The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1952
Page 7
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' WEDNESDAY/DEC. 10,19M (AMC.)' COVBOUt VEW1 HAL 1OYLE COLUMN— Everest Holds Peculiar ') > Fascination for Most Climbers of Mountains YORK t 'Cft — A famous mountain climber was once asked why be wanted to climb Mt. Ev•rest. "Because H-> there," he replied •imply. ' Th« lofty peak Is still there- known. The latest expedition Is reported to have failed a heartbreaking. ISO feet short of Its goal. There are many, mountains the face of the earth yet. unconquered by men on foot. But Mt. Everest holds, i peculiar fascination for mountain climbers because It is though to be the tallest In the world. •, Hc_ It is over 29,000 feet high,' and Is said still to be growing. And because at this, some men—even the experts—feel the task of reaching Its summit on two feet is.impos •ible. But there have always been people in the past who have put a theoretical limit: on human schie vement. and lived-, to see their error. It used to be thought no one could ever swim the English channel, Today a man who doesn' know someone .who has.swam the channel has a limited circle o friends. Indian Delegate Declines Commen On Yalu Claim UNITED NATIONS,\N. Y.'- WT— An Indian delegate has declined t elaborate publicly on his statemen that hope' for a 'truce in the Kotea War diminished when 0. N.'airme bombed power plants along th Yalu River. ^ V.. K. Krishna .Menon,:- India delegate who wrote, the recent com promise resolution on Korea, mad his original statement in a "junio press .conference" program- ove CBS Sunday. He said the bombing came at a tragic, time becaus "we were just on the point agreement." Yesterday Menon . held a new coference here — but restricted h answers trr "background use onlj That means they cannot be quote Among.questions Menon decline to. answer on the record: , .Would he comment on the Indian statement that the- Chinese- Communists would not have come Into the war if U. N. -Forces had-.not gone, beyond the 38th parallel? Was he ;convinced- there is; a desire-for peace'bn both sides? When the machine gun wu per- cfed, some high-ranking officers ought it meant the end of in- ntry warfare, because no men ould dare such murderous fire, ley were wrong. In Jrack and field sports some uthorJties hold that no man will ver; sprint '»; hundred yards In ne seconds- or run a mile in four linutes. But because thousands of oung. athletes dream each year doing these things. »nd work oward : doing them, the chances re that in time they will be done. The wish to attain the supposedly nattainable exists in Ihe heart of very man., That is what makes im a human being. And in, the reast of a few men there: is rositive passion to achieve wl as never been achieved before, is thebe few whose superb trength of. body • or' .spirit force he oynlcs among mankind to re- ise their ideas of what is pos- ible, and burst the straight jacket it the' past. In a, tormented world 'It.may eem to many juvenile, useless and eveii siyy for grown men to risk heir lives and fortunes trying to climb a mountain But Mt. Everest is more than iust a storm-swept height. It is.» symbol, an eternal challenge. And he restless race of mountain climbers will never rest until one or two among them stamp their weary feet in elation upon its windy peak. The ultimate victory will^repre- sent.a trium'ph of all that Is best Ln the human animal—physical courage, endurance, careful planning, selfless teamwork toward a goal beyond personal profit. It is an odd fact that in .these expeditions up Mt. Everest, the native. Tibetans and Nepalese, accustomed to .vast heights, wear out sooner than the British.or Swiss climbers. The reason 'probably Is that the- native climbers are doing It for pay. The British and Swiss go high er because they have a'' higher goaL Why' do they want to climb Mt.,, Everesl2 There, is a spiritua quality in their .brief answer: "Because it Ls there." PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock ' Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores HOMCWORK—Ezr« Taft Benson, Secretary at Agriculture- designaie, tekec ear* ot some acriciritural proMenx at ttk own at fee Bensoe home m Salt Lake CHy, before depaj-ttng tor Washington, where i host of mace complicated situations await him. State to Have Mormal Weather LITTLE ROCK <f) — The U. S. Weather Bureau here «aid yesterday that temperatures in Arkansas *-lll average 3-6 degrees above normal in the period from today hrpugh Saturday. Normal minimum for the period is 32-42, normal maximum 50-65,- The forecast calls for cooler weather 'Tuesday night and Wednesday with minor changes un- 111 colder about Sunday. Precipitation during the period : will be light to moderate. . 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