The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on July 22, 1989 · 21
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 21

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1989
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rt Harry Caray particularly proud of a special distinction fry DAN CAF&AN i x. pc rw-- I Hit AGO TW IU3 tA Fame tni;a fur Harr) aj ajr Ihaa -crix!l tic vlL be the tEt BiU lij uiled Into the trfce&L slrf t atrjj tA the ifctne Rul he a nrt iuj uf ha he sZ-jLlr ill Ik lulj (be Uhr C aay ka cm the (ielfurm La N V AyJla)r a flrr r.. e lo the Ford Frv Aaarii isrutiuLc tA fens belurtam IMo If II aH he U1 1 JuCrrd try htt erfL, bXlfi, and p east., Clajk MiJ IlDaV al Atlanta hatea tiaarhall and MIA baaka-thad gsnw cs HTBi tatae. and ( Tup rwe-ntlj haa t hired 1 i bftad CaaSrf I', A the t laraki If srwhcsr ta the NBA. And (fat naira I af at the (alrtarrh to the kt-'j. aa far aa he Lnoaa. tfu re j-mrf a laa isaaa eaata Laeadaeat faa t. '1 raal imaflaa td a belief ay to KistlijM eef Harr? taray aakd -That feal'y VW to the etc tlrrrtkl vi the (Die thing, and ertaiea B eitra nvUl ta tact, ha 111 BUaa aete tA If i e wla-uxa fnetliR hi ( o4-f Hoee to be tth family and t) Lrab la Albany, h Y 'h pd a bunch cA film la and ftlalnn gvirg 141 and that the only piaie ruuld Ktt eouua romena," Caray aal 1 anted to be IS Coupetatcnro. U4 I raat lirjrf J fiVeata I d hie to be at the otbrf Naff. ho, tad 1 ra lk telna Caray aaJd he i at cure her he's react whr he t 0(1 the podBacrtl Sunday 1 T-nd op thee ahra Maa Uoual eaa tntactexX be aakl htaa tecAe V a and thnl 1 remember 1 Ifnitd Lf 1 ti rf fA there bee wad t react I tiAnl to fact buch. Jach fy VlfkkiJC and Via hoJtjr aQ A N-rfn ta( tm Inductod into the Uuadc aal etV Isteg cA the HaD) and they lay B I hard to oat tmrm ytm td feast h-4 until 1 Nrp ua that Ai( d I Ian ahat III do 1 he 1 dat try, but i dad tan U an y peaAe UaatA txAt Caray and M loan I ar tUna la roach bead Ichealw&il aTaiuld haie heed ka the Hall tA f an much earlier TTy brtAa into the nu)ur kregur cm the aan day. Caray bl the tanadraM taaAh and ha hueeahmat Cl the held, and here eld rf.trf the Hall eA Fame oa the aan day ( ar a y ta the teuedr utsfi rnrg and 5 huenl-aat oa the jlayrtC aade "1H never for jet the ftra game I did, and the flrN play 1 ner called B eaa la I Ml, arttmaran ftnB tig UifjS girr.m Virty aaai Jlacaitetel eaa puyteg field that day, and cm the fWat paay can leering M U male a the airing caUh tact that anta Irg that ee'ie buh nre making B at the rt att aame Ume (arty laid the hliti ready la fur the tana (racer lhaa ham "h hat IMa naxa to me la ready that I have acTcnklahed Jtinetharg la my Ufe, and my peer rwcxignUM that. be aaal "but my mats at na c A (rale la ta piranng the (ana Skip aakd hu father la acA juai being nacaWel "He a a prrtly lough c4d terst Si 4) aaai 1 IhLnA he a hi;n7, but I duel IhirA be a rental 1C He relatiunifup three through the year hat leva etth am committee that vole ora anli B a bree etth the tana a - ... Sheridans hit damages Cubs CHICAGO f A ( ) Cat hhefilaa eould Lie to use the tifu that aettibLr.g leagure main hilling sUffHuft, but he data! 5Tcv.lan a I run airgie ca;nd a cun third trjurg and led if vn Franiiwo Clianta to J vnlocy over the ChKaifo Cute F raliy "louhing at my average yoj eOuld thing ao, aakd SheridaB about the difficuftira he a faced in changing Iraguea hhrtldan came to the Gunti in June from the He trofl Tlgm Sheridan eenl into the game etlh a 5 average and lo run batted In. He doubled hu RBI total with one rwtng and Lftrd hi average to 1M ith to angle and a vaalk "It frit good" Shervlan aakd of hi hit "Ive been atmggLng and It a nice to do aometfung lo cunlnb-ute I hope it a a atari for me " Scott C.arrelU, making only hi second Start Knee bring .udrlined with a hamstring injury against the Cuba on June ?9, w a working on a 1 hitter with two outa tn the eighth when Dwight Smith reached on an error by first baseman W ill Clark and Mark Grace hit Ms fifth home run Andre Dawson followed with a triple and Lefferta relieved Uovd McClendon walked on four pitches but lefferta got Damon Berry full to fly out. ending the tnmng la-fferta give up a leadoff single tn the ninth to Shaw on Dunston. who went to second on a sacrifice Jerome Walton grounded out and up came Ryne Sandberg Manager Roger Craig went to the mound to talk to Lefferta Sandberg's a good hitter and I was thinking of putting him on ev en If he was the winning run, Craig said But Lefferta talked me out of It." U-fferts Justified his manager's faith by throwing three strikes past Sandberg, who didn't take the bat off his shoulder, for his 17th save. Jve had gi.3 luck agiircd Sand berg. larffrrta tail lie a ft ball hitler and I'm a breaking ball patcfvrr I got him with a slaw, a staler and