The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1950
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 50, 1050 Laborites Meet After Tory Slap Conservatives Sneak Victory by Socialists On Minor Issue ojliONDON, March 30. (/P)—Prime . ->™nlster Attlce's cabinet met tot»tv to discuss the slap Winston Church- Ill s Tories dealt last night by sneaking In a victory over the Labor government In the House of Commons. The vote was on a mere parlia- vnentary technicality as to whether to a'djourn—not Important enough an Issue to cause the government to resign—but It was a sign of what the Laborltoj can expect at every turn. Labor's maJA-ity in the Commons has been cut to only three seals. Under British liorliamentary system the government must resign If defeated on any major policy Issue. House Surprised The Tory needle struck the House by surprise, a lot of members were absent, some without explanation. As a drab debate on Labor's handling of gasoline and coal supplies droned to a close, Tory members and some of the Liberal allies began filtering into Commons in strength, some of them dressed in evening wear. They obviously had been tipped off." Then, without warning, they forced through the technical .motion to adjourn the night's session and won by a vote of 283 to 257. Atltee's party whips Immediately began to Investigate the reason for the heavy absenteeism among their Labor Party was 55 under In. Some members were at political meetings, others had private engagements. Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin was off to Strasbourg for a meeting of the Council of Europe. Blow to Prestige It was a blow to the government's prestige. And It presaged to al Labor members the harrassiug prospect of having to be constantly 01 hand for minor as well as major votes to avoid another such slap Government sources said it woulc ' be intolerable for the Laborites to experience a series of defeats even «n small issues. London's anti-Laborite newspap- ; ers speculated that it might resul : in an easing \ip on left-wing pressure for controversial Socialist British House of Lords Asks Vigilance Against Communism I KIRK DOUGLAS ««a y m«UxwtlJ.»rt.mi.;«««l T | Also Cartoon and Co-Hit HAL WALLIS I Production JOHN CHANA DON LUND-LYNN-DEFORE -MARIE WILSON,.'.', ^KUMMffl* jam tons Sun.-Mon. Firsl Blythcvllle Showing BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUttlER NEWS LONDON, March 30. VP) — The louse of Wards demanded contlnu- d vigilance against ' Communism n Brills]) public life last night fter Lord Vansittart charged Reds inve infiltrated Into Britain's pul- ilts, schoolrooms, radio and govern- nent. Without a record vole, parlta- nent's almost-powerless upper house adopted the Conservative jeer's motion calling for contlnu- ng and resolute precautions to irotect Britain from Communists n tile government. To support his charges of Communism in Britain's churches, Van- sUtart cited three members of the Church of England clergy by name. Two denied his charges. The tlUrd ] Dr. Hewlett Johnson, known as the ] "Red Dean of Canterbury," said he would ignore the peer. The Lalx>r governmeill's Lord Chancellor Lord Jowett, said all possible steps were being taken to counter subversive activities. Government investigations of suspected Communists and Fascists, he continued, had uncovered only 74 persons to be "dealt with" in 30 months. Calling Cannon Gilbert Cope a "particularly murderous priest," Vsnstlttart said the clergyman in a pamphlet had adVocated killing off political opponents and "the distribution of the loot among the boys who did the job." Cannon Cope, in Birmingham, said the peer had "distorted" his writing!: and misrepresented the facts. He denied he was or had been a Communist. Thur.