Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1891
Page 6
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Not .to--be Overlooked. KDTHEKS »nd U ABIES MADE HAPPY t - CO0CH PAVILION NCT- and Soft Wiutl- Locking PmtcfcjSofti CCSHKBJ-jflndeithee dmidtd IMERQYE- • '-- I v3# additios'.to our.many departments wjb haye''added a complete .assortment of Baby Carriages,-RaBging in price Canclutf iV STAKTLY TRANS-i FORMED INTO A BKDt BABYRAIS- jW3:J«A:DB<Z -INFANTS. £ to suit the most enconomical pur- JALLUKJ ASLEEP WHILE SKATED I JJ.»«r DISTURBED in thtlrSLUMBKR I - PROTSOTION .giJnit AITL, CONTINGENCIES ( STirr Coich -WARRANTED for ONE YEAS ; BBSTMATBBTAIiWm WORKMANSHIP 1 »«n«8UPjotiOBi JionejuorepKACTiOALJ Ska Df Mrt TWELVE moDUu Jn Uie Y£A*f • chaser. Before purchasing kindly in- • „„,_„»_„',..•• a pect our assortment. The Grand Bazaar, j Remember w 2o-cent . Cuspi- dores are now on sale,. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any' sum over $25 at lowest _:_• "rates. Large amounts 6 percent. GEO.B.FOBGY. declSdAwSm DR. W: D, SNOW, OFFICE and Residence 102 Pawnee St. LQGANSPORT, • • • IND. Special Attention" Given to.:Acme and Chronic Diseases and Diseases ol Women and'Chlldren. Consultation Free. Nlgbt Bell Promptly Responded to. DR. E. M. HATCH, — HOMOEOPA.THI«*T Physician^ ana/SurgeoE, Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. • Residence,-1122 .High Street, Logansport, Ind. aprld&wlm m o -N E y; a»norsl Imrarinot and Loniif. - All kind* of In- inrance plAOAd In firm elapp oompaoldf. Endow- msnt pollou* purebred, Bonde of raretyni.. written for parties holding posltt«in of trun •htr* R bond IB required. . S19 PEAJtJL ST.. Si M. C loss on . EONEYTOLOAN, n anr «mn »t Uie LOWEST rafc»«. Private facdl Dnl7t - Money always In hand.. No re.A t<ipa or d*- t«7. Interest and prlnclpal'.payable-It togM* pirt. 1 ..Sp«el») »rr»ng«m«nU"-a« to- payment ol principal »nd Interest, made to »nlt tH» wlih§»ol borrower. Tor further particulars apply to Ffeff W. Mimson, On uSndays,-Frldays-or Saturdays. 214 Fonrth •' street, opposite Court Honse. F. M. BOZER, D. D. S. DENT1STV - Office Over J. HTcrz' Tailoring Establishment, 409 Market Street. aprlld&wtf DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Monday, April 20tli. FUN :-: LAUGHTER :-: FUN ' The Famous Comedians. : BARRY & FAY Alter a run ol 175 nights In New York In their funny Play "McKenna's Flirtation." The largest Comedy Company on the road, In! -eluding the latest Importation. The. MISSES COOGAN & GORMAN In their terpslchorean novelty, the BUTTERFLY DANCE. ' ' All Seclal Scenery. , You will LaugH! Youlcan'tBelp il. Yours Forever, . ••; Mary EUen Ryan." i,,. . :;.' ;PEICES. AS USUAL. . 'Sale o! Seats begins Saturday April 18th. at Keesllng's Drug Store. .,,...,,," J3aily Journal. SATURDAY MOBNiLNG, APRIL 18. Make your ice • contracts with John : ^ ;;-.,.;. ; ;^;. :';- "' ;'mch24dtf- yrj hjidrangeos.. and ... j-o es, at Kidd & Sons. ..-•--•• . - .-. • apr!7d2t Craig LongVof'Ka r nsas Bity, is visiting relatives in the city. Get youp.i'nlaundried shirts now, cheap at the Trade Palace. Another"fresi :; 8liip!neut of- fish for «•- ," • *,' ' Tt *"^ ' •• " to-day's trade.— -A.< Hubler: \iJofer 3obaeco7. - : a ;;TInderWear;!,all all. Dualities to suit you;— Dewenter,- f ' ' ' ' GBOUP, •'WHOOPING- oouQHrand' brom-;' ch"itis imm'ediiately relieved, by SMlohV CuwV 'Sold-by B..;.-F:.'.KoeBling. •';* Flora A. Jones, South Bend' ; manufactures 'fam-ous ' "Blush oS -.-B. ;iE: keesiing sells .. mors lianl/any other .druggist in Logansport;^' ••"-•'-.-:••: -,---•- •-••--• 5^— ' Martin; •Heenan .is very sick -with pneumonia. ••• '•-•"•"•'••' • • Soda water at Johnston Bros, drug store to-day. Try a glass of soda water to-day at Jonnston Bros. •• When you get butter and eggs of A. Hubler, you can bank on them. 'Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Stevens will entertain their friends this evening. . Ladies, for a new spring bonnet, call on Miss Jessie Cumminga, No. 405 Broadway. aprlTdSt One hundred fast.black silver handle umbrellas, at 98 cents a piece, at the Golden Rule,Bert Small has' moved into appart- ments in the Button block over 419 Mar ket street. The funeral of John Petrie will be held at 9 o'clock this morning from St. Joseph's church. A. E. Garrettrthe Pan Handle bag- gageman, is lying seriously ill at his home on the West