The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1931
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Served by the United Press JYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ADKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 77 BlythevUJe Courier, Klythevllle Herald. B!;rthevllle Dally News, MUxI&slppI Valley leader. Has Vulcanised •Golden Rod Product: Plans to Build Extraction Planl. FORT MYRItS, Via.. June 15. tUP)—Thomas A. Edison terminated Ills 48!h annual Florida winter vacation today \vitli the announcement he hurt successfully vulcanized .synthetic rubber made by liini from the golden rod plant. The 84-yoar-uld Inventor, accompanied by Mrs. Ellison ami their i;on Charles, boarded a (rain early n:lay In jovial spirits for the Ion's ride to Orange. N. J. Edison's loni; experiments with .111 emergency rubber supply for the fodcra! government from which he expects to reap no monetary reward ars nearly competed. Ills friends here expect, he will soon construct n large scale extraction plant nncl plant approximately 1.000 acres of golden rod on (he Henry l-Yird plantation near Savannah, Ga. l-'ord is intensely interested in Edison's rnhber experiments which are designed to afford the national government an emergency war time supply in crait tropical supplies of natural rubber are cut of!. "Aw Judge!" AUKANSAS, MONDAY, JUNK 10, 10:11 SINGLE COPIES FIVE. CENTS J I^intls Rig Fish FORT MEYERS. Fla.. June rUI 1 ) — Tliomas Charles, did not 15 Edison's son. want to leave Florida until he had fished just cue more time, so he remained out on the Caloosahatchie river last night. When lie came in he had three tarpons weighing 80, CO.and 50 pounds. His guide said he caught nil throe himself. "Vagrancy and disorderly conduct—ten days!" -Half-Pint." a juvenile delinquent of Washington, took the sentence without a murmur, and when this picture was laiten he was! on his way to serve his lime in the District iwnnd for biiin<; 7-ycar-oM Catherine Alsop. "Half-Pint" v not reinvented by counsel at the hearing, or it might have be brought out that he is still en a milk diet bpr-Riise his len'i arc so tiny. However, hundreds of capital residents, have sprung to his detcnse with promises of the S2 bail and a gond home when Ihe pupny has paid his debt to sccielv. Mountains of Evidence Cohered by Agents Against Gam* Chief. CHICAGO, Jime 15. (UP)—Al ::i|»ne. the mast vicious .modern "slininal, stood nt- bay l;iday b?f<v:.- he United Stales novermnenl 'itiin- ii?d of money, jviwer. and uttn^. | The :-Tarfaced namj hadi'r V.MS i ilmcst alone In ills armored hu 1 .:-!, suite. His "inner I'iivlf" \vas in piis- : on or apiyi'llmi to ewapi-. His ir.: | runners were in;ticl?d pud fii!;l'.iv- : \Vtihln '.'A l^ours Caiinne innsi. >•:! ; before i-\'deral Judf;? James II. \Vil- i kerson nnd answer two JnJi; 1 ;- luent-s, one charging evasion of ii>- cnme tax on the millions he In-. S(|iiec?.ed from the public, ths nlh-r rRiiij! wholesale violntion of th" nuiionnl pro^lhitton act. Both o! indictmenis nre hacked bv tuoimtains of evidence gathered s> crclly and p.itnstnkinnly by the ^eil force of Rovennuent a-jenis ever brounht to bear on a sintilp criminal onjiiniratioii. Today Caponc's battery of liinh priced attorneys were reported Irving to compromise with the government on the tlmt earrs' 34 years in prison and SM.OOO iii fines in rare of conviction. Arrest Former Officer as Distillery Operator! John Slromjycr. former officer, and Will Owens, his companion, were nrrested by deputy