-Fri. * Two Big Hits ALSO Hot Sh«t» !a "SINGING SPURS" American Officials Scoff at Charges Of Gestapo Tactics in Czech Flight .FRANKFURT, Germany, March 30. Ifj— American officials laughed today nt charges they used "Nazi- Gestapo" methods on 58 Czechs who'inslstet! on returning home aft- last Saturday's three-plane escape to Germany by fleeing anti- "tommunlsts. "No such thing occurred," said Col. Park Holland, commander of the U. S. Air Force Depot at Erding, in a point-by-polnt rebuttal of accounts from "Prague of stories told by some of the unwilling passengers on the mass escape. Twenty-Six Remained Twenty-six Czechs remained In the U. S. Occupation Zone of Germany, after their three airliners moves which would bring on another dangerous vote. It was also thought that the government might seek a new national election sooner than had been expected—but certainly not until after the spring budget is put through. The London Daily Herald, the Labor Party's officio.! organ, said, however, that the defeat yesterday did not effect the "real position in this parliament." landed at Erding, near Munich. The rest returned to Czechoslovakia. "There was no attempt to make anyone slay out of Czechoslovakia," Col.'Holland declared. "No arbitrary methods of interrogation were used. "Those who wanted to go back were visited by the Czech consul (he day after they arrived and had free access to him from then until they left. N'o One Confined "No one was In confinement at any time. The Czech men were housed in bachelor quarters used by U. S. Air Force officers and the women in the Women's Air Force billets. All ate the same food as our Air Force personnel. 1 ' The charges of mistreatment were made yesterday by several of the Czech passengers in a Prague radio interview after returning to their country. They said American soldiers threatened them during questioning and made it difficult for them to see Czech diplomatic officials in Germany. One of the Czechs made the same charge of "Gestapo" methods" in an interview with American and German correspondents in Erding last Saturday. Census Taker Is Loser on Island Trip SAN FRANCISCO, March 30. (fl'j —The windswept Karallon Islands have a population of 30—arid that's the first official return here from the 1950 census. The count was,turned In yesterday by census taker Helen Leslie Mabbott, blonde, and 31, a heavy loser on her trip to the volcanic rocks 23 miles west of the Golden Gate, Uncle Sam paid her seven cents a head tot the count phis seven cents for each of the Island's three dwellings. That brought In $2.31. Tlie coast guard furnished transportation but Helen counted up a $2.88 loss after paying for'a new pair of nylons, a new hairdo and a cleaner's bill for her coat. Prom a coast guard cutter sha was hoisted up a 200-foot cliff by boom to the Island. Then she mounted S80 feet to the Island's lighthouse for her first interview. Her mishaps included two attacks of sea sickness, skinned shins, windburn and a variety of achi'3 and bruises. The population trend: From 23 to 30 in ten years on the E'arallones but that lacks sigiilflaance because the number depends mainiv on how many men the coast guard needs to maintain Its bleak station there. Sad-Eyed Queenie Has Saved 200 Dogs by Blood Donations Apartments for Hens NEW YORK CAP)—A method of poultry raising often known (us "apartment house" has become rather widespread In the eastern section ot.the country. Basically, the method comprises poultry houses of two or more floors, witli chickens housed In pens on each one. Normally such chickens never touch the ground, unless . In their middle growing months they are put temporarily on "range." Our Telephone Number 4438 Shell-on Motor Co. LUTTR ELL'S FINE FOODS For Prompt Delivery Service Call 2011 Firm Fresh Pure Lard 4 * 49c Large Size Oxydoi or Duz 2 for 49c Hunt's Domino Pure Cane SUGAR 10,,, 890 TOMATO SAUCE ea 50 Naliormlly-advertised ' Spaghetti & Macaroni PET MILK ...... 3 S s 350 REDCROSS 2^150 Armour, 303 size j ack Sprat PORK & BEANS 3 ,290 PEANUT BUTTER Qt 680 Sun Drenched Freestone PEACHES lOc No. 1 Tall Great Northern BEANS 25 i ^2.15 Standard 2 f or350 TOMATOES 2 £. a 250 Sea Swell Armour Vienna SAUSAGE California SARDINES 2^250 GRATED TUNA , si7e 250 Fresh S\veelhearl CORN MEAL 25L bg 890 SOAP 4?