The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1952
Page 6
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FAOIfflX (ARK.) COURIER BBC, M, Shipping Firms Entice Lawlessness, Police Commissioner Charges NEW YORK «J—The city's po- llc» commissioner"")!"^ challenged th« shipping Induslry'here to replace "complacence 1 / with '^guts" In- dealing with the waterfront's tit) million dollarji year rackets^ Commissioner George P. Mon- aghtn turned on member* of the Commodity And Stock Markets- H«w York Cotton ' Open High Low 1:15 •Off' 3W8 3310 3305 3318 Mch . '. 3440 3443 3375 3390 Mar 3417 3481 3420 3429 July 3500 3508 3438 3452 hlew Orleans Cotton Open High Ix>*' Dec 3340 3340 3509 Mch 3433 3«9 3318 May 3474 3479 3419 July 3500 3505 3441 Chicago Wheat { Open High Low Dec ... 234 234 232H Mch . 240S 240!i - 23*14 Chicago'Corn Open High Low 16674 17074 Dee Mch 1 15 3299 3184 342-1 3450 1:15 232'i 238(4 1 15 165S 166>4 17031 17074 I69»4 Soybeans Open High Low 1;15 JKn 304TJ 30451 300^! 301 s * Mch .. .305 30514 302H 10 n May ... 305 i 305^ 302 s ! 305 July . 303 303'J 300'J " 301 N«w York Stock* A T and T "'-.^ . f. 158 1-2 Amer Tobacco". • 65 Anaconda Coppei \.<,, 40 1-: Beth Steel-... , ?.-;. 52 5-B Chrysler > . 88 1-' Gen Flectrlo ' , 71 Gen Motors .. 66 3- Montgomery* Ward 61 l- N Y Central < 225 Int Harvester 50 1-2 Sears . 62 3 8 Republic Steel .44 Radio 28 3-4 Socony Vacuum ...> .. 35 7-8 Sfcudebaker ' 38 1 Standard of N J _ 14. 1-» Texas Corp ,..,.' 58 1- Bou Pac .. ..'. ,'. 44 3- TI S Steel i ,. 41 3- Livtstock N f \ „ , ^ATIONA'L/BTOCKYARDS, m '""' (USDA^Hogs^ll.OOO;-mod Industry In a sharply worded talcmenl last night. J!o said shipping firms "en- ouraged fanlesiness" on ' the lers, and he described as I'sljeer riockery", the. testimony, by-some ndustiy ofiiclals before the State rlme.^Commission Hint .waterfront ollce'prolectlon Vvas Inadequate. Tho 'co'ltimlssloner's Wast same fter Ihe Crime 9ornmlssion had ccesscd until^noxt Monday Its erirlngs Into crime on the 700 nllei of docks In New York and ew Jersey; composing the port if-New York;, Industry officials In the flye^days i( public hearings said they" were orced lo hire ex'coni'lcls under, tireats of \vlldcat strikes, that they ound It necessary lo make cash 'gifts" to pier bos'ei for the reservation : of waterfront peace; nd that they closed their eyes o thefts and other rackets lest oiig.sriorcmbn.qutl work in pro- iV. . Monaghjin's slalemeht last night apparently was occasioned by tes- Imony to Ihe commission on Monday by Jphn E. Slater, president of Ihe big American Export Lines, Slater snld company officials were iclpless and that reforms did not nake sense unless lljcre \\as ns- .urRnce of "proper protection" by city and state "all the way down he line " i The commissioner said shipping officials' testimony falsely "Implied that the source of theli trou- ile was the [allure to get such prelection." v "It Is'complacence of Ihe stenm- shlp lines and tnclr acriticsente n Improper practices that have made It difficult for: niilhorllles lo enfoice law and order on the waterfront," said Monnghan, Many flinis, he continued, "have piefcried lo lilie thugs v.lth crlm- nal records as hiring bo-ises In tho belief that these men could enfoice order and dlsclplino on Iholr piers nnd hnve thus encouraged lawlessness and aided and abetted - In Ihe concealment of wrongdoing." Imiustry officials homed erately active; and gilts 10 to 180 230 Ib barrow lower, than Tue Roberts Said Ike's Choice I As GOP Head IX3UI6VILLE. Ky, WV— A Kentucky member of the Republican National Committee (ays' he has heard rcporte that Wesley Roberts of Holton, Kas., .Is President-elect Eisenhower's choice for chairman of the committee. The Keritucklan, Jouett Ross Todd, said he and Nfrs, Stanley D. Pace, Republican national commit^ Imvoman from Kentucky, would support Roberts and expect him to be elected If Eisenhower Is for him. RoberUs-.would replace Arthur E, Summerfleld, / Michigan, who has announced he will resign the party chairmanship before he becomes postmaster general Jan. 20. COURT TESTING A JET PLANE SEAT EJECTOR—Because Jet pilots have been unable to jettison their canopies to operate their .ejection seals, the Bureau of Aeronautics" in ^Philadelphia. Pa.; Is conducting tests to see if it is feasible to