Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 22, 1897 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1897
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. 23D YEAR. WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 22. "MEET ME UNDER THE SKY LIGHT.' An Actual Discount of 25 Per Gent ON Cloth Capes, Jackets andi Furs. A Do Your Own KID CLOVES. But 2 Days Left to Clear our Store of an Immense Stock of... Holiday Goods. Owing to the Large Stock and Short Space of time^to sell the same we have Remarked % of our Stock. Here's your chance. Much for Little. Store open evenings until 9:30- /|g/^W* -« K(MA'".;;>t] s &&''„ i,.&,rli • i ',„" i,if Ml: •' WSftF Annual Gas Rates A RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are cow due and payable at the company's office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themselres of the Annual Rate, commencing December 1st ,can do so by calling at the cffice snd arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. Talley Gas UseUsMM " PATENT AND ing Co.'s Flours AUTOMATIC, These Flours are the Pures and of Highest Gradet on the Market FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John F>- Garroll, 1222 BROADWAY, TAX DIM Doesn't Look as Though OurGood Friends Over There Were Yearning for Reciprocity. NEGOTIATIONS AT A STANDSTILL- New Duty Hits 32,OOO,OOO Pounds of One Product in O.ne Year, to Say Nothing ot Others- -Firing on the U. & S. Bancroft Xot a Matter of Importance Xor Without Some Sort of Precedent—Cabinet Discusses Civil Service. Washing-ton, Dec. 22.—The action of the French chamber of deputies Monday in passing a government bill increasing the duties on hog's, hog products, lard, etc., is regarded as retaliatory in effect against the United States, For some time negotiations have been proceeding between France and this country toward making a reciprocity arrangement. They came to a stop recently when the authorities here asked as a condition of such an agreement that France would raise its restrictions against American cattle and meat products. The French ambassador communicated with his government, but no reply was given. He was soon after directed to return to Paris, where he is now in conference with the French authorities. Xo word has been received as to the purposes of France since the ambassador left, but the action in the chamber of deputies Monday when the raise of duties on certain meat products was put -through by the premier, M, Meline, leads to the conclusion that the French policy will not be toward abolishing the restrictions, but toward increasing- their stringency. Xot Encoui-uging for Reciprocity. The figures of the foreign bureau of the agricultural department show that the American shipments to France on the one article of lard reached 31,773,342 pounds last year. It is not thought the bill was expressly aimed against the United States, as it covers some products which are not shipped from this country to France. In the particulars mentioned, however, its effect is to further restrict the American meat trade. In view of this action little hope is entertained that France will grant the condition on which a reciprocity agreement between the two countries depends. It was announced in the chamber of deputies, in behalf of the government, that a supplementary bill would be presented to restrict the introduction of adulterated hog products. It is the understanding- here that this will operate particularly against such lards going from this country as contain cottonseed oil. Turkish Bombardment of tlic Bancroft, The navy department received news of the firing on the Bancroft yesterday from the state^ department, which had been informed through Minister Angel at Constantinople of the outcome of the incident. The matter was not regarded 3.3 of great importance. In fact several instances have occurred within the memory of naval officers stationed at the department of just such arbitrary efforts to enforce vexatious port regulations which are common to Oriental sea ports. A similar rule is applied at Havana, where the guns of Moro Castle do not hesitate to fire at anv vessel passing in or out of the harbor after nightfall, and the Russians established a similar rule (though more liberal in scope) at Vladivostock, the great Pacific fortress, after the guards had awakened one foggy morning to find that a large British squadron was lying under the guns of the forts, having entered unseen in the night. CABINET TALKS CIVIL SERVICE. Senate Likely to Hair* Some Interesting DUquiKltioiis to Consider. "Washington, Dec. 22.—The cabinet meeting yesterday was largely griven up to a discussion of the suggested changes in the civil service regulations. The senate resolution introduced by Cullom calling upon the various cabinet officers for letters as to what changes or modifications, if any, in their opinion, ougit to be made in the civil sen-ice regulations, what clerks should be taken out of the classified service and what placed in. it, etc., really calls from each one of these gentlemen an essay on civil service. The resolution affords the members of the administration SLD. opportunity of which they are glad to avail themselves. an<J the cornmuncations which they will transmit to congress early in January cannot fall to be interesting in many ways, as showing the practical operations ot the civil service law, its weak points and strong points, and indicating wherein it may be