Side. :; ' Officer Murphy vras confined to his •bed for the past week by a serious, illness but is out again. ... . • Mrs. Klappler, . of San Francisco,' Cal., .is.in the city the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Black. Peter Snider and wife of .the West Side are both down with la grippe, the former seriously ill. Lost, pair -of gold-rimmed -eyeglasses. Finder -will, be rewarded by leaving them at this office. Johnston Bros,. , have the elegant new soda fountain running.. All the popular syrups and mineral waters. John A. Castle,., formerly' 6f Logansport but now" 'connected' with the Wabash road at Peru, is in the city. The rain fell in ; torrents last night and the streets were washed thoroughly by it. It was the heaviest rainfall of the season thus far. Each and every lady and child is invited to inspect the new white goods just opened at the Trade Palace. Don't miss this or you may regret it. Rev. Dr. Putnam was made the stated clerk of the Presbytery at the. recent meeting of the Logansport Presbytery at Rensselaer this week. A strike in the car works at Terre Haute was settled by a compromise "splitting the difference" between the' wages paid and the wages demanded. Harry Fender, of Greenville, Ills., accompanied by his fair young- bride is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. George -W." Fender on the West Side. Harry is prospering.in his new home Henry Paul, who has been sick with the grip for several weeks has recovered sufficiently to be able to sit up To even up matters. Mrs. Paul was stricken with the same disease and is reported'to-be ;very ill. • Peru Journal: Mrs. M. W. Jamison went to..Logansport this afternoon to risit friends' for a few days.... Miss Roxie Stutesman returned to her home on -east Sixth street last night from a yist to friends in Logansport. It has been/philosophically and yet practically .figured out by some one that out of. every $10 paid to a man who. commands-; high. pay f 1 is for What h'e'does and ihtf o'ther $9 is for what .he. -knewft--..^^^.'.'.^^'!^^^'?..^^!* that costs, and thatrls -valuable. 1 --The, number .oiiiours'Pra man works is a cohsi'der^tto'if' vbffrzainqi 1 ''. ; . importahc'e,, . Dr. J. H. Allen entertained a 'large party of lady friends at tea last evening in a very pleasant manner. Mr. and Mrs. Will Singer, of the •West Side, Vent to Kewanna yesterday called there by the. .illness of a relative. ' . • •'-. , •:;:, ' 0. B. Carr, jeweler, Kokbmo, while' examining a.,tightly-coiled spring, T ac- 'cidentally .unloosened it and was blinded in one eye. It is announced'that Elmer Lingquist, the telegraph operator, will be •married to Miss Cora Turley at Galveston next Wednesday evening. The best thing in soda water is good syrup, Johnston Bros, have all the latest and most improved flavors and will start their mammoth and beautiful fountain to-day. There is no fountain of youth but there are lots of fountains where youth and beauty gather. Johnston Bros, have the largest and most beautiful one in the city, and. to-day and henceforth, will have soda water that will cheer you like a pleasant dream or cool your fevered tongue. John. Williams. James Russell, Lizzie Cooksey and Lillie Tater, of Vigo county, all colored, have been arres- trd and convicted as .burglars, the women being sent to the reformatory, while the men are transferred to prison. The girls confessed to dressing in male clothing, and assisting their confederates in crime. Mrs. Jacob Martin, of Ft. Wayne, angered at her husband, threw him on a bed and gave him a whipping. Afterward she assaulted him with a' potato-masher, whereupon he called ia the police and she was arrested and fined. Mr. Martin carried off the honors in the one-hundred-hour walking match in thut city last week. THE CHANGE! 11 ""' ' : "'•'•"' '•••' '"- : ' •' • . f. •-.,-»• . . ,. . •. .. ..... ... HOW'DO .¥OU LIKE. IT? LADIES: — We want to .see you on Boy's, Clothing, which is now on the First floor. Drop in, please, and get an idea of the New Priced, '!'"'