sheriffs late. Saturday as the pair approached a' whiskey distillery the officers were watching. The still located noitl'cast ofGosnell, near the Arkansas-Missouri state liiie, was destroyer! after the men were taken Into custody. ' Stromeyer and Owens were . lodged in the county jail here on charges of manufacturing liquor. They had not made bond; set at Sl.OOO, at DOD:I today.. I Cotton Goods Production in May Above Shipment: : NEW YORK. June 15. (UP>- Piodiiclion of cotton goods during , May amounted to 225,392.000 van!:, j while .shipments were 205.C03.000 i i i . • o 11 : yards or 912 per cent of production London Artist OaVS He ! according lo the Association of Col- Knows Men Girl Was I LC11 Textile mEWll:1 " ls ° f N «« Yl rvmms VlCIl Ulll \\asj Business booked during the month Continually Pui'SUin". amounted to 160,029,000 yards or 71 " ° per cent of production, while 1111- Ben Messenheimer Stricken Suddenly: Funeral services will be held tomorrow at Bcardeii. Ark., for Ben Messenheimer. 23. who succumbed at Ills home on Davis street Sunday morning. He was stricken suddenly with acute indigestion while fishing Friday afternoon. Tile deceased is survived by his widow. Mrs. Elbcrla Messenheimer, a daughter. Bcrta Lee, his mother, and brothers. The Ccbb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. LONJ30N, Jun? 15 (OP)—Tl:c names of two more men in ihe life nf the late Starr Falthfull mav be divulged by Rudolph Haybrook. an artisd who knew her In London. Ilavhrook tnld (he United Prrss he could supply the proper authorities "M:<: name of the man Mi»s FalHifiill was continually chasina In London, and also the name of thc man who was the cause of 11 ll«! trouble in the United Slut PS." Thj artist said Miss Faitlifull hnd con-.e frequently lo his s'ndio after si'e discovered lie fcie-.v the men "she had be;n chasing more than a year.'' • >44M J ' !lrft? ' * Congregation Deserves Tiiis Endurance Medal I.OS AN'OKIjlSS, June 15 IUI>) —A U5W scriDon endurance record of 20 hours wu.s claimed by tin 1 lie/, A. M. Fultc-rer. GO, lu- ilny wlieii lie .'.ti'ped from Ihe pulpit of his church nt i n. in, The Rev. I^nleior, president (if Ihe Holy Ijuul ntble Kociely, bepau SjH'aklna nl C u. m. Sunday willi the intention of breaking the I'liduranco record of !'_> limns mill 10 minute* held by the Kov.'C. V. Uiuwn ol Wa.sliliiclon, D. C. OF BEP1IT! Diplomatic Beauty jBc-licvc NC<JVO Who Ambushed leii!iesst!<: Dopu- ly Hiding Here. Two alleged neurn killers, one wanted for the murder of n d'.'rdnle county, Tenn.. deputy on Island 34 Inle Saturday, and another for the slaylni! oi a nearo fanner near Annorel, were beini; soiiulit liere lodny by officers. I.ltlle Informal Ion has reached here concerning the murder of the TVmiPEsee dcpuiy. Accoidlnc; to re- nmls. Ihe dernitv, a resident of Island 34, about. II miles belou- Osco- ola. was ambushed by the nciio after he had made the ne:^io Rive j up his plsiol .followliiK a dislurb- liuanla and Fin- ance on Ihe Island. Tile officer was mud; met practically all expenses | killed almost Instantly, it Is under- CHICAGO, June 15. <UP)—Here are some tbhms .dial misrh! have been done wllh (he $730.000,000 i! Is Mid Al Capone has made sine? 18>1: Paid the combined debts >3 (he United States of Poland, Bel gium. Latvia, LSI! of the state of Nebraska or kept'nil fa;(r.rlos runnms> in Montana; paid almost nil of the 1.010.922 war veterans who borrowed from the government on their bonuses. The income last year from bnen ai.ine might have paid tiff all tl:r> Christmas Savings accounts In Chicago or for operating the police department. ™ nt t!lcl ° s? f ' ks on • """ of «.5 p?r C A with the total at the previous month. ""j 1 ? cn " of t!