The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 10, 1952
Page 10
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.. -rrr-nT^'.'-TS'.'S' BLTTHEVTLLB (AKK.V COUNTER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 10, 1958 \ Jimmy Karam Is Latest to Get ARKANSAS Into the Swim for Arkansas Job LITTLE ROCK (AP) The men who coached Little Rock Junior College to the unofficial national football championship in 1949 wants the University of Arkansas head coaching job. LIHIC4- Jimmy Koram. now Rock clothier, yesterday filcrt his application lo succeed Otis Douglas with Presidenf John Tyler Calriwcll of the university.- Karam talked twice with Caldwcl! here. Douglas resigned following a dls- mfll season of eight losses and only two victories, nnd Karam, who has s. weekly radio sports program, was one of his most consistent critics. This criticism also was directed at the university's athletic director, John Bain- hill. . 'Can Gel Along' ft Karam said yesterday, however, that hs felt that he and Barnhll! would have no trouble should he get the coaching Job. PapsOpenTough12-Game Cage Schedule Tomorrow Blythevillc Junior Hiffh School's Papooses open a tough 12-gamc basfcetball schedule tomorrow night when they journey to ManiJa along with the Chicks' B team to takfc on the Manila senior and junior teams. be 1 improved over last "There is no reason why the Jobs • of head coach and athletic director would have to conflict." he said. "If they see fit to retain John Barnhill. then that would, be all right wllh me," Karam's 1949 Little Rock team won 11 consecutive contests without a defeat, including iho Little Rose Bowl In Pasndenii, Cull!. Hid Trolllet One of the members of the. team was Quarterback Rnlnh Trolllctt, the RazorbacXs third-string signal caller last year, ajiri co-cnptaln of next year's aggregation. Star of the Junior College team was Halfback Harold, (Tiger! Waggoner, who later was a standout performer at Tulnne University and now Is playing professional ball. Three others. Guard Jtalo Forte. Center Mickey O'Qulmi, and End-Tackle Joe Ycary were selected on this year's All-Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference team Forte'and O'Quinn played at Henderson; Yenry at Southern State This will also be the first game of the season for the Bees who I this year are under the direction Coach Bill SUincil. The B team s composed of Chick reserve play•£. Tlve Paps this year hove the po- cntialilies of being one of the trongcsl junior loams fiver to :ome nut of Rlyiheville. Coach Harold Stockton has thrre nembers of Inst year's starting ivc back In the tolrt this year ind around these three players, Bobby Jones. Frcdd)e Akers and Charles Abbott, Coach Stockton ill 'construct his team. All Ninth Grnclcrs . All three hoys are ninth graders wllh two years of Junior high bas- Ketball experience. And Coach Stockton slated that he Ifns several newcomers nnd non- letter winners ol last year who have been looking good In practice sessions. He expects this year's team •, to year's, Tre .Paps hnve three open dates on their schedule which 'A ill he one of the toughest played by a junior hi^h team. The 12-game slate includes two games each with Whltehaven, Tenn,, ami Humes of Memphis and l\vo with Leachvilte and plggott. The schedule: Dec, 11 Manila 15 Humes 17 Whitciiaven 6 Pigcott 8 Armorc) 13 Dycss 16 WhltchAven 20 Open 22 Lc'achvllle 27 Le.ichvllle 29 Open 3 Open 5-6 Tvumrs 10 Rector 12 Manila Jan. Fob There Here There There Thrre There Here There Here LITTLE ROCK igi — u seemed flttlnz that Ihe Carntlcn Panthers won the state Class AA football championship. Their coach, Sam Coleman, Is, you know, the clean of Arkansas high school mentors— R quarter of a century at the same job.