The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on August 31, 1989 · 43
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 43

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1989
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-m'-r v ty Tt -r -r W t l ' 11 - T rr 0 9 4 r v V n I 4 M v. rti 1 SECTION 4 M ! N.o wl CMtoCl e COlTM COiDTTlIDUIIS OO THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 190J W -W V rf 1 Notre Dame is ready to get season underway inias Moore flattered when compared to Rice Will Cavs serve as gauge? Sf 0144 B&INSXj tmmmmt tmmm tmmm rjciT tiTtirinJiiD. hj - AAcr tt fro (4 Bur, M Uu Hot DSW I pnnu titoamm a o-wnw - La U toaou CfcMT. Th Ari2Ltg aalktoal C ttoX-a 13 fa irybvf I ttiMaJ Unr i) a mv&&4 it4 14 (4 k 4iMrUtiii nuat Um bo fatal Ifata laU(H bt tbry nod XlaU tt Uto faktifl Oju al ? pra. (SJV TV. t 9 d WON-TV, II SDL) I Ctot4 Karttata for U Oral Urn H r 11 a. lito TIBI oral fast tm Sbll 1 tmU fa7 Ik Id, rrmutnl farad roac Lmi HoCj, 1-uw I fan s av tsr, 114 is fa f hh our uta Usni tiro 6rtcar nsrun tal saouwr m off tor taron rtmMMt prvr to th Mart 0 1 Uw ftmr fproa Um tndfa 1 tttc-re ban Ifau rirt but pm otdoaifjf os tea napected Tb trvi on tiro-loortKlov brarru sad lb Ajwo cUUd IYm fast Ifara ruled Sa 1 is th country. Halit, of couros, varkrs I they brkv M lb Top A 1 3al think tin M brortl ts as opealef football gsm rrrr." ilofij Sold SI Wdnedy' pms coci error la C tacit fatadl-am. 1 (JooT think at good at yo all think. But art probably Ml at bad at i ft think. I tsh I could 13 you hal kind of team fair. but rraUy boat knerw No on css eva trQ if Virginia 13 arrv u any kind of gaug. Somt consider Um Ctvabrrt to be so more then oertmmage fodder IRISH Pag 07 NOTRC DAME vt VIRGINIA ortr (tow tMk , SMti Nj (ft HI) icaomita tar mtntuo emo ml mmO I hswi MAM i4 HMianMr, MM tLMO MTS Neto Wm 13, qi tm era wyM to N r; A xaatoy 1 MHtMHMtrVMeIMa A tM acc n a a UM wt at ! m acc m m Itsi fi Ni lio-y 1 IkAIM w I1M H to W oaapnireiCCaafalw uwHOirmvMMA u atone artiAM m teomi cwlmc. o NOtTI CAM OS MCOMI Ul-Ht am. an cam mcco tt a toon dams omaa uiu UIT TM. Ta MM 0 M Don mm war a a a mm 1 M 4 4 4 4 lM Mt 0 44 Mt 4 4 tri M Ua 4 1 nia Mfe M 1 4 a 444 4 4 ta 44 1 MMUdl NcsDweNs 4 144 m Mtwa, M M M 4Ma 1 14 4 ftmiMaa. 441 44 0oM 4 M m 44 444 M taa on is 4 4H 4 M4 t4M 1 4 fta WCOMO Ukt rus Homo Omm tA Wgmw 14 MIT StU, No CM d Wpank lM OMEfiaCTKW IpjM CM SQL Vkyn If SCOimM IRISH TO Mini lory H Piiim Trotr, enalM on KHTmrq tm in rnM oe r lot IJMnllUl ToMmc A Atm IMk M Mmc teat a itrmm mi ha mo m ccapaor am tax tut-fcat Aehor tonntan (S tear it toucrMOMne M etrr MMrv Mjghta Mnst (M SmA SjemMM arT a a aMhi ommow M raark Tacaj Da ftrom and puard Tr 0nM (Born wuww) ma atm ho gn Oteiiea 20 tnd S00 povrKMX Mo mm Or Zoncfi (Tlmri m MCA MM Mr Wt 24 MO an m CM h0 IS ck NaO Sok (StcenO M-Amnctn at a mMoim tfm Matng IrM M MctMa an 10 Wm toum n mcom m ymrl IMS TEAM AVTHAOCA OOmm XII lotM ftnto. 2S47 ianj UHpatn, M 1 porog. 23 ajmor 0 20 tot rma, 1 1 2 hewe, 1 e t patag. 1 S 30 knoFn TO Wt MuM (one QutrMttct Ha Moor, t ano PM (ft tMMxatng vtrgni eeoofd tartoiM imrOage w a ewon. Men muei gM toad prOuc0M Oom t runntng gam anO SnM tM ) oMuahono. prxtary an yokg rcnng oarpa I TM oro0 362 farOt S g MM no (Mrwn Moor anO Tvt FrOMMon octl toe 03 Ctcnt to l2 rr0t MM Mr Nom mcSM Mo Cor (VM0 OS lactLM and M on O Mrt murrung rajktrtj Mi McSMar (It (MOManir pM a frt a TtAM iDUOta OMmmi 362 4 tout M2 eurng 192 pMig 23 1 potrat, Q Samar D Mmm M6ltoMtt 131 ruMang. 