The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1950
Page 11
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_FRiDAT, NOVEMBER 1C, 19M Our Boording House wifrh Moj. Hoople TH6R6 you A*e,TW|G6S/ A LARGe-SCALe IDEA TO 6HOW TWe DAiey P£OPLE. /J RATHER CL6V6R NAME FOR TUB nEM.EH?*-- --_— v |5 j="! Is ss? <i ,— .-: DRESSED IT LIKE A SPRAINED WRIST, AlAtTOR/-— T. 'DOM'T see How AMV , BDSlMESSMhvi COULTJ RESIST THE PR036CT UNLESS YOU 4 CHILL. HIS FEET VJlTH A , ^ -.cSROesoM.e FIGURE.' c/Ae HoopTt, ^ HOT -Po-r A S TEAMING POT OTOFFEe AT YOUR DOOR tVEW MOK C'{fJ"£ exclusive . GET -THW EXTRA ', HALP-UOURSIEEP/I r« IWJ '§.. SCALE . STUFF =„. BLi-iTM5TiL,LB (ARK.)' COURIER OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R.Willioms THE EX RAM SI ON «• •* v • »• « J l?.W.n.,««5 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Incli In 18 Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FRANK R.ADAMS COM. 1950 §Y NEA SERVICE, INC. "Hi VIUIll, 1 M ,„!;,„ ,, , .,.„, hrnifrd t,j <J KI Kddl« P»*»ir« i* I* rhr (Ir-i warr lanrilnic KN J«l> belli l.lnnd 1. ,hr I'ncIBf «. *"°" »"" <*»r IKIHI. • Jnp plm r ''" r * "v^r. Nnnr of (he atea hn lhe bonifc. II FARM LOANS Catea Wiggs Co. RKALTORS I'hone 2751 what did YOU do with your Von can gel an extra pair of shoes for ndnUr a t home just by letting jour shoe service man "do over" -yonr vacation shoe*. Get an Extra' Pair Through Shoe Repair. ^FTER a few seconds the mem-,- bcrs of Eddie's squad one by|! one raised cautious heads. "Musi nave been a dud." Jake, Snyder decided, looking around I' carefully. Then he exclaimed sud- i denly. "Blow me down. boy». how in heck did we get here?" "Where Is here?" Joe College. questioned, peering through the ! smoke—or was it smoke?"It looks like Lakeside Beach," I Jake hazarded. "Kind of a mist [ over things—fog, 1 guess." No one thought he was talking sense and somebody told him so In plain words. Joe College applied the final squelch. "You got Lakeside Beach online brain—ant! nofhin' else." yWe ain't where we was a minute ago." Jake insisted stoutly. 'If we are whcrc's the rest of Mr. MacArthur'^ Army? We're ail alone here- -nobody but lust us Where's Eddie? Eddie can tell us where we are." Eddie did not seem to be thert. "I'm here." It was Eddie's voice but il was hard to tell where it was coining from. It seemed faint and far away the same M the sounds of jungle skirmishing. Ed- i'ie was gasping—lik« H hurt to breathe. Then there he wasJ Or there was part of him anyway. He seemed to be wrapped up in the smoke or the mist, whatever H was. K nil liki> bulh. F make out was Eddie's face and one arm. His moulh was twisted to in his stomach or someplace ''! got hit," Eddie explained. Jliey took me to the emergency " SmMcnly his expression changed. Get bnck ordered.. , sort of nickered or and livp nlectrir lieht 'I . at are you men doing here? to your stations!" re- HflLT€RS u flLITY SHOC SHOP! I- il W, M«|hJ S-T. Concrete Culvert Tile Slin ip to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 in. . Automatic Flood Gales , Concrete Seplic Tanks Mefal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bert Prtce.1 \Ve Deliver A. H, WEBB Hljhway 61 «t Stale l.lnc Phone 114 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting See -' - - - Blvtheville Soybean Corp. 1800 Wfsl Main Blythevllle Ttinnt 6«5« JUST aj he spoke there ..