improved. It is now pretty generally understood that the president has in contemplation another civil service order, -which, will embody in the main the suggestions which will be outlined in these communications of his ministers, and when that shall have been formulated it is common opinion that there will be very little fighting ground left for the anti- civil service men to stand on. It is generally believed that the president ie willing to recognize the substantial Justice of many of the criticisms -which have been urged against the civil service regulations as they are now administered, and that he stands ready and willing- to make such modifications as will correct the abuses and weaknesses complair.ed of without the intervention of congress. The only thing left for the anti-oJyil service element will then be to demand the unconditional repeal of the dvll service law. At the cabinet meeting yesterday there was no dissent from the proposition that the civil service la-w ought to be and -would be upheld. The principle of the system, in the opinion of a!!, must be maintained, but there wa» some difference of opinion «us to the «xi*at of its application. In connection e aeocte reaolutJonUwmf eolftU( Royal puke* tb« food para. WN* POWDER •OYM. fUdNS FX3W3CK CO., MW VQIK. out TT-.JX 151 some 01 tne departments; jj(jt»l>ly tfro§e of the. state and navy. comparatively few changes could be "made that would be an improvement upon the present conditions. In 8 °nje other departments exceptions to iKh operation of the law, in the opinion ot the cabinet members, ought to be made, 6ome positions they reported ware Included !n the blanket order of Pr««ld«i» Cleveland that roisht better not hav« been included. ^^^^^ KETIBED RIGHT TO THE I.IMIT. Greenbacks Have au Experience Have Not Had for Ten Tear*. Washington, Dec. 22.—Coffin, the act- Ing controller of the currency, yesterday called attention to the fact that th» retirement of national bank notes during the first twenty days of this month reached the sum of $3,000,000. Tbla Is said to be the first time during the last ten years that the voluntary retirement has reached this amount in any one month. Tinder the national bank act the United States treasurer Is not allowed to receive for the retirement ot circulation more than $3,000,000 in any one month, and hence all deposits to retire notes during the last ten days of, this month must be refused. This exceptional condition. Coffin says, is due to the prevailing low rates of interest arising from a superabundance of money for investment, which has advanced the price of United States bonds. Coffin expressed the opinion that the law should be amended in this particular as it interferes with the elasticity of the currency and the natural laws of trade. Sonic Little*Trouble with Japan. Washington, Dec. 22.—Thedepartment of state has undertaken an investigation of two very disagreeable incidents' that may contain in themselves the germs of serious trouble in the near future. These are the killing by Japanese of two sailors attached to the Unit-"" ed States fleet on the Asiatic station. The exact conditions under which the killing occurred are not known here yet and the state department'is trying to learn them through the United States minister to Tokio and the United-States consuls in Japan preliminary to determining what steps shall be taken to secure reparation. . Bryan to Go to China. Washington,..Dec,, 22.—Senators, who have seen President McKlriley regarding the appointment of Charles Page Bryanas minister to Chinaftnd that the president has no present intention of reconsidering the appointment. Some suggestions have been made that Bryan be sent to some other mission and a more trained diplomat be sent to China, but they have not met with indorsement at the White House. The presid«ntm«.de it clear that he preferred BryaWtor the place, and was not contemplating any change in the selections he had mad* tor foreign ministers. Seem» To Be Prone to Erll. I^Crosse, Wis., Dec. 22.—M. O. Haason, former pastor of the Avon Street church, one of t**s«trongest Norwegian Lutheran cor,gref-ations,in the city, who a few years ago was existed from the ministry by the synod on account of alleged improper conduct, is now icon- fined in the LaCrosse county jail on the charge of blackmail and attempting to extort 41,500 from Mrs. Norem, a wliow, daughter of Andrew Fjelsta<!,"of' the State ba-nk of LaCrogse, and one of the leading- Norwegian citizen* of the dty. Injunction Ap*ln»t a Priw Flf ht. Chicago, Dec. 22.~On account of the action of Judge Brentano in issuing an injunction against the use of the Lake Front army, the Tracey-Waleott fight was postponed by its managers. Effort* will be made at once to secu"re another hail in which to bold the contest and It is believed that satisfactory arrangements of some kind will be concluded by today, and the fight take pl*c* tomorrow or Friday night. Heavy Failure in AutntU*. London, Dec. 22.—A special dispatch from Melbourne, Australia, toy* C. H. J»mes has failed for £850,000 (14,260,006.) The cause of bis trenblM i> Mid to be the bursting of th* l«.ad boom.- "" MOXTH We all nra« h»Te tome- thlnrto give forCoriftmu Hauk OiUHhOWTOU mow, and ft teM price too. Bur »cnn»- thin* that time. KIEF* rat w*ud>M by tfe* haadn* at 430 Broadww- Diamond* * HpeeWtr. 0. A. HAUK. Jeweler &0ptidu XDKntTkv POM ft? t»re J

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