.' ' 5 • ' . Have You Seen the First Floor? Have You Seen the Second Floor? THE SHOE DEPARTMENT! Otto Kraus just returned from Chicago. He says this department will compare favorably with the largest Most Important of All; How do you like the New Prices? LADIES: — Please drop ia and get an idea of the reduction, which. we consider absolutely imperative to move the big Stock -pending •'•ofbi^ great changes comtemplated. Price Lists will be ready for circulation in a few days. ' : OTTO A. KRAUS. Joxephlue, Empress of France. Karely have Logansport theatergoers enjoyed the pleasure of witnessing-a stronger dramatic production 'than that presented by Mile Rhea and her company of artists at Dolan's last night, and it. is indeed doubtful if eyer there was a company on the local stage of more individual merit than Mr. Loundoun's company possesses. : Mile Rhea has, found in the role of Josephine, the Empress of the French, an ideal drama, one in which the dramatic intensity of her superb acting finds vivid expression. The artiste has improved since her former appearance here, or is it that she has a play better suited to her attainments? Surely her accent has improved, and 'now by the.very closest attention the auditor is enabled to catch at least one good intelligable English word in a idozen in her lines. Speech is not all however, in a play and the vivid impersonation .given by Rhea renders it a not too difficult matter for the auditor to determine the portent of her very Frenchy words. Of the unexceptional support Mr. Wm. Harris, whose face and figure on the stage, if set in a frame might readily be taken for a life portrait of Napoleon, is an actor of fine power and the soaring ambition of the dauntless Napoleon finds accurate presentment in him. One of the most conspicious figures in the company is that of Mr. J. M. Francoeur, whose portrayal of Talleyrand brought the crafty, scheming- Prince right down to the present day. Of the balance of the large company each individual was an artist and combined to make an exceptionally fine performance. The costumes worn by the ladies »vere magnificent, and the costuming of the entire ensemble was sora«thing unusually handsome. SAFE ROBBERS AGAIN. Krris Bro.'M Safe Attacked by Cracksmen and Damaged by Powder— A Water Hani. when, salaries fi Knowing how ^^^ i . into, .- fi«e.'.sfig\irea<- there are. who har« the natural abilii'''e: figures •A -strange -case is that of , '.the young. son of Henry '"Ai" ; Lemon, of Wash-- t'on" : townshipip' : -wh'o,'' although not yet',fivfe years Void,' is;.,, able to .spell correctly almost any ; word given him; ifhe little fellow can neither read nor Write, '/in 'fact; he is not able to distinguish ".Qne' : letter; , in-'the. : alphabet from another, and" acquired : his knowledge ; partly. from' instinct ' and ' partly from': natural aptitude, he-having frequently heard his older brothers, arid . sisters' and the other children spell and pronounce words.. If he keeps up at .this rate' there is a greai: future in. store f or him. '- ' ' " ' Sometime during Thursday night cracksmen entered Kreis Bros, agrir cultural depot on Broadway and attacking the safe, succeded in blowing open the door, but were not successful in their search for wealth, as Messrs. Kreis keep nothing but their books and "accounts in the safe. lAs nothing was missed about the store it is presumed that the burglars failing in-their designs. after wealth heoame disgusted and threw up the job. The damage to the safe is about $100. '• Theanenfbers'of the Masonic Mutual: Benefit Society 'will meet at the hall of Orient Lodge'^ro. 272, 'F^ & A. M., at 7:30 this evening for consultation. ! W.' H. JACKS, Local Ag't. Wallace'* Clreiu, Peru. /April 18th,, the Wabash line will sell tickets to Peru on account Wai-, lace's circus,"'65. cents for the round trip. Tickets good returning 'April Dr. Smith'* Appointment. Richmond Palladium: The Board of Trustees of the Hospital for the Insane concluded their labors yesterday afternoon and this morning- returned to their homes- The new superintendent, Dr. Samuel Smith, arrivec from Logansport last night and is now at the hospital. He will not take charge of the mangement of the insti tution until the next meeting '• of the board which will be May 12. Durinj this time Dr. Smith will reside at tb hospital and familiarize himself with the details of the work. •Richmond Independant: Dr. Smith is a young man of marked ability who has had experience in the care-o tfijbf 1 " insane';' "and . is now th assistant physician at the North ern Hospital at >Logansport. He was telegraphed to at once : and wil arrive this evening to take charge o, the hospital. The board will adjourn until to-day. It is said there will b no other changes at present. Richmond Telegram: Dr. Wells successor, Dr. Samuel E. Smith,is onlj about thirty years of age, but he hac experience in the Central hospital a Indianapolis before beginning his mori valuable experience as assistant to Dr Rogers, medical superintendent at th< Logansport hospital, spoken of yester day, while he has also had the advantage of foreign travel and instruction: Commeudjiblc. