf She's tiny and soft. Head and arms turn. She likes tp be washed, powdered, perfumed. Glaasine eyes, real iashes, and . she coos when you squecxe her. Even feels like t. real babyl B.FGoodrich Maxwell House ^Vjf^ COFFEE /H Paper Bag LB. • %F c Flats 150 2 Ib. Bag Del iMoule ur Dole CRySHED PINEAPPLE .lack Sprat CORN MEAL Heinz Strained or .Junior BABY FOOD. 3 For 250 Dintv JUoore's BEEF STEW ,,, lbc ,M90 Kraft MIRACLE WHIP Quart 550 Dromedary (Makes 1 Vi Kbs., .lust add Liquid & Eggs) FiJOIT CAKE MIX . 690 Charmin TOSLET TISSUES 4 Ro ,u,350 Deodorizes . . . Fragrant for the hath DIAL SOAP 2,™ 330 Pride of Illinois CORN No. 303 Size 15 C Tender Delicious Steaks! Commcrciiil VEAL ROAST Lb 490 Tender VEAL STEAKS Ib 590 450 550 Swift's Oriole' SLICED BACON Swift's Brookficld Lb Fresh PURE LARD 2Ibs 250 Fresh BALTIMORE OYSTERS IN WESSON OIL PM ,330 In Ciirlons PULLET EGGS Dozen 550 Produce! Fresh Tended Fresh Fnll-0' Jiilk COCOANUTS 2 Large 230 I.arfjc Secriless PINK GRAPEFRUIT ...... 3^320 Fresh X- Crisp Extra Large LETTUCE Readonly 150 Green Large Stalk PASCAL CELERY s ,, k 120 Champ DOG FOOD Tall Can LARGE ASSORTMENT OF XMAS CANDIES? . Beautiful Spruce Christmas Trees!

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