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Newcastle News-Journal from Newcastle, Wyoming • Page 1

Newcastle, Wyoming
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NEWCASTLE NEWS-JOURNAI VOLTJMB XVI, NEWCASTLE, WESTON COUNTY, WYOMIKtt, I A HJOo. NEWS OF THE WEEK IN BRIEF Personal Paragraph Gathered By The Editor On His Weekly Round-up. BRIEF MENTION OF PEOPLE YOU KNOW, llemi Of Intertit IB And iround Told In a Wordi. Niwcutle daily Miss'Clara Baiter, the popular young school teacher of Beaver creek, is spending a week's vacation in the city with her sisters. A nine pound boy arrived at i he home of Mr.

and Mrs. Nelson Holwell, of Skull creek, last Houday night. Congratulations Pine single seated top buggies, for 880.00, or extension top two- seated buggies for $115 00, and 'in easy terms at J. L. Baird Mercantile Co.

Mayor George A. Mollring left Wednesday on a two weeks business and pleasure trip to Nebraska City, Chicago and Kansas City. Special Agent Jennisen of the general land office, with headquarters at Cheyenne, spent last Saturday in town investigating land matters. The White Jewelry Store has a selection of 1100 copies of the most popular music of the day. If you fail to get a catalogue write or ask for it.

J. W. Beatty, formerly of this place but now of Garland, passed througn Newcastle last night on his way to Portland via Denver and through California. The work of placing the machinery in the flouring mill is progressing rapidly and Mr. Getchell expects to have the mill completed early next month.

A party of surveyors arrived in town last evening on 41. We understand they are making surveys in this vicinity with a view of improving the shortest curves in the Burlington road. Master Millard Coffey went out to the celebration on Soldier creek and on the Fourth delivered the Declaration of Independence in a very pleasing manner to an appreciative audience. Strikes are becoming so numerous that Will Cash, the mail earner between this city and Hampshire, says he has to hand le himself with gloves to keep from "getting the habit." Eric Simonson of Green Mountain paid this office a very pleasant call yesterday. Mr.

Simonson says the crops in his neighborhood are generally looking except those put in late. The congressional irrigation party passed through Newcastle last Friday night on their way to Cheyenne and Denver. The party disbanded in Denver and Congressman Mondell is pxpected home tomorrow night. C. W.

Morgareidge, in charge of the state fish hatchery at Wolf, brought down a large consign ment of young trout for planting in Stockade Beaver and Cold Springs creeks. The fish were placed in the streams yesterday. A cloud burst on the head of Salt creek caused a sudden rise of that stream last Saturday night and all bridges down the creek were washed out. The flood Friday morning took out the Skull creek' bridge west of town. John Sedgowick has a gang of shearers at work on the Mush creek ranch shearing out his sheep.

Mr. Sedgewick recently installed three two-shenr machines at his pens and they are giving satisfaction in every particular. The band boys received their uniforms Saturday night and they are beauties, being deep maroon trimmed In black braid They wore them for the first lime to Gillette on the 3rd where Walter Cnrrau came down from! they filled an engagement on the Monday and spent a 4th, and they made qnlte a hit. day or two in town with bis fatn- Baker The Jeweler wishes to ily who are visiting in the city. thank the ladies who have entered Fair Carnival September 22-28.

Wew goods arriving Baker, The Jeweler. Frank Cummings was down from the Prairie Wednesday. Z. W. Freel and Win Meyer were in from Oil creek yesterday Mrs.

George Mehl and children returned to Alliance Tuesday night. Both morning and evening service at Episcopal church next Sunday. WANTED -Mail orders for music. White Jewelry Store, Fred Prop. Monroe Cummings, of Green Mouutain, was a county seat visitor yesterday.

Joseph Bland and son Earnest are down from their Green Mountain home today. Farmer Wade of Upper Bea ver, was down to the county seat one daytbis week. The county commissioners held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday. Turner McKenzie and wife and C. D.

Minter and wife of Upton, spent Tuesday in town. J. E. Duling started this morning with two car loads of horses for the St Louis market. The pastor will speak in the church next Sunday, July 9th at 11 a.

m. and 8 p. m. E. E.

LaFrienier. resident dentist, will be in his office in this city from July 5th to 17th. If your watch is sick take it to the watch hospital. White Jew elry Store, Fred Baker, Prop. Mayor Olsson, of Hampshire, was a business visitor in the county seat a few days this week.

Thomas Howell is clerking for Mollring Mollring during the absence of George A. Mollring. Patronize home industry, John O'Neil is making boots to 'asure at reasonable prices and to fit. Postmaster Springer and family of Cambria, left Tuesday evening for a visit to friends in Indiana. W.

Davis and wife of Cambria started Tuesday for a- visit with relatives and friends at Hoi drege, Nebraska. Roscoe Lamb and Robert 1 Clark came in from the Lamb Carlson ranch Monday and spent the Fourth in town. Foil RENT--Living rooms for two families over the county building. Enquire of J. W.

