Arizona Daily Sun from Flagstaff, Arizona on October 1, 1951 · 2
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Arizona Daily Sun from Flagstaff, Arizona · 2

Flagstaff, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1951
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WINSLOW JjEADS IN LIGHTING . . . ( , Last weekend the people of Winslow gathered at their city hall for ceremonies marking the official lighting of 48 new street lights. Mayor F. C. Whipple and members of the city street committee plus' Chamber of Commerce officials took part in the ceremonies. 1 Winslows front street is now, beyond any question, the best lighted street in any northern Arizona community. The lights are of a new type, about six times brighter than the old ones they replace. Those who know about such things say they are of 6.000 lumen or candle power, whatever that is. The project didnt cost the city of Winslow anything. The city simply pays for electricity used. Seems to us Flagstaff, Holbrook and Williams might look into this matter, and see if they cant follow suit. Pqjiaps the city and town councils of these other communities should take a trip over to Winslow some evening and take a look. Winslow has good rqason to be proud of this real step forward. You dont think Id be aa bail at Mr. Taft, do you? Winn ton Churchill, on being told he uoitid probably be a Midwest Republican if he were an American. HOW MUCH IS $71.6 BILLION . . . Federal Budget outlays for the current fiscal year ending next June total $71.6 billion. For the fiscal year following, the estimate is $87.3 billion. By June 30, 1933, the Federal government will have spent about $402 billion since the end of World War II, This amount exceeds by $88 billion the total spent during that war, and exceeds by $235 billion total Federal expenditures for all years from 1789 through 1910. In 1929 Federal expenditures were two thirds of the total income payments to inhabitants of California. In 1938, Federal expenditures were equal to the income payments of 11 Pacific and Mountain states including Arizona. For the current fiscal year, it is estimated that Federal expenditures will take the equivalent of the aggregate income payments of the Pacify: and Mountain states and, in addition Nortji Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, and nearly three fourths of Missouri. If total state and local tax expenditures are added, the area would be extended to include the remaining portion of Missouri, plus Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and two thirds of Georgia. A married man with an income of $2,500 works 22 days a year for Uncle Sam. If he earns $3000, he works 34 days; one with $10,000, 43 days, and one with $50,000, 87 days. Seventy one thousand million dollars is a lot of dollars! ARIZONA DATLYSUFi Published every evening, except Saturday and Sunday, in Flagstaff. Coconino County, Arizona, by the Coconino Sun Company, W. J. McCiifin, President. Paul F. Jaeger, Publisher Platt Cline I. Editor Veronica Steele Soc. Ed Bob Shirley Sport Ed. Billie Yost - Comptroller J. V. Runzo Adv. Dir. C. L. Shartzer . Alan Kinvig L. H. Roger Local Adv. Mgr . Circulation Mgr. Mech. Supt. Any error eou reflection upon the tending, character or reputation of any person, firm or corporation, which may appear In the columns of the Arizona Daily Sun will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to the attention of tne management. SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Including Tax) By Carrier One year 113.00 One Week .25 By Had One Year Six Month Three Months . One Month AD Subscription payable In advance. Entered a second elas matter Aagurt 6, 19, at the Port Offic at Flagstaff, Arizona, tfca Act of lUrch X. U7V. I. F" IS FOR FREEDOM-Carrying freedoms message to Germans behind the Iron Curtain are pamphlet-hauling balloons like this one being prepared for launching by West Berlin youths. The letter "F" is the anti-Communist sign for freedom. A fuse attached to the cardboard container causes it to explode and release leaflets over the Soviet sector of Berlin. (NEA-Acme photo by Staff f Photogrpaher Ernst Lechner.) n COCONINO (Continued from Page 1) Mrs. Lila Kielhorn, Williams; Pin-oche, first Mildred Judd, Fredonia, second Mrs. Ruth Cureton, Williams. Canned apples, first Mrs. Tom Bellwood, Sedona, second Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff, th i r d Georgia