-c ! Jimp 15 (np>_ siiujpv rniMifnll nnrl his fai»ilv holirve R!arr wr>s murdered, thcv told tli" United Press tod.iv. at the Earn" time iinfoldinz a stop/ r,^-1 voltiiiT nnri miia7in t ? of incident' Receiver Named for Water Co. Z. M. McCarroll of Walnut nl(U; las been named receiver for the Associated Utilities, which operates the niytheville water system nnd also controls other' water, ice and electric plants In various northeast Arkansas municipalities, including Perhaps not the least reasons for Oror;: Sanlelly's European venuln- lion as a successful diplomat are Ihe chaim and social graces of hli wife. A in'oinlneiil inembev of the social colony In l!ud;i|)est, hei I'lilertaininenl.s are known th™i|;liout the continent. Mmc Saiilcll} shown here in her latest portrait, Is one ol he leading brimlles i (he Hungarian Ruth Nichols Will Start Atlantic Flight Tuesday stood, and the necro escaped and vvns believed hpndcd for Blvlhevllle. Tiie name of thc officer could not IK- learned. I A coroner's j.-.rv named Rrwin 1 w1AS ' nNGTON ' June IS. (UP)- Murnhv. Hlvlhe.villc neero. as t n c IK'itl' Nichols will start on her trnns Flayer of Charley Sowcll. negro in- 1 - Allnntlc f'lRHl tomorrow, weather . Iwrer on the Lcc Wilson farm nt Ar- mnrcl. No motive could be established for Ihe shooting. Sowell was shot once Ihrouch the henrt. There were no eye witnesses to the shootings. Corooner W. II. Slovall conducted the inquest. permitting, with a trip to Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, where the over-water flight will begin, Clur- eure D. Chnmbcrlin, her advisor, said today. "Only a bad blow will prevent the takeoff tomorrow," Chnrabcrlln said. Plane Canyin(i Officials to Thl> 'Memphis bv Storm. Jonesboro. Newport, Bebce Vdll's Blufl and Elaine. Dc- Iurnec Take $50.000 in Jewels From Creator of Gumps CHICAGO. June 15 (DP)—After losing $50.000 worth of jewels in Michigan avenue Sidney Smith, creator of the Andy Gump cartoon, said today his one regret was he had a sore hand and couldn't "take a sock" at the two gunmen who robbed him and Mrs. Smith. The cartoonist started to strike one of the robbers with his eane but changed his mind when threatened with a gun by the other. The jewels were insured. MEMPHIS. June 15 (UP)—Wilids.j rain and low hanging clouds in ),»r 1-1-1 i i • , , • WCI ' C handicapping (lie progress n her cl .kihco-J wind) colored ;of ( !lr e,. tri-motorcd planes bring- 1-or pfter-lifc am rrndr her a; ills tnc rirs( pjr mail , 0 M ,, : . "irl of man-.- moods, horderini on . tc( j n • the ecnfiis'-d nreas between the rane and insane. | CSC01 .. f i le UTslUo , mtl „,„,, ! from Cineinnali turned back to j I the Ohio airpnrt because of bad j weather. :er News confirmed a _ . ; report that a receiver for the baCK ji'tillly company had been appointed fhrou?h Fred Ball, chancery clerk 'at Newport, this afternoon. Mr. Ball said that the order es- Thousands (Iree* Hoover as He Starts Trip West Aboard the President's Train, enroutc to Indianapolis, June 15 (UP)—Thousands Fathered at nil- road stations In West Virginia today to nf-ct President Hoover ns he crossed (he state, cnroute to Tndiainnolis wher" he will start his mid-west sneakine (our. There was a ereat crowd unther- ed at Ihe station at Charleston, w. Vn.. when the train pulled in today. :day. and one plane carrying of; ficiaLs of the line which was to been filed Mils morninnr. The order was issued by Chancellor A. S Trby. No Information regarding (he re- ceivershin had bren received bv BLITHE IS TIKFI RY Recover 'Remains of 56 of-,j Hundreds Who Pevishcd ?;| Off Coasl of Trance. ST. NAZA1REJ; France. Juno 15.