271 Opanag, 223 2 potnta 30 (uenoar TO anti OMnaa ech Mod more pvalOOpaaMng yaeta gama Mai raar. haa to he tana tuocaae n oomroong Ton, fo Wpm Ooaal Sgura to haa a grM 6r nrrang r ea to toai Uoort at naad to (on oul hoi Vijm imo coot uat to luc, bounoaa off M oraScsM aurtao. y BS-4 B4JHSX) nxrritLTHCjmkD. hj -a war ago si feta tuo, 11 try hsiunti to fa pwbfiiN fa Ty Itto How, St ifatn Kan, soil 1M kan i3 b th Wir TtuV ftMfk tw Hotra tm meeti Wglnu fas lb Hkksft CUC fa tight al 7 pm. bo U UM ed solar from bfarusttiu, Va. Rgura that's lb ay I tboUd b. Thera's fell mar pramjr CM a, Mac KttotHrd 6r fang Vrp&MM&ty's preat rostercm l a but serttMa right so W sever rASy faod that muck eepoour briar and HcprluTy nt ntrwe s3 a f that sad pi dema to footboS ahr gom Um rxiut srcNtad (toedgbtfa Tm loukieg forward la fiat fiejirg k Moor pit together som tm-prmtr muiod a ya t ago, thro tag tar 1U4 yartU and run-Stag farMhra srboai rcard tout rve brtirr that Ric 11H-yard loUi But ovttod of Char-MtenrUl. Vs. Maore t aim ttKialty danal coma Is mtad hr U iking about Um roun try's top qusrtertMdA Of courMfa Vtrginl'i footboQ program tat m too many Top 24 h4 rtther. five Tony like, during S short gmet at I ntadiyT prem coefrmc, referred ts loeiight'i opponent at "b eat Virginia, tba team Notr Dtma knocked out at tbs neU Bowl to is ths 1M bs-Ucmai chan(onihlv Yeah. Ill forgrv him thia time," Moor sold wnh a smile. Though completely unlntrntton-aX and emborrsaard about later, Rlce't faux paux underscores Vtr-glnis1 role of bring far tn the background tfl thia Kickoff Osatoc. Brooks will enroll at Holy Cross J.C Tm; BraAx koatl give p tM kit gwat Is gytoLals trees Hot tma The Itrmer truA UifLark fat u st natmtuf Is Um acfaoaf after diertpiia proCAem UM rk-g. fau eg lined at Holy tw IttM tcjrge and ptona Is re,-fy at Hu Dams la lbs (3 f IM Aerording ts kit mother, Aigt-rUt hr t&Ai, Tesy U1 f4 Um bi3 ts May (ka Is Hotr Dome sad pod Mm cm sa sctofarodc pace ts gi sde-sis is lhr fs l!e Pure atu (work) and as 13 M, AtgertU tool W 4 U helps get fait bead 0 Straight and hroded la tbs right dirscuos tbes Lfaal i fin" Brooks ruled for mor Uas over 7W yard tail sea-ocm, but sx stnnfad tar lbs Soulbert Cal gams by head Coach Lou HoAJ far hit la is arms! ts a sumber of team fuaruaai, Um not pus pended from tgrtag prsruc by Um ttutvenify tor dunpO-nary rraaoc. MnsHy, after fast tnvovement la a fart and rua accident. Brooks withdrew from school He was sdmdted to xum-mer school and apparently had met academic require-menu, but was not readmitted for th fall term far undis-ctoaed rrajona 1 think Ihry (Irish) reapect ut tn that they're not taking us tightly. Moor said. "They're probably like to MOORE Peg 07 Riley senior stands tall without legs By CURT RALLO Titwne fipor WntM SOUTH BEND - Most people do a dou-' ble take when they see Riley High football player Tony Brown. They look once tn disbelief because they see a football player without any legs. They look a second time, and they see a football player who can do some amas-lng things on the field. He's one of the guys, said Riley lineman Keyon Vinegar of mown Brown. Tony Is tougher than anybody on the team. He works his butt off," Vinegar added. He makes everybody else on the team work harder. Hes a tiger on the field. He carries his own weight and then some. Brown, a senior defensive lineman, started last week against Chesterton and in the Jamboree. He was born with feet . and ankles but not leg bones, a condition that he refuses to let stop him. "1 love the sport," said Brown. "I play because I love football and because I like to encourage other people that If they have a hardship, they can still do what other people do. They dont have to sit around the house and feel sorry for themselves. Brown, who uses artificial limbs off the