Etter, Sedona; Applesauce, first Mrs. John Brooksby, Fredonia, second Ivis Farr, Fre-dor'a; Apricots, first Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff, second Georgia Ettpr, Sedona, thiid Ivis Farr, Fredonia. Blackberries, first Georgia Etter, Sedona; Pie cherries, second Ivis Farr, Fredonia: Sweet cherries, first Georgia Etter, Sedona, second Mrs. Tom Bellwood, Se-dnna, third Georgia Etter, Sedona; Figs, first Georgia Etter, Sedona; Grapes, first Mrs. Tom Bellwood, Sedona; Peach (halves), first Ivis Farr, Fredonia, second Georgia Etter, Sedona, second Mrs. John Brooksby, Fredonia. Peacb (sliced), first Georgia Etter, Sedona, second Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff ; Pears (halves), first Ivis Farr, Fredonia, second Mrs. Jack Rogers, Tuba City, third Georgia Etter, Sedona; Pears (salad), second Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff; Plums, second Mrs. John Brooksby, Fredonia, thiid Veda Brooksby, Fredonia. Rlubab, secord Georgia Etter, Sedona; Raspberries, first Georgia rtter, Sedona; Plum Juice, second Ivis Farr, Fredonia; Grape, loi-c, first Mrs. Tom. Bellwood, Sedona; Tomqto Juice, first Mrs. Trm Bellwood, Sedona, second Ivis Farr, Fredonia. Asn-ngiS, first Mrs. John Brook -bv, Fredonia; String Beans, fiis I:s F Fredonia, second Laura Rowland, Flagstaff, third Mrs. E. Sansom, Flagstaff; Pinto Beans, third Mrs. E. Sansom, Flags'aff; Carrots, second Mrs. Jack Rogers, Tuba City; Corn, first Mrs. Myron Brown, Fredonia; Tomatoes (whole), first Mis. D. K. Robe is, Sedona. Apieot Jam, first Mrs. Fred Mann ng. Flagstaff; Blackberry Jam, frst Mrs. Georgia Etter, Sedona; Greno Jam, second Georgia Etter, Sedona; third Mr?. Myron Brown. Fredonia; Peach Jam, firs Georgia Etter, Sedona; second Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff. Pear (honey), second Mrs. Myron Brown, Fredonia, Plum Jam, second Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff; Strawberry Jam. first Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff, second Mrs. F. Manning, Flagstaff, third Georga Etter, Sedona; Apple Jelly, first n. Georgia Etter, Sedona; Blackberry x ,, , Jellv, first Georgia Etter. Sedona; i,.j t Dti i I third Mrs. Tom Bellwood, Sedona; Crabapple Jelly, first Mrs. John Coonev. Flagstaff: Grape Jelly, first Mrs. Tom Bellwood, Flagstaff; second Laura Rowland, Flagstaff. Plum Jelly, f ret Mr. Belle Reed, William; third Airs. Tom Bellwood. Sedona; Chili Sauce, first Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff: Chow-Chow, first, Mrs. Harry ONeil, Williams, second Airs. Jack Rogers, Tuba City; Cucumber pickles (sweet), first Ivis Farr, Fredonia. second Air. Alyron Brown, Fredonia, third Mrs. Jack R 'gers. Tuba City. Dill Pickles, first Mrs. Alyron Brown, Fredonia, second Ivis Farr, Fredonia. third Airs. Jack Rogers, Tuba City; Alustanl Pickles, second Iris Farr, Fredonia; Mixed Pieklee, Bret Ella Inman, Flagstaff; his Farr, Fredonia; Spiced apples, second Mrs. Fred Alan-mng, Flagriaff; Spiced Peaches, first Mrs. Ted Babbitt, Flagstaff, second Airs. Fred Alanning, Flagstaff, third Airs. EL Shelton, Fredonia. Bread and Butter Tickles, First Reed, William, sec 910.00 6-WjAIra. Belle 3.00 j ond Mrs. Alyron Brown, Fredonia. 1-00 third Georgia Etter, Sedona; Stuffed Pickled popper, first Ella Inman, Flagstaff; Catsup, first Georgia Etter, Sedona; Chicken (boned). First Air. Fred Alanning, Flagstaff) Assortment of 3 package fruit, Firrt A. C. Lloyd, Sedona; record Airs. Tom Beil- wood, Sedona, third Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff. Assortment of 3 packages vegetables, first Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff, second Georgia Etter, Sedona, third Mrs. A. C. Lloyd. Sedona; Packaged ppultry fryer, first Mrs. E. BuriHis, Flagstaff, sacond Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff) Packaged fish, third Mrs. Tom Bellwood, Sedona. Packaged roast, first Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff, second Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff ; Packaged steaks, first Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff,' second Mrs. E. Burrus, -flagstaff; Packaged fioz-en cake, first Georgia Etter, Sedona; Packaged frfizen pie, first Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff, second Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff; Packaged frozen rolls, first Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff; Packaged