fire the pilot through the plexiglas canopy. To make the tests the research prganization uses a dummy, shown above, and a net to catch it. iato ; comment statement. on Monaglmu's BOND Seven Wounded as Gunman, Police Duel in Times Square (Continued from Page 1) Louis Cherry, joe l Cagle, alternate clerks 1 Leech. Henry Humphreys,' J. day's average; heavier weights 2 to 40, Instances 50 off, 17 Ibs down steady to 25 loner, sow weak to mostly 25 lower; bul choice 180 - 240 Ibs unsorled fo grade J6 50-75; several hundre head mostly choice Nos 1 and 1BO-225 Ibs 1685; 250-270 Ills fu width' of choice grnde mostly IG 01 35;. : 280-300;lbs: 15.50-16.00; 160-170 Ibs 15 25 - 18 75; 120 140 'Ibs 12 251450; sons 400 „ Ibs down 14 7o IS 25; heavier sows 1215 - 1425, boars 9 50-12 50. ,Cattle 3,000, calves 1,000; trading Blow, few commercial to low good itetTs 20502250; small lot choice up to 2800, these steady; general undertone weak, cows also under pressure, fe%v commercial bulls steady, up to 1800, \ealcrs unchanged; good to prime 2S.OO-36.00; utility and commercial vealers 1« 00-25 00. Read Courier ; News Classified Ada. Wnrd-Tru^e— Judges: boy Welch, Gene Bradley, G O Poet?; clerks. W S,Rade t r, E M Terry; alternate judges "^y. O rteeVes, Fletcher King, W. M 'Williams; alternate clerk's. Bob McUnney. Harry W. Biadley. ( Wnul Foiir—Judges: A. C. Haley, GHS Ebcrdli C S lin'geett; clerks Tnlnndge Huey B>ron Moore, al- tcrnAte Judges J S Godwin, D J. Hodge, Jnincs Edgmon; alternate clerks; Haivey McDermott, H H O'Neal. - NEW YORK Lfl— A 37 year old gunmurv dendly accurnic- with a small arseiml, fought & furious gun bnltle,with police-In-Tlmcs Square •jticets 1 tortay. He and six oilicrs Fell wotincicd, Police -Identified tlie gunman as Clarence O. Sims'or. Cleveland, a Nepro..Cleveland'police saltl he Is wanted there on nn ni-ined robbery charge At least Tour patrplihen, three of whom were seriously .Injured, lined up on the side of; the law in the battle fought as late theater and tavern goers made their ways home through tne biiby mldto\\n Manhattan amusement center. Slma reportedly fought alone, but h,e boasted to police that he had a gang here; and three' unidentified men were picked up for questioning Police said H was possible a member of Ms gang parllcipated'ln the shooting. ' ' Dozens of passersby dodged for cover as the bullets ricocheted off the riavement and walls* but three shoU found their marks In hapless bj slanders However, none of them Was .seriously Injured J. ,, The gunman became embroiled \vttl\^he police while they uere stopping an mgutncnt between Negro and a white man. He was •eported lo have on hlm.a ,45 call- :>er auEomatic and a 38 caliber Foreign pistol plus 50 rounds of am munition for the two weapons. An empty .38 revolver was found in tlie street, and pollce^saitl this ihlrd weapon miy have .been used by ; Sims or one of his friends Police snid Sims inteiveried a.s a uatrolmtm tried to pacify /two ar gulng men; The officer, Patrolman'-George Me Auliffe backed -Sim's against a building wall It was then- police said, that Sims nulled (he'.45 and.fired three shols fit Me Auliffe. Each bullei found its mark, Another officer, Patrolman Rob ert Knox, 32, saw the crowd am started lo liuesligale Sims fired one shot at Knox'as heYan toward, an automobile The shot tumblet Knox to (he pavement. Despite his wound, Knox fired at the fleeing gunman. Patrolrhnn James Kane, 39, heard the shots and saw Sims lunning Spotting Kane, Sims reportedly piUled'out hH second vfe^pon and agAin scored^ a direct hit—the bnP let striking Kane in the chest. The'..shooting:attracted a fonrlh fContiniied-from Page 1) jorled by decisions of thb court, 1 Vilson said. , In South Caiollna, separate schools for-white ahoVNegro pupils ore- mandatory under the SUite Constitution, and law. In Kansas, he law permits .school boards- hi cttEes above 15,000; population Mo provide separate schools for white and Negro, students.