The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1952
Page 6
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PAGI SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEW1 TWCTRSDAY,' DEO. 11, Senate Probers Told 12 Americans, Termed Bad Risks, Holding UN Jobs Bridges Appears to Be Top Choice for GOP Floor^Leader NEW YORK U?V— A Stale Department official says 12 out of 40 Amerlcani termed bad security risks by the department, still arc holding down their Jobs in the - United Nations. The official. John D. Htckerson, assist ant secretary of state for U. N, nf/nlrs, testified yesterday before the U. S. Senate internal security subcommittee probing allegedly subversive Americans working 1 for the world Two more out of the 40—making • total of 14—were blackballed by the department "on a basis of morals," Hickersoi. said. Htckerson's oral and written testimony—from notes Inserted In to the record—was hoard by Sens. Herbert O'Conor (D-Md) and Homer Ferguson (R-MichK Of the 28 American U. N. em- ployes dropped after his department questioned their loyalty HIckersoii said, 14 were fired before Oct. I, and 14 more since thnu —as a result of Ihc State Depart znent reports or Senate and grand Jury probes. Up to now, .the U, N has admitted firing 18 Americans on loyalty grounds. Hlckcr$on declined to name an> of .the 40 cases publicly, saying thn tlift inatlcr was "contUtenttnl" be twecn the State Department am the U. M. The State Deparlnien Is not responsible for U; If. per ionncl, he .said,, beyond checking their loyalty, and the actual was solely up to the U. N. ,Hlckerspn also told the subcom mltte* members: rt Lacfclnf Evidence "The Sate Department has no had evidence 'Justifying the coii elusion that espionage acilvltlc are being 1 conducted by American. •mployed in the U. N." He added that he believed th Secretariat would be "one of th last places'-', "where *SovIet agents would be' placed since that ngenc dealt In "generally public and un classified data.' To thU. Ferguson repllet "There's more to It than get tin Information T— there's acting as Soviet agent." ' Asked If other nnllom brought pressure on the U. N. in behalf at Americans listed as bad risks by the Stuta Department, Hlckcrson said: "As far as I know/that Is not the case." Attempts to "follow up" adverse criticism by his department, HIck- erson said, might be construed as "Instructions" to U. N. officlnls nnd would be a violation of a section of the U. N.,Charier. Concerning this, Ferguson commented: . i "I think we shall rmv« to cure this by legislation.", Hickerson testified there wns an BVernge three-month lag between the period an American was reported a risk and the time he was discharged by the U. N, The lag sometimes stretched to 18 months, ho added. Secretary General Trygve Lie was not available for comment on Hlckerson's testimony. But n U. N. ; apofcesm ( in antd last "Action hns been taken on all cases Involving United Stales nationals where Information has been given by the U, S. government sufficient to enable ths secretary general to roach n decision..... "It Is Impossible to comment further until the full record has been received and read." An othe r w itness a t tha p ubl Ic hearing was Adrian S. Fisher, legal adviser to the State Department fisher denied a charge niadc lasl week by R federal that the State Department tried to get Hio Jury's report pigeonholed or de layed. Fisher said he sat In on conference with Secretary of State Acheson and. Atty. Gen. McGr'nn rry, and that neither objected to the grand jury's proceeding will s report, IdcnKflralton U'lllilield Both HIckerson and Fisher de> lined to reveal the identities ol 14 criticised Americans nil! n the U. N. staff, They offered owevcr. to give the names to' the ubcomm.ltce In private le.stimony nd leave It up to the Senate prob- rs to decide on disclosure. The subcommittee then made inblic the names of six Americans Iready discharged by the U, N,, (escribing them as "a cross sec- lon of the people who have been jefore us." " Five, v/ho were termed KC curly risks, were identified as Prank Bancroft, a documents editor; Alfred Van Tassel of the technical assistance administration; Stanley Grase, a technician; Jack S. Harris ot the trusteeship department; and Jane Reed, a librarian. The sixth dismissed employe was dentlfied as Joel Gordon, economist. , Illckerson said the department never had made any adverse report on Gordon, However, Robert Morris, subcommittee counsel, said that Gordon. fired last Friday, had refused U- tell the probcrs whether he ever be 1 longed to the Communist parly By JOK HALL WASHINGTON W-Sen. Bridges (H-NH) appeared today to have an increasingly good chance fo become Republican floor leader and appropriations committee chairman In the new GOP Senate. This was pictured by a key Republican source as the likely outcome of the behind-the-scnne.i tussle now going on over the top jobs to he parceled out when the Republicans take over control of the Senate Jan. 3, This source, wbn specified that ho- not be named, told newsmen flrldffes was under pressure from Republican, senators to take the floor leadership In a move to avoid starting the new administration ofl with a first-class row. Tlieso senators are willing for Lhe New Hampshire senator also to have the coveted appropriation: post to avoid a fight, this man said. It Is unusual for one senntoi to hold two Jobs of such Impor lance. Bridges returned to Washington yesterday after a vacation am tokl reporters he had no comment on Hie leadership situation. He said Ills position was Just about the some as before he left town: that he was not after the