frozen (dinner) rolls, first Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff, second Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff; Homemade soap (3 bars), first Mrs. E. Burru3, Flagstaff; Eggs (brown 1 doz.), first Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff, second Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff. Eggs (white 1 doz.), first Ruth Cureton, Williams, second Georgia Etter, Sedona; Butter (homemade) first Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff, second Ruth Cureton, Williams; Sweepstakes, first Georgia Etter, Sedona; second Mrs. Fred Manning, Flagstaff; third Mrs. E. Burrus, Flagstaff. ART DEPARTMFNT Ceramics, first, Velma S. Halt; second, Mrs. Bill Fisnback, Sedona; third, A. Brandmeyer, Sedona; Miscellaneous, first, Aba-gail Admire; second, Ward Moore; third. Virginia Brandmeyer; Black and White or Colored Print, first, Gene Etter; second, Nancy Shuck. Watercolor, first, Lea Pelletier; second, Viola Babbitt; third, Mrs. Helen Householder; Misc. Tinted Photos, first, Therese Fronske; second, Carl Squires; third, Elmer Hubbard; Landscape Poitrait and Figure, first, Elmer Hubbard; second, Fred Harris. Oil Landscape, first, Ernestine May; second, Viola Babbitt; third, Betty Barnett; Merit, Mrs. O'Neil, George Outie, C. R. Pyne; Stiil Life, first, Viola Babbitt; second, Betty Barnett. Portrait or Figure, first, Lewis Numrena Jr.; second, Marte M. Herman; third, Ruth Gregory; Colored Slides, first, Homer Hastings; second, Elsie Spangle; third George McCullough. Huge Herd Tolal number pf mountain sheep, or Bighorns, now ranging in the . , , . , national forest of the Lmtcd, ... . . , .. . , i States, ha been estimated at more than 12,000. Time-Saving 1 Hr., 15 Min. 3 Hours RESERVATIONS: CcH 907 Fnotima ninunns tm OtT QUI ! JL ARIZONA DAILY SUN Flagstaff, Arizona A Monday, Oct. 1 1951 . PATHWAYS of Old Memories (From fbe Fden of The SUN I (Ten Years Ago) The semi-annual picnic of the Verde Valley Pioneer association will be held Sunday at the Bill Back ranch on Beaver creek, according to an announcement this week by association officials. A man known 'here fls Colin Derk Allen, who operated a neon sign business here for a few weeks, has been indicated for embezzlement of $106,716 from a fraternal insurance group, according to dispatches from Chicago. J. C. Dolan left Monday for Phoenix to spend several days on business. (Twenty Years Ago) . Twenty-one gallons of whiskey and two stills captured in a raid Aug. 12 were destroyed bv City Marshall Bob Mathe yesterday. Vari-colored walls of the Grand Canyon will be the setting of the movie production The Rainbow Trail to be filmed soon by the Fox Film company, it has been learned here. Jack O'Connor of the college fac-ulty and Mrs. OConnor will motor to Albuquerque today, returning Sunday. (Thirty Years Ago) C. R. Cooley of Holbrook was a Flagstaff visitor the past week. Herbert Babbitt spent Tuesday in Winslow. Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Wilson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrss. Ira Hart on the latters ranch. Dad Thornton was in from his road camp on the Winslow road Monday and Bays there is little wonder that roads will not stand up longer than they do, for on one day he counted 161 cars going over the road be tween here and Winslow and on the following days they ran over a hundred each day. Verde District Hews By BLANCHE E. RAYLE Mr. Ludwig of the Ludwig stu dio in Prescott took pictures of the seniors of Mingus High school Wednesday. Albert Rodriquez, who waB the delegate from Clarkdale High school to Boys State in Flagstaff last June, was elected president of the senior class of Mingus High school. Other officers chosen are vice president, Paul Yates, jr.. Patricia McArthur, secretary, and Gilbert Morales, treasurer. Mr. Clirton Wager is the sponsor. Sandra Schwartz, a junior in Mingus High school, drives ,c round trip of 48 miles dait). $h makes the trip in a Chevrolet Ctifi-vertible. Her home is at Clover-leaf ranch near Camp Verde. At a meeting of the Girls Athletic Association of Mingus High, Alice Smith was elected president; Sue Hunter, the Veep; Sarah Martinez, secretary, and Bertha Barnett, treasurer. The Mingus High junior class is piloted by Donna Godac this year. Serving with her are Max Wagpr. vice president; Marilyn Thornton, secretary, and Cecil Nelson, treasurer. Miss Ida Ojeda is the faculty adviser. Sophomore