Howell, county clerk. The "Jolly Five" gave a dance at the city hall Tuesday night. A larg-i rr wd was present and a g.iod time is reported. G. Ernest Hftywood, the light ning rod inspector of the camp was taking in the sights of this metropolis yesterday.

The Ladies Guild -will give one of-their popular social teas at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Peabody next Tuesday afternoon. the contest with such a nation to win for their efforts and wishes to comment upon tlie good taste and neatness displayed on these curds. The judges impartial decision is found elsewhere in this paper.

Miss Edith Hilton returned home last evening from a three weeks' visit Edgomont. Rev. J. C. with friends at BickeJ? superinten dent of Missions, passed through the city on 42 Monday evening enroute to Denver to attend the international Epworth League convention.

While in the Basin he vibited Rev. Fonton and family and says that they are doing excellent work there. July 4th was a very quiet day in Newcastle as many of our peo-; pie spent the day at various celebrations around the country. It is said that the celebrations on Beaver and Soldier creek in this county were successes and those who went to-Edgemotrt and Gillette report a splendid time. SPECIAL NOTICE.

Sours, the Photographer, has decided to locate permanently in Newcastle, at the Wescott gallery. We make photos of all sizes, from the smallest locket to full life size. Viewing a specialty. Call and see me. I guarantee to please you.

Sours, Photographer. Baker, The Jeweler, is mailing to every home in the county a catalogue for the McKinley Music Edition You do not have to wait until you get to Newcastle to get music, you can order by number in catalogue and add 2c for postage and receive any pieoe of music in catalogue by mail. Last Saturday night about sixty feet of the big Mush creek dam was washed out and the lake emptied. While the brake is not a very bad one it was suf ficient to drain the lake Fortunately no water will be needed to irrigate with this summer as an abundant hay crop is already assured. Mrs.

Joseph Landrigan who has been in a Denver hospital for the past three weeks, passed through town Monday evening and and on Wednesday and was at-ended by President Roosevelt, members of his cabinet, and a arge number of men of The Gillette Celebration a tor burial, the funeral Many ot our citizens went to tram leaving on Sunday Gillette Monday evening to cele-, forenoon. braje with the good people The funeral wan held at Clevet a i awaku little city surrpumliiig country. Tio citizens of Gillette had labored long and earnestly, regardless of expense, preparing a program that would do justice to the efforts of the inhabitants of a town twenty times the size of our "sister town up the line," or we might say, "the future county seat of Crook county." Not a stone had been left unturned that might lead to better the entertainment for the crowd TEdisports, including the wild west show, such as broncho riding and roping wild steers, were thoroughly enjoyed by the throng of people. One of the most interesting features of the day's big show was the fancy riding by a number of ladies. This feature was some thing new and the crowd was amazed at the ability of the fair contestants as horsewomen.

Good races and an interesting ball game on the Third for good pursesi entertained the crowd in an up to date manner. Taking the celebration all the way through Gillette citizens did themselves proud in the way of putting up an entertainment. Aint it the truth? roraineuce who thus paid their respects to one of the ablest dip-' 1 omats and statesmen of modern The late secretary of state has xjen a prominent figure in Amer- can his ever since he was assis Lant secretary to President Lincoln, and in whatever station was placed he has performed lis duties with rare ability and discretion, a'ways with credit to limself and with honor to his country. At this writing no one has been announced by President Roosevelt as his successor, though the name of Secretary Taft is the one moat prominently and frequently mentioned. Beaver Creek Items.

Frank Smith was town last Wednesday. B. F. -Davis has finished his new kitchen. Mary Thomson is spending the week with her parents.

Ed Martin and Will Kincaid of the county seat celebrated at Mallow's grove. Felix Lavergne was in town Saturday proving up on his stone and timber claim Mrs. P. Sweet and John Johnston transacted business in Newcastle Saturday John McFarland, son Dick and daughter Myrtle did business in Newcastle Saturday T. Sweet and family and John Johnston are celebrating in Ouster and vicinity this week.

Very heavy rain on the creek Satuiday and Sunday About a dozen bridges on Salt oreek were washed out. Fawcett and children and Ed Thomson and family were enroute to Moorcroft where she goes to visit a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mat Brennan. We are pleased to state that Mi's.

Landrigan is getting well fast. The heavy rain last Friday forenoon which flooded the city. did considerable damage to the sidewalk wall of Riordan's new i i a fifteen feet of the wall washed down by the deluge of water that poured down into the basement of the building Down on the creek bottom considerable damage was done to property by the flood. S. B.

Musser has resigned his I position i the Elk Drug com- 1 pany to accept an offer made to him by the Lincoln Drug Com-, Secretary John Hay. Dead. pany as traveling Ralesman. He last Saturday morning expects to leave Newcastle about Secretary John Hay suddenly the fifteenth inst to assume his new duties. Mr.

Musser has i many friends in Weston county who will regret to see him leave but who wish him success in his new employment. T. G. Harris, father of Mrs Wyoming Day. Program ol i i I)'iy Ceremonies to be hi'ld at i at the Exposition in the Auditorium, at 10 3u a.

