The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1950
Page 11
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TUKSDAY; MARCH 28, 1950 • BLITHE VILLii (AUK.)" COUIUER NEWS PACE BLETCM OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ID LIKE A err MORE COLOR N THE PICTURE- WOULD YOU MIMD PUTTINSTHIS YELLOW SLICKER ON YOUR SADDLE AKJP A SLICKER? WHUT PER? ITAIMTGCfOMA RAIN HERE FER SIX MONTHS—AM' THERE AIN'T EWCXJ6H DUST IM THESE FOOTHILLS THEM FELLERS HAVE BEENADPIN STUFF TO A COWBOYS OUTFIT SO THEY LOCX LIKE THE/ COULDN'T PICK. UP A ROCK TO POUMDA STAPLE j DOUGH AM* *U CAtfT HOCl< TUB MAGH<\ CARTA/ vW rtar HOOK UP WITH * A POP'LAB SPORT ?-«— RASSLERS ARE TH' MODERN CRUSftTJERS—THEY DO THIS REP BAMPAWMA ARObMD-A3UR, U.S Marine Private W. A. Lcnvltt once field-stripped and reassembled a machine guft in 27 seconds while blindfolded. By Rupert Hughes Copyright 1950 by Ruptrt HughM Disr. by NEA SERVICE, INC. ime. While half of his mind was sor- T1IH STOIlYi Thr wrtilfhr Wendell i'tilmrr luis been fnhiid tl*nd In UK lll-r.iry. Ms »lmll biillercd l»y n desk rc rt l lil* d n U|;li i er'x Hn n lie, I fa « .Urmily, fur 1h« mur- hfirt umiU j.i J over her and the miseries of a cruel world, the other halt of lis mind, instead of puzzling'over tie j. Purlhtfrmiire, 1'ul- [irevrntriJ I'aul tmva bc- rticU to do a Ncul[i lured ueiT liuHJIriK. A short d lo the 1'nlrner hunie .fur * n\\n \\U Ii A *:iH-.-i»* Cnthti unil nrtllcc d.-lecllrp Jam?* Stiver* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB AI Home , EE How'i you* wakS running == ~ .1* doyil ll'i noil Well, = ^E havi our «xpeit rtpairmon = JH p u» ll Tn A-l (ondillon. ^ ==3 Prompt, efficient leaionnble = wrvTc*. ~~ H HE ITU; Wet\ Ilreifus . . . Wear Iliiinuinili EASTER FLOWKRS BLYTIIEVILLB FLOWER MART Memphis IIIwar Plionc G002 ft JTARTIN QUERIPEL looked liki that man who does not exist —the average man. lie was Ihe average man, in fact. He was neither tall nor short, nor fat nor lean, nor dark nor light. No feature of his face was unusual or prominent As a detective, he needed ; no disguise, since there was nothing about him to catch or to hold the attention, much the memory, What Qucripel liked best was a case in which he could prevent a crime, before it was committed Unraveling mysteries and follow-! ing the footsteps of hit-and-run killers bored him. He had heard only the first few words from Azalea Palmer wlien Ihe decided that the,case was not !for him. The" crime whs done. |The logical candidate for the honors was in jail. ] His heart ached for the poor . IHtle rich girl whose wealth and beauty had brought her such woes, but there \vt\s nothing he could do about itifurther than to be as kind as he cctild and ease her out of his oflice inlo the care of her ; friends and the help of all-healing uzzling over the color of the girl's eyes. That was the only mystery 'ie saw before him. Of course, the fact that Azalea Palmer was almost blinded wit) .ears confused him, but he wa :empted to decide that the colo of her eyes was all colors. As th ;cm-cutter splits the white Ugh of the diamond into facets tha flash forth liny rainbows; Queripel decided that Azate Palmer's eyes were of all colors iridescent, gleaming with a shut lling light. If only diamonds caul be tender and piliful! ff only diamonds could wecpl Anyway, her eyes were diamond's dripping with ruin. Being the daughter oE the immensely wealthy Wendell Palmer, she had been used to giving orders to servants. She had been used lo being gracious about it, but she wns giving orders now to Queripel, of all people. those got to save Paul from fiends who arrested him merely because Ihey found his fingerprints everywhere. I suppose you still think I'm horrible for defending the murderer of my father. They say I couldn't have loved my father. But I did! I do! Thai's why I want you to find the real murderer and release the innocent man I love. You've got lo! You've got lo! Or I'll—I'll kill you!" He had to smile n HUle at [hat; but with deep sympathy. For Qucripel know, all ton well, what sufferings criminals inflict on the devoted souls who waste on them undeserved and ill-requited love, Queripel often said: SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cuslom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2B51 Chamin Sales Co. • Sales & Service O "Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. MIES'& N1ES (AH Types E*ccpl Cancer) Clinic 511 Main, niylhcrllle. ArX- Complete Auto & Interior Work DITCH BANK LEVELING S. J,C0J LYNCH Bl Have Your Seat Covers Tailored Right on the Seats — To assure a Perfect Fit! Door panels covered to suit your laste. Have thai torn and dirty head lining replaced with a new one in original material. All work designed to bring out the beiiuly in your car. We also upholster any type furniture. Phone 8419 for free estimates. SMITH MATTRESS CO. Phone 4819 Blytheville Air Base "Free Pickup & Delivery" You srNvty DiDNT XI OUST -IKLLTWOSE GIRLS 1 TO, HO! I'D PITCH/ MERE £M TO BE A DIGNIFIED MARRIED WOMAM AND — So &RONC 'NEH- TUP OUT ID BE Mow COULD 1 TEFACU \ CSIGH) THEM SOFTBALL, WHCN f MOWGOl • - - / ™ £ Y HELP MOONING AT ME? /"THEMSELVES, YOU BIG- START , —I'LL--/ HOW COPS. 1MO BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M, flEQ. U. 3. PAT. Off. "This H-bomb can wipe out our cities and kill millions— but I see my time is up, so until tomorrow a pleasant day to you aH!" PRISCILLA'S POI BY AL VEHMEEH BE CAREFUL, CARLVLE1 A CAR MIGHT BE COMING! WHAT A SWEET UTTLE. eiRU! YOU'D HATE TO SEE ANYTHING HAPPEN TO YOUR BROTHER, WOULDH'T ALWAYS LOOK UP AMD DOWN BEFORE VOL) CROSS THE STREET I'LL SAY! HE'S CARRYING THE ICE CREAM! BY MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK MRS. SAVBROOK'S DECIDED TO PAY THE RANSOM, VIC. SHE'S TELEPHONING HER BANK ABOUT _ . IT NOW. AH,THERE, MISS SWEDEN.' YES,MR.YTM SMITH 9 ; IF I. OF RARAOISE PEAKS, COULD A FAUOROFYOtl... THANKS An AWFUL LOT FOR SITTING IN FOR ME, MR. ISCROBE. AND NOW .TO PUT AWAY AW FAVORITE "STRAUSS WAUlV If WAS A PLEASURE, MISS WINTERS. BY LESLIE TURNER WE HE JUST /VEAH? WELL.WEDOHT APMIEIUO THEUIKE FOIKS IM HER6.snR»W SCEWEE.V UP UP TH' COWS, SEE ? BUT I'M. SURE VD1) WONT MIND US LOOKIW3 AT THIS flANf WRECKAGE AIN'T VOU TH' HLLV WHO WAS SMODPIN' »ROUMD LAST FALL WHEM WE WA3 GOWEf WHAT'fJB VOU OH. OH.... THftT MUST BE ONE OF MV WJSB»WC WeD IN.THtt CMSH.Tt* PNC VICTIM WHO WAS HH1 MPRWBJ Of Hl» RISHTTOACttUUT YOU MEAU TK* HBO WHCWECMCCA39 "The crudest crimes that crim- nals commit are not against the >ersons they kill, but against those hey leave alive." He spoke now as firmly as he could, counseling the pathetic vic- im of a two-man feud to steel terself to bravery. It was like asking a rose to be marble. Your trust in Paul Mood; to*uches mo deeply, my decn child," he munmu'cd, "And this man must have many engaging qualities lo have won such love as yours," "If you, could only know how sweet and good he is! great arlist." "So I've heard. So was Ben- venulo Cellini—a great artist and a great criminal. He killed foui men and was proud of it. An artist ~\& is necessarily an inventor, an impersonator. Even a painter or » sculptor must be something of'an actor to succeed, and an excitable, passionate one. I understand thai Paul Moody had a very hot temper and your father had done everything he could to hurt the young man's pride, and finally he prc- venled him. not only from marrying you but from winning a big and lucrative commission. "Yes, but—" Queripel moved on: "According to Ihe papers you yourself found your father beaten to death with the heavy base of his own telephone. 11 "That's all too true." dercd, "A girl friend of you "Nadine Fennell, Yes. minded me not to touch anything. She notified the police. A radio car arrived almost at once. detectives and a whole flock, man began lo lift the nngcrprinli he found." • * • • Q UERIPEL, took it from there. ^ f 'And when he turned in the fingerprints from the scene of'the crime they proved to be exact duplicates of the acknowledged fiiv gerprints of this man Moody." She nodded helplessly, but without conviction. Queripel pleaded: l "If I were you, Ftl be as brave as possible and let justice take i course," (To B« Continued) BUGS BUNNY You Win I KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 C'MON/ SNAP OUT OF IT/ SOIN ' / CANT YOU I I'M A READ? I SOT MY RIGHTS... YA AIN'T HEARP TH' LAST O'MB.' EH, WHAT'S UP, POC? ALLEY 001' And Make It Snappy BY V. T. HAMLIN A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA : j5- / you HAVE A ) res...! H/WE i MESSAGE /TO DELIVER IM LOOKING FOR A MISTEK A. OOP... ASS YOU ME. OOP FOE ME. IT TO HIM IN •' PEKSON.' BOOTS AN'D HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN ROO - COMt VOfsO ''"<V<&A

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