-"vI UP)—Five searching ships Which*.I or hours had worked:In. icmpeslii- '.-I us seas where the : cxcur'slon sleanv, ;',! r SaiiH Phllbcrl'sank ofpthc inouth^i| t the 1/jlre last night returned/x oilay with the bodies of 52 of tiwfi-M lolldny crowd frc'ni the hundreds'. : ; | .board. Most of the bodies were those c voiuen and children. Four bodies:"'.] •ere washed ashore nt St. OIlRas ••,;[ Tint, Including; that of Captain.' Oliver, commander of the sunken;:] hip. these broiuiht the total iiuih- '•:. jer of bodies recovered to 5fi. ,'.,-: Survivor .Tells Stnry I » Between 400 and 500 men,' wo-.;j ncn and children perished ".vheu<.--. lie Kaint Phlllwrl turned turtle ln';f:;| i cnle. Only 17 survivors thus far Inve.'/J been reported of the entire com-'v' iv of pleasure seekers which the - Salnl Phllbrrt carried. . -.:.'; One of llii> few survivors, Albert. ;'- Pertliv of Nantes, in telllmr .UicY", rv rf (he cdtaslronl?e. iioliUed to-!;- wist watch, which had stopped '£ nl <i:Sl). as the hour when it ec-'./.i nirred. '• , . -.< "Tlie wind had bf"u lilowlm hard '•• all dav hi [•iislc. and with I'lirricano • t /< vlolcnct- al times." b? said. "After '-.4 o'clock it crow w-nrse. and when --:.• we came near ChaMler b^nk where : -'~ the water, is shallow;, •ttr- waves --S were so hip 1 ' and fierce that mos 1 ;. • v thn nassenc^-rs who could .not ;";' Anil ^heller in the etibln^'went ov-''!/: er to the nort • Tn . .' i-, drv. •* ^ ' moH- ' .' . oin l>"en Battleship Will Take Nau tilus to Irish Port I Radio Report. WASHINGTON- June. :S . 'TJ'?! — The Battleship Wyoming n'oiiri'cd the'nnV'y department today It had taken the disabled submarine Nautilus In tow in mid-Atlantic and was proceeding toward Queenstown. Ireland, at five knots an hour. W RPP,, Tn III Healffi But End Today Came Unexpectedly. George Smiley F'eed f i • n • ' i-/-n i> ->u i-ui, Liquor Possession | Mr. BMIIC K"»lr .^nate S'^^nHn^ P II • r\ "' " . WL'iUllCT. owallowin? Lottonmouth I The w plane ! thp locl11 ofli " of 'he Associated i.icfc ( 0 ;Uli!itirs this afternoon. G-orec Smtiev was drciullted of a rhartte of nicest ivisse.ssion of licitior by Judqe'w. D. Gravette in oolice court this mnrnhw. Two men entered rtcas of ciillty (o charges nf nublic dri'iikcnncss aud were meted out $15 fines each. PENTON. III.. (ITP1 -Robert \tr- Mnhnn. .1 farmer livlns; near here, tliousrht he iiad foi>nd u IT-W kind what an- of rentite xviien he n:d airmail plane was i coming through, reports said, bills ' its initial trip would be marred bv bad weather which would cause it to be late. It started raining here at 11 o'clock. Att«not to Save Child | Hawks S*« New Mvk May Cost Mother's Life From Rome to England Hawks. American flyer arrived at Labor Government Loses in'Vote on Tax Amendment LONDON. June 15. (UP)—The labor government was defeated in the house of commons today on a conservative amendment to the government's land lax bill. It was'not believed thc government would resign. Premier J. Ramsay MacDonalri announced the government accepted Ihe amendment, llvus eliminating possibility of a crisis. STUTTGART. Ark.. June 15 (UP) — Wlill™ attempting to rescue her nominnr home Mrs. m. today from Rome on a LITTLE ROCK. June 15 <UP)—! She is In More than 22.000 pieces of ma John W. Dlythe. 