July II), IDlCi' Music by the Baud. Address of Welcome HON- Prest. Lewis CUrk Expo, by HON. JOHN i i of Wyo Commission, Address by-HON GEO E. A A I Governor of Oregon.

Music. Address by HON. A B. BROOKS, Governor of Wyoming. State Address, ''Social and Legal Conditions in A.

VANOESDEL. Music. Recaption at the American Inn from 9 to 11 p. in honor of Governor Bryant B. Brooks.

Death of John Bohaa. John Bohan died Wednesday evening at the home of his broth er-in-law, J. Johnson, of pneumonia, after an illnesss of less thanja week, at the age of 2c years. Mr. Bohan who was riding on the range for the Wyoming Farming and Live Stock com pany was'taken ill and rode into town last Friday.

Being caught in the storm he was thoroughlj soaked and upon Dr. Wells being called he found that the young man had developed a severe case of pneumonia. Prompt and active measures were adopted but it had secured so strong a hold that all efforts were unavailing and he continued to grow steadily" worse passing away as stated above between six and seven o'clock Wed nesday evening. Mr Bohan was a young man who had grown to manhood in this community, he haviug come here a young boy i his mother in the first days of Newcastle. He was a bright and active boy and a wide awake and energetic man, always i a host of friends among his acquaintances Baker's Watch Contest.

We, the undersigned, judges of the abovo contest, met Thursday, July 6, '05 at 1:30 m. and considered the cards having "Baker, The Up to-date Jeweler" written the most times, and found by considering the conditions of the contest that Miss Leolin Searles having written the above words 1028 times in a perfect legible scribe is entitled to the prize to the best of our judgment We also wish to make mention of card of consideration written by Miss Orn Hackney which showed a great deal of patience and skill and is praise worthy. We wish to suite that we, the judges of this contest, did not know until after the decision the names of either of the contestants. A PUTNAM CLKM MOLI.KIXO Judges. AKTHt'it CARLSON He was unmarried sorrowing mother, but leaves a four sisters and two brothers to mourn his untimely death.

The funeral took place from the Catholic churcn this morning at ten o'clock. The News-Journal unites i i many friends i i a a and had to i Apathy to the bereaved luted over till bunday on account of the ram. and Misses Clara a' Ranch For Sale. 160 acre ranch. 30 acres fenced and under cultivation, some improvements, known as the George Brown ranch.

For particulars address or call at the Stockgrow- ers Bank, Newcastle, Wyo. I ones Mrt JessK Be.s and Will Bryan Fills, Baker of Newcastle drove picnic on Beaver the -1th port nn enjoyable tune Wanted. Man and wife, i clyld- ren, to do the cooking at the MW ranch. Address I JF.PFI:KIS Newcastle, Wyo, i i a tn be made relative to the pend ing peace negotiations between Russia and Japan "The president announces that the Ru-ssuin and Japanese gov ernmentb have notified i a have a i the pleni- potentmrip.s to meet here in passed at his slimmer home near Washington as soon after the 1st Ni'wtniry. New Hampshire.

Mr I (if A us possible The two Hay had been seriously ill for Russian i i a i are some days but was supposed to Ambussmloi a formerly For Rent. Basement under the Stock- Peace Embassy Named, growers it a a also Roosevelt on Monday author- i lu.ns,.. of I-' i I i H. and Miss ID Slu-ndim i their beon road to rec overy. During Friday he was feeling oetter George Getchell, spent the 4th than usual and retired thnt night feeling quite well, and immediate- in this city with bis daughter, ly went to sleep.

Shortly before Mr. Harris has been blacksmith midnight he suffered a collapse at Fort Robinson for many years. He is very much impressed with Newcastle and the surrounding (country and in all probability will return and buy a home here and though medical aid was at once summoned, nothing could be done for him and within an hour he was dead. The immpdiatfl cause of hig death is said to have We hope be doea, as we need been pulmonary embolism, or staunch citUens to help boost our town and county to the front where they belong, stoppage of a large artery. The body was taken to Cleveland, the former home of Mrs.

a Mrs 1) a i a 1 Mrs D.iru i i last i to a for a i A i i lias been employed at coal i fur sunn i ln.s gone to Ciisper iicci-pt a tlop i i it 11 i a nip company plenipotentiaries are Baron Ko-1 John Borry brought in loail mura, now minister of foreign fat hog.s yesterday from his affairs, and Minister Takuhira, i i of justice bassudoi to Home, sador Roten The Japanese and now am and A bus. "Ills possible that each side Skull creek ranch realizing the top price. This is not remark- may send one or more additional able as they are the only banana representatives. The plonipoUsn- led hogs marketed here this tlariea of both Russia and Japan son. will be intrusted with full power to negotiate and conclude a treaty of peace, subject, of course, to ratification by their respective home governments." Six car loads of horses bought from the row Indians passed through Newcastle i morning.

They are being shipped to Virginia..

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