a fastball My fastball to sneaky " link Sutcliffe, IF A took I hr krais although hr had only one bad inning. the third. After Sheridan 1 single, rung Sutcliffe did not allow another hit until being lifted for a pinch hitler tn the arvenlh I waa trying fo pitch around Sheridan." Sutcliffe said "The patch he hit waa about rigid Inchr oft the plate but he went out and gu If Brett Butler opened the third with a fly to left that Smith misjudged for double Robby Thompson sacrificed and Clark was walked Intentionally Kevin Mitchell, the major leagues' home run Irader and RBI leader who was making hi first start after missing four games with back trouble, singled to score Butler, driving tn his 85th run Krnest Riles singled to score Clark, and after Terry Kennedy grounded out, Sheridan singled borne Mitchell and Riles. "Buller'a run didn't mean anything." Sutcliffe said. "1 got Mitchell to hit the ball on the ground but it wasn't at somebody so we could get the double play " The victory waa the sixth tn seven games for the Giants, who are 7-2 since the All Star break. Garre La. 8 S, gave up a run tn the third when Dunston struck out but reached first on a wild pitch Sutcliffe sacrificed and Jerome Walton singled to score Dunston. Sandberg followed with a single, but Garretts struck out Smith and got Grace to ground out. Grace had doubled in the second Inning to extend his hitting streak to 11 games. After Sandberg's angle, Garrelts retired 12 tn a row before McClendon angled with one out in the seventh. Mark Grace helps the Cuba make a run at the Giants with a lata homer. Fisk still torments Red Sox Boston (At) - ai i and w hu tKh ma,K. league Cartlue Fb MU) Is lornsmUng ihe Buekua Red Sol. hu original learn Flak led oft Ihe eighth Wrung with a h-me run and B waa enough to lift the Chicago HhJle Sox lo Ihctr seventh roeurcutive victory Fnday night. Ik over the Rrd Sox "They take one swing and H' all over." Boalaa manager Joe Mor gan said after the Red Sox' first I C kM since Toronto's Jimmy Key ouldurled Bruce Hurst last Sep. 2h "Arnanng, tent a It s the same guy every time on that balldub Fisk, who woo free agency from the Red Sox tn 1K1 and signed with Chicago, has hit 24 home runs against Roeton, Including 15 at F en way Park It was a nothing nothing game and we woo tt with a home run." Fisk said "That's exciting no mat ter who It s against" Fisk, a New Kngland native who hit IS2 homers In nine years with the Red Sox, hit 1 5 2 pitch from rookie Knc HeUel high into the screen tn left -center It was his seventh home run of the season and S30th of hu career I challenged him and he won Maybe 1TJ beat him next time," HeUel said. It was a fastball over the plate, then over the wall and Into the screen." Me Laio Perez and Bobby Thigpen combined to outduel HeUel who gave up four hits in 7Ay innings of hu fourth major-league start Perez, 7 10, allowed seven hits in seven innings and Thigjwn finished with hitless relief for hu lXh save. HeUel. 1-1, held Chicago hitless until F isk singled with one out in the fifth. Two outs after ho me red, Ozne Guillen singled and Lee Smith relieved. HeUel had not permitted a runner past first base until Fisk homered, while Perez worked out of three Jams. 8m CHISOX P9 C2 93 seconds enough for Tyson ATLANTIC CITY. N.J. (AP) -Mike Tyson needed one punch to knock Carl The Truth Williams down, and that was all referee Randy Neumann needed to raise the heavyweight champion's hand in victory. Williams didnt think Neumann should have stopped the fight, which lasted 93 seconds Friday night. And even Tyson indicated he thought Williams could have continued. The crowd of about 10,000 at the Convention Center thought so, too. It looked like he was able to get tip, said the 23-year-old champion, who dropped Williams with a crunching left hook to the jaw. I didnt think he was hurt bad, but I would have been all over him. Thats when Im most dangerous. The criticisms of Neumann seemed to be based on the fact that a fight shouldnt be stopped because of what might happen. Williams had thrown a left jab and Tyson slipped the punch, then came up with the left hook to the jaw that dropped the challenger on the seat of his white trunks. The 29-year-old Williams then fell backwards and for a moment it didnt look like he would beat the 10-count He struggled up at 10, however, and leaned back against the ropes as - Neumann wiped Williams gloves against his shirt and stared Into his eyes. .Are you OK? Neumann asked. Are you OK? There was no answer, and the referee signaled the fight was over. 8m TYSON Page C4 South Bend's Derek Lee slides into second base with a steal as Cedar Rapids' shortstop Jeff Branson tries to make the play. Sox win in bottom of ninth By CURT RALLO Tribune Sport Writer SOUTH BEND Manager Rick Pattersons South Bend White Sox