57. menilwr of n well known fnmilv of this sne- lion nnri former dennty sheriff, . *uccnnit.:d nt the family home on I Davis street this morning. Altliouih hnd. been siifferini; from tuberculosis and had been in 111 health for some time, his cX-Uh this morning was unexpected. The deceased was the onlv son of Mrs. Florcncv Blythe and the late Wallace Blythe. He lived in this section for many years. He Is survived by his widow. Mrs. T5"ii- lah Blythe. (hr-jc sons. Carl Blvlhc of the U. S. Navy stationed in Hawaii II. T". niyihe of Mwihh and John of (his city, nnd three dan^hicrs. Ruth. Elolse. He Is also thr-?e sisters. Mrs. Aiidley and survived by iam Ilnrdin, leaned lo be a six foot sjir.Ve with i two (nils and no head, writhing on AIRPORT. Eiwland, Mrs. C M. 'liuek and Mrs. Harry Frank Brown, the latter of Los An B c!es ~ "' thr- croimd near his home. The kins! snake, writhing in agonv. had succeeded in swallowing; half • of the rcntlle—but that was all. Two feet of the cnttonninulh vrt remained (o l>e swallowed when the king snake died. Reduced Petroleum Rates Are Authorized WASHINGTON. June 15. (UP)— Reduced rates on refined i>elrole- mn products moving from, to nnd between southwestern points were authorized by the merre commission railroads to meet competition motor trucks and pipe lines. Former Second Barest Pastor Back for Revival I rip. chamber officials said today. ol commerce New Orleans Plane Leaves HEW ORLEANS, June 15 (UP)— The first airmail service between New Orleans and Memphis was In- niignr.ilisl here todav wllh simple Fill Panlry Shelves with Canned Fruits and Vegetables for Next Win lev's Use California. Funeral services will be held tomorrow, morning at II o'clock at chapel of (he Obb Undertaking company. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie. pastor of the church, and the !iev. E. K. Lali mer. pastor of the Christian church, will official.?. Interment will be made at Maple Grove cemetery. The Nautilus, bound across the Atlantic on the first leg of Its contemplated trip to Ihe north pole under Hie arctic ice fields, radioed for help yesterday nfler Us engines become disabled. Thc battleships Wyoming nnd Arkansas, carrying 975 Annapolis midshipmen on n summer cniise, were nearby nnd Immediately came lo the snh- arlnc's assistance. Before the start of the trip It v--as recognized that the Nautilus would receive n severe test on the trnns-Atlanlic vovaer. and it is not cxurctc'l that Ihe difficulties Hint have been encountered will be permitted to Interfere with plans for the attempt to reach the north pole. Ten Sentenced to Prison by Caruthersville Court CARUTHF.RSVILI,E. Mo.—Al a snecial n"ss:nn of (he circuit court here Saturday ten persons were sentenced to the pcnltaitltirv on nleas of Eiillty and Sl-orlff W P n ."° m " UCCDn ^ Robertson nnd his deputy. ,1. A , c ,, W<JS ,' R P 0 "^^" Johnson left wllh the prLsonern ",'"" , u , apc ".',' ni-i,.!. . s , - d . nn the '. ii-hnnrrt side. Ws wr.^ lust siv-- f that soon wn would tx>-'wIll>l'"i elfnr of the estunrv when .we felt} e-hoat bcpln to heel oy^r '«-itlir i weight of tlv enemile wlxi Imd.V mvilo'l to tlin fiovt fitl». nnrlViiv/ (he wcleht of th% uso'ile who liaj nvBX oil the starboard side. -'• '• "An rn'rriij.'Hi\j»(ir(! bn>;9 'lowiijCi'. s' tint "nt thai Insfnnt. THe'sIifrp irued cnmnlelelv ovnf.piid sant; "t. one? In- the ! How I do n ot know. T was draewe'd ri*>oT> : into Ibe water, but beln? on the ton . -' ; ld* 1 had more chonc 0 to come no" .