&220 Pure Pork Country Style SAUSAGE ib. 17k Boston Butt Pork Roast Ib. 39c Pork Ib. 390 NECK BONES lh 140 Hell's Lean, delicious PORK CHOPS Brisket of Beef STEW MEAT lb 270 SLICED BACON ln 330 Mealy Slreak-O-Lean MM HOCKS . 290 SALT MEAT * 180 SPRINGFIELD, Mo,, March 30. •')—Sad eyed Queenie, a mongrel ho never had a puppy of her own, as saved the lives of more than 200 ogs. And her owner says she's still olng strong. Queenie gives blood transfusions or show dog or cur alike. Three or four times a week ueenle goes on the operating lable nd gives up to 50 cubic centimeter. 1 ) f her blood so some other dog may ve. "I picked her lip out In the coun- ry four years ago," said Dr. F. D. entry, veterinarian In a small anl- lal hospital here. "Since then I've sed her I'iree or four times a week —whenever an emergency arises." Qurenle I.lkrs Pups Queenie likes puppies. licks them nd nuzzles them but she can't ever live any of her own. She was spay- d so she could devote all her at- entlon to saving Instead of giving fe. T PAGE A few days ago she'gave transfusions to three tiny puppies suffering from hook worms that sap the ilfe blood of dogs. Two of them were too far gone, They died. But Qiieenlc's blood saved the third. Queenlc's proud of her work. She turns her quizzical black palch eye on a sick dog. Gentry says she knows what it's all about. "She never winces when we open her vein. She's as calm as can be. Of course, there's practically no pain connected with a transfusion nnd we never take more blood than she can spare. She never has shown any ill effects." Dog Is Husky Queenie Is husky, weighs about 40 pounds and never knew a sick day —except the Ills of others. She's built np a strong resistance to all common dog Illnesses. She's invaluable for accident's. Not long ago a farmer accidentally slashed his dog's throat with a scythe. He rushed her to Gentry- United Provices Plan To Change Its Name NEW DELHI, India (AP)—The United Provinces plans to change its name to "Ukt Prant," which means the same thing in Hindi. Two other provinces already have changed their names. Bast Punjab has and QuecnU. Tiie dog was almost dead. A few minutes later, with the help of Qucenie's blood, he revived. It wasn't necessary to type the two dogs' blood as Is done with humans Gentry explained. Whnl is a dog like that worth? "I don't know," her owner says "Queenie isn't for sale." DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? PABTEKTH. uti Improved powder to lie sprinkled on upper or lower IHtiti'S, /lolda fnlM teeth more firmly 111 place. Uo r.ot slide. Mlp or rock No uumrny. Koocy, pasty taste or reeling. KAUTEETH Is alkaline (non-acid). LX>M not fionr. Gheckn "plato odor" (iK'llture breath) Oat FASTEItTH M any drug store. been reduced to "Punjab" tnd Central Provinces are now called "Mmd- hya Pradesh." Hindi has been chosen as the national language of India, but th« people are being given 15 years to learn II. IT PAYS you To Keep Yowr Shoe* GOOD REPAIR H-flLTCRS 121 W M 0 I AT PENNE NOW . . up-to-the-minute styles to head the Easter parade are ready at thrifty Penney's! NOW... BUTCHER RAYONS DESIGNED TO GO INTO SUMMER TAGGED AT A LOW . . . C90 Everybody loves buicher-weave we've a group in misses' and half sizes.. .In while, and pastel colors! Among them ... a bolero-topped sunback; x dress etched in dyed-lo-match lac«. Straw Braid WITH MATCH-OR-CONTRAST RIBBON 998 Wonderful how little it fakes, at Penney's, to H spring lift fo your wardrobe! Take these rough- textured straw braid hats with their lavish ribbon trimming., .they certainly make the price-tag a very pleasant surprise! In dark or light spring colors. THE FINISHING TOUCH TO YOUR EASTER OUTFIT... GAYMODE NYLONS IN NEW SHADES 5 1 Gaugt 15 Denier pr. 54 Gaugt 75 Denier At PENNEYS 60 Gouge T5D*nwr 1,35.. 1.49.. v

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