field, started playing football with his brother and friends as a youngster. His biggest moment was Intercepting a deflected pass as a freshman at Riley. Perschke bails out White Sox for playoff win By CURT RALLO Trim tporw Motor ROCKFORD, IH - Threatening to derail themselves with errors and missed opportunities, the South Bend White Sox got back on track her Wednesday night after some outstanding relief help from Greg Perschke. Perschke bailed out the Sox out with a brilliant performance to help South Bend claim a 41 triumph against host Rockford Wednesday night tn the first game of the Midwest League Northern Tribune Photo PAUL BAKE STRAW Rileys Tony Brown won't lot his handicap slow him down as h works on his agility during practice. TONIGHT'S QAMS WHAT: NorVwm Dtvmon CtwmpionoNp Sarto. WHO: RocAtord Expo va. South Band Whtto Sox. WHERE; CottotoaU 8todium. WHEN: 7 pm. . PROBABLE STARTERS: Chris Nabholt (13-5) v Freddy Dafcnay (11-7). QAMS NOTES: 8outh Bond toad Ih boot two- of-thra aartoa, on gam to non Nabholx, a tofl-handar, ha a 2.18 Mmad-run evarog. . . . Nabholx to 0-1 tn two game toartod against South Bond In th regular aaaaon, giving up ftv runs In 13H Inning. . . . Freddy Dabney, eieo a toft-hander, hoe a 1-0 record ogeirwt Rocktord In two elects. . . . Dabney has given up three rune In 10H Inrxnge pitched. . . . Kinnis Pledger to hitting .422 against Rockford (IS-ot-36). But that first year of football was s learning process for Brown and his teammates. "At first, they were kind of distant," said Brown. "They didnt know who I was. It took time. Now, I look up to them and I think they look up to me. They say, If Tony can do tt, I should be able to. Brown never thought, about shying away from a contact sport like footbalL "Football is very important to me, Brown said. "Its another goal for me to conquer. "I never feel sorry for myself," be added. "What motivates me is that some kids would die for the opportunity to do this. I might as wen do tt for them. Riley coach Phil Teegarden said Brown has contributed greatly to the Wildcats this season. AD the kids recognize Tony has s Mg heart, said Teegarden. "In certain ways, hes really helped us become team oriented. Brown wouldnt trade an the pain and sacrifices football demands for anything. "Its been very rewarding for me, Brown said. "Ive made a lot of friends. Plus, playing football for four years tells me not to give up on anything. "I want to go the Manchester College after high school and play football there. I want to get Into athletics there. Tony Brown Isnt the type of person to let anything stand in his way. Mike Scott wins 18th as Astros edge Cubs CHICAGO (AP) - Art Howe feels like his team is jumping out of the frying pan into the skillet Following a 3-game series with the first-place Cubs, his Houston Astros begin a weekend set Friday at SL Louis. This was a win we needed. Were going to SL Louis and theyre hot, said Howe after Mike Scott notched his 18th win, tying the ma-jordeague high, as the Astros beat Chicago, 8-4 Wednesday night - The win, only Houstons second bi nine games, ended the the first-place Cubs 3-game winning streak. . Despite leads of 3-1 and 8-2, Scott said he couldnt help but fear a repeat of the game Tuesday when the Astros blew a IM) lead and lost 10-9 to the Cubs in 10 innings, v, I didnt feel safe until the last ' (Md. It was hard to forget yester day, said Scott, 18-7. , "Balls were flying out of here, said Scott, who gave up a 2-run homer to Mark Grace in the ninth and solo shots to Dwight Smith and Ryne Sandberg earlier. "This was a strange series, Tm glad its over. Jerome Waltons bunt single fat the ninth