The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1952
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 10, 1952 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN The New Cabinet — Commerce Boss Weeks Has Cabinet in Blood By NEA Sen-ice BOSTON <NEA>—Sinclair WeeKs, designated by President - elect Dwlght Eisenhower to be his Secretary of Commerce, has the cabinet i«i Ws blood. Also the Republican Party. His father, John Wlngate Weeks, was Secretary of War under President Warren Harding. Before that, he'd been mayor of Newton, Mass., a congressman, and for almost 25 Ayears a U. S. Senator. Sinclair Weeks «grew up in a tradition of public service. He went to Harvard, then entered the banking business, becoming assistant cashier of the First National Bank of Boston when he was 30. At that time, he branched out into &vo other fields—manufacturing and politics. In both, he prospered. His first political Job was as alderman of Newton, then mayor for five years. Meanwhile, he also had irogressed in the business world, and had become director of several firms, and the board chairman at one. Today, Weeks serves on nine Boards of directors, and chairmans n boards. ' In 1936, Weeks entered the Republican primary for the U. S. Senate. He was beaten in that race by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., who went on to win the election. One factor that helped Lodge beat his Democratic opponent was the energetic work of the chairman of the State Committee—Sinclair Weeks. "I forget a fight, 35 soon as it's over," Weeks says. That characteristic enabled him to campaign vigorously for the election of the man who beat him in the primary. When Lodge entered the Army, in 1944, Wce>is was appointed to his Senate seat, and was a senator for almost a year. • But it has been in behind-the- scenes Republican politics that She'll be happier with'this new HOOVER Here's the newest of the new Hoover Cleaners ... just in time for her Christmas. Many brand new features to make her cleaning easier... at a new low price, too. Terms your budget. Give her a Hoofer and you'give her the beat » Hubbard & Son Furniture Hubbard & Son I Furniture FAN OF FORTUNE - Mrs. William C. T. Gaynor coyly pecks from behind a fortune in gems, at the third annual Fan Ball In New York. More than hatf a million dollars' worth of diamond? dproratp the creation, Proceeds of ball went to Children's Memorial Cancel Fund. THE LITTLE PEOPLE'S CHRISTMAS WEESM AMD ViOOSti SO OAI . F THE cMi?lgtMAS PAR-TV.. . A Close Call BY WALT SCOTT ! toU NEARLY INTO A WOULDN'T MI&S IT FO!? ANYTVllS'S! LITTLE FOLKS OU6HT TO STAY ODT OF THIS PART OF THE VALLEY THERE'S TEARS AND UOIES. CWEf? BYTVIAT OLD OAK IS A REAL DEEP HOL6I 22' BUT WEMBLY SPRINGS WE TRAP WITH A LONG STICK THAT'LL KEEP SOME ANIMAL OUT OF TROUBLE! Everybody Wondering: Does Talking Horse's IQ Go Beyond the Natural Ex-Husband Gets Part of Susan Peters' Estate LOS ANGELES w»i' — The divorced husband of the late actress Susan Peters was left a portion of her estate. Her win. filed for probate Monday was written June 15, 1913.- five months belorc she and lilm "director Richard Q'.iine were married, and it was never changed, although they were divorced in 1948. She left all lier furniture to Quinc. •• The rest of the estate, personal property valued at $5.000, was left to. htr mother, the late Mrs. Abby .Carnahan. Miss Peters, 31, paralyzed in a hunting Accident Jan. I, 1345, died Oct. 23 at Vlsalla, Calif. RICHMOND, Va. «V-LRdy Wonden a horse- wilh a masterful degree . of horse sense, had people wondering today if her animal I. Q. goes beyond the natural. Sonic, including owner Claudia Fonda, profess lo believe there is a strange link .between Lady nnd the human mind to account for the Incredible things the horse is credited with doing. The so-called mind reading horse has been a fixture on the outskirts of Richmond for the past 25 years. Not on the order of a big hoop-la sideshow, Just a small stable bo- hind' Mrs. Fonda's modest house. There, at three questions for a dollar, Lady spells out answers on a board by, popping up tetters or numbers with her muzzle. The horse popped into new prominence when police credited it with providing