The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1950 Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COIIHIER N1TWS OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R. Williams FAOB -POT-Of-COFFEE ID6A To THepAiRY PEOPLE.'-*- Men- Men .' you MAY VET RIDE WITH ME ATOPACCACH-AMD-FOOR ""•&' Of- TM6 GRftMD PRIX TURFjSi SOT CLASSIC IN/PARIS~-AND SIT CHAT- tlMG HM.' VOL! ALWAYS BOV ALL tHe gARRCLS YOU'LL NEED BEFORE VOU .' WES OFF TO -m*Cf. 3**J WHERE ALL IK BEEF N THET WM_E> STEER eoesTD--He'3 <3pfKf TO WRITE A ABOOT rr.' > i WHO WENT \r\fv^ == - ; r 7 DOWN WITH AMV MORE cow , H«46 VoO MOMEV HOMe SOME- TUNA FISH ? LIKES TO HAMPLE FOR SALE FRANK R.ADAMS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOOM* In —And Out Concrete culverts, I'i inch to 48 Inch, plain or rcenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump HOUSES, tenant houses, tooJ sheils. We deliver. Call us for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 U: STDUli S K( . Kildl* Kn*- m'b »< t uti«l IN \vl|lrd out In Ikr llf w-nr uuil Ihr ulr. rind iM-!v..» „„ ,>,, k, nr i |. n,. lr r ui WH . WI-KI wii)- K i>. .4 vivd:- IHIx ikrnt ..,. 1.<1»IU.'« rtn c rnni nnci H er* [L[<< »ir hr . p nn the hrncli . li«-f[tilMp duck ' III what did YOU do with your lou c»n itrt an extn pair of shoes for winter at home jusl by lettinr jour shoe service BOAO "do over" your vacation ihoei. Get an Extra' Pair Through Shoe Repair. Hfl LTCRS ILITY SHOC SHOP TJ w. M a i N ST. ^ SINGLE sharp bark from the rf °g gave warning ol someone approaching. All the men looked in the direction of Duke's gaze. A bus had slopped on the highway and from il emerged a solitary passenger — a young woman. Several of the boys whistled."I ain't seen a girl in six months. Don't crowd! Jake, for cripes sake, get out from in front o( me so I can look." The young woman was heading directly for the group. As she came nearer it became obvious that she was not the radiant beauty type. She was nice but not showy. Straight, rather indefinitely blond hair, worn In coiled braids on her hatless head, gray- blue eyes that had a lot of sympathy in them but no "come hither" whatever, a sweet mouth that pretended to be hard but looked I as i( it might quiver if you spoke harshly. "Do you suppose she's a live girl?" asked Jake. "Sh!" warned Eddie. "She might hear, you." Joe College gave her a critical onceisover. -f She -looks- as if- she was alive." "So do you," argued Jake, "but you ain't. I wonder hovr w* tell which is which." "I should think pinching would be a good lest. But, after all, what diflerence does it make?" "Don't'be silly. I've just got to hold a girl's hand or something." "Evidently," observed Joe dryly, "you aren't an angel yet." "And I don't want to be an angel, neither." "I doubt, however, if a wishful sinner with nothing but an astral body can break any of the interesting commandments." * • • 'PHE girl walked right up to the group. And into the middle of it! "She don't see us," wailed Jake, "and don'l hear us neither. Darn it, she's alive." "Good dog," said the girl patting Duke on his head. Duke liked it. She sat down beside him. "At least we can hear her." Jake look what consolation he could from that. "Nice voice, too. Gee, she's swell." "I think," said Eddie, "she's about the nicest girl I ever met." "Oh, you do? Only you haven't met her, Sarge. Besides, Eddie, if I remember rightly you're the G.I. who said, 'A woman is only a woman but a cigaret is a smoke ' Or was that Kipling?" "We ain't got nobody by the name of Kipling in this outfit. But I didn't say il neither. But I know a nice girl when I see her." "You've been around, huh? Around what? You didn't meet many dames in the places we've been the past year. Did you get those stripes on your arm (or dancing in night clubs?" "Button it up, Windy. H I say she's wonderful that's what she is." "Fellas," said Joe. "Gather ye round. I think old Sergeant Tough Guy has toppled for this undersized radish. H'j typical jug- head stuff, to wait until after you're dead before you fall in love with R girl and never be able to tel! her about it." • • • "WHOSE doggie are you?" th« girl asked Duke, the way one does of an animal, not expecting an answer. "He's mine," declared Eddie, taking what cold comfort be could in reflected elory. •No dice, sergeant. She didnl quite catch what you said." Joe College