• f<iii lhan those on the nor! slrtc.' ; ' "ft sremed h^urs while T 'vis deer> i the 'vcler. \Vhen T ros«. I saw nn-' nar flnl.lnrr on the surface nn<\. linthhrd it. Not far in-iiv tli^rc Vis-'"" a b-iaf. flcxiiiiif., linlf full nf wnterl '•- '-• •••llh several ncoole cUnvIng'' i manaiicd to scrambi" in Init the s-i,fs i.-ere so violent: thai 11 can - lz.vl almost nt once. We vlghtert Ita-Mn. sn-lpiinlna ns best, we could." - Bertiiv cave his estimnt? that ?.V) •nwneers v-re on board wlipn tlm nrcldent nco'.trrcd. Acluallv. Wrmd nassase, but manv. fortrii- «Wv. turned hack on account of the weather. Clara BOT : She's Blonde Now Immediately for Those sentenced prisoner. 1 ) Jefferson City. Henry Woods, croud larceny, (wo years: First'^7elhodlst] Lloy<! Lcwl '=- Kr ' lntl '"ccny." two Archie Jones, burglary. Hnvlr.p le->Tn->d from last year's that it does not pnv (o nut civic ceremonies when (he tri- ° rf r;itinill K Hie suroliis frulls and mctorfd Fokker plane took to the An evangelistic ip^ctlni! is bedn-| air promptly at 10:22 A. M. nlno today at the Second Baptist | church with the former pastor. Ihe Rev. E. Z. Newsom. conduct- in? the nightly services nt 7:45 o'clock. Ray Morran. of Dell, is In charge of tl:o music. These services will continue until June 53 with the pastor, the Rev. J. L. Newsom, assisting his brother. Me.. (UP) - I Liehtning Hits El Dorado ci,,b 01! Tank: Loss Is $50,000 off n rock on the wrong fairway, bounced onto the right, nrcen. and rolled Into the cup for a hole in at the Old Orchard Country EL DORADO. June 15 (UP) — Fire which started when lightning struck a .55,000 barrel oil tnnk o»'i;.?(l by the Gulf Oil and Refining company late yesterday caused damage estimated at J20.000. Spanish Republic Seeks Ne wNational Anthem MADRID. (UP).-The Second Spanish Republic, not yet having ^^ "£;™ acquired a national anthem con- ! J fesctnble.s until fall, the club wo- nvn of MisMssinul county's demonstration clubs are alrcariv busy flll- 'w their emntv jars for next winter's fnr-d sllpolv. Tlv> S08 wnmcn nnd US pirls enrolled In the Food Preservillon clubs this yi3ar arc canning beets, map beans. English peas, enrrots. Eraws, cherries and dew berries, nnd strawberry j preserves and dewberry Jam. This is done by the most modern methods under the direction of Miss Cora Lee Coleman. horns , ore at f demonstration agent, who will meet uork. but their task Is a hard one.-with club women Ihroiiehout thc Even in the days of the monarchy I coming four weeks to assist them there was not. properly speakins,! In the tinues to use the "Himmo del Rlego" and the borrowed "\lnr- .wlllnlse. 11 Meanwhlie WORCESTER. Mnss.. nllcy cat. often the target for shoes I ,. , .,---• -• vvoric - Tr *= co |c1 P a ck. national anthem, and what Islsle-nn pressure cooker, and inter- desired now is not merely n tunei mittenl processes nre beinz used to replace tne old Royal March'nnd all products scored according but a piece which can also be suns: to I1-." official score curd recent- (UP1— Thejanrt which will grip masses. i ly aricptrd. ly canniiiT their foods nnd in 12 communities met. last \vc<-k for 111" purnose. Demonstratins nre being held at Promise Lalid Monday, also for L;>ke tvom»n: Tuesd iv at al«i for Red Line: Wed- "esdav. Yarbrn: Thursday, at Tiiirdette. also for Hiintatrer: Friday, nt I.<-nehvii:e. also for Csrml. Pav.