„. . swift, soft glow that expanded all around him for a moment accompanied by a distant muffled " as , h - Then the arc of light contracted and disappeared. Eddie was still there. All at him now. Th e pai - n was gon( , fron) hj< lace and he was grinning. Beside him stood an Army medical officer—a captain. He was h.ilf a head shorter than Kddip and around 50 years old. Fie had a nice face—kind and friendly, but terribly tired. The captain spoke. -That last one got us. The louses always fly around looking for dressing sta- lions and hospitals." Then ne smiled at Eddie. "You're lucky, young fella—it was pretty painful business picking lhat bomb snlin- M 1. j' . y °" r l )cUy - And cvcn I' <f had plenty of u me ar , d nc | p I don t believe you'd have lived anyway." "You mean," said Eddie slowly, "lhat I'm dead?" "You and me both. Deader'n a eoupla smelts." The officer slapped Eddie across lhe seat of lhe panus with the flat of his hand-a friendly slap "You're all nght now, son. Honorably discharged." He chuckled. "None of thai duration and six months to look forward ">• So long." '"Wait a minute, doc," Eddie pleaded in a sudden panic. "I might need you." "Never no more, son. But 11 you should think you do I'll be al the Hospital over in town." "Where's that? What lown?" -Wcstwaygo. U's your own town. You know where lhe hospital Is, don't you? I'm on the staff—or was h"!"r« 'h." —— Naturally I've gol to go back and see how things are lust the way * RED © SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALL PAPfR MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone S207 - 112 S. First - you'll want to find out what'i __ int on at lhe you used to wa«. That's land here when we wherever »»t we happened to were blown up. -H a *r« do* ran we ind hear «, I think the doc mu.ii hare bee. wrong aboat •• beini cMoallle«." I The tail wagged, the growls be- I came whimcers of iov. Duke si right down and cried. So did Eddie. "1 never thought we'd see ea'ch olher again." He tried to take lhe cold wet black muMle in his hands but couldn't "I forgot," Eddie apologized. Bui the dog seemed to understand. ''I dunno," declared Joe, viewing the reunion skeptically. 'II that's a live dog and he sees you and hears what you say 1 think the doc must have been wrong about us being casualties." "No," Eddie told him. "Dogs can see and hear things that hu- "No, sir," persisted Joe doggedly There »in'l any reason why 1 hould have landed here no matter how high I got blown up. "Yes there is," argued Jake Snyder. Don't you remembcrf Just before it happened we was tatkin about Lakeview Beach bein' heaven and you said, That I would have to see.' Well, you wanted to see it and here you are." "One thing bothers me, captain, Edd.e said. "What are all those Buildings to the norlh of us where Lhe sheds of the Westwaygo Boat Company used to be?" That's itill the -boatworlts' as everybody in town calls it." the :aptam explained. "They ex- wndcd It to make small craft for he Navy. 1 think that happened -ifler lhe National Guard outfits were mustered in. I didn't leave till considerably later. They used o build PT boats—turned out one every hour on the hour. ! believe hey're making landing barges now. Lots of people working Ihere —some ol your old friends. I expect. You must look through It while you're here." ^Would they let us?" asked Jake. I don't think anybody could top you." The captain laughed. 