contemplated Ihe newcomer m (heir midst with spccu- iitive attention. "You know. Ed- I lie. on second thought I'm not jure you haven't got something in this situation. It's really a wonderful opportunity to make a proposal to a girl, without danger of uncomforlnble consequences like a breach of promise suit. Go to it sergeant. I'd like to listen to you." The girl looked out at Ihe calm lake. "1 wonder if the water is warm enough for a swim. I'U bet you'd go with me, doggie." Duke wagged his tail lo signify that he would be glad to go along. "There's one way to find out." she said, and forthwith kicked off her shoes. "Small feet," observed Joe with critical Interest. "Ankles okayl Knees okay! Oops!" The girl was unfastening her garters from the tops of her stockings. 'Wham!" Jake exclaimed. "Maybe it ain't so bad being like we are after all." Eddie decided to do jomelhini about it. "Fall in, you guys." The habit of obedience persisted. The men lined up but still looking at the center of attraction who now had dress half off over her head. 'About f.cer Eddt. commanded. "A dirty trick," Joe muttered "Thai leaves you the only one who can get an eyeful." Eddie, embarrassed, hastily turned his own back. "If one of you cockeyed swivel-necks take* a peek I'll report you." "To whom?" Joe asked. "To the top kick," Eddie stopped suddenly. Who would he report to? About this or anything else? The girl calmly walked right through their line, at the place where Joke Snyder would have been standing if he were really there, and hurried down to th« water's edge. She was in a very modest balh- ing suit of faded blue jersey. The men laughed. "She had it on underneath all the tme," Jake said. (T. B* Concrete Culvert Tile Slit; op lo 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Siies np to 84 In. Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Septic Tanks M«(al Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bttt Prices We Deliver A. H, WEBB Highway 61 at Stale I.lne Phone 114 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting See . . - Blylheville Soybean Corp. I8M West Main Blytheville Phone 6856 Christmas Cards Unusual Greeting Curds sold exclusively to each customer POI'UF-AR F'RICED Special selection Business and Social Use GIFT WRAPPINGS Complete Assortment! Priced Only lOc. up Samuel F. Morris Stationers-Office Outfitters Printers Across from Cily Hall Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Plume 3170 filo Chickasawba KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp /OUR fRIENDLY' AGNOLIA DEALER RED © SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone S207 — (12 S. First — Rlvthevillt UTLEY BROS. LUMBER CO. Retail Holland, Mo. — Highway 61 — Phone 3,151 SPECIAL FOR THE WEEK: PITTSBURGH PAPER S.%2: Flintkote Roofing-Pittsburgh Paints Yellow Pine—No. 2, No. 3 & C Grod* Priced to Sell — We Deliver — FRIEND FARMER Ownlnj »nri operating an automobile ifTorrlt m lot of plcmnra but there Is much danger nn the road. The hazard is too jreat > risk— with ronr |if c , csuir, an d s.vlnss at jiakt. Why run Ihe risk when we can proltcl jotl for J5.90fl/18,»«0 Liability, (} MA Property Damage for only $23.35 per year. W.H. BURNS INSURANCE ?iT SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway j» hone 2 651 ARGUS CAMERAS We've Jusl oteii appointed your eielmlrt atency In Blylhtrllle for Ar»« Camera! Se» mir complete selection, Ineladlni th> famed Arp,., Cl and Arjoflei. C.», hi l*4ay. BARNEY'S DRUG Went Main phon« Sfi47 Voice of Freedom BY AL VERMEER THAT'S WHAT BURNS ME ' UP! I'M STANDING RIGHT POP, CAM V /OU TAKE ME TO THE MOVIES TODAY HERE AND SHE ASKS IF I CAN TAKE ER TO THE MOVIES] Kubv Doesn't Like It BY MICHAKI, O'MAU.RY ntid RALPH LANE f WE WAVE A CAX.ST, KJ&J. \ VEAtl I COULP HOW A*OUT WINK5NS .THE J USE ONE. SA»V. ACT LIKE A CHIU TMS 916 ATC'S J PUTTING *e CNTO A JTxe XXJB66LA SWrCHEW/ CAPTAIN EAS? Sudden Change HY LESLIE' TURNER EhJ^fViX "'"''€ LMPULSWE...BUT USUALW £ WHV 5HF TOOfc Y DISMISS/U SO CALMLY rflchroHKY? ^., , , , , THINK ... COOtS DOWN RATHE K. QUICKLY BUT SHE'D MPJ£E GO WITHOUT SOME SCHEME FOR USING lr TO HEIP HER/EASY. A NICE OFFER KECEMTLV BU«S m INNY Itusincss licforc Plnasurc BY V. T. HAML1N OH, FOR HEW/EN'S , SAKE, OSCAR, THIS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN Wb VUi'bCVt'b'.f\WLO

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