- through the eighth grade. It also permits sop* rate high schools in Kansas City, Cnvter made no contention tha he Negro grade schools In Topeka directly, involved, are inferior to ihe -white schools. His only conten lion was that the act of segrcgatiot by itself deprives Negroes of equa educational opportunities. "\Ve are contesting the power o the staze to make :airy classifies lion based'solely on. race," Cnrte 1 said. Ships Crash, 7 7 Missing VLAARDIKGEN; The Netheriahd OP) — The Ilollahd-Americn Line Maasdam collided .with a German tunker heie today dix nic-mbera o the tanker's crew of Hi were bellev cd lost. officer, Covneliiis O'SViea, who fire the shot—striking Sims behind .'ill env—^that'ended.the fight. Stray bullets brought injuries these passersby: Henry Cates, of Manhattan; "John Weinaimer, 26 of Long. Island City, Queens; Michnel Stutz, 47, the Bronx. All seven Injured were hosplta Police quoted Sims as saylng-h and some members of his gan \vere tn.New York with the Inten tlon of "pulling some liquor stor holdups." Cleveland, police Inspeclo James E. McArthur said Sims o a member of a seven-man gan which he described as ."one of-th most vicious robber gangs in Cleve .land crime JiisI6ry V\^. ,^ ' Tlie-lnspector" said tfie gang ha held up 11 taverns and terrorized pations. EISENHOWER **«• » slightest ' official' "WtWMt 1« counsel • hu b*«i •vtdcBccd* line* my frelurn/" ' , ' f This «ppe»red to be t rip by he live-star general »t President ruman, who. f Ired i him on April 0, .1951,' u Allied commander in Far East because he *»» un- ble to give his wholehearted sup- ort" to U. a. and U, N. policies The slap apparently was directed ho at those In Truman's admin- stratlon who have dealt wllh Fur last poUcv. "My Beit to You" ' . It WHS noled too r that MacAr- hwr'a message said, "My best to on, Ike, 'as always." Elsenhower's message to MacArthur -said: 'Have just received aboard the USS Helena excerpts of your peech Ijefore NAM and am gratr fied by your continued fnteies n the Korean Warwhich so vitally iffects the United States and our Hies. ' "Naturally I: and my ' associate.: n the new administration, •• narticu arly' the" secretaries of state -anc lefense,- are .: vitally coiicernet about Korea and {he Far' East, "It will -aim, of'-course; at ul -Jmcte pea.ce In [hat section of th vorld. T appreciate 'your announce' readiness to discuss -these matter villi me and assure you I am look ing forward to '-Informal meeting n which my associates. and'I m'a obtain the full . benefit of you ranking find experience. With per sonal regard "Elsenhower." And here Is the answering radio gram from MacArthur to Eisen lower: 'For Ike. I have just receive your- message'. I am grateful fo your interest . In my views con coining solution of the problem Involved In the Korean War an the Far East; "This is especially so b'ecausi despite my intimate personal an professional connection arid "-.we known concern therewith, -'this the first time that the slighte official Interest In my counsel ha been evidenced since my. return "A failure of policy there, migl doom indefinitely : the progress civilizftlion. •. "A successful, solution on tl other hand might well become II key to peace in the world. -Yo knew, without .my saying,>that n service Is, as It. always -has bee entirely at the disposition of country. My. best to you, Ike. always. "MacArthur.** MacArlhur's proposals 20 months ago included -bombing of Red Chinese bases in Manchuria, blockading the Red China coast and amphibious landings on the China mainland by Nationalist' 'forces that •feuietd tmrnatHaff c«ll«J for MrlMd pl»a. B« uld pubUo dto- c«wt or duwwulon now would d* (In Wishtatfon; t. high DrfenM department official•; i*ld it was MtcArttmr'i duty «i a soldier; to reicnt th* pUn through Army hannels "without further ado and ithout making a speech about Brine Will Aid Oil 'Production NEW YORK (ffj—Flooding welte Kh carbonated wafer and plenty f brine can bring a third crop of 11 from Pennsylvania sands, re- »rt* J: N. Brestoh, director of the reduction research laboratory of ha Pennsylvania CrudfcjOll Aiso latlon. .The lower the temperature of the irlne, Brestoh says Ihe bigger the rop. Carbon dioxide, either gas or iA "soda,water," swells the oil vol unie us much as 60! per cent, reduces density,.viscosity, arid surface enslon of the crude tests; have rc- ealed. StcU GOP Sold Planning to Oust. Party Chairman LITTLE ROCK (#) — TYif Arkin. s Democrat said today the R«pub- fan State Committee haj been lied Into session Dec. 22 here pre- imably to ask for the resignation State Chairman Osro Cobb. The newspaper said Its lource as a .Republican who «!finecl