'So long, boys." MIE medical officer's chuckle still hung in the air after he had vanished. It didn't ,ecm m very Irange that he should disappear hal way. It m, lst be lhat they were getting used to the idea of xistcnce on a trick basis. Then, from the road which was parallel to lhe shore came an exiled shepherd dog. He ran right ip to the group of men. barking II lhe way, but jusl a few feet way he stopped and growled un- crlainly. "Look, Carlo," said Eddie, "that's iy dog, Duke." "Darned if it ain't." "Come here. Duke." The dog, half-frightened but t>c ; .;cnt, crawled to Eddie. Us all right, fella. U's me— know that if PUp of your mans can'L You'd you'd ever had a own." "Sure," chimed in Jake Snyder "Dogs «re physic." "Psychic," Joe corrected. "All HghL Psychic or physic what's the difference?" "The is," Joe explained with patient sarcasm, "thai you never see any advertising for psychic." FJUKE finally subsided at Eddie's feet wilh a gusty sigh and promptly fell asleep. His god was home again and on the job The lesser guardians could get some 'I wonaer," Jake speculated "is lhe water too cold for iwimming." "What time of year Is it anyway?" one of lhe other soldiers inquired idly. Tt must be spring," said Jo» who knew about such things "II was late fall down there in monkey-land. So it's ncar | y 5Urnmc , up here." "So," said Jake, "you admit that his ain'l the Soulh Pacific? And we am t ^illin' Japs any more because they already killed us?" "I admit nothing, my fine fea- hered friend. Appearances seem o bear out lhe statement you have list made. But appearances are nol proof. I have a scientific mind To me snap judgments have to be irovcd." 'A college education Is wonderful, said Jake mock-admiringw U Uikcs the tun out of everything, don't It?" <To Be OntfnnrHl ARGUS CAMERAS Weve Just betn >pnolnled your «jcluslv« »I«ncy in Rlylhevllle for Aros C»m«r>» See our complete j,| cc tj oni |,lclndin« tht famed Arfui C3 >nd Arioflei. Come In torfr.y. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main COPR. 19W BY NfA 3CRVICC, INC. T. M. Rtfl. U. S, FAT. Of PAGE ELETOM "Certainly w« can afford the mink coat—we'll buy a tal- tvislon set and save enough on entertainment to pay for the coat!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSM And No Argument Qo I'RISCIXA'S POP MY GOODNESS! AT TIMES HE'S A"5 BAD AS THE CHILDREN! Thai's WhKl She Wanted 1 BY AI, VERMEER VIC PUNT DON'T SHOUT, DEAR! IF YOU WANT TO ASK ME SOMETHING COME Cam»;i'(>••! HeadnnarlcrH BY MICH AT O'MAIXKY and RAU>H LANE A LITTLE BANTAM-ROOSTER SOW Cf CHAP Kl rV£57E»y TVWTS THE MOHKEV IS WAA\E MSTSUCH WE'RE ALL SONS UP TO ATV PLACE r PRESS? CAITOW A 9t& WAP? PLAN A CXUPAI6N S HIS HAIR LOWS I BACK AMP .4 FHieHT ON CAPTAIN KASY She's Off Again WH ' LE "*'"' • T SOfSRY,SW£ETKEMtT.,,iK«S OUTO'*W LIME lxE*r H ,«^ \ ™2 * DOW ' T UKE «WO BLIUEO me•" wIscLss »w ^ m KclDEt> T0 WIL W 6lUFf J YOU HELP HER GET PUBlEECiry EC* AME< SO HY LESLIE TURNER IH7NNY WDILL B6 WAiriUG [ HEEM OUT ESW IE »LlS AT TITCHJ^CH^r-U, K S E6MSTMJr jg'jJJJ MMteyv. WEE NOT 100KIWS rOK A HUSBAND! TH' EMPLOYMENT AGENCY CLUCK CALLSD AN' SAID WE HAD A 003 PER ME I A Travcliiif Jol THE HOT COPY ADVERTISING ) AGENCf HA* A JOB _____<. FOR SOMEBOC7Y _ / THEV ^ WITH YOUR YGOT A SPOT QUALIFICATIONS/^) FEE A SUPER BRAIN, HEY, DOC? THESE AOVCRT1SIN SUYS MAKE BIG DOUGH...I'LL BE ZILLIONAIRE. Tl All Depends !*9S; ET FLJ EL •/Z-~~~"^^^i i s^v/ THE WHOLE ^^"ALLPNGHT MEM KM, (S^^ s ^ E / L ^««iSl l,v v F E X-- s M "^-1 ^loVS-- .ALIVE! _Xi^ ^irtwHOOM.' r^bUTHIGK V i-t=-jX 1 T BETCHAI BY V. T. HAMLIN l"S •fej 1> *i *> &. KOOTS AND HKK BUDDIKS Tragic HY EDGAR MARTIN iT GO\WG XO TtVVJ DORV ?

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