the clue that led to the finding of the body of Danny Matson, a four-year-old Qulncy, Mass., child missing from his home for two years- Thnt's what attracted the rest of the nation and reprc scnted a departure from Lady's n] replies to questions on love and success that usually confront r, , Is there anything beyond the natural and understandable about the 23 year-old mure? Dr. J. B. Rhine, Duke University psychologist who hns experimented for years with what he calls "ex- tra-'ietisor.v perception," .said today lie wanted more evidence before concluding Lady has telepathic ability. "She is, however, an amazing animal," he said. Dr. Rhine and his wife investigated Lady in 1027 nnri 1928 when the horse was 3 or 4 years old. They asked a series of questions put to Lady in the presence ol Mrs. Fonda. Then In a first reporl :hey concluded the horse had some j :elcpnthlo ability and a followup; report that there was clear evi- ;icnce of signalling from Mrs. Fonda to 'the horse. He didn't withdraw the lirsi report, though. Whatever .signalling there may be jsn'L readily apparent to the noivpsycholodl&l. Associated Press Reporter Paul Duke popped a scries of fresh questions at Lndy, heard Mrs. Fonda repeat the questlon.s, received answers that bothered his credulity and came swny scratching his head in wonderment. Lady spelled out his name, his birthplace (Bethlehem, Pa.,) and then—In dollars and cents — gave the correct size of his salary. Mrs. Fonda Raid her people had never been connected In any way with show business and that sh« suspected Ihe horse she bought as a coll was a bit beyond the ordinary when it responded to her calls ocfore she made them, Dot?s Mrs. Fonda understand how Lady docs it? "No," she said. ''I've oft«n • wished I understood." The horse's part In the missing boy case had brought on a new flood of inquiries. Many from families of missing persons. And one, Mrs. Fonda said, cam« from an oil wildcatter who proposed that Lady guide his drilling for a cut of the profits If his well carries In. Rend Courier Newt Classified Ads, Ambassador Honored QUEBEC (*Pi — Laval University awarded honorary decrees of Doctors of Law Monday night tA U. S. Ambassador Stanley Woodward, and Canadian. Foreign Minister Lester B. Pearson, president of the United Nations General Assembly. A PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE EVERYTIME •OWL-SHAPED TUI Smooth and founded (or fart, tl»on wai Dratnt ItuH dry. DOUSLI-WALLS keep wo!«r hotl And ol«ct )%« porcelain SUPER.DUTY SAFETY WR1NCE* Duty Aluminum Wringer w[rh tc!f-«djuil- g preiiur» ond iwi owoy fop. IN any family where it is important 10 save hot wacer — important to save soap — important to save on repair hills — important to clothes really clean — here "is the washer that bring the f reatot joy. A peed Queen — the washer that U giving 2,000,000 women America's Fastest Washday! Prices sun it .. Others as Io\s as 99.95 Weeks has made his greatest name. He's been actiy? in Massachusetts Republican state and finance committees and the Republican National Committee since 1936. » • • He has a reputation as 'one of the party's top fund'raisers,'and was treasurer of the National Committee from 1941 to 1944. He's been the N 7 a- tlonal Commttteeman from Massachusetts since 1940. Weeks was one-of the first topflight- Republican leaders to desert. Sen. Robert Tart for Eisenhower. He even went so far, last-Spring as to suggest publicly that Taft quit the race for the GOP nomination "to save the country," Taft branded this suggestion as "ridicutous," and added that it was a shame Weeks "does not have the ability as a politician he has as a fund raiser." Weeks lives on fashionable Beacon Street tn Boston with Ms He has six children, three boys and three girls. PAY NEXT YEAR us precious. The loveliest gift value you can imagine Has I2K gold-filled cap and clip. Velvet-smooih octanium point. m APPLIANCE GIFTS That last Through the Years Corr*ct wa«r Itm.peraturt, agitation and brewing time controlledjuto- matiealty. Set hi Forget ill COFFEE/MASTER Your ossurone* of coffe* that's automatically good "Ironrite helped smooth out the kinks in my hack" Mr*. 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