was the only other hit off Scott Gerald Young with 4 hits, 3 RBIs and 1 run and Rafael Ramirez with 3 hits and 2 runs paced a 13-hit offensive attack for the Astros, who remained in second place, four games behind San Francisco in the NL West Ramiros had a club record seven RBIs on Tuesday. . , "Yesterday was a living nightmare, said Young, who couldnt explain his J72 career batting average against Chicago.. Some guys MIKE SCOTT . hit better against certain clubs and I just hit better against the Cubs. . ' "I see the ban wen at Wrigley Field, especially at nighL be said. Lose! Rick Sutcliffe, 13-11, said , ' See ASTROS Pa g D3 Cubs get Wynne, Salazar for stretch CHICAGO (AP) The Chicago Cubs traded pitcher Calvin Schiraldi, outfielder Darrin Jackson and a minor league player to be named later to the San Diego Padres on Wednesday night for outfielder Marvell Wynne and infielder Luis Salazar. Hie Cubs lead the National League East and are 2 games ahead of SL Louis and New York. San Diego is third in the NL WesL seven games behind first-place San Francisco. Wynne, 29, batted J52 with six home runs and 35 RBIs in 105 games this season. He began his major league career in 1983 with Pittsburgh and was traded to San Diego in 1980. "I enjoyed my time while I was here but they had to make a trade and I was Involved," sakl Wynne, a native of ' Chicago. In a way rm surprised. But I guess they needed another pitcher here for the rest of the way. They (the Cubs) needed me and Louie in return I guess. It had to be done. Tm excited to go there, rm not depressed. Im ready to go. . ! , Salazar, 33, ts a 10-year major league veteran who began with the Padres in 1980 and was reacquired by San Diego from Detroit prior to the start of this season. He was - -i See TRADE Page 03 Division championship series. A total of 5,268 fans attended the aeries opener at Merlnelli Park. South Bend can wrap up the best 2-of J series with a victory tonight at Covelesld Stadium. A Rockford victory would force a third game, slated for Friday at Covelesld Stadium, to determine which team would face the Southern Division titlisL Springfield beat Cedar Rapids, 3-2, in that divisions first game. Perschke, a former La Porte High star, threw the Expos a curve just as they were poised to give an encore performance of their recent domination of South Bend. The Expos swept four games from South Bend last week. Including three straight come-from-behlnd 1-run triumphs. South Bend committed five errors and stranded 11 base runners seven in scoring position. But Perschke earned a save by retiring seven of the eight Rockford batters he faced. Sox starter Roberto Hernandez gave up three runs, only one earned. He struck out eight and only walked one. After one run had scored to make it 4-3 in the sixth, Hernandez worked out of a jam by striking out Kelvin Shepard and getting Joel Smith to ground out with runners on second and third. But Hernandez ran Into trouble in the seventh, walking Kelly Zane and giving up a single to Matt Stairs with two outs. Perschke replaced Hernandez with a 24) count on Rockfords home-run threaL Terrel Hansen. Perschke ended the taming by firing three strikes in a row to retire Hansen. He then mowed down the Expos In the eighth and ninth to preserve the 4-3 edge. "I threw Hansen three curves In a row, Perschke said. "They told me dont throw Hansen a fastball outside, so I kept away from him. "I threw curves and change-ups and a few fast-balls, Perschke said. "I had control of my three -pitches. I lost a couple of games earlier this sea- : 8A& COX Page D3 . 1 "-la q - A 44A1 4-A

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