may be fighting what appears to be a Chicken Pox epidemic, but there was nothing chicken about the way the Sox beat Cedar Rapids Friday night in Midwest League baseball action. South Bend used a 2-strike bunt and a stolen base in the bottom of the ninth to trigger a rally that gave the Sox a 3-2 triumph to thrill 3,341 fans at Coveleski Stadium. The Sox played without regular first 'jaseman Mark Chasey, who has the Chicken Pox. Sox pitcher Jose Ventura has displayed early symptoms of the Chicken Pox, and Sox shortstop Leo Tejada recently recovered from the illness. Nandi Cruz sparked the Sox charge in the ninth with a 2-out bunL He then stole second and reached third on a bunt by Jay Homacek. Kinnis Pledger and Greg Roth were intentionally walked to set up a possible double play, but Cesar Bernhardt scored Cruz with a sacrifice fly to deep left field. We threw the book out on that one, said Patterson. That was not a by the book game. This can be a very unpredictable club. Cruz, hitless in three at bats, caught the Reds off guard with his 2-strike bunt. I was kind of struggling with the bat, said Cruz. But I was confident if I put (a bunt) down it would work. I saw the third baseman playing toward the line so he would have to come in hard. The ball veered right so he would have had to made an outstanding play to get me. Bernhardt, South Bends RBI leader, leaped at the chance to get to the plate with the bases loaded. I said, uh-oh, nr mas; said Bernhardt I was ready. I knew their pitcher was coming in with a fastball because he throws hard. Sox starter Freddy Dabney pitched 7 innings. He gave up six hits, striking out nine and walking four. Dabney was tagged for two runs in the fourth and left with two out in the eighth and runners at first and second. Lee Johnson replaced Dabney to pitch to Benny 8m 8.B. SOX Pag C3 Watson challenges tournament leaders TROON, Scotland (AP) - Tom Watson, searching for some golfing history in the misty Scottish haze he loves so well, regained instead a touch of the magic that once was his alone. Im not the golfer I was in 1980, the 39-year-old Watson said Friday, but theres still a lot of that in me. There was enough left to produce a 8 a scrambly, spectacular effort similar to those of his glory years that lifted him to within two strokes of the second round lead in the 118th British Open. And it afforded him a glimpse of the goal hes seeking, a sixth British Open Championship to match the record set by Harry Vardon in 1914. It was a mixed grill, Watson said of the four-under-par effort over the tame and docile links of Royal Troon. There was some luck. There was some magic. I hit some bad shots. I hit some great shots, he said, then shrugged. It was a typical Tom Watson round. It included the luck and magic of a 69-foot sand shot that nestled into the cup for an eagle, along with a pair of 15-foot par-saving putts. Obviously, Im in a good position to win. It's a matter of doing it The desire is there; no question . about it, Watson said. His foremost obstacle at the moment is Wayne Grady, an Australian journeyman who has a history of second-place finishes, 26 of them in a globe- trotting career. Grady, who said he was playing conservative, trying not to take on too much of the golf course, saved a 67 and reached the tournament halfway point at 135, nine shots under par. . Watson, who once dominated the world game hot has won only once BRITISH OPEN in the last five years, was tied for second with Payne Stewart at 137. Stewart, runner-up in the 1985 British Open, closed up with a course- record 65, breaking the mark set by Sandy Lyle, Tom Purtzer and Bobby Clampett in 1982. Eduardo Romero of Argentina, David Feherty of Northern Ireland and first round leader Wayne Stephens of England were another stroke back at 138. Feherty advanced with a 67, Romero shot 70 and Stephens matched par 72 on the course that, for the second day in a row, was deprived of its natural defenses in the absence of winds off the Firth of Clyde and yielded some remarkably low scores. We played a very easy Troon today, Watson said of the gentle breezes and cool, misty drizzle. The golf course had no teeth in iL Former U.S. Open champ Scott Simpson, among others, took full advantage. He birdied half the holes he played in a round of 66. Simpson was tied at 139, four back, with Mark McCumber, Fred Couples, Steve Pate, Mark Cal-cavecchia, Australian Greg Norman and a pair of Englishmen, Derrick Cooper and Mark James. Lee Trevino could do no better than a 73 and was at 141. Masters champ Nick Faldo of England had another 71 and was at 142. U.S. Open champ Curtis Strange was at 144 after a 74. Three-time British Open winner Jack Nicklaus shot 71-145. While Watson and Stewart were 8CSHPagC5 J

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