-hren nud Boynton. Lnsl week New Hope. Manila. n»m>]yrty. nbck Water. Hlckman. Forty mid Eight. Lone Oak. Halt Moon. Ekron. NOW Liberty nnd Dogwood clubs were represented by women who cnnned large quantities of food stuff. Little Rock Thieves Get $1,200 Over Week End LITTLE ROCK. June 15 (UP) — Thieves who oporatcci in nnd around LiUIe R,--k over tl:o week i end made haul; which netted them more than S1.200, it was revealed todav. vcnrs; three years: Herbert Edmonson. burglary, three years: Fioyd Jnck- .son Smllh, Riand larceny, two years; L. Padgett, felonious assault. two years: Odell Wolf, manslaughter, two years: Jim Coloman, erand larceny, two years: John Herbert, maud larceny, two years* two years. . f( cSlCrson to Hold Catholic Clubs Reopen Today in Rome and Turin ROME. June 15 (UP)— Several Catholic yoking men's clubs were reopened tcdny In Rome and Turin which was construed a.s an indl- Each chib'pinns to send an cx-| catlon a settlement of recent dlf- hiblt lo.the county fair nnd the ficulties llad bf<! r-achievcd. county council of Ho:re Demon-1 • slratlon clubs also plans to send| . -, . ., . — exhibits to the state fair. In every .laiTICS Lecil Hale Uets . instance standards of excellence to be striven for by nsinj the most Wodeni equipment. The exhibit jars, square q'.iarls n KCSCrVC WASHINGTON. - James Cecil Hale, 201 West Cherry Street. Blytheville, has been commissioned a Second Lioutenant of Infantry .In thc Organi/cd Reserve Corps, ne- cording lo a. war department an- noiinccmcni, Sunday Ball Referendum PINE BLUFF, Ark.. (UP)—Voters of Jefferson county will hold a special election June 30, when the question of legalizing Sunday baseball nnd moving picture shows will be voted upon according to county Judge R. H. Williams who issued a call recently for the election following the presentation of a petition asking for the election. Pemiscot Courl Appoints Little Prairie Constable CAJtUTHERSVIL-LE, Mo.—At ft special session of the county court Saturday the court accepted the resignation of Jack King as con- stnblc of Little Prairie township, and appointed H. D. Galnes to fill out the unexpired term. Mr. Gaines will hold office "until the June 15 'mp)_ •• Clara Bow has bernn-o n blonris, "I'd Is feekhiT health on Ihe 35D.- W ncre ranch of her "boyfriend " Rev Bell. i ' When Paramount released Miss- How last w<?ek from her film con- " tract it marked the temnorarv rjnssinu from the screen of Ihe sirl who had become famous because nerfect example • which she livsul. iV It hough she slid she will como • back, and film producers agree with her. (lie "it" girl is gone for the present and now it was revealed today the red hnir that vjlnyed no small part in the mnk- ine of the "it" girl famous is also Gives Un After Slayin? of His Brother-in-Law STUTTGART. Ark.. June 15 (UP) —Hugh Eiirieson was' being held today in connection with the slaying of W. E. Hamilton. 38. of Humphrey. Ark., his brother-in-law, there late yesterday. Burleson who gave himself up following the shooting claimed s;lf defense. Burleson said Hamilton followed his estranged wife. Burleson's sister, to Burleson'n home and wn.s refused admittance. He returned later and was shot. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Cloudy, locnt ttiun- derslioivers tonight and Tuesday, cooler In northwest portion tonlsrht. According to tlv official weather observer. Charles Phillips Jr.. the maximum temperature here yesterday was 9! decrees for the hottest day of the year, to date. The minimum was 70. partly cloudy. Today a year afro thc js 91 degrees nnd llx? G8 degrees, partly • maximum minimum, cloudy. 85 Inches her* today.

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