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of 'Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig SyrupuCompany. It acts gently on the , kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing the system effectually, bul it is ; not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will no: substantiate. Says the Sontjicrn Medical World: "Mother's Friend" is growing in favor throughout the South and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal of child-birth. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to!9 ' Daniel Heaton, an octogenarian, 'of Goshen, married Emily Weaver, aged thirty, and one week after marriage she abandoned -him and brought, suit for divorce and .alimony, alleging ^ ill- treatment. The "defendant .claimed jthat plaintiff . married , him,to extort 'money, and the , court, ruled in his favor. 19th. to!8 Sleeplessness, nervous prostration . nervous dyspepsia, dullness, blues- cured by Dr. Miles c Nervine. Samples '• free at B. F. Keesling's. . (2) -pi ~ 1 he boap that Cleans Most is Lenox. T R Y BEEF, WINE and IRON, , As a Tonic. Sold'by" •. - •/•••-.'•; ( H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl; Merit Wins. We desire to say to our citizens, tha for years we. have been selling Dr > King's New' Discovery for Consump ,tion, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck len's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and have never handled remedies tha sell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do no hesitate in guarantee them every time and we stand ready to refund the pur chase'price, if satisfactory results d not not follow their use. Thes remedies have won their great popu larity purely on their merits. B. F Keesling Druggist. 1 There was a very pleasant meeting in Good Templars hall last night, tb occasion being the regular quarterly social of the lodge. Ice cream, cak and'oth«r delicacies -were served am the large crowd' enjoyed the socia immensely. Charley . Paden made short farewell .speech, as he leaves next wedk for Helena, Montana, t reside, permanetly. Charity is ai earnest Good Templar and .his associates in. the lodge.expressed much regret at his contemplated move las night. method .. and .remits jVliei vi§ tak"eii';,jiti8 i .pieasai4 and .yeirei^Ling to. -ibe^ taste,;and: acU gently,yet promptly =on the.'KidneyB, Liv,er and Bowels,' cleanses-the-eye^ tem/'-eflfectuaily, idispels* coldsr : "headaches and fevers and-.eur.es habitiiaF constipation.-^- Syrup-of "Figs is only remedy of its kind ever dtreed, pleasing to tne taste and ceptable to ~the stomach, prompt in tfl action and truly beneficial (n its jfiects, prepared only from the mosif fealthy and agreeable substances, itsl many excellent qualities* commend it x> all and have made it -the: most wpular remedy known. - ' yrup of Figs is for sale In J 50c' $1 bottles by. all leading drug..: ; Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try : it. ••-!/<> not accept any ubstitutei 1 ';'•"CALIFORNIA f, 'IS SYRUP CC ... .. ,....,. .. LOUISVILLE. KY .. NFW ..-'OK: ft.'. TorsaleliyB^F.KeesUngand an "i iggists, "THE SWAN" The perfection of. Fountain Pens. It is always ready, for use. It does not sKip : ana Never Overflows. • j You can travel tne world over witn one 1 '''•': j ot these pens-in your- -• pocket filled and you are; "Mastep'pt the situation."- '^ FREE EEADING-ROOM, Open Dally-afttEvtnlno, 321 Pearl , Street; < Welcome-t( Pianos Tuned, $1.50 or the purpose of ibtrodadnt inr work to Hi« musical people ot Logansponi have reduced my rlco lor tuning Pianos, $t 60 to $1 50 I also eep on band alull supply ol repairing ro«t«rlaL lanos repollshed, restnuic, new fiammers, toneVi egulated, action rswalted, the. .touch ' . . eavy or light. 'First-class work, as years ejfpefl-- nee. Orders by maO-orlefk at Allen Richard-, on,s, 4U I'oortb. Street' Organs as above. w. 1 J

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