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The Times from San Mateo, California • Page 50

The Times from San Mateo, California • Page 50

The Timesi
San Mateo, California
Issue Date:

Soturdoy, Feb. 19. 1977 WEEKEND TWE 1 1 WES Page ISA Rolling Stone Swedes Capture merican Fancy By DAVE MARSH ABBA: "Arrival" Atlantic SC 18207 hk The most bubbly and in Its way delightful European pop music of the decade comes from Rock these four Swedes two men and two Record women, with typi m. cal role divisions Ratings (the men write and play, the women sing). Ini Europe, Abba is probably the biggest record selling act currently, but they are only beginning to catch on In the U.S. Their sound Is light, Keyboards and guitars jingling endlessly, and every song sounds like an AM radio hit. Indeed, "Arrival" is so pleasant that It Is easy to forget how trivial the pleasure is it this group ever emerges with a lyric of consequence, they could be an artistic factor as well as a commercial one. PHIL OCHS; "Chords of Fame" 5P 4599) Phil Ochs committed suicide last year, at 36. He had not made a record for three years. This album collects the best of his work from the previous decade, and reveals what liner annDtator Ed Sanders calls "a singing democratic socialist." But more than a mere politico, Ochs burned with a desire to stake out a piece of mythical America thus, an obsession wilh Audle Murphy and electric rock that paralleled his commitment to exposing the assassination of Salvador Allende, president oF Chile, and acoustic folk. The best songs here strike a balance between those two sides of himself "Changes," "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends," "Chords of Fame," "Jim Dean of Indi ana," and his only hit, "There But for Fortune." a "Roger Troy" (RCA APR 1 1910, album by a blues rock vocalist whose other recorded appearance was with the reconstituted Electric Flag In 1975. Troy has a fine voice, one of the few white "ones capable of carrying a soul classic like "A Woman Left Lonely" as well as songs by LA pop types like Carole King and Randy Newman. His own writing is a bit more uneven, often falling into a simple formula. That also makes this album spotty, although worthwhile for those Interested In blue eyed soul as a genre, DENNY LAINE: "Holly Days" (Capitol ST 11588). (Paul McCartney, who as a Beatle was partially shaped by Buddy Holly's songs, produced this album by his fellow member of Wings, and McCartney seems chiefly responsible for the concept, It is a disaster. Ths choices arc obscure, and Laine seems to feel no real commitment to them; the arrangements are Jarring, dispensing with the electric guitar sound crucial to the success of the originals, and often contemptuous: "Take Your Time" has a Chipmunks style, speeded up chorus. A most depressing venture, explained only by the (act that McCartney now owns all the old Holly copyright, and will thus receive about a dime per albumin, In addition to his production money. MUDDY WATERS Again" (Blue Sky PZ 34419. The last of the Chicago Blues legends, in sessions with Johnny Winter and James Cotton, the guitarist and harpist. Not as ABBA Benny, Anni Frid, Agnetha and Bjorn iRecords are rated from one star to great as he once was, perhaps, but Waters remains an artist to he reckoned with. A great and essential performer. five 'Jr In nsci'iiillns! order of quality. SLEDDING Your average sled will have three missing wooden slats! This is designed to snag the buttons of your coat and. hold you fast to the sled when you" are fighting to get off. The sledding hill in your community will easily be recognizable by the number of dark shapes hurtling down it at high speeds Under circumstances should you try to CROSS this street. If vou are a father, your job will be to pull the sled, with two children on top of it, to the top of this hill approximately 27 times in an hour. One or the other will collapse first: your kids or the backs of your ankles. insure that it Is In good working condition. Do not be discouraged' just because the runners look like they' were last used on the Utah Salt Flats. Manipulate the controls to see that the sled steers properly. If when you steer to. the right the sled runs into a tree on your left, It is in normal working order. Which means finding the sled. Experience has shown that the sled will be either: (1) in the garage; (2) in the basement; (3) in the trunk of your car; (4) at Rickey's house; (0) burled under three feet of snow In the backyard. Once you have located the sled, examine it carefully to By F.D. KNEIBERT Ts skiing too much o( a hassle, or beyond your budget? Then try sledding. Here's a winter sport for everyone. All you need is a sled and a repressed death wish. The first step in sledding Is Lo know when to go. If the weather is positively terrible, the streets like glass and Once atop the hill, there are two Parting techniques possible One Is to sit on the sled and have someone push you down the hill while you steer with yoiir feet. The darker here is that you will over control your sled. You will know you are doing this when you slam into trie side Df a parked truck. The other method is the running start! Here you grasp the sled firmly with both hands, get up speed and in one smooth, unbroken motion set your sled down on the ice. ideally with you on it. With a low center gravity, it is important here to sleer clear of melted patches. You're on pavement when your sled suddenly jolts io a stop and you skitter across the ice like a hockey puck. Apres sled time can be the topper of a great day. There is that warm feeling that conies on you as you are sitting around the. fire. It's usually advisable to check to be sure it isn't blood. 'ikii 'ii Kid Fights by rV" that they might get an idea of his real military strength. "So I'll call the cops." (United Nations) "I'll let you go this time." (Saving Face.) Et is obvious by 'now that he hasn't got an uncle. They don't have uncles either but as long as he doesn't know It they're safe. "See that, fellows? Just a yellow belly." (Diplomatic Victory.) national sovereignty which in the adult world lead to war, or to the brink of it. "Where's my bike?" (Accusation) "I haven't got your bike." (Denial) "Oh, no? Louie says you look it." (Reliable Sources) "Yer fodder's mous lache," (Diplomatic Insult.) Since moustaches In certain cultures are a symbol of virility, this slur upon one's father's moustache has all kinds of nasty sexual innhen dos. "I want my bike back in ten minutes or I feel sorry for you." (Ultimatum) "I'll call my brother's gang and they'll kill you." (Mobilization.) "I've got an uncle who is stronger than your brother." (Secret Weapon). They were, just waiting for him to expose, himself In this way so By SAM LEVENSON We kids did not gel along like one big happy family; there were lights. As I look back upon the showdowns between kids I cannot help' but make an analogy between children's conflicts and those of the so called "mature," adult world. Fights between kids contain all the basic elements of Jealousy, distrust, power politics, and defense of the temperature around zero, conditions are Ideal for sledding. Just getting there in your car can be a thrilling experience. But before you set out, check your equipment.

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