the etitlon to call the special meeting. he sbiirce, which asked that'hl« am'e not be used, told the paper 't the purpose of the move was "declare the chair vacant, .then" ect Verne Tindall of Stuttgart ft lalrman Cobb nnd Wallace Tow'nsend, a icmber of the Committee, declined omment. Tindall was enroute from 3es Arc to Stuttgart and could not" contacted. Cobb said he- would aie a full statement later, possl- ly tomorrow. • C. OF C. (Continued from Page 1) 30 goveinvnent officials, "congress men and Industry leaders. He said ihe. latter Included Bernard Ba ruch, New -York financier; Charles E. Wllsq'n,-former'president of. the ieneral Electric/Company toimer. - government .'mobiVtzatior director,'and Marlqii Folspm, East man Kodak Company executive. Di Salle said he fouiid genera agreement for keeping controls I effect, now and at least on H stanc by. basis—for quick use.wheneve new inflation .'threatened —-. afte next April 30. "Contiolb will be necessary unti we are-convinced Russia want peace,". Putnam added. COUNCIL (Continued from Page 1) no choice' in. such matters." Dr.-Davis-said federal revenue from training -veterans has- drop ped by $158,000 and that studen fees can not be Increased to pro vide additional Income. budget o( $1,217,2S3 fo regular : operation ^needs, plus additional $1,380,000 to finance con structlon. has been, asked by A. & N. Cold in Colorado DENVER faV^The tiny commi nlty of Fraser, snuggled r ,agairist th west slope of the cpntinehta]'dlvit in Colorado,\ reported the lowe temperature iri 'the nation : today 21 degrees below zero. With the Courts WANCERY— ; The following divorce decree* lave been filed: Mnxine Matlock and James E VIa(lock, ICIng Malone and. Kldo'ra" \laloiie, Nola Mae Jolly and Harold 'oily. Maybelle Yancey and Cleiinle Yancey, Jr.', Bettye . Connell':and James Erconuell, May West and-A.i J.'West, Alma Ashworth and James T. Ashwovth,'Sterling Calvert and Addie Calvcit, Sam Bennett and Edna Bennett, Pamile : Fisher and Jesse Fisher, Beverly. Walker-arid John • Walker, Tommle Young 'and Johnnie Young, Sylvia-.Bradshaw and Margie Brad.shH'w,'HermIe;De- Canfer and Charlie Decanter; Minnie' Burrow and' James J. Burrow,-C. W. Miller ahd^ Bertha Miller,' Irene Rucker and Earnest Rucker, James Andrews and Elyra Andrews, Adolpli Harris-and Pannie-May Har- ils , COMMON PLEAS-^ Curtis Mason vs. Mrs. John I>n> dennle, suit for damages. , HURRY, HURRY, HURRY1 Nursery cowpokes realty need A good and faithful nag, Gallop out'and buy one To pur in Santa's bail. Negro Church Plans Christmas Cantata A Christmas cantata will be presented v-at Bethel AME' Church Coleridge and First al'7 pin Dec 14,-It was announceti loclay"by ; Rev. Thomas J. Bro\vn, pastor. Tlie . cantata, will be under" tlie direction of 'Rev. James Turner of Des Momes, In. It will feature El- nbra .Turner, also of .Des Molnes, an 18-year-old midget who will sing several Christinas* selections and dramatize the birth of Christ. A special section Rill be reserved for while persons, Rev.- Brown said. SET $22.50 lg) SET $12.50 tf_^S^ |f ^^jjjjt'' \ Pay as Link as 50c Weekly! PAT O'BRYANT JEWELRY Main & 2nd in niytheville 00 SET $8.75 EASY TERMS Holidays call for Coke Holidays are parly days ... and the kiiuly six-boltlc carlon of Coca-Cola is part anel parcel of the party. 6 Bottle Carton 25 at like father. .. like son especially if you lead the. lad to eovs SHOES: 5.95 to 6.95 most styles, according ,to _slza The/ make your boy a chip off lh» old block—bacousft our Acrobat boys' shoes I ore styled fike dad's. Goodyear welf construction gives them lasting good looks. Acrobat's cxclusiva Bonded Soles are guaranteed lor 3 mon'hs" wear ... or a new pair of shoes FREE. Pric«aVo fil any parenl's poctelbook—in wide range of sizes and widths Come seo (hsm loday—youll see your boy toke o new inleresi in keeping his shoes sparkling. And lhaf's something. Over 1,000 Pain of Staple Stock Acrobat Shoes Carried at all times. — Sizes S'/i (o 3, AA, A, B & C widths. We take time in fitting and use'X-Ray method for perfect fit. ' " • ' . ' - • PJuJ Depoiit I01TUD UKDER AUTHORHY Of THE COCA-COLA COM PAH Y It COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVLLLE n.*. «>" COLU COMfANY KELLEY'S 1 "Your Friendly Shoe Store"

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