class officers at Mingus are Gloria Gerola, president; Janice Garbutt, vice president; Gertrude Sholtz, secretary; Robert Ybarra, treasurer. Their sponsor is Mss Alice Watson. Th Mingus frosh elected Marion Beck, president; Carritk Mas-terson, vice president; La Nolle Harris, secretary; T. J. Griffin, treasurer. Mis Geraldine Thomas sponsors them. Fred Pinson, son of 51". and Mrs. Don Pinson sr. of Clarkdale, underwent surgery Saturday at the Marcus J. Lawrence Memorial for the removal of a growth in a gland in the neck. Vatch Repairing 4 to 5 Day Service cn General Repair Work HAGERS JEWELRY 15 N. Leroux Ph. 125 Flights in Slljf alt 'c &&$ INSIDE AN ATOMIC PLANE . . (HOW IT MIGHT LOOK) - This phantom sketch shows how the world's first atomic-powered plane might be built. It would be a giant that would dwarf the B-36. Wide, thin wings that permit great speeds will probably requlitf flying-boat hull. uge size is necessary to accommodate tne very heavy engine. The worlds first atomic-P 1 i lane, ordered by the U. S. Air Force, Is nv taking shape on the drawing boards t Cnulidated Vultee Aircraft, Fort Worth, Tex. Flight-testing is not expected until 1955-56. (Sketch coDvrieht. 1951. by Pooular Science Monthly, from NEA-Acme.) Cell Bids To Pave Kingman-Topock Route State Highway Engineer Cv Perkins estimates that 18 more miles of Highway 66 between To-pock and Kingman will be paved and ready for use by next fall. Only fojur miles will be left unpaved, he said. Bids on the 18-mile stretch will be opened at Phoenix Oct. 16. The work includes reshaping, and extends east from Topock. The next major step is construction of the Yucca rail overpass. Ten miles of new surfacing has already been completed on the King-man end. The route will replace the substandard Oatman hill sector of 66. Efts To Entertain District Official Tuesday evening members of Flagstaff Lodge No. 499, B.P.O. Elks, will meet forjnitiation and the official visit of district deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Harry E. Termite Williams at 8 p.m. at the Odd Fellows hall. f. k At Vh.rTigbday Eh Elks will serf; a at Miguels honoring local newspapermen in connection with National -Newspaper week. Grasshoppers Cover Area Near Seligman (By the SUNs Own Service) SELIGMAN Grasshoppers are covering a 70,000 acre area between here and Walnut Creek. Yavapai county Agent Alvin Allen said that the state entomologist made a trip up here to investigate the report and said that the hoppers were doing serious damage. He said the infestation is very serious, and that they counted as many as many as 26 hoppers to the square yard. He said the hoppers include practically every known type. He said the area will be sprayed from a plane as soon as the egg-laying stage is over and the hoppers start feeding again. First Cellophane First sheet of cellophane produced commercially in the United States was made on a casting machine at "Niagara Falls, N.Y. in 1924. , There is only one cable between the U. S. and Asia. NEW TASTEE FREEZ STORE AT College (Across From College on Humphrey) Seligman Hews Father Schwartz made a business trip to Flagstaff Wednesday. He was accompanied by Gilbert Martinez. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bauer accompanied by Mrs. Juan Rincon made a business trip to Williams Thursday. ... Joe Locqiear, Santa Fe officer for about six years at Seligman, left Thursday for Boise, Idaho, where he and his family plan to make their home. Mrs. Locklear has been there several weeks. Joe was surprised with a farewell party , Thursday night at which time IriQ was presented with two nice farewell gifts. Hosts at the party were Mrs. Jack Bauer and Herman Polk, both Santa Fe employees. Attendtd ing were many of the Santa Fe employees. Joe will be missed by his many friends. The Seligman theater closed its doors last Sunday. Mrs. Cora Bauer of Logansport, Ind., arrived recently to visit with the Jack Bauers of Seligman. Mrs. Bauer is Jacks mother. Roy Sehucking and A1 Alorse spent several days this week fishing at Lake Mead. A very successful Jamaica was reported by the St. Ann church of Ash Fork and St Francis church of Seligman. Many friends from , Winslow, Flagstaff, Williams Prescott, Jerome, Kingman together with the Seligman and Ash Fork people helped achieve this success. The Jamaica was held at the Ash Fork gym. Inn i i

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