leadership post and would take It only lo a volt! an intraparty bailie. Tho whole matter may be hreshed out 1 at an Informal meet- ig over the week enU when sev ral Influential senators will be In own to attend the Gridiron Club Dinner Saturday night. Ken. Taft <R-Ohio), who has been widely discussed as a pos slblllty for majority leader and las declared himself available for thn post, plans to attend this dinner, The indications are that, If Bridges becomes leader, Taft will remain as, chairman of the Republican Senate Policy Committee and Sen. Mllllken (R-Colo) will again be chairman of the Conference of All GOP Senators. These nre the party's "big three" Senate Jobs. Sen, Hugh Butler (R-Neb) Is a strong possibility, In that event, for the largely honorary post of president pro tern of the Senate, the presiding officer when the vice president is absent. Indian Chief Does Things Up Right VANCOUVER, B. O. (#)' — A Northern British Columbia Indian chief believes In doing things !n the grand manner. When a writ of habeas corpus arrived at hl< small village of Topley ordering him ,lo produce MB three grandchildren in a court custody case here. Chief J. Danler Leon bundled them Into a taxlcab and set off. Some 700 miles later the chief got the taxi bill-tor $395, funeral today. Mayor Wallls Elliott leads the eight who are Joining In paying tribute to Jack Riddle, who died Saturday. Boggs Gives GOP Honeymoon Only About 6 Months WASHINGTON W) — Hep. Hale Hoggs (D-La) said today he expect* (he Republican "honeymoon" to laat about six months or possibly through the first ses-slon of the next Congress. By that time, he told a reporter, the supporters of Sen. Taft <R- Ohio) In Congress probably will refuse to go along with some of President-elect Elsenhower's proposals. "For a time — while patronage pluins ore being dangled in front of them—the Republicans in Congress probably will support Eisenhower; Boggs said. "But my guess is thit the honeymoon will be over by the end of Hie first session," Beautiful New Brkk Home L«uU4 MS E. Rardln. J bedroom], one and MM half Ml knotty pin* den; large llvlnt room, dining room, Detu* kiUben. BrecMway, attached garage and "lore roan, with Frlildalre Air Conditioner, central Lennox hea» Bt«l itorm uihn. Lot 100 i 185. Frice J24.5M. Just completed thl.i 6 room house and bath at 413 E. Hardfa. Natural gat heal, allic fan, beautiful Geneva Kitchen. Larf* storage attic. Garage' and store room. Large Und»e»j«4 Wi. Price S16,OM. See or Coll JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 Ret. Phone 2594 m Negro Has White Pallbearers TALLADKGA, Ala. W) — A 111- year-old Negro 'who begun Ills life In slavery will liave eight prominent while men an pallbearers nt his He Knows or engaged In espionage, Venezuela's Assembly Sets Meeting Date CARACAS. Venezuela WI-Interior Minister Laurcnno Vollcnllla Lftnz announced last night, the new Constituent Assembly will convene Jnn. 10 with supporters of President Marcos Perez Jimenez assured of 56 out of 101 seats. The Interior minister »nld virtually complete returns from the Nov. 30 elecllon live the Rovcrn- men-foncked Inrteperfdcnt Electoral Prcnt (FED, 56 sents and the leftist Republican Democratic Union, which was leading In eorly election returns, 27 Gents. ' , • The Social Christians (COPED will have 14 deputies, Republican Popular Action, 1, and Socialists. 1. Returns from outlying districts that account for five seals nre not yet in. . , . JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS COMP1ITI 1HIIT MITAl IMOF IIDUCTUKAL JI1R • •*! AM* lUCTHIC WILWN* • GIN RIPAIII • UACKSMITH- IH« • HAKDWAM • MACWNf UP AMI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 Rare Reptile Inspires Poetry NEW/-VOR'K ^T>-Tlie New York cs rnh'ft story recently rejrnnl- ng the public display ol a tuatnra y the Bronx Zoo. In the course (>t x plain Ing how to prnounce the eptile's name, the story said it 'ould lit Into Lhe title of n poem. Ode Tuatnrn," but- ndded that uch a poem probably would never ; written. The story resulted Vn at least 19 natarn pocm.i being .sent to the newspaper, one of which .was pub- ished. The timtnra Is a lizard-like eptllc st\\A to be the sole survivor RII order of reptiles known as hynchnccphalls \v li t c h nourished between 15 nnd 150 million ycnrs go. *- EARL WALKER Plumber Phones 3553—8133 TOYS REDUCED UP TO 50% Wants In A Suit! Shouldtr Padi & Hejmet, Reg. 3.98 1.98 Doll Beds, R«g. 1.59 . .98e Many other toys at Big Reduction!. Durkces Fancy Shredded Coconut, 4 oz. pk. lOc Tangerine! ....... Dozen 15c Red Delicious Apples .dozen lOc Oranges . •. tach 2c Christmas Trees with Stand . . 75c up . "\V« Specialize In Gift Baskets BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 E. MAIN ST. Valid Excuses When A train from the suburbs of Paris Is late, Dttlcirils give oul slips showing the exnct time of nrrfvnl so commuters \v!U have evidence to explain their tardiness ,o their employers. . FUEL OIL POETZ OIL CO. "/••Se//T/iat Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land I WO-ilJ ^^m ABIN STILL Oay '^ferry Xinas" with » gift authentically Kenluckian as the ancient hills where Bourbon first won fame. This year, send serve genuine CAHIN STILL. Straight and true irom 01' Kamtuck 1 Distributed by Moon Distributing Co. l,it(!c Hock,'Arkansas .STITZEl-WEUER DISTILIERY, IOUISV1UE, KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Briliiant New Suits in Holiday Blue Smooth, Shimmery Gabardine Beautifully Tailored By Expert Craftsmen HUDSON CLEANER - CLOTHIER - TAILOR Blytheville, Arkansas Sreele, Missouri

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