*" Camden's victory was a triumph for the few remaining proponents of wlngback football. The popular T is touted lorVits trickery; but it has nothing that will fool the defense more than a well executed double wing spinner play. Seixas' Victory Alters Cup Status His Upset of Sedgmon Astounded Aussies 'Editors Note; Gayle Tnlbot, Associated Press sports writer who is considered one of the real authorities on the game of tennis, is In Australia to cover the Davis Cup matches. This is hts flr-sl column from "down under," Remember the Jordan twins, CJlnrk and George, who starred at Fordyce High School and the University of Arkansas two decades ago as a passing, 'receiving nnd running combination? Well, George's \5-yeav-old son is work- In? hard to Rita in the same heights of gridiron glory. George Jr., is only a sophomore at Camden High. He already has earned the role of place-kicking specialist, and they tell H that the young halfback spends hours in his backyard passing a pigskin, using swinging tire as a-target. There Here Here Luxora W/ns Third Straight Cage Double LtJXORA—Luxora High School senior basketball teams won tliei third straight doiiMohcndcr of til season here Insl night os the downed ihc highly-touted Scml- noles. , In a mUd upset, the PanthrreUes downed Hie hlgrly-toiitccl Scml- nolettcs, - 47-33. In a game heralded HS an tiirii-^ vldiial contest between Luxorn's Fannie Lou Cockrell .and Osceola's Katie Mae Wat-son,' Cockrell poured more points through the hoop than the entire Osceoln team. The Panthers; used controlling height, experience and -speed to •thoroughly ">ut trie Se-mlnoles, Dyess Eagles Figure as Hottest Team in Mississippi County Now DYESS — The Dycss Eagles; defending District 3B chanyilons, have picked up right .where they left, off Inst, basketball season and right now they are the hottest thing In Mississippi County and possibly northern Arkansas, College fnoiball talent scouts are having B rough time in Arkansas this year. The reason, they say is thai so many ol the state's better high schoolers are juniors 64-34. Girls Game ros. . Oscrola ^K. Watson 18 A.'Watson 2 Wootcn 9 Peepers L6*e 2 Stephens Luxora Cockrell 3« Lewis 1 Wa liter 8 M. Clark 1 D. Clark Lee Substitutes: Luxora—L. Clnrk I, Metrimnrr, OsceolH '— DonnUon 2, "Wilson. Barnes. * Roys Game F P F G G Q The Eagles hnvc played seven" games to date ami won them fill but that's not the amazing point, The least number of points they have scored'in any of those seven games is 61. one game, their season opener against Inihoricn, the Eagles soared jiaal the "century mark scoring n 107-52 victory. Then they bent Mc- Cnrmick 1 08-30, Ucll 71-37 and Ty- ronzn 61-26 on •conseewUve dates, Ritjht now the Eagles arc Involved ' In their own Invitational totirnnmcn^ onri they are cxpeclcrt to hnvc little trouble In winning top honors. The big reason for the Eagles' early season succrs-ses, and he's a mighty big one, Is slx-fool-slx-lnch Wf.yne Lemons. Lemons, who possibly Is the most mp roved player In the county this year, has been burning up the nets Luxora Towles 11 ' Tucker 14 . Johnson 18 D. Tate 9 Stovall 1 Substitutes: ros P P c a G Luxora Osceola. Hollabaugh 8 Dados 5 Rose -I Burch 13 • Lind.sey 3 Sullins, Gentry 4, White 12. Hollinger 2, Thweatt, R. Tate 13; Osceola—De- fipaln, Ewell, Phillips '1. Non-Ploying Captain Homed BLOOM1NGTON. Ind. fyn— Indl- n University's football squad last night picked a 1Q55 captain \vh.o didn't play a game this tall—defensive left, end Robert Inscrra ol Monon&nheln, Pa. He was a regular Sn 1950 and 1951 but wns benched Itil.s year by a preseason injury. Dyess 1 'early season games. In one game, against McCortnick, he pushed 59 points through the "net. Bui Lemons Is not the whole show. Coach Tom Parks has plenty of talent to go with his bJR boy. All of which makes the Eagles the team to watch in District Three again this year. The remainder of Dye.=s' schedule: Dec. 16 Koiser Here 17 Lepanto There - 30 Ddl , Here Jan. 2 Onk Grove Here fi Tyronza There B-10 Henderson Invitational tourney 13 Luxor a There Iti Shawnee ! There 20 Wilson Here 23 Lcpanto Here 2| : McCorm!ck There 30 -Keiser There Feb. 3 Wilson There fi Luxora Here 10 Open ]3 Imboden Here flection of Ralph Troillett 1953 co-captain of the Arkansas Razorhacks debunks the oft-repeat- ert report that the Porkers wouldn' play for the former Little Rock JC quarterback. Ol course, Ralph stil has a tough Job ahead beating Lamer McHan out of the starting assignment. — unless big Mac 1 shifted to halfback or fullback, a distinct possibility. The. oilier co-L-aplaln-elect, Tackli Jim Sperring of Harrisburg, Pn. extends to five in a row the year; in which the Razorbacks hav chosen a leader from out-of-state There were Alvin Duke from Okln honrm In '49, George Eckert fror Tennessee in '50. Pat Summera' from Florida in '51 and Den Pryor from Kansas in '52. By GAYLE TALBOT SYDNEY, Australia 'vf^-The entire Davis Cup picture has taken on a ddcldedly different hue since Vic Selxes' resounding victories over both Ken McGregor and Frank Sedgman in Ihe Victorian Championships at Melbourne. Members ol the American te LC)tiding Selxas, were brimming 'fth confidence as they got to ether for the first time today in lengthy practice "Session at the v"hite City courts here. Good Chance They now consider they have a inch better than even chance efeating the Aussies in the Chal enge Round at Adelaide the em f this month. The Australians on the other hand, appear to ha; wakened suddenly to the realiza ton that they will have a flgh •n their hvtnds to retain the trophy One of tills country's leading ten nls figures told us today he fcare he worst had happened and tna )oth Sedgman and McGregor developing t h e "money lumps." To Turn Pro This Is a. malady which afflicts ieariing amateur players between :he lime they decide to lurn pro and Ihe official announcements of their intentions. Aussie officials are resigned" to losing both their ;op men to promoter Jack Kramer immediately after Ihe Challenge round. While the two Aussies are being subjected to this form of torture, the Americans are carefree as angels. Seixns has maintained ever since his appointment as playing captain that we have a 50-50 chance of winning the cup. Now he has been joined by a husky young s a i lor n amed Tony Trahert, who is so Jubilant nt being out of uniform for a month that he almost feels he could win the thing single- handed. BURDKTTE'S PIRATES — With an early season 0-1 record, Burciette's Pirates of- Coach J. B. Hawkins are pictured above. They are (first row, Irom the left) J. W. Gore, Donald Quails, Hgrold 'Quails, Aubrey Riftherford,; Bengy Higglns; (back row) coach Hawkins, Dp vis Johnson, James Payne, Bill Treece, ^Bill Garner, Russell Eubanks and '•'Rolph Long. (Courier News Photo) NCA Rules Have Soofiers Ready To Fight for Big Time Teams NORMAN, Okla., (AP) — The Oklaho ma Sooners, caught in a squeeze between big- time football competition and the de-emphasis trend, looked today for a way to escape a North Central Association ban on subsidizing athletes. The screening committee of tans set up -recently to help In the search for n - new University football coach is not a new idea. The same sort of an nrrnngcmcnt wns used when John BarnhlH was selected seven years ngo. While this committee cannot officially hire a conch, the Board of Trustees, which can, will turn an attentive ear to its* Cage Scores ' By The Associated Press Connecticut 76 Yale 68 Holy Cross 16 Mass W Wake Forest 51 N. C. State 60 Duke 91 Wash-Lee 80 West Virginia M George Wnshim- ton 83 Central (Mo> 68 Wnrclisburg (Mo) Missouri Valley 61 Rockhurst 4-1 Southwestern (Knsi 66 College of Emporia 59 Indiana State 61 DePau'A' 58 - Nebroska Wesleyan 53 Maryvillc; Hcnrtrix Kt Millsnps 1 Malone, Welch Lone Eagle Win Edrite Mfilone, Lester Welch and Chief Lone Eaple won tn straight fall? over Loo NV'Vnmn, Dill Canny nnd the Dark Secret In the American Lepion's wrestling show. Welch tied NVwmnn to the ropes with fl towel while Mnlone and Lone | Ea^le joiiTcri him In Tforkins over ! Cnnnv and the Socrct to tnkc thfi i flnnl fall. i Welch. I^onc Eaale and Canny heat j the Secret. Newman ixnrt Mnlone in j the one-fail prpliinlnarics. Drew to Get New Contract BIRMINGHAM (3») —Post-Herald Sports Editor Naylor Stone Fays HnroM Rod Drew \vlJl receive a new two-year contract today as Alabama head football conch. Stone predicted in a story in today's edition that Drew would be Four of the live starters on Fayetteville's great basketball team of last year now are freshmen at the U. of A.,.Ray Barnes, Bass Tnimbo,.ruiss McConnell and Richard Crudup...BLib where • are tiie Pine Bluff seniors who beat .Favettevillc in the finals of the Class A tournament? No^ ftt Arkansas. Armorel Nips Dell in 43-41 Cage Thriller D£LL>r-In a nip and tuck battle,' Armorers cager.s came off with a 43-41 victory over Dell's Blue Devils here last night. Bracishaw, rangey Armorel cen- er, poured 17 points through to lead the winners, while Perkins with .4 WM high for Dell. The girls contest saw a one sided. 59-8 victory for Dell \vith Johnston pouring through 31 points. Armorel did not get a field goal and was led by F. Dyer with three. Boys (lame Jim Martin on many accolades at Notre Dame as an end but now Is an offensive guard for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League. given "a respectable ratee in pay." Drew had been mentioned in speculation as a candidate for the coaching vacancy at the University of Ar- Reports on the campus hart, them ready to: 1. Bolt (he Big Seven Conference. 2. Join the Southwest Conference. 3. Affiliate with another accrediting agency besides North Central. To which University officials replied., In essence : g poppycock. The ban on subsidization, the heart of big football and oiher sports programs, touched oil the latest in a series of athletics crises in Soonerland. ~ Others, Too But if It was any consolation, Coach Bud Wilkinson, could point out dozens of other colleges are in the same boat—namely, members of the Big Seven, Missouri Valley, Skyline and Bis? Ten con ferences, AH arc accredited by North Central, whose recognition no institution regards lightly. Withdrawing from the Big Seven, a report heard daily in these parts', was seen as a means of circumventing the North Central rule. Entering the Southwest Conference, also perennial sports scuttlebutt, \vas held out as the way to escape the Big Seven bowl ban—and the subsidization restriction. Except for Arkansas, Southwest loop members are Affiliated with a soulhern accrediting agency which permits subsidization, and which observers suggested the : Sooners ! could join. Predicts Bolt In the Dallas Times Herald. Sports Editor Jere Hayes flatly stated the Sooners would bolt the" Big Seven by February—regardless of other developments. ; But Dr. George L. Cross, Oklahoma president, said the real issue is what the new North Central rules are goAng to mean, "If we went into the Southwest Conference we would be the kicking boy; we'd get beaten every time so long as we were bound by North Central rules," he said. And he declared Oklahoma would continue in the North Central group regardless of athletic affiliation. "There's nothing we can do," said Wilkinson. "~We'lI just hava to wait for the conference to confer with North Central." Armorel Ashmore 1 .. Dyer 6 .. Bradsha\v 17 Carmon J .. Dixon u .... Substitutes: Davey-Priiden Bout Tonight CLEVELAND W| — Chuck Davey, one of the slickest, fighters ever to come of a college campus, puts his fistic power on display again tonight in a nationally televised bout \vith veteran Fritzie Pruden. Although Dave;- is a top-heavy favorite, a sellout crowd of 13,000 is forecast for the 10-round contest on the Cleveland News toyshop fund show. A southpaw who moves about continuously, 26-year-old Davey expects to get a title bout early next year with Welterweight Champion KM Gavilan. The fight probably will take place In Chicago In February. Leading Jockey Continues Pace MIAMI ,Pla. WV-Tony De Splrito, the nation's lending Jockey with 369 \vlntiers, continued hts one-a-day pace at Tropical Park yesterday by booting home Colonel Zeder In the ninth and final race. De Spirito had 'ridden five win-, ners In five days at Tropical Park In his drive to break the American recqrd of 388 winners a year. • The riding record of 388 was set by Walter Miller In 19C6 and. equal- led by Joe Culmbne and Willie Shoemaker In 1950. F. J. (Red) Baker, who rode Jtm Dandy to an upset victory over Gallant fox in the 1030 Traveri Stakes, Is now »B trainer. Armorel tx>tt 1 Jones 2 •Dyer F. Dyer 3 Webb ! Odom 1 Substitutes: Cranford. Pos. Dell . F PerMns 14 . P Shelton . c. , Mooney 5 . O. ... Chandler 1 . G. Johnston 1 Dell—Stanley 7. Girls Game Pos. Dell F. ... Johnston 31 F Whistle 12 ... F Blair 10 ... G. ......'. Gairett ... O • Holmes .... O Tate Dell — Hampton 6, (Mo) 49 Ft. Hays (Kas> stnte B8 Bethany (Kasl 52 Baker (Kasl 74 William Jewell S3 College of Oz.irks 77 Ouachitrt 65 Arkansas Stato Tchrs 7G Little Rock JC 48 Washington St^te fil Whitman M Seattle 107 St. Mnrtins <'Wnsh> 